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men fighting back


              1. Having large sums of money in ANY bank (They are all con men see HERE.)
              2. Having any kind of mortgage with a bank (They are all scams see HERE.)
              3. Marrying and signing a state marriage certificate (Notice NO small print see HERE.)
              4. Having a child (Maybe the single most dangerous threat to a mans welfare see HERE.)
              5. Entering ANY court especially NO JURY civil courts.(Mason judges make it up see HERE.)
              6. Hiring a lawyer anywhere across the globe (ALL part of the Bar associations see HERE.)
              7. Trusting any politician(They are ALL on the take see HERE.)
              9. Taking out any type of credit especially for a large purchase like a car (see HERE.)
              9. Trusting any journalist who answers to the corporate media (see HERE.)
              10. Trusting any cop who answers to masonic superiors (see HERE.)
              11. Allow social workers, lawyers and judges with a homosexual (HERE.) or radical feminist (HERE.) agenda to dictate
              the future welfare of your children (see HERE.)
              12. Doing any form of business with a FREEMASON ( ALL of the above included see HERE.)

them and us



We all strive to better ourselves, in our lives and in our children's lives, but that should NOT be at the expense of others. The ruling mafia have created an underclass for a number of reasons and would include letting us all know that if we do not follow their rules we may end up on the streets. Also their mass media propaganda machine ensures the poor, disabled, vulnerable and sick can be used as a punch bag and blamed for ALL the ills of the world and have us believe it is the POOR that are stopping us from bettering ourselves.

This is maybe the most devious lie created by the press barons who have ensured the sheeple's venom is vented towards those least able to defend themselves while distracting attention away from the ruling mafia who live opulent lifestyles and with riches so VAST no one can truly comprehend how vast that wealth is. Fortunately the internet is rewriting history and exposing the myths from a global propaganda machine that is breaking the despicable cycle of deceit and where a psychological battle has been waged on our minds to ensure we remain compliant with the ruling elite's demands. We must all re-learn to respect those who need our sympathy and understanding, not venom, and we must also be aware that every man facing injustice will allow, in the end, all men to face that same injustice .

Without fighting for the weakest in our society, while complying with the ruling mafia's orders, we condone and perpetuate a well orchestrated master plan that will allow these evil bastards to hold on to power unless our humanity has a massive wake up call and remove that ruling elite from power in one way or another. It is only in the interests of the ultra wealthy that this system can carry on ad infinitum. Everyone else will continue to suffer, as they have done throughout history, while the ruling mafia carry on their deceitful and diabolical plans and all part of their new technological world order.


The best index to a person's character is how they treat people who can't do them any good, and how they treat people who can't fight back.



  • The X Factor vision of society blames the poor for their predicament
  • Campers descend on central Paris to highlight plight of homeless
    Do you think the cops are there to protect you from criminals?
    Do you think judges are there to give you justice?
    Do you think lawyers are there to protect your freedoms?
    Do you think legal aid is paid to poor litigants?
    Do you think bailiff's act honestly when evicting homeowners?
    Do you think social workers are there to protect your children?
    Do you think politicians are there to ensure your welfare?
    Do you think local authority chiefs are there to provide you with services?
    Do you think psychiatrists are there to guard your mental health?
    Do you think the banks are there to make YOU prosperous?
    Do you think the media are there to enlighten us?
    Do you think teachers are there to educate ?
    Do you think the armed forces are there to protect your security?
    Do you think regulators are there to ensure all of the above stay in line?

    If you have been reading and watching the complicit media for most of your life you likely have been brainwashed into believing all of the above, when in fact many are criminals or forced to act in a criminal way for their masters. They only get away with murder to protect the self appointed elite pulling the strings of their satanically controlled duped goons who act ONLY in the interests of the psychopathic madmen and women running the world while living in VAST OPULENCE.

    You might also believe that the latest credit crunch is affecting everybody, but look closely at the facts and you will see there is a tier of privileged individuals who NEVER suffer during controlled recessions. In fact they PROSPER while millions struggle to survive the sudden changes of fortune brought about by the few at the top deciding to rein in the pittance they provide in sustenance to the masses primarily to stop any major dissent from their form of enslavement and tyranny . For centuries these few dynastic families have been getting away with absolute murder turning generation upon generation of our forefathers into slaves for the ultra wealthy. Unless we stop them now our children and grandchildren will suffer the same deviant world they claim is some kind of civilized society. They have required a massive propaganda network to get away with this for so long, but by the day that machine is grinding to a halt in the mass exposure of the monstrous evil they have been getting away with.

    Do not be fooled by the fancy clothes and ancient traditions, these mobsters have been using subtle and devious tricks of the trade , disguised as some sort of esoteric knowledge, or so they claim, while using thuggery, blackmail, bullying and abuse to persecute anyone who steps outside their masonic bubble. These maniacs and psychopaths have been raping and murdering in endless wars they create to keep us all in fear and in our lowly place.

  • Super Rich The Greed Game (VIDEO)
  • Credit crunch? 619,000 millionaires living in Britain rising 17 per cent over the last two years
  • A third of Britain STILL belongs to the aristocracy
  • Pay gap between highest and lowest earners growing faster in Britain than any of the world's richest countries
    wake up Keep up the awesome job with your site! Jared of
    Your passionate way with words is a daily source of energy to me and, I would expect, lots of others subscribers---keep it up!!...john
    There are hundreds of websites, probably thousands, devoted to men’s issues and combating feminism. Something for everyone. We are glad the topic is under discussion from every angle. But if you really want to understand the New World Order conspiracy, one site stands above the rest because it has the correct New World Order worldview (or close to it): International Men’s Organisation.
    From a review by the NWO University Forum
    Brilliant website matey I read it often and it blows my mind how much information you have gathered over the years well done dude. Sullers
    I have been reading stuff on your website for some time and can relate to everything that is being exposed. Glad there is a website out there which is really showing up and exposing it all. Kind regards DR
    Hi! Great site! Telling it like it is. Keep it up! Best Regards, Dr.Les Dove
    Love the site, you have a done an awesome job Dan
    I am an avid reader of International Mens Organisation. JB
    We love!
    I really appreciate your collection of resources on the website. Thank you for your wonderful resources. VB
    I just checked your website and I am blown away!! Its so cool to be in contact with you!! Axel
    I have been reading your site for some time now and gaining a deep insight into the workings of this so called democratic western world we live in. I would like to show my appreciation and gratitude. Thank you very much. Just as a good mate of mine always says: Ignorance is the worst sin. Therefore the revealing of knowledge and understanding must be the greatest virtue. Thanks again Rory UK
    Amazing info on the site keep up the fab work. NN
    Dear Sirs , I just want to say how much I love your site. I've been an avid truth seeker for many years and would be a big time follower of the Jeff Rense program, but I really think your site is one of the best, well laid out and most interesting alternative media site. I've only known of its existence over the last week, but I'm already hooked on it. Keep up the fantastic articles and pressure on the NWO scum. Name and email supplied
    I just suddenly found your site on the internet, and WOW - it really is packed with useful information about the inhuman beasts who are planning the NWO. Their activities are far advanced in my country Sweden, but England is leading with regard to public camera watching. Unfortunately your multimillion population seems to be as sleeping as our 9 million sheeple. Good luck and keep holding up the torch of Knowledge! Best regards , Name and email supplied from Sweden


    We try and ensure most of what is published is important and highly relevant to men globally and especially those men made homeless and penniless by the evil misuse of the law and courts that have a feminist / homopaedo / masonic / zionist / law society driven agenda.

    We reproduce important articles under 'fair use' and in the 'public interest' with due credit to our sources.




    We are not here to promote the ultra-rich but to counter their mass media buddies who are trying to convince us there is NO MONEY and that the political lackeys, who they fund, are making policies, NOT for the greater good of all the world's people, but to make the ultra-rich even richer. Less than 1% of the people of this world own more than 90% of the world's wealth and that we aim to correct the lies and deceit about just who are responsible for that massive imbalance.

  • USA wealth inequality - top 0.1% worth as much as the bottom 90%
  • Rich 1% own half the world’s wealth (VIDEO)
  • Britain's richest 1% own as much as poorest 55% of population
  • Pseudo austerity has starved the peasants to feed the billionaires pulling ALL the strings
  • Just five super-wealthy families own more than the poorest 12 MILLION Britons put together
  • £13,000,000,000,000 trillion: The hoard hidden by global elite
  • How The Super Rich Avoid Paying Taxes
  • Feminist leaning Guardian think its great women make up 10% of super-rich billionaires list
  • No austerity for World's super-wealthy who spend their riches on luxury travel adventures
  • So much for austerity propaganda as Billionaires' club welcomes 210 new members
    global population

    Controlled temporarily by 5 million+ freemasons hand picked by the ruling mafia
    One mason for every 1526 people on the planet.
    Out of 196 countries in the world masons are embedded in 164 of them.

  • 5,000,000 freemasons creep and crawl among us in a sinister network of power (VIDEO)
  • USA The Human Toll Of General Motors Shutting Down Five Factories(VIDEO)

  • UK May fucks up over Brexit TIME TO GO

  • USA Mainstream Media Finally Exposes Elite Pedophile Rings In A Horrifying Episode of Dr. Phil

  • Global Universities as massive Western, globalist propaganda tools

  • France Macron: 'I am PARTLY responsible' for unrest (VIDEO)

  • Israel Chaos, scuffles and arrests as ultra-Orthodox Jews protest military draft(VIDEO)

  • UK Former altar boy sues church over homopaedo priest abuses

  • UK Several prominent Welsh Labour politicians have urged the party's UK leader to table a vote of no confidence in Theresa May's government (Tory scum can't agree among themselves never mind with the rest of Europe)

  • UK PALACE HOMOPAEDO Queen’s former driver attacked boy, 10, at Buckingham Palace but died before charges could be brought

  • UK How Celtic boys homopaedo Jim Torbett was convicted for a second time

  • UK Homopaedo's rife in Scottish football

  • UK London Crossrail project £14.8bn budget needs another £1bn and more (London projects crippling Britain with unbalanced multi-billion pound contracts that only prop up the tory voting South of England)

  • UK Crossrail delay: £1.4bn bailout as autumn 2019 launch delayed (Elizabeth line only when it's on track) )

  • UK All aboard Sadiq Khan's gravy train! Why the average Transport for London salary is now £83k despite £11bn debts and the Mayor's delay-ridden £15bn Crossrail that was meant to open TOMORROW

  • UK Soham murderer Ian Huntley 'demanding sex change for new life at women's prison' (This bastard was protected by freemason cops for decades and why he could walk into school jobs and gain access to kids despite abuse history that was concealed)

  • UK The European Court of Justice has ruled the UK can cancel Brexit without the permission of the other 27 EU members

  • UK Lawyer run BBC plead poverty over cuts to legal aid that is responsible for decimating divorcing mens lives by funding crooked lawyers who hang on to the coat tails of ex-wives they groom to lie to the tune of millions. Also by propping up crooked lawyers that hang on to the coat tails of serial criminals they defend. ALL OF IT paid with the sweat and toil of the divorcing men the legal aid board hound via those lawyers and who they use as their main funders through daylight robbery and malicious claims of domestic abuse and violence. Something the BBC promote far to regularly

  • EU Manifesto by progressive Europeans calls for €800bn of levies to tackle inequality, disillusionment, climate change and migration (A bit late as so many European countries wallow in unchecked debt BUT to WHO???????)

  • UK Thousands of people massed outside BBC headquarters at Portland Place under the banner “No to Tommy Robinson; no to Fortress Britain” (Zionist funded agitator Robinson aka Yaxley-Lennon now part of the Brexit brigade)

  • UK Should homeless people(men) be expected to live in a box? (Only the man hating BBC could ask such a stupid question)

  • Global Trust Is Failing on Both Sides of the Pond

  • USA Trump 'at center of massive fraud against Americans', top Democrat says

  • USA Why Trump is likely to face federal indictment

  • USA The Gayrdian view on Trump as the net closes

  • Global The Radical Jewish Feminists, and Why They Never Spoke of Their Jewish Identities

  • UK Labour furious over report that anti-Russia charity targeted Corbyn, receives govt cash

  • Global Popular Christmas song is an allegory for Jewish Supremacism (New Year has also been highjacked by freemason Rabbie Burns AWFUL 'Auld Lang Syne')

  • Global Auld Lang Syne is a song which thrilled the soul of FREEMASON Robert Burns in the 1780s, and today has become an anthem sung the world over at New Year (The abuse of power used by the judeo / masons to program the sheeple into singing their awful ditties on command)

  • UK Half of voters think politics is BROKEN and only one in seven think the Tories and Labour represent the views of the public, new poll reveals

  • UK Scotland's masonic cops use MALE ONLY DV list to threaten ALL Scottish men, except freemasons, from their form of grand property theft, persecution and child theft (NO murdering females or child killers just MALES and promoted by a gutter rag controlled by the Speculative mafia)

  • France When governments push domestic violence then do this to women(VIDEO)

  • UK A rogue lawyer banned from every Scottish court has been reported over claims he conned a client out of his £80,000 life savings (Scotland is full of rogue lawyers because masonic cops wont investigate them thanks to a memorandum of understanding with the terrorists running the law society. Instead they use DV smear tactics to browbeat men out of their life savings and children and live in homes they help steal from men)

  • UK Scottish Legal Aid Board 'can't guarantee complaints against bosses are confidential' (Biggest bunch of scumbags on the planet with vast house theft on its books who fund crooked lawyers and the financial arm of the terror cell at the law society. No lawyer would waste their time chasing divorcing men without the financial backing of these evil bastards who hound men for decades)

  • UK Scotland's children's commissioner shocked by poverty being number one issue in every community he visited (Another lawyer in the post, appointed by none other than the Queen, and NO MENTION his own legal pals are responsible for destroying divorcing heterosexual men and their families futures)

  • UK Homopaedo abuse rife in Scottish football against young boys trying to get football careers

  • UK Gutter rags can't get enough of the hard done to jewish tales

  • UK Tony Blair 'personally told government officials to keep details of lucrative post-No.10 work secret from public'

  • UK BBC and gutter rags at each others throat over FAKE news

  • UK A charity registered in Scotland and overseen by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and funded by the tory Government is spewing out political attacks on UK politicians, the Labour Party and the Labour movement

  • UK The government’s draft bill on domestic abuse may for the first time include violence by children to parents and carers (Laws allowing the STATE to deeply encroach into the lives of families and the biggest asset stripping laws of all when used against divorcing men and in constant promotion by the BBC and Gayrdian the mouthpieces for Britain's judicial and legal mafia's)

  • UK Jewish play attacked over antisemitism (One Jewish Boy by Stephen Laughton described himself as a “romantic Zionist")

  • UK Pensioner poverty rises as benefits freeze bites (Declining home-ownership and rising rents.Why? Because property theft is RIFE in Britain and the biggest criminal racket of all)

  • UK Why divorce rates are falling fast?????? (Because men are avoiding marriage like the plague???)

  • UK GCHQ boosts powers to launch mass data hacking (Meanwhile government slate Facebook for abuse of data)

  • UK GCHQ: Top Spy Station Links to BBC and Masonic Sex Criminals

  • UK Brexit: May's cabinet splits over second referendum on deal

  • UK Remainers gear up for second referendum

  • UK Interserve: Major government contractor 'seeks second rescue deal'

  • UK In 2014 Tory lord Norman Blackwell bid to land biggest NHS privatisation deal in history with Interserve PLC’s bid to trouser £1.2billion worth of NHS contracts

  • USA Trump praised as 'greatest friend' of Jews(VIDEO)

  • USA Kevin Hart's Career Is Over After Crossing Hollywood Puppet Masters (VIDEO)

  • UK Assange rejects ‘no death penalty’ deal between Ecuador and Britain(VIDEO)

  • France Hundreds of French students protest on knees decrying mass arrests (VIDEO)

  • France Hard line tactics by French cops against students held on their knees during arrests following protest(VIDEO)

  • USA Trump nominates ex-TV host Nauert with limited political experience to be next UN envoy(VIDEO)

  • USA Trump lawyer Michael Cohen facing 'substantial jail term' for porn star payment (A once in a million year event if a LAWYER ever gets jailed for criminality and lying as the legal system is run and controlled by them)

  • Global Google android phone tracking even with no sim or wifi connection(VIDEO)

  • USA Venice Beach Homeless Man Lives in an RV with His Daughter. Both Have Jobs but Can't Afford Rent(VIDEO)

  • UK Five Filipino boys 'sexually abused by British homopaedo' awarded £127,000 (Douglas Slade GOT A 24-year jail term in July 2016, after he was convicted of abusing five boys in Britain between 1965 and 1980)

  • UK Mikaeel Kular’s killer mum 'released from prison' 4 years into 11-year sentence (Britain's judicial mafia to soft on female killers that would never happen if the murderer was male)

  • UK Facebook campaign to free 'devious' former female escort who smashed newborn son's skull (Elizabeth Wilkins, 24, fractured her baby's skull and broke his ribs by shaking him and banging his head)

  • UK 'Crocodile tears' of a mother Roxanne Davis as she is jailed for death of her baby son (Another child dies who had been separated from the protection of his biological father and all to common occurrence as the legal mafia bow to the demands of the lawyer controlled Womens Aid who support this bloodbath)

  • UK The MP whose seat is home to Grenfell Tower has urged the government to delay next week's launch of Universal Credit in the area, saying it could leave survivors without income at Christmas

  • UK 'A breach of the house's rules': Tory scumbag Boris Johnson apologises for failing to register payments of more than £52,000 in income (MP's like Johnson getting away with murder, no discipline, no criminal charges and no jail time and why they are STILL getting away with murder)

  • UK 'Corrupt' Vote Leave campaign undermines Brexit vote (Democracy corrupted by the money class once again)

  • UK Bad blood brewing among the royal parasites (Squeaky clean image getting ripped up by the day)

  • UK Buckingham Palace denies Kate Middleton warned Meghan Markle over her 'tone with Royal staff' (Knives out at parasite palace)

  • UK Royal molls big feminist gob only temporarily muted

  • UK Scotland has another mass sleepout for the homeless

  • UK Gayrdian report : the hidden global network behind Tommy Robinson (Fails to mention it is ZIONIST money backing him)

  • USA Las Vegas: Man Left Unable to Speak, Walk, See, Or Even Breathe 36 Hours After Getting a Flu Shot

  • Global Men are Increasingly Hostile Against Women (How many young men have seen their fathers destroyed by women in divorce courts? How many young men see men destroyed in the msm, ridiculed, laughed at, always made to look the fool in TV while women are lauded and magnified? How many young men have seen fellow men's lives ruined from false rape allegations, with nothing, whatsoever, happening to the women responsible?



  • The Human Toll Of General Motors Shutting Down Five Factories VIDEO
    Mainstream Media Finally Exposes Elite Pedophile Rings In A Horrifying Episode of Dr. Phil VIDEO

  • May fucks up over Brexit TIME TO GO

    Everything the tory mafia touch they seriously damage yet there are UK dimwits who still vote for their bullshit
    Chaos, scuffles and arrests as ultra-Orthodox Jews protest military draft VIDEO

    Israeli cops and military turn on their own
    Macron: 'I am PARTLY responsible' for unrest VIDEO
    Royal parasite's homopaedo driver attacked boy, 10, at Buckingham Palace but died before being charged


    royal perverts Why do the royals have so many homopaedo's working at their palaces? Easily blackmailed to keep their gobs shut?' and like Jimmy Savile and the MP Cyril Smith, he died before he could be jailed. LEFT two of their other servants behind homopaedo abuse of boys.

    Alwyn Stockdale assaulted the lad in the Royal Household quarters at Buckingham Palace Mews

    A CHAUFFEUR to the Queen sexually abused a boy at his Buckingham Palace quarters.

    Alwyn Stockdale also sexually assaulted a second young boy at a relative’s home. One lad was ten, the other under 14. Retired Stockdale, 81, admitted the attacks, which took place in the 1970s.

    But the paedophile died in hospital last week after prosecutors told police to charge him with crimes dating back to the 1970s. It took 19 months for Met officers to trace Stockdale after a man in his 50s revealed the pervert assaulted him when he was ten. At the time Stockdale lived in Royal Household quarters at Buckingham Palace Mews.

    It is understood that when interviewed Stockdale, who later lived in a cottage on the Windsor estate, confessed to abusing the boy and another lad under 14. He was to be charged with indecently assaulting one boy and three offences of gross indecency relating to the second. However, Stockdale died of natural causes before being notified of the prosecution.

    One of the boys was attacked at the West Yorkshire home of a relative who also worked as a royal servant. The family member was unaware of the crime. The other is thought to have been abused at Stockdale’s Palace quarters.

    A source said: “The victims are understandably upset that Stockdale will not face justice. They’ve lived with what he did all their adult lives.’ “There are questions over why it took so long for police to identify and get round to questioning Stockdale. “Given his age, it was a race against time to bring him to justice.

    “But like Jimmy Savile and the MP Cyril Smith, he died before that could happen.’’

    Buckingham Palace refused to comment.

  • Royal butler jailed for child abuse (PULLED)
  • Ex-royal butler on sex charges (PULLED)
  • Royal aide quits after palace report
  • Homopaedo royal butler Paul Kidd boasted of royal connections
  • UK Judge lets perverts walk free (PULLED)
  • Meteor streaks through sky in Mexico VIDEO
    Homopaedo's rife in Scottish football

  • How Celtic boys homopaedo Jim Torbett was convicted for a second time
  • Trump praised as 'greatest friend' of Jews VIDEO
    Assange rejects ‘no death penalty’ deal between Ecuador and Britain VIDEO
    Hundreds of French students protest on knees decrying mass arrests VIDEO

  • Hard line tactics by French cops against students held on their knees during arrests following protest(VIDEO)
  • Gayrdian report fails to mention zionist money behind agitator Tommy Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

  • Gayrdian report : the hidden global network behind Tommy Robinson (Fails to mention it is ZIONIST money backing him)
  • A notorious hardline, pro-Israel conservative think tank has claimed that it is helping fund the legal expenses of jailed far-right British activist Tommy Robinson
  • Zionist MEF Organizes 25,000 Strong Protest in Support of Tommy Robinson; Plans Additional Rallies
  • Some donors to USA conservative provocateur also fund Jewish causes and Tommy Robinson
  • Zionist funded agitator Tommy Robinson visited Israel in 2016
  • Google android phone tracking even with no sim or wifi connection VIDEO
    Knives out at parasite palace

  • Bad blood brewing among the royal parasites (Squeaky clean image getting ripped up by the day)
  • Buckingham Palace denies Kate Middleton warned Meghan Markle over her 'tone with Royal staff'
  • Conditions met for Assange to leave the embassy – Ecuadorian President VIDEO
    Homopaedo's rife in professional football
    Feminists crazy man hating rants across Scotland

    What is worse is the Holyrood mafia have been taken over by equally crazy feminist nut jobs

  • Perth feminists at the smear campaigns to justify tyrannical anti-male legislation in Scotland
    (How freemasons aid and abet the lawyer run Womens aid to manufacture protests whose ONLY concern is females)
  • MRI patients claim they were 'poisoned by toxic metal gadolinium' VIDEO
    Divorce triggers male suicide and crystal clear
    Divorce the excuse for freemasons to help themselves to non mason mens property and children.

    No beating about the bush while the controlled media, especially the BBC, rant endlessly about all us bad men and the abuse we inflict on women, the vast bulk of which is bullshit and gives a freemason judiciary the excuse to persecute men psychologically and financially who impose rigid restraints on any man dragged into their dens of inquity when faced with divorce.

    NO one can truly understand what goes on inside these hell holes until they experience the enormity of abuse of power that is inflicted on vulnerable men, maybe NOT vulnerable before but certainly after these fucking monsters are finished with them.

    The ruling royal establishment use the head masonic honcho the Dukey Kent to issue orders to their judicial lackeys to gain maximum advantage over men's estates that line the pockets of the royals and their many forelock tugging masonic lackeys embedded in the legal and police mafia's. It is becoming more apparent by the day that their dodgy justice system is NOTHING but a massive scam to inflict maximum damage on non mason men who very quickly find out the enormity of the scams that allow a lifetime of work to fly out the window on the back of a solitary masonic judicial pen.

    Beware any man that gives them that power by marrying and finding out later that their dear little sweetheart is turned into a traitorous whore by the grooming and cajoling of the legal mafia snorting tons of cocaine on the back of massive legal aid funding claims paid by the very men they are screwing, it is so fucking dire you just could not make this up.

    Those little traitorous whores will find in the end that they are only a means to an end for the masonic mafia lining their pockets with men's wealth and in many cases the lives of the suicidal men they have fleeced to the very bone.



  • Buchanan Galleries becoming the number one choice for suicidal men in Glasgow
  • Divorce and the Psychological Damage Done to Fathers
  • There is accumulating evidence that divorced and separated men have much higher suicide rates than their married counterparts (it was observed that divorced and separated men were nearly 2.4 times more likely to kill themselves than their married counterparts)
  • Suicide Rates High in Divorced Men
  • Men and suicide: The silent epidemic (Deliberately kept silent by the controlled gutter rags)
  • Divorced men were about twice as likely as married men to commit suicide
  • Why does divorce make men more suicidal than women? (Ermmmm women DON'T get shafted as their malicious allegations are required to give the masonic mafia power over men)
  • 17 Reasons Men Suicide After Divorce You Probably Don’t Know
  • The Effect of Divorce on Suicide Risk
  • Men Wear Divorce Badly ("The courts in the United States are in a position now whereby money is given to the woman, or the man is forced to pay alimony, child support. The man is also asked, in some cases, to vacate the house." "If a man loses custody of the children and the woman keeps those children, there are situations whereby she may not allow the man to see the children, and that causes some depression,")
  • The tragedy of post-divorce suicides for men
  • Why divorce is bad for a man's health: Separation increases the risk of early death, substance abuse, suicide and depression
  • Cavalier treatment of divorcing men can have unintended consequences in ever increasing suicide stats
  • FactCheck: are ‘up to 21 fathers’ dying by suicide every week?
  • Men more likely to commit suicide after divorce, study finds
  • The greatest suicide risk is among divorced men, who in 2015 were almost three times more likely to end their lives than men who were married or in a civil partnership
  • Middle-aged men today are also more susceptible to a life event that makes them three times as likely to attempt suicide if it happens: divorce. (Men in the UK aged 20 to 49 are more likely to die from suicide than any other cause of death)
  • So awkward! Trump gets a very frosty welcome from Obamas and Clintons at Bush funeral service VIDEO

    America's very fractured political system
    On-board camera shows launch of Soyuz MS-11 VIDEO
    MAYDAY!!!!!!MAYbe its time for the wicked witch to go?
    The Future Of The Gaza Strip VIDEO

    Gaza imprisoned thanks to Israel and Egypt and makes Nazi concentration camps pale in size and numbers

  • Adventures of the psycho parasites
  • Hypocritical BBC promotes Christmas film with domestic violence from a woman VIDEO

    On the BBC One Show they promoted a Christmas film where a women punches a guy in the face and not the FIRST time they have shown similar and think its FUNNY.

  • RIP Pete Shelley - Buzzcocks VIDEO

    Pete Shelley, lead singer of punk rock band Buzzcocks, has died at 63 of a suspected heart attack
    How evil bitches use domestic violence allegations to frame husbands or partners

    Caught punching herself in the lift thanks to CCTV

    This is the enormous racket that goes on every day in divorce courts with ex wives accusing their ex-husbands of abuse to rob them of their homes, bank accounts and children. Crooked lying devious legal aid funded lawyers cajoling and grooming wives to stab their ex-husbands in the back for profit. Is it any wonder the suicide and homelessness stats for men are enormous.

    Woman punches herself in face 'to frame husband for domestic violence'

    Faisal, from Sydney, Australia, had only been married to Asmae for eight months when he came home to a trashed apartment and his wife missing.

    A man is calling on the Australian government to deport his wife after she was filmed framing him for domestic violence. Faisal, from Sydney, Australia, had only been married to Moroccan wife Asmae for eight months when he became suspicious she had used him to get into the country. The pair met on a dating site but Faisal worried his wife was not in love with him.

    Faisal is calling on the government to send his estranged wife back to Morocco

    He consulted a lawyer and visa expert for advice, but his new wife found the emails and took action. Faisal told 9 News' A Current Affair that he arrived home from work and found his apartment trashed. His wife stormed out and hours later he was arrested for assault.

    CCTV was eventually found of his wife, getting into a lift at the apartment block and punching herself twice in the face. Faisal said: "I didn’t think she would go to that extent and go to the police after everything I did for her, and forget everything and just ruin my life.

    "I am the victim now. I got used and abused over and over again emotionally, mentally, financially — you name it. I’m the victim. She did that so now it’s her turn to face the consequences." Asmae has now fled Sydney and is living somewhere in Australia. Faisal is calling on the government to send his estranged wife back to Morocco.

  • EXCLUSIVE: The Bob Lazar Interview VIDEO
    Buchanan Galleries becoming the number one choice for suicidal men in Glasgow

    The latest death this month at the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow has prompted us to address once again suicide of men in Scotland.

    Questions should be demanded at the very highest level as to the continued increase of suicides among men in Scotland. Our own personal experiences are that there is a ruthless cabal within the political, legal and police ranks mainly FREEMASONS hell bent on torturing men into early graves, many via divorce, so they can greatly enrich their bank accounts from the pickings that come from men no longer alive to defend their homes, business's, bank accounts and children.

    A ruthless underbelly that makes the mafia pale next to the scum and filth who have charged themselves with dishing out, what they claim is justice, in the utter dens of iniquity they call civil and criminal courts. The SNP headed by feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon at the very cutting edge of the draconian gender biased laws manufactured to ensure maximum advantage in those courts that strip men bare. Very few reports of the circumstances of those men's deaths prior to them being pushed into suicide. See also the DWP / Atos / Maximus draconian powers also being used to persecute men into early graves who may have been previously suffering from mental health issues brought on by being forcibly dragged into those courts using anti-male divorce legislation.

  • Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow evacuated after man dies falling from top floor of shopping centre in Dec 2018
  • Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow reopens after man's balcony death in June 2017
  • Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow man falls to his death in May 2013
  • Two thirds of suicide Scots 'employed at the time'
  • Male suicide rates in Wales 'a national emergency'
  • Controlling the Israel Message: How to Manage the American Sheeple

    There has been another defenestration of a television-based political commentator for touching the only real electrified third rail remaining in reporting what passes for the news. Marc Lamont Hill, a Temple University professor of Media Studies and Urban Education, who is a regular political commentator on CNN, was fired for what he said in a speech at the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which took place last Wednesday at the United Nations. Hill called for a “free Palestine from river to the sea,” which CNN considered grounds for terminating his contract.

    As ever, the Israelis were quick to jump on the bandwagon with their New York Consul General Dani Dayan denouncing Hill as a “racist, a bigot, [and] an anti-Semite.” He noted that Hill is under contract both with Temple University and CNN, implying that he should be punished by being fired, and called the remarks “appalling.” To no avail, Hill responded "I support Palestinian freedom. I support Palestinian self-determination. I am deeply critical of Israeli policy and practice. I do not support anti-Semitism, killing Jewish people, or any of the other things attributed to my speech."

    Hill was fired by CNN within 24 hours. The message is clear. You can criticize Christianity, Muslims, white males, Donald Trump and the American government at will and you can even criticize blacks or sexual alphabet soups if you are clever in how you do it, but never, never go after Jews or Israel even indirectly if you want to keep your job. One recalls the fate of Rick Sanchez, a CNN anchor who was fired in September 2010 one day after he complained about how Jon Stewart and others in the Jewish mafia that runs the media treat Hispanics, saying “Yeah, very powerless people. He's such a minority. I mean, you know, please. What—are you kidding? I'm telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart. And to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority?”

    Sanchez was forced to publicly grovel for his “inartful” comments and even had to write a letter of apology to the monstrous Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Far worse, he also had to endure two hours of counseling with “America’s rabbi” Shmuley Boteach. Sanchez subsequently drifted through low level jobs for a number of years, but he is now a news anchor with RT America.

    Also in 2010, Octavia Nasr, a Lebanese-American journalist who had been CNN's Senior Editor for Mideast Affairs for over 20 years was immediately fired after she tweeted “sad to hear of the passing” of Lebanese cleric Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlalah. Fadlalah’s only crime was that he had been demonized by Israel and the neocons as a “spiritual mentor” of Hezbollah. Nasr’s only crime is that she granted the admittedly controversial dead man some respect.

    To be sure, CNN is pro-Israeli in its reporting and, more important, in terms of choosing what not to report. Its lead political anchor is Wolf Blitzer, a former American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) employee, who speaks Hebrew and has lived in Israel. Like most major American mainstream media outlets, CNN has numerous Jewish employees working to select, edit and produce the news stories that actually air, well placed to manage what does finally go out to the public.

    Reports critical of Israel or Jews are not welcome anywhere in the U.S. national media, which is why Israel gets away with slaughtering unarmed Gazans using army snipers. I note a recent bizarre though interesting story that appeared in the British media and was not picked up by the U.S. mainstream at all. The story detailed how the leadership of the European Jewish Congress is seeking the insertion of “warning messages” in both Christian and Muslim holy texts. In a document entitled “An End to Antisemitism,” which was released last week, it was recommended that “Translations of the New Testament, the Qur’an and other Christian or Muslim literatures need marginal glosses, and introductions that emphasize continuity with Jewish heritage of both Christianity and Islam and warn readers about antisemitic passages in them. While some efforts have been made in this direction in the case of Christianity, these efforts need to be extended and made consistent in both religions.” One wonders when the same body will be recommending that the nastier bits of the Torah and Talmud be “glossed” to deal with the numerous slaughters of conquered peoples as well as slurs on Jesus Christ and assertions that Jews have`1 the right to treat non-Jews as no better than livestock?

    Some in the media might argue that the same set of rules about not offending one’s religious beliefs would apply to all religions, not just to Judaism, but it is difficult to find evidence of any even handedness, particularly when Islam is being discussed by commentators who are completely ignorant of the tenets of the religion. Nor are there any apparent limits in making ridiculous statements on CNN if one is disparaging Arabs, most particularly if they are Palestinians. CNN paid commentator former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has claimed absurdly that Palestinians do not even exist, which many Israelis believe, without any admonishment. Consider the outrage if he were to say that Jewish Israelis do not exist, which may actually be much closer to the truth according to some geneticists.

    And what about when a Jew is attacking Christians? Far from there being any consequences, there is a demonstrable double standard as Christian beliefs appear to be fair game in some circles. Dana Jacobson currently co-anchor for the weekend edition of CBS national morning news experienced an apparently alcohol driven meltdown at a sports roast that she was helping emcee in January 2008 when she was working for ESPN.

    Belting down vodka and cursing “like a sailor,” Jacobson went after Catholics in particular and said “Fuck Notre Dame,” “Fuck touchdown Jesus” and “Fuck Jesus” a number of times before she was hauled off the stage. Her after-the-fact apology consisted of written concession that she had demonstrated a “poor lack of judgment.” And her punishment by ESPN also demonstrated a “lack of judgment” when the company spokesman Josh Krulewitz reported that “Her actions and comments were inappropriate and we’ve dealt with it.” Dealing with it apparently consisted of a one-week suspension.

    Any company operating in the United States should be able to dismiss an employee for any reason or for no reason, but anything even mildly critical of Jewish collective behavior or Israel is severely punished immediately. Professor Marc Lamont Hill said nothing wrong. On the contrary, he said something badly needed and which should have been accepted by CNN if it were really a global communications network dedicated to the truth and, one might add, to justice. Instead it was more of the same old, same old. If you criticize Israel don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave the building.

    Murdered Khashoggi messages reveal sharp criticism of Mohammed bin Salman VIDEO
    Israeli Cops Recommend The Indictment Of Netanyahu And His Wife VIDEO
    The Lotto Millionaire Raffle, worth £1million twice a week, has been ditched

    Our 2015 FOI challenge to the National Lottery over their millionaire draw seems to have worked

    Disgruntled punters have branded the National Lottery an 'absolute con' after a sweeping series of rule changes. Among the alterations was the abolition of the Lotto Millionaire Raffle - which gave out a £1million payout twice a week.

    Rollovers were also changed to mean they can only happen five times in a row before the prize has to be won. Players must now match five balls plus the bonus ball to win the £1million. Matching five balls without the bonus ball will see them win £1,750, while four balls bags £140.

    ----- Original Message -----

    Date: 22 December 2015
    Subject: Request for information

    To National Lottery

    Under a Freedom of Information request please provide the following

    1.What is the mechanism or digital selector for choosing the millionaires raffle?

    2.Who is responsible for selecting and overseeing that mechanism ?

    3.What safeguards are in place to stop an individual or any individual, part of the corporate arm of the National Lottery, from cheating when that part of the National Lottery raffle is NOT shown live on TV?

    4. Are the National Lottery fully aware of the ongoing investigation in America into the rigging of Lottery games?

    The following video link shows clearly how that was being done by former security director Eddie Tipton

    Iowa Lottery reviews security after Eddie Tipton $14 million fraud case HERE.

    Failing an FOI request please provide this information as a normal application for your rules and regulations that a lottery player requires to ensure their wager is being protected.


    From: Camelot Customer Services
    Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2015 5:21 PM
    Subject: Response from The NL (Ref:NL1146555)

    The National Lottery

    Thank you for your email dated 22 December 2015 regarding the Lotto Millionaire Raffle.

    I would like to assure you that Camelot takes matters of propriety very seriously. The National Lottery is operated in accordance with various strict requirements and is subject to the scrutiny of an independent regulator, the Gambling Commission. All National Lottery draws take place in the presence of an independent adjudicator and are filmed to ensure that the correct procedures are followed at all times.

    The Automatic Draw Machine (ADM) produces the winning entry entirely at random from all valid entries, so each individual UK Millionaire Maker selection has a separate and equal chance of winning a prize, regardless of when, where and how it was bought. As with all of our draw machines, the ADM has been rigorously tested – both by Camelot and independently (by the University of Hertfordshire, Statistical Analysis Department) – with information shared with the Gambling Commission. In addition, Camelot has obtained randomness verification for The National Lottery from the University of Hertfordshire.

    With regard to the American Lottery, Camelot cannot comment on how other Lotteries are run.

    I hope the above has been helpful but if you have any further queries, please do contact us again.

    Yours sincerely

    Alice Ponti
    National Lottery Customer Care Team

    At Camelot, we always aim to provide the highest possible standards of service. To help us improve
    these standards, we would appreciate your completion of our short customer satisfaction survey, by
    either clicking on the link below, or copying and pasting it in to your Browser’s Address Bar. Thank you.

  • 'We have more chance of nailing a blancmange to the ceiling!' Furious punters threaten to boycott National Lottery after branding Camelot rule changes an 'absolute con'
  • Lesbian and former lawyer used civil partnerships with elderly old ladies robbing their children's inheritance

    Wendy Cook (right) with Jean Weddell. They became civil partners in 2007 and Ms Weddell sold her house a year later


    Revealed: Woman who inherited £1.25m home from female lover twice her age - depriving her Oxford don son of his estate - got ANOTHER multi million pound house from a second elderly lady.

    *Wendy Cook, 53, inherited £1.25m home from her civil partner Jean Weddell, 87
    *Ms Weddel's son, an Oxford University academic, is suing over lost inheritance
    *It can now be revealed that Ms Cook previously inherited from another woman
    *Inherited £2.5million from 'beyond doddery' spinster Jean Southworth in 2010

    A woman involved in an inheritance row with the family of her elderly civil partner had previously inherited £2.5million from another spinster, it can be disclosed.

    Wendy Cook inherited millions of pounds after the deaths of the two wealthy and 'beyond doddery', elderly women who both abandoned their lives in London to live with her on the Isle of Wight. Miss Cook, 53, was named in the High Court as the woman who benefited from the estate of her civil partner, Dr Jean Weddell, after Dr Weddell had sold her house for £710,000 in 2008. The Edwardian terraced home, in Kennington, south London, is now worth £1.25million.

    Dr Weddell's son, Professor Christopher Gosden, is taking legal action against the solicitors who drew up a trust in 2003 that he expected to deliver his mother's house, or the money from its sale, to him and his family after her death. Instead Professor Gosden, director of the institute of archaeology at Oxford University and a fellow of Keble College, Oxford, was not informed of the sale of his mother's house.

    Distinguished physician Dr Weddell and Miss Cook, a barrister and one-time parliamentary candidate, became civil partners in 2007, despite a 37-year age gap. Dr Weddell was nearly twice Miss Cook's age. Before she died in 2013 aged 84, Dr Weddell gifted much of her estate to Miss Cook, documents lodged at the High Court in London revealed.

    Now it has emerged that Miss Cook also inherited £2.5million from Jean Southworth QC, a former judge and Bletchley Park codebreaker. A neighbour on the Isle of Wight said yesterday: 'Wendy seemed to adopt old people – and ended up living with these two Jeans here. They were so frail and bowed over, beyond doddery.'

    Miss Southworth also sold her home to move with Miss Cook to Newport on the Isle of Wight. The smart terraced property in Bayswater, west London, went for £2million. She died of septicaemia in 2010 aged 83 and her will, written on the island less than three months earlier, disposed of £5.3million, with Miss Cook being the biggest recipient.

    Miss Southworth's godson, investment manager Nicholas Falla, challenged the will and his £450,000 bequest. He declined to comment. The case was settled by confidential mediation last year. The roll of honour for Bletchley Park – the Second World War codebreaking centre – shows that Jean May Southworth served in the Women's Royal Naval Service, writing intelligence reports from German navy Enigma signals decrypted by Hut 8 – the section initially led by Alan Turing.

    She was a judge for 21 years. Former neighbours yesterday compared her to fellow Bletchley Park veteran Baroness Trumpington, who died last week aged 96. One said: 'They were both powerful, amazing women.' Miss Cook qualified as a barrister in 1997 but was suspended from the legal profession in 2015 after she was caught drink-driving twice in the space of a few months. She was banned from driving for five years and fined.

    When a newspaper discovered her conviction, Miss Cook was forced to resign as an independent parliamentary candidate for the Isle of Wight only a week after announcing that she would stand in the 2015 general election. A legal source said: 'Wendy used to be a lowly clerk for the Crown Prosecution Service before becoming a barrister in her mid-30s.

    'After leaving London for the Isle of Wight she seems to have got the money together for her own old age, thanks to this elderly doctor, and Jean Southworth, who was still working in the Bailey when Wendy was a clerk there.' Miss Cook now lives in a large detached Victorian villa in Newport, and owns a number of properties on the island which she rents out.

    She referred inquiries by the Daily Mail to her solicitor, saying she was unable to comment on Dr Weddell's case because she is due to be a witness, and that the settlement over Miss Southworth's will was confidential. A solicitor for Miss Cook failed to respond to a request for comment.

    After her political resignation, she wrote online: 'The pressure of caring for two elderly people and the loss of my home resulted in a significant if not major breakdown.'

  • Young Macron with his teacher now his wife

    Reverse the genders and there would be a total outcry in the gutter rags

  • Can Macron survive the biggest challenge to his presidency? (VIDEO)
  • Snipers on roof during 'Yellow Vest' protest in Paris(VIDEO)
  • Macron tours Arc De Triomphe after worst rioting in a generation hits Paris claiming "those responsible for the violence and damages will pay for their actions"
  • French police fire teargas at 'gilets jaunes' protesters in Paris (VIDEO)
  • France erupts over Macron rule
  • Macron regime creating riots on French streets
  • 'Yellow Vest' protest hits Brussels(VIDEO)
  • Paris 'war zone': 265 arrested and 90 injured as capital descends into chaos
  • Police cars TORCHED as riot police clash with protestors as chaos hits Brussels (The world has had enough of the political crooks only interested in propping up their rich backers)
  • The Occult Extraterrestrial War - America"s Secret Space Fleet VIDEO

    Snipers on roof during 'Yellow Vest' protest in Paris VIDEO
    G20 protesters condemn 'demonstration of power' in Argentina VIDEO

  • G(gangsters)20: Test for world leaders as alliances challenged (VIDEO)
  • Does Mohammed bin Salman care about new Khashoggi revelations? VIDEO

    Hypocritical G20 world leaders rubbing shoulders with Salman

  • Argentina G20: Test for world leaders as alliances challenged (VIDEO)
  • French police fire teargas at 'gilets jaunes' protesters in Paris VIDEO
    Bias, Corruption & Coercion: Why The BBC Must Be Denationalised VIDEO

    Here's another area British cops waste their time acting as hired thugs for the BBC

  • BBC 100 Women list their entitlement gripes (No mention of 100 men)
  • BBC's 100 Women but NO SIGN of BBC's 100 men (Misandry rife at the Buggering Boys Club)
  • Cold Sun Warning! 350-Year Ice Age Starting in Months VIDEO
    The enormous cost of transporting the global political mafia around the world VIDEO

    Giant planes guzzling fuel for solitary leaders and their vast entourages
    Putin and Mohammed bin Salman share a disturbing high five VIDEO
    Gutter rags promote "The drag queen headteacher championing diversity" VIDEO

    Teaching gone bonkers
    Removing broken and damaged turbine blades from a J47 Turbojet VIDEO
    FAKE NEWS: How can you believe anything the man hating BBC report?

    Hayter (pictured left on Newsnight) has worked as an extra on screen under her middle name Marina, including 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, pictured right as 'bar worker'

    BBC once again caught manipulating news to advance a toxic tory government agenda and the female in question is called 'HAYTER'. You just couldn't make it up.

    BBC is forced to deny hiring a 'fake vicar' to back May's Brexit deal on Newsnight after viewers discover guest is actress who has appeared in Star Wars and EastEnders

    *Lynn Hayter appeared on Newsnight on Monday to defend the Brexit agreement
    *She appeared sporting a dog collar and fiercely debated five other panellists
    *She has worked as an extra, who performs under her middle name Marina

    The BBC has been forced to deny hiring a 'fake vicar' to appear on its flagship political programme Newsnight after social media users hit out at the broadcaster.

    Lynn Hayter appeared on Newsnight on Monday to defend Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement on the UK leaving the European Union. She sported a dog collar as she debated five other panellists on the specifics of the Brexit draft deal.

    Miss Hayter is listed as a pastor on Facebook at a group called Seeds for Wealth Ministries, which claims to 'help you realise, release and walk into your financial freedom in Christ'. But she has also worked as an on-screen extra, and has a profile listing her profession as 'actor' on the social media site.

    Miss Hayter, who performs under her middle name Marina, recently appeared in the blockbuster film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. This has led to accusations that the BBC hired her specifically to appear on the show playing the part of a vicar. The argument was dubbed 'Vicargate', with some on social media convinced she was acting.

    Labour peer Andrew Adonis waded into the furore, telling his Twitter followers he believed Miss Hayter to be a fake. He sarcastically commented 'Lynn is a pastor' and I am the Pope', before calling her a 'fake pastor' and accusing the BBC of 'a reign of lies'. Miss Maitlis quickly reprimanded Lord Adonis, warning him 'not to become a peddler of fake news'.

    She tweeted: 'Not in this day and age. Not when we need our parliamentarians to be better and more trusted than ever. 'To have got to a place where you could choose to believe that enough to write it is deeply worrying.' Other users were keen to chime in with the debate, with one '@BrexitBin' tweeting: 'WTF! This lady playing 'Reverend Lynn' is actually an actress called Marina Hayter (stage name?) who is a professional TV talk show guest. In other words, she was hired by @BBCNewsnight to say she backed May's plan. This kind of undemocratic deception has to have consequences!'

    This is while Antonia Frances said: 'Reverend Lynn' is in fact Marina Hayter. She has played numerous roles including Peasant Woman, quizzical librarian and shocked neighbour but no vicars until her starring role as Brexit deal fan girl on #Newsnight #BBC #BrexitAgreement.' Others such as Beth Urmston poked fun at 'Vicargate' and said: 'Think Marina Lynn Hayter's days at the BBC are numbered. Pastor sell by date.' Elsewhere others said the BBC had 'struck gold' when they found Lynn, '@benjolly9' said: 'The @BBCNewsnight research team who set out to find an actor willing to play a Vicar to sing the praises of Theresa May must have thought they'd stuck gold when they found @LynnHayter.'

    As the speculation mounted, Newsnight itself was prompted to defend the decision to include her on the show. Their statement read: 'Claims that Lynn appeared on Newsnight as a paid actor are false.

    'Lynn is a pastor and was a genuine participant of our Brexit debate. She carries out work as an extra using her middle name but this is not relevant to the capacity in which she appeared.' Seeds For Wealth Ministries, which had 72 followers on Facebook as of last night, believes it can enrich worshippers and take them to 'a higher level'. Miss Hayter told presenter Emily Maitlis she was '100per cent' behind the deal and urged the public to 'put [their] faith in the government'. She stridently defended the withdrawal agreement when quizzed by her fellow panellists. Miss Hayter has also appeared in BBC shows EastEnders and Dickensian, among dozens more.

  • Femi / homo BBC promoting women get ANGRY while accusing men of being coercive when raising their voices
  • Lockerbie families: we were spied on by state

    Britain sinks to new depths

  • BBC out and out attack on heterosexual men while ignoring boys abused in care

    Mr Steele was abused at the Barnardo's home at Glasclune House in North Berwick

    The BBC acting on behalf of Britain's lawyers and law societies, and there is a clear connection between the output of this despicable public broadcaster and those responsible for the destruction of heterosexual males, fail to address the fact their continued vicious alleged domestic violence and abuse agenda's instigated by the lawyer controlled Womens Aid ignore the boys stolen into care on the back of DV allegations and into the hands of the homopaedo's running childrens homes on Britain.

    After all their top predatory paedo Jimmy Savile got away with 50+ years of sexual abuse thanks to the supposed morally upstanding BBC and the ring of homopaedo's later convicted who were all employees of the Buggering Boys Club.

    *Killian Steele, 54, was taken into care in North Berwick after 'claims' of abuse in his family
    *But 12-year-old had staff member get in his sleeping bag and sexually abuse him
    *Abuse continued and has driven him to attempted suicide eight times before
    *Inquiry into why man, who cannot be named, wasn't brought to justice continues

    Boy, 12, 'was raped by Barnardo's children's home carer after petrifying grooming campaign but charity allowed attacker to stay on'

    A 12-year-old boy was raped by a Barnardo's children's home carer after a 'grooming' campaign that left him 'petrified', an inquiry heard yesterday.

    Killian Steele, 54, claimed the charity had issued 'reprimands' to the man who had abused him after suspicions were raised about his behaviour - but allowed him to stay on. In an emotional attack on Barnardo's at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) yesterday, Mr Steele said: 'Barnardo's chose to protect him [the abuser] over me. 'This national organisation whose main purpose was to safeguard… disadvantaged children actually ignored allegations of sexual abuse.'

    He said the charity's failure to apologise to him meant 'Barnardo's [is] abusing me again - but in a more sinister fashion'. Mr Steele said that initially he had an 'amazing' relationship with the man who later abused him at the Barnardo's home at Glasclune House in North Berwick, which he said had operated a 'liberal regime'. The people in charge of the home were in their late teens and early twenties, and 'the entire ethos of what they were trying to do was to replicate a meaningful family environment'.

    Mr Steele went into care at Glasclune in 1976 aged 12 after being abused in his family home from the age of three - only to fall prey to the male carer at Barnardo's, who was in his early twenties and cannot be named for legal reasons. On a camping trip, the man got into Mr Steele's sleeping bag and sexually abused him. The next night, the man invited him to share his bed in a caravan, where other staff members were sleeping. Mr Steele said he woke to find the man sexually abusing him.

    He said he felt 'incredibly horrible' afterwards - but the man sexually assaulted him again the next morning, leaving him 'absolutely petrified'. Mr Steele, now a sound engineer based in Edinburgh, said he believed he had been a victim of a 'process of grooming', and the abuse had been an'absolute betrayal of the relationship'.

    The abuser also took Mr Steele for a weekend away at his [the abuser's] parents' house, where the inquiry heard he raped Mr Steele - then gave him sweets 'to help [him] overcome the atrocity'. Mr Steele said it was a 'damning criticism' of Barnardo's that a staff member had been allowed to take a child away from the home.

    Another rape at the age of 12 on a toilet floor left him in 'excruciating pain'. Mr Steele said: 'I truly thought I was going to die that day.' He said his abuser also dressed up in a gorilla suit and would play-fight with him as part of the grooming.

    In 2001, Mr Steele contacted Lothian and Borders Police, and he said for nearly a decade he was assured that inquiries were being carried out. He complained about the pace of the investigation but claimed police did not reply to him, which he said was a 'spectacular' failure.

    The inquiry heard a letter was sent to Mr Steele explaining that his complaint about the officer was investigated, but Mr Steele said he had not received it. Mr Steele told the hearing in Edinburgh that now-defunct Lothian and Borders Police later re-started the probe, and a man was arrested and charged but not prosecuted.

    He said it had 'ripped his very being apart' when he discovered in 2012 that his abuser would not be brought to justice. Over the years, he has attempted suicide eight times, and suffered 'night terrors' and serious health problems as a result of his abuse. He said his life was similar to a 'war zone', and he was 'fighting a losing battle'.

    Mr Steele also said he had learned Barnardo's had issued reprimands to his abuser over concern about his close relationships with children. But he claimed the man had been allowed to leave with a job reference - which said only that the charity would not employ him again.

    James Peoples QC, senior counsel to the inquiry, said the SCAI had found the prosecution did not go ahead because of a lack of corroboration. But he told Mr Steele: 'They [the Crown Office] do conduct reviews of cases, and if evidence does come to light that would afford a basis for prosecution, we understand they will pursue that in the appropriate way.'

    Mr Steele called for a 'zero tolerance' approach to child sexual abuse, and legal reforms to make it easier to bring abusers to justice. The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, before Lady Smith, continues.

  • BBC the top paedo protecting broadcaster
  • A lawyer James Muir "embellished" claims for legal aid in family court cases for £2 million accusing fathers of abusing their children later committed suicide after the police began investigating
  • Femi/homo/paedo protecting BBC's sinister report on Clare's Law the most insidious anti-male law EVER conjured up and controlled by a freemason hierarchy within the cops (Until the reality sets in that crooked judges, lawyers and cops GAIN their power over non mason men through malicious domestic violence claims those men will continue to lose their homes and children through stealthy manipulation of gender bigoted laws like Clare's law. There is already far to much anti-male legislation that allows the state to destroy men and why so many now line the streets homeless and penniless and could be coming to attack you very soon. Ask Brad Pitt, Paul McCartney and Johnny Depp what it's like to be maliciously accused of domestic violence)
  • 'Rather die than be drafted': Ultra Orthodox Jews protesting military service clash with Israeli cops VIDEO

    Israel falling apart thanks to their extremist policies
    Bruce Springsteen: 'I am not completely well myself' through depression VIDEO
    Royal parasites vast consumption of UK's wealth


  • New mansion (Upgrade paid by the public purse) and now massive security bill for royal parasitic protection. The royals consume vast amounts of Britain's wealth while the peasants line the streets homeless and outside foodbanks. REVOLT IS LONG OVERDUE TO RID THIS BLOT ON THE LANDSCAPE.

  • Royal parasites fighting over top dog position (Whatever, they cost the British population a fortune while peasants suffer through draconian austerity measures. If the public had a choice between spending $100's of millions on upgrading their mansions and palaces or spending it on the homeless we expect the majority would ensure the poorest are looked after BUT that's not what the hand picked political mafia want to do)
  • The royal mafia slowing falling apart
  • Royal Babylon The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy VIDEO
    Internet mafia in the dock

  • Zuckerberg refuses to give evidence to international committee investigating fake news
  • Cancer increases are not as the gutter rags suggest due to lifestyle VIDEO

    Windscale - The Nuclear Laundry - (Sellafield) VIDEO

    Sellafield: Europe's most radioactively contaminated site VIDEO

    Why do the gutter rags provide propaganda for the nuclear industry that is killing people in their millions with toxic radiation leaks? If it's not what we eat, what we drink or our lifestyles in general everything but getting to the root of why CANCER is escalating by the minute as nuclear pollution devastates the land and seas.

  • Inside Sellafield's death zone with the nuclear clean-up robots
  • The GREAT cancer scandal (Much more on cancer causes here)
  • Christmas foodbanks to feed the poor

  • Busiest Christmas ever for foodbanks as Universal Credit roll-out comes to an end
  • Holding back the Years Before and After VIDEO

    Holding back the Years - Mike Hucknall in the Frantic Elevators

    Holding back the Years - Simply Red
    Migrants clash with police as they try to cross USA - Mexico border near Tijuana VIDEO
    USA border guards fire tear gas on migrants VIDEO
    Pics of the Day

    The 13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me (1966) VIDEO
    CIA's dodgy tactics
    Cheating death: Train sweeps behind Dutch cyclist who didn't see it coming VIDEO
    Moby 'That's When I Reach For My Revolver' VIDEO
    I've studied nuclear war for 35 years -- you should be worried VIDEO
    Trump Says WikiLeaks 141 Times On The Campaign Trail VIDEO

  • Trump Claims He Knows “Nothing” About the Julian Assange He Cited Hundreds of Times During His Campaign
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club and their MALE hate campaigns

  • BBC Censorship live on TV- BBC cuts reporter who implicates M16 in Torture in Libya(VIDEO)
  • Lawyer run BBC promote lawyer run Womens Aid type charity given £1.2m of EU money, and £300,000 from the Welsh Government for DV scams who claim to help men despite their pages being dominated with women and womens stories
  • Much more on the paedo protecting BBC here
  • Helicopter torch VIDEO

    Helicopters Dropping Fire From Above In California? VIDEO

  • Globalist Agenda 21 Agents Take Away Property Rights(VIDEO)
  • Finally the authorities get around to connecting massive austerity cuts and crime

    Pushing the peasants into crime due to austerity by the political criminals

  • Benefit cuts are behind robbery rise, police reveal
  • The benefits ‘freeze’ is robbing our poorest families. Where’s the outrage?
  • Chelsea star N’Golo Kante to pay more in tax than Amazon and Starbucks combined

  • Who is to blame for Khashoggi murder? Trump says 'vicious world' is at fault VIDEO
    Daily Scar's OTT royalist bullshit about Harry's moll

  • Timelapse footage of rocket launch as never seen before VIDEO

    NASA trying to justify their existence
    Out of control ferry slams into San Francisco dock VIDEO
    DuckDuckGo: Search engines and jewish control

    DuckDuckGo's Gabriel Weinberg

    Video of Vivaldi browser promoting DuckDuckGo's Gabriel Weinberg
    (Vivaldi marks the launch of a new integration with DuckDuckGo)

    Video of RT promoting Gabriel Weinberg's DuckDuckGo claims of Privacy?

    RED ALERT!!!!!!!!Why are so many CEO's of search engine companies jewish? When Google was exposed as abusing data of its users there was a mass exodus looking for other search engines. One that was getting publicity at the time was DuckDuckGo and their claims of NOT keeping any of the data used after a search. However we have investigated this search engine and found bigger issues than even Google.

    For a start the CEO like Google is controlled by Gabriel Weinberg who is jewish like his partners in crime Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The difference with Weinberg is his claims of no data keeping goes out the window when he creates vast distortions of searches that are maybe critical of Israel, zionism and jewish control of the media.

    One example of how they do this is Veterans Today who claim to have stopped using Google and rant about the goodness of DuckDuckGo as an alternative HERE. Yet when you see DuckDuckGo search returns for Veterans Today who have been highly critical of Israel those returns take on a very different picture with almost every third one showing negative aspects of Veterans Today and shocked and surprised they promote this DuckDuckGo in one of their articles. This is no coincidence as another article in the Israeli Times HERE paints a glowing picture of Weinberg.

    Those connections alone make us highly suspicious of this search engine and who are promoting it as an alternative to Google. From our research we see Weinberg using his search returns to smear and undermine anyone daring to criticize Israel, the worldwide Zionist movement and the Israeli lobby's that undermine the USA, UK and other countries who do the bidding of Netanyahu through those sinister movements. We DO NOT recommend under any circumstances using this as alternative to Google. Can you EVER trust a jewish owned search engine?

    Here are some of the negative comment about Weinberg's search engine from former users at Sitejabber.

    “Another biased liberal arm of controlled search results and content” 9/26/18

    Why am I not surprised? Not as obvious as Google, Bing or Apple but I noticed right away, my search results are being controlled, I'm FORCED yet again to scroll through at least 4 pages of MSM before finding anything worth reading.

    “Not Ready for Prime Time” 9/13/18

    Went to try out DuckDuckGo and on my very 1st practice test search it gave me results for a trojan website. The kind that locks up your browser and tries to hold you hostage. That's enough for me... too dangerous. I guess google filters these sites out because I just don't have those problems when I use it.

    “Owned by Amazon?” 7/6/18

    Good luck finding any products other than what is offered by Amazon. Seriously frustrating. When searching for a specific product, 100% of the results are Amazon links. When I type Amazon at the end of the search, there are NO "product" results. I highly suspect DDG is owned or otherwise affiliated with Amazon - and anyone who thinks Amazon isn't going to track users (and subsequently LIE about it across the board.....) think again.

    “!Bang is the WORST feature!!” 5/28/18

    I loathe DuckDuckGo's !Bang feature SO MUCH that I'm just going back to Google - I'm tracked through other sites anyway, so it's not like they don't already have access to my activity and whatnot (edit: I actually switched to startpage instead)

    “Fraudulent Duck.” 11/30/17

    Every search term I type in Duckduckgo shows up with all the other search terms typed by everybody else in Google, etc., for the world to see. Every disease, address, name, issue is all out there, exposed, courtesy of Duckduckgo.

    “Ostensibly Inferior Search results” 9/22/17

    I fell for the hype, but have paid with a lot of wasted time and effort. Even searching for a document name directly does not lead you to the document, while the same search on Google has the document on the second search result. The image search is worse; try looking for the famous photo of Donald Trump outside of the Scottish parliament while a comedian demonstrated the law of static electricity with a balloon and Trumps wig. You won't find it on any Duckduckgo search results neither will you find image search results for his sons safari kills.... Duckduckgo fails at it's only major objective, being a reliable search engine that provides relevant and useful results!

    “Completely Awful” 8/21/17

    I thought I'd give DuckDuckGo a try when I switched over to Firefox. Boy was I shocked by the results of my first search. I searched for Al Gore's funders. The enitre (ENTIRE) set of search results were completely fallacious, rightwing, Nazi nonsense. I couldn't believe it. So, DuckDuckGo is GONE.

    “Rubbish quality search results with tons of ads everywhere!” 8/11/17

    DuckDuckGo is just bothered about getting you to click ads even if those ads go to viruses or scam websites. Not good. I use startpage now... uses google search results but doesn't track you or benefits google.

    “What a surprise ddg is full of $#*!” 7/10/17

    Duckduckgo: "Are you sure you`re not searching for one of our advertisers?" LOL

    “Don't track? BS” 5/13/17

    I have used DDG to search online for purchases because I believed the non-tracking PR. Whoa! All of sudden on the one site I have white listed from adblock plus, the results of my online purchase searches appear on that website!!! Disgusted.

    “DuckDuckGo is a pain in the Arse.” 5/12/17

    In all honesty DDG is a pain in the arse, i have to use add ons for mozilla fire fox YARP and Element Hiding Helper for AD Block Plus to block and remove all the pop up notification $#*!, and other garbage pop ups DDG keep persisting with that i dont want to see. you need to install and use different Add Ons to make DDG more user friendly, and that should never be the case.

    “lol” 4/25/17

    hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate ithate it

    “They lied before, they will lie again probably” 3/6/17

    I found out that DuckDuckGo used to set a tracking cookie, even though they claimed they didn't. (!) Back then, I used DuckDuckGo as my default search engine believing I was totally safe. Now I hate them more than Google, at least with Google you know what you're getting yourself into. You can read all about it here: I would switch to secure search engines like ixquick, searx or Startpage.

    “DDG Sucks Dirt” 3/5/17

    Just as often as not when I want to see a geographical location--i.e., a map--this inept would-be search tool offers nothing but articles or images with no map option. Simply put, literally half my searches for locations end in Google. Why bother. Much like the false hype of Apple.

    “Duck Changes All My Search Titles - Aggravating” 10/10/16

    I search for GLD, the investment symbol for GOLD, and Duck changes it to search for GOD! Many times I do not realize they have changed the search item title and I waste a lot of time wondering and searching the results for GOD. There is no way to opt out of this automatic "correction", so I have gone back to Google. DuckDuckGo just doesn't get it.

    “DUCKDUCKGO acted like a hijacker for me.” 12/23/15

    I set DuckDuckGo as my homepage. When I later wanted to use a different search provider, DuckDuckGo would not allow it. Every normal avenue I attempted was prevented, and DuckDuckGo remained stubbornly my search provider. I finally did a system restore to get rid of this. I was hoping to have three different search providers, to use for different needs. But now I'm afraid of your product. Something very wrong happened. I am not the only guy who has had a problem. Bad duck.

    “Hacked almost immediately” 5/23/15

    Within 24 hours of switching my browser, scam email was sent from a very (formerly) pristine gmail account. This gmail account even had a new, very challenging password combination.

    “My Mac desktop with Mavericks has two accounts, Admin...” 12/9/14

    My Mac desktop with Mavericks has two accounts, Admin and Secondary. I found DuckDuckGo at Apple's extensions page, installed DuckDuck Go in the Admin account and it duplicated itself in the secondary account. Search results are commercialized and simplistic. It hides from all computer searches and I cannot uninstall it. All instructions for removal that I found, even at DuckDuckGo site, do not work. I must conclude from this that Apple and DuckDuckGo are both criminal.

    “Did a test search for "least expensive voice over programs."” 8/28/14

    Did a test search for "least expensive voice over programs." DuckDuckGo went straight to "cell phones". A quick comparison with Google confirmed that DuckDuckGo is a waste of time. Tip for consumers: Don't bother. It is glaringly inadequate.

    “DuckDuckGo promote Scam websites to the top of their...” 6/19/14

    DuckDuckGo promote Scam websites to the top of their search lists, just like the others! I thought they were an ethical business, but found out to my loss (when I trusted their link) to buy a Rod Licence. They promoted a direct link into this scam website, which had the Environment Agency name on it, without any mention of additional fees etc. Is there ANY search engines you can trust, now? I think not, they are all morally corrupt.

    “This is about's ability to find and...” 4/5/14

    This is about's ability to find and rank websites. Our site ranks on page 1 of 14 of the top 15 search engines, the exception beingduckduckgo. So just how relevant are duckduckgo's results to the search term? If this is not an anomaly then not good at all.

    “It is like a virus” 8/26/13

    It is like a virus. Once in your computer you cannot get rid of it. Email them asking how, and no reply. it might be the best search engine out there but when it acts like a virus, and keeps taking over my browser, I do not want it. Wonder how many of the 5* reviews are just their spam. They are good at that

    “UGH!!!!” 8/18/13

    UGH!!!! Very difficult to remove and automatically becomes your default Web Browser in FireFox no matter what you do .... Had to work very hard to remove. I would have been happy to keep it and use it if it didn't take over my browser... Be careful installing this because it makes itself almost impossible to remove!!!!

    “unable to remove, no way to remove it be sure you want...” 7/1/13

    unable to remove, no way to remove it be sure you want it gives you no out. I don't like anything that takes control of my pc.

  • - How To Remove ( is a search engine that has been noticed to be added to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers without users consent)
  • Video of RT promoting Gabriel Weinberg's DuckDuckGo claims of Privacy?(VIDEO)
  • Video of Vivaldi browser promoting DuckDuckGo's Gabriel Weinberg (Vivaldi marks the launch of a new integration with DuckDuckGo)(VIDEO)
  • Times of Israel promotes Gabriel Weinberg with claims of "Searching for privacy in an online world"
  • Veterans Today Replaces Google Custom Search with Duck Duck Go
  • Veterans Today on How to Live Without Google (So here at Veterans Today, we have chosen Duck Duck Go as our official search provider)
  • Duck Duck Go on Conservapedia
  • DuckDuckGo goes after Google with privacy-friendly browsing tools
  • DuckDuckGo is probably the most well-known alternative search engine. Its CEO, Gabriel Weinberg, said, “if the FBI comes to us, we have nothing to tie back to you.” (BULLSHIT)
  • Wikipedia claims DuckDuckGo distinguishes itself from other search engines by not profiling its users and by deliberately showing all users the same search results for a given search term
  • I Found This Flaw in DuckDuckGo. Is DuckDuckGo Actually the Most Private Search Engine?
  • Wired promote DuckDuckGo
  • DuckDuckGo reviews on SiteJabber
  • ‘Assange showed that the media is an appendage of established power’ – John Pilger VIDEO
    EDF plan to turn back on Hunterston B nuclear reactor despite finding more than 350 cracks

    Another Chernobyl waiting to happen?

    More than 350 cracks have been discovered in Hunterston B's nuclear reactor, pushing the total over government safety limits.

    A smaller number of cracks were already known about but the figure has risen sharply following recent inspections at the North Ayrshire plant. Owners EDF Energy closed the site's reactor three in March this year for more detailed investigation.

    The firm said the reactor was safe, and it hoped to bring it back into service. A spokeswoman insisted: "Nuclear safety is our overriding priority."

    The UK government's Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) state that 350 cracks is the "operational limit".

    An ONR spokesperson said: "A conservative assessment of the inspection results shows that the number of cracks in reactor three exceeded the operational limit of 350 cracks in the existing safety case.

    "However, it should be noted that the safety case demonstrates a significant margin beyond this limit and safe operation was ensured." The cracks sit in the channels of the reactor's graphite core where the control rods slot in to suppress the nuclear reaction and shut down the plant.

    In a worst case scenario, if there was a seismic event, cracks could distort the channel and potentially prevent control rods from slotting in. The plan is to decommission the plant before that becomes possible. It is currently expected to continue operating until 2023.

    Safety case

    EDF reported cracks to stakeholders in June but said the damage was "significantly mitigated" by the gaps being narrower than ONR's safety case. The firm confirmed it will present a safety case to ONR to bring reactor three back into operation.

    An EDF Energy spokeswoman said: "The most recent results support the work we are doing on the long-term safety case and underline our confidence that the normal operations at the station are unaffected and that there would be safe shutdown in the event of a 1 in 10,000 year earthquake. "We are preparing to present a safety case for return to service of reactor three to the regulator, the ONR, for their assessment.

    "We have also carried out similar inspections on reactor four and the case for return to service for that unit is currently with the ONR for review." Rita Holmes, chairwoman of the Hunterston Site Stakeholder Group, challenged the energy supplier, saying she did not believe reactor three should be brought back into operation.

    She told The Ferret: "If safety were indeed EDF's number one priority, then reactor three would remain shut down. "As it is EDF is seeking permission to restart an aged reactor, which despite huge efforts and high cost, failed to back up its current safety case.

    "The Hunterston keyway root cracking was not predicted to be so progressed."

    Wonder why cops aren't catching criminals? They are the criminals VIDEO

    Shocking footage of how cops spend most of their time helping steal homes rather than protecting the public
    UK gutter rags main preoccupation is to turn parasites into heroes

    Propaganda no different than what Hitler used and after all they are of German descent Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

  • How And Why Germans Bought Hitler's Pitch(VIDEO)
  • The Truth About Bob Lazar VIDEO
    AI: This is Only The Beginning.. (2018-2019) VIDEO
    Trump Wanted Justice Department To Prosecute LAWYER Hillary Clinton But Lawyers Won't Let Him! VIDEO

    Global law society minions undermining the law and who are supposed
    to uphold the law protecting each others arses.
    Britain's enemy is not Russia but its own ruling class, UN report confirms

    As the UK political establishment rips itself to pieces over Brexit, a far greater crisis continues to afflict millions of victims of Tory austerity.

    A devastating UN report into poverty in the UK provides incontrovertible evidence that the enemy of the British people is the very ruling class that has gone out of its way these past few years to convince them it is Russia. Professor Philip Alston, in his capacity as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, spent two weeks touring the United Kingdom. He did so investigating the impact of eight years of one of the most extreme austerity programs among advanced G20 economies in response to the 2008 financial crash and subsequent global recession.

    What he found was evidence of a systematic, wilful, concerted and brutal economic war unleashed by the country's right-wing Tory establishment against the poorest and most vulnerable section of British society – upending the lives of millions of people who were not responsible for the aforementioned financial crash and recession but who have been forced to pay the price.

    From the report's introduction:

    "It…seems patently unjust and contrary to British values that so many people are living in poverty. This is obvious to anyone who opens their eyes to see the immense growth in foodbanks and the queues waiting outside them, the people sleeping rough in the streets, the growth of homelessness, the sense of deep despair that leads even the Government to appoint a Minister for Suicide Prevention and civil society to report in depth on unheard of levels of loneliness and isolation."

    Though as a citizen of the UK I respectfully beg to differ with the professor's claim that such social and economic carnage seems "contrary to British values,"(on the contrary it is entirely in keeping with the values of the country's Tory establishment, an establishment for whom the dehumanization of the poor and working class is central to its ideology), the point he makes about it being "obvious to anyone who opens their eyes," is well made.

    For it is now the case that in every town and city centre in Britain, it is impossible to walk in any direction for more than a minute before coming across homeless people begging in the street. And the fact that some 13,000 of them are former soldiers, casualties of the country's various military adventures in recent years, undertaken in service to Washington, exposes the pious platitudes peddled by politicians and the government as reverence for the troops and their 'sacrifice,' as insincere garbage.

    Overall, 14 million people in the UK are now living in poverty, a figure which translates into an entire fifth of the population. Four million of them are children, while, according to Professor Alston, 1.5 million people are destitute – that is, unable to afford the basic necessities of life. And this is what the ruling class of the fifth largest economy in the world, a country that parades itself on the world stage as a pillar of democracy and human rights, considers progress.

    The values responsible for creating such a grim social landscape are compatible with the 18th not 21st century. They are proof positive that the network of elite private schools – Eton, Harrow, Fettes College et al. – where those responsible for this human carnage are inculcated with the sense of entitlement and born to rule ethos that defines them, are Britain's hotbeds of extremism.

    Professor Alston: "British compassion for those who are suffering has been replaced by a punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous approach apparently designed to instill discipline where it is least useful, to impose a rigid order on the lives of those least capable of coping with today's world, and elevating the goal of enforcing blind compliance over a genuine concern to improve the well-being of those at the lowest levels of British society."

    Here, set out above in bold relief, is the barbarism that walks hand in hand with free market capitalism. It is the same barbarism that was responsible for pushing post-Soviet Russia into a decade-long economic and social abyss in the 1990s, and the values that have pushed 14 million people in the UK into the same economic and social abyss in our time. Austerity, it bears emphasizing, is not and never has been a viable economic response to recession in a given economy.

    Instead, it is an ideological club, wielded on behalf of the rich and big business to ensure that the price paid for said economic recession is borne exclusively by those least able to bear it – namely, the poor and working people. It is class war by any other name, packaged and presented as legitimate government policy. However, in Britain’s case in 2018, this is a war like no other because, as Professor Philip Alston’s report lays bare, only one side in this war has been throwing all the punches and only one side has been taking them.

    With Christmas season upon us, the scale of human suffering across the UK ensures that the elaborate ad campaigns inviting us to shop and indulge to our heart’s content – ads depicting the middle class dream of affluence and material comfort – take on the character of a provocation. In fact, they call to mind the truism that wars take place when the government tells you who the enemy is, while revolutions take place when you work it out for yourself. In austerity Britain, who the enemy is has never been more clear.

  • Zionists go after Roger Waters in Argentina

    The former Pink Floyd leader, who is currently performing in Latin America with the “Us + Them” tour, has consistently been trying to convey political messages during his concerts.

    Jewish institutions in Argentina have mounted a petition against rock legend Roger Waters after he took part in a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement event. The group called for the sanctioning of the Jewish state and reassessment of its Palestinian policy last week. A day before performing in Buenos Aires, Waters appeared on a BDS-organised program, called “A World Without Wall”, where he said: “We must insist to our local governments to pressure Israel, in favour of the human rights of the Palestinians.”

    His words provoked the ire of Jewish communities, with the Argentina Zionist Organisation launching a petition urging people across the region to boycott his upcoming concerts, calling Waters “one of the great anti-Semites of our time”.

    “Waters advocates human rights and artistic freedom while demonising, delegitimising and applying a double standard to advance his anti-Semitic political agenda. We, Latin Americans, say to Roger Waters – we wish you weren’t here!” the petition reads, alluding to the Pink Floyd song “Wish You Were Here”.

    In the meantime, officials at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an international Jewish human rights organisation, urged the tour’s sponsors, including Entel, Chile’s telecommunications company, Cencosud, a large retailer and Grupo Aval, a Colombian holding company, to withdraw their financial support. Waters previously used a pig-shaped balloon with Star of David alongside other symbols which prompted accusations of anti-Semitism against him.

    The ex-Pink Floyd frontman broke silence back in 2013, posting an open letter on his Facebook, saying that he had many Jewish friends, and the accusations were “extremely insulting”:

    “Like it or not, the Star of David represents Israel and its policies and is legitimately subject to any and all forms of non-violent protest. To peacefully protest against Israel's racist domestic and foreign policies is NOT ANTI-SEMITIC," he defended himself.

    BDS is a global movement that encourages boycotts and other means of pressure against Israel to make the country abide by international law in its dealings with Palestinians.

    In January 2018, Israel imposed a travel ban on 20 foreign entities for advocating boycotts of Israel over its treatment of Palestinians.

  • South African BDS Movement 'Poster Girl' Banned From Israel
  • My cheating wife and lover got his transgender daughter to shoot me in the face — but I still love my bride

    Ray Weatherall's wife was jailed for 15 years for plotting to have him killed

    Noticeable absence of stories like this in the BBC news while they push the man hating agenda

  • It's amazing what you can lever out of the system when you're a masonic cop

    You can NEVER climb the slippery masonic ladder into high positions of office within the supposed law enforcement without swearing allegiance to the royal parasite and swearing secret masonic oaths before her loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent.
    When A Plane Violates Presidential Airspace VIDEO
    Selfie saves man from 99 years in prison after ex's malicious allegations VIDEO

    Every man needs to be aware of the abuse of power by bitter and twisted ex-wives and partners that can lead to long term jail time when the legal mafia bow to their vile lies and malicious intent.
    When freemasons control the cops you get tyranny

    To busy helping steal mens estates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cops want public to give them a hand to arrest violent suspects (What risk lives for FREE while they get well paid for the privilege?)
  • Congressman Threatens To Use NUKES Against AMERICANS Who Won't Handover Their Guns! VIDEO
    Strict New Gun Laws Has "Assault Rifles" Flying Off The Shelves In The Greater Seattle Area VIDEO
    Trump "The News About Me Is Largely Phony!" VIDEO
    Exclusive Interview with Fire Captain on Origins of CA Fires VIDEO
    NHS and GMC still employing hoax doctors

    They NEVER learnt from mass murdering Dr. Harold Shipman

  • 3,000 foreign doctors are being urgently checked after a woman practised psychiatry for 22 years without any qualifications (Masonic controlled GMC failures only came to light after she was caught trying to inherit her patients £1.3m estate. So much for mass murdering Dr. Harold Shipman case was to lead to safer doctor checks. She was responsible for sectioning patients when she had NO authority)
  • A very close shave VIDEO
    Julian Assange's health

    Subject: Julian Assange's health
    Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2018 11:18:20 +0000

    Hi Ms. Robinson

    We have been given information regarding your position as part of Julian Assange's legal team? We are concerned about the welfare of Julian in particular his state of mental health having covered his internment within the Ecuadorian embassy in London for a number of years.

    We wanted to know if either a psychologist or psychiatrist has been invited to meet with Julian to document the long term effects of his enforced stay within that building and whether this is now seriously undermining his human rights and what could now be considered psychological persecution by the various countries colluding who have an interest in his possible future imprisonment elsewhere?

    Also if not, why hasn't this been arranged as evidence for an important step in any possible future release? This could also be raised at the International Criminal Court at the Hague as crimes against humanity in this case Julian's. We cc'd this to that court so they are being made aware in writing of the issue as something they themselves should be taking an interest in without being formally raised as his case has been well documented across the world's media and independent online sites but have yet to make any response.

    Please pass this on to him personally if you are able to for his comments?

  • Why Is The DOJ Indicting Julian Assange But Not Hillary Clinton?
  • The Empire Keeps Proving Julian Assange Right About Everything
  • Trump Quietly Orders Elimination of Assange
  • USA Is Optimistic It Will Prosecute Assange
  • Secret Charges Against Julian Assange Revealed Due to "Cut-Paste" Error
  • I Called the Ecuadorian Embassy and This Is What Happened
  • John Pilger on Julian Assange's present condition(VIDEO)
  • Larken Rose: How to offend everyone all at once - Can you handle the truth VIDEO
    Polmont teenage jail deaths

  • Cover-up claims surrounding teen deaths at Scotland's Polmont jail
    (Just one more arm of the state murdering machine)
  • Gender change lunacy

  • School has SEVENTEEN children changing gender as teacher says vulnerable pupils are being 'tricked' into believing they are the wrong sex
  • I’ve seen girls who’ve changed gender groom younger ones to do the same... and in nearly every case they are autistic, says school teacher
  • BBC and UK media have been marginalizing heterosexual men giving only platforms
    to feminists / lesbians and homosexuals

    This morning BBC Victoria Derbyshire was discussing the issue of divorce and read out quotes from people who sent in comments regarding an issue that profoundly affects men far more detrimentally than women. Few women get shafted in divorce instead regularly receive huge payouts while men can be left homeless, penniless and childless. Most, if not all of the comments read out, came from women that is despite much of the BBC licence fee comes from heterosexual men yet the BBC have for decades been marginalizing heterosexual men while regularly giving platforms and interviewing groups that are mouthpieces for feminist / lesbian and homosexual agendas.

    Despite repeated exposures of this massive disparity the BBC continue unabated reinforcing the message that men are bad and all women are victims of bad men except for homosexuals who are friends of the women who claim are treated so badly. We have never seen the BBC interviewing groups speaking on behalf of heterosexual men unless it is being funded by the government and were you get a message that backs up the BBC man hating message.

    The BBC are an utter disgrace and are behind the theft of children into care homes were paedo's en masse are accessing vulnerable children separated from the protection of their biological fathers thanks to the domestic violence scams that the British judiciary and lawyers create to give them the excuse to steal children away from that protection. This is a devious and dangerous network of power that has now gone into overload to provide the royalist propaganda for their latest wedding.

  • BBC uses woman's case to highlight divorce problems (Colin Hart, chairman of the Coalition for Marriage and director of the Christian Institute believes judges and lawyers have undermined the divorce industrial complex. The judiciary bears a lot of blame for giving divorces on a very trivial basis. If you don't want to get divorced, but you are being forced against your will to make all sorts of profound, life-changing arrangements, you should be given time to make those arrangements)


    Join HERE. The majority of the mass media has a hidden agenda and none of it includes fair reporting of men's issues. Please send comments and articles to EDITORIAL.
    World NEWS the government and judicial controlled mass media wont EXPOSE.



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