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men fighting back


              1. Having large sums of money in ANY bank. (They are all con men see HERE)
              2. Having any kind of mortgage with a bank. (They are all scams see HERE)
              3. Marrying and signing a state marriage certificate. (Notice NO small print see HERE)
              4. Having a child. (Maybe the single most dangerous threat to a mans welfare see HERE)
              5. Entering ANY court especially NO JURY civil courts.(Mason judges make it up see HERE)
              6. Hiring a lawyer anywhere across the globe. (ALL part of the Bar associations see HERE)
              7. Trusting any politician.(They are ALL on the take see HERE)
              9. Taking out any type of credit especially for a large purchase like a car (see HERE)
              9. Trusting any journalist who answers to the corporate media (see HERE)
              10. Trusting any cop who answers to masonic superiors (see HERE)
              11. Allow social workers, lawyers and judges with a homosexual (HERE) or radical feminist (HERE) agenda to dictate
              the future welfare of your children (see HERE)
              12. Doing any form of business with a FREEMASON. ( ALL of the above included see HERE)

them and us



We all strive to better ourselves, in our lives and in our children's lives, but that should NOT be at the expense of others. The ruling mafia have created an underclass for a number of reasons and would include letting us all know that if we do not follow their rules we may end up on the streets. Also their mass media propaganda machine ensures the poor, disabled, vulnerable and sick can be used as a punch bag and blamed for ALL the ills of the world and have us believe it is the POOR that are stopping us from bettering ourselves.

This is maybe the most devious lie created by the press barons who have ensured the sheeple's venom is vented towards those least able to defend themselves while distracting attention away from the ruling mafia who live opulent lifestyles and with riches so VAST no one can truly comprehend how vast that wealth is. Fortunately the internet is rewriting history and exposing the myths from a global propaganda machine that is breaking the despicable cycle of deceit and where a psychological battle has been waged on our minds to ensure we remain compliant with the ruling elite's demands. We must all re-learn to respect those who need our sympathy and understanding, not venom, and we must also be aware that every man facing injustice will allow, in the end, all men to face that same injustice .

Without fighting for the weakest in our society, while complying with the ruling mafia's orders, we condone and perpetuate a well orchestrated master plan that will allow these evil bastards to hold on to power unless our humanity has a massive wake up call and remove that ruling elite from power in one way or another. It is only in the interests of the ultra wealthy that this system can carry on ad infinitum. Everyone else will continue to suffer, as they have done throughout history, while the ruling mafia carry on their deceitful and diabolical plans and all part of their new technological world order.


The best index to a person's character is how they treat people who can't do them any good, and how they treat people who can't fight back.



  • The X Factor vision of society blames the poor for their predicament
  • Campers descend on central Paris to highlight plight of homeless
    Do you think the cops are there to protect you from criminals?
    Do you think judges are there to give you justice?
    Do you think lawyers are there to protect your freedoms?
    Do you think legal aid is paid to poor litigants?
    Do you think bailiff's act honestly when evicting homeowners?
    Do you think social workers are there to protect your children?
    Do you think politicians are there to ensure your welfare?
    Do you think local authority chiefs are there to provide you with services?
    Do you think psychiatrists are there to guard your mental health?
    Do you think the banks are there to make YOU prosperous?
    Do you think the media are there to enlighten us?
    Do you think teachers are there to educate ?
    Do you think the armed forces are there to protect your security?
    Do you think regulators are there to ensure all of the above stay in line?

    If you have been reading and watching the complicit media for most of your life you likely have been brainwashed into believing all of the above, when in fact many are criminals or forced to act in a criminal way for their masters. They only get away with murder to protect the self appointed elite pulling the strings of their satanically controlled duped goons who act ONLY in the interests of the psychopathic madmen and women running the world while living in VAST OPULENCE.

    You might also believe that the latest credit crunch is affecting everybody, but look closely at the facts and you will see there is a tier of privileged individuals who NEVER suffer during controlled recessions. In fact they PROSPER while millions struggle to survive the sudden changes of fortune brought about by the few at the top deciding to rein in the pittance they provide in sustenance to the masses primarily to stop any major dissent from their form of enslavement and tyranny . For centuries these few dynastic families have been getting away with absolute murder turning generation upon generation of our forefathers into slaves for the ultra wealthy. Unless we stop them now our children and grandchildren will suffer the same deviant world they claim is some kind of civilized society. They have required a massive propaganda network to get away with this for so long, but by the day that machine is grinding to a halt in the mass exposure of the monstrous evil they have been getting away with.

    Do not be fooled by the fancy clothes and ancient traditions, these mobsters have been using subtle and devious tricks of the trade , disguised as some sort of esoteric knowledge, or so they claim, while using thuggery, blackmail, bullying and abuse to persecute anyone who steps outside their masonic bubble. These maniacs and psychopaths have been raping and murdering in endless wars they create to keep us all in fear and in our lowly place.

  • Super Rich The Greed Game (VIDEO)
  • Credit crunch? 619,000 millionaires living in Britain rising 17 per cent over the last two years
  • A third of Britain STILL belongs to the aristocracy
  • Pay gap between highest and lowest earners growing faster in Britain than any of the world's richest countries
    wake up Your passionate way with words is a daily source of energy to me and, I would expect, lots of others subscribers---keep it up!!...john
    There are hundreds of websites, probably thousands, devoted to men’s issues and combating feminism. Something for everyone. We are glad the topic is under discussion from every angle. But if you really want to understand the New World Order conspiracy, one site stands above the rest because it has the correct New World Order worldview (or close to it): International Men’s Organisation.
    From a review by the NWO University Forum
    Brilliant website matey I read it often and it blows my mind how much information you have gathered over the years well done dude. Sullers
    I have been reading stuff on your website for some time and can relate to everything that is being exposed. Glad there is a website out there which is really showing up and exposing it all. Kind regards DR
    Hi! Great site! Telling it like it is. Keep it up! Best Regards, Dr.Les Dove
    Love the site, you have a done an awesome job Dan
    I am an avid reader of International Mens Organisation. JB
    We love!
    I really appreciate your collection of resources on the website. Thank you for your wonderful resources. VB
    I just checked your website and I am blown away!! Its so cool to be in contact with you!! Axel
    I have been reading your site for some time now and gaining a deep insight into the workings of this so called democratic western world we live in. I would like to show my appreciation and gratitude. Thank you very much. Just as a good mate of mine always says: Ignorance is the worst sin. Therefore the revealing of knowledge and understanding must be the greatest virtue. Thanks again Rory UK
    Amazing info on the site keep up the fab work. NN
    Dear Sirs , I just want to say how much I love your site. I've been an avid truth seeker for many years and would be a big time follower of the Jeff Rense program, but I really think your site is one of the best, well laid out and most interesting alternative media site. I've only known of its existence over the last week, but I'm already hooked on it. Keep up the fantastic articles and pressure on the NWO scum. Name and email supplied
    I just suddenly found your site on the internet, and WOW - it really is packed with useful information about the inhuman beasts who are planning the NWO. Their activities are far advanced in my country Sweden, but England is leading with regard to public camera watching. Unfortunately your multimillion population seems to be as sleeping as our 9 million sheeple. Good luck and keep holding up the torch of Knowledge! Best regards , Name and email supplied from Sweden


    We try and ensure most of what is published is important and highly relevant to men globally and especially those men made homeless and penniless by the evil misuse of the law and courts that have a feminist / homopaedo / masonic /zionist / law society driven agenda.

    We reproduce important articles under 'fair use' and in the 'public interest' with due credit to our sources.




    We are not here to promote the ultra-rich but to counter their mass media buddies who are trying to convince us there is NO MONEY and that the political lackeys, who they fund, are making policies, NOT for the greater good of all the world's people, but to make the ultra-rich even richer. Less than 1% of the people of this world own more than 90% of the world's wealth and that we aim to correct the lies and deceit about just who are responsible for that massive imbalance.

  • USA wealth inequality - top 0.1% worth as much as the bottom 90%
  • Rich 1% own half the world’s wealth (VIDEO)
  • Britain's richest 1% own as much as poorest 55% of population
  • Pseudo austerity has starved the peasants to feed the billionaires pulling ALL the strings
  • Just five super-wealthy families own more than the poorest 12 MILLION Britons put together
  • £13,000,000,000,000 trillion: The hoard hidden by global elite
  • How The Super Rich Avoid Paying Taxes
  • Feminist leaning Guardian think its great women make up 10% of super-rich billionaires list
  • No austerity for World's super-wealthy who spend their riches on luxury travel adventures
  • So much for austerity propaganda as Billionaires' club welcomes 210 new members
    global population

    Controlled temporarily by 5 million+ freemasons hand picked by the ruling mafia
    One mason for every 1427 people on the planet.
    Out of 196 countries in the world masons are embedded in 164 of them.

  • 5,000,000 Freemasons creep and crawl amongst us (VIDEO)
    A challenge to the Freedom in the World 2018 UK assessment

    To Freedom House (

    We have recently read your assessment of Freedom in the World 2018 United Kingdom HERE and have been shocked by your conclusions. Do you have lawyers operating inside your organisation?

    As victims of Britain's judicial and legal mafia's we more than most have first hand accounts of how anyone caught up in an enforced court hearing can be seriously damaged by psychological and financial torture and we cannot believe anyone who has been through this process could come up with the ridiculous claims in your research.

    We need to ask from where did you get the statistical information that gives you the authority to assess that information? From judges and lawyers in the UK or do you interview victims of the system?

    We can say with certainty your assessment that the United Kingdom has such high FREEDOM rating could only come from the very people running the system for their own self enrichment. We as a group have provided substantial evidence to the Scottish Parliament and Houses of Parliament over decades that has seen a new body created to oversee lawyer corruption in Scotland that still to this day does not provide safeguards for victims of a totally corrupt civil court system that sees lawyers and judges conspire to thieve victims estates in closed secretive family courts. This is also duplicated across Britain were a blind eye is being turned to the destruction of men's lives who end up on the streets homeless, penniless and childless. How do we know?

    We have faced that persecution and also have interviewed homeless men over a 30 year period who have all faced similar and even jail time using NO JURY family court hearings where lawyers and judges make up HEAR SAY evidence to lock men up prior to stripping them bare. This conspiratorial conduct leads right to the door of the freemason hierarchy that dominates Scottish and British life and was exposed in a major news article in how the Dunblane massacre was covered up by a group based in Edinburgh called the Speculative Society made up of high level freemasons the bulk of their members are all Scottish lawyers and judges and those who write for some of the UK's top tabloid newspapers.

    We provide past and recent press reports that summarise this is the norm. We suggest you make much more effort to find victims of a system of corruption that remains rife and that we ourselves deal with the fall out on a day to day basis as activists taking the time and effort to rid the UK of the vast corruption destroying tens of thousands of of lives yearly. Your organisation clearly has no understanding of this or you would not have given the UK such a glowing report.

  • Scotland's homelessness scandal laid bare as stats reveal household is thrown on street every 18 minutes
  • Scotland the Corrupt
  • Scotland's shameful culture of secrecy
  • Dunblane massacre cover up by the Speculative Society
  • "Kissing the royal arse" honours system are going to people on the committees handing them out

    Tacky trinkets taken by those prepared to support a vile regime
  • Police scandal over boy left in homopaedo Dominic Noonan's home

    Senior cops allowed a 13-year-old boy to spend nearly two hours in the home of a known
    homopaedo gangster to protect a covert operation

  • Bio of Dominic Noonan: The Homopaedo Gangster Who Ruled the UK
  • Trump's Welcome to America

    As previous visitors to America we can say the way we were treated was an utter disgrace. Border control are the worst we have ever encountered and a shocking start to a holiday. After a 10 hour flight we were expected to wait more than two hours STANDING to pass security some travelers were fainting and collapsing in the long queues.
    Scotland's secret masonic mafia

    When the truth of what is going on really gets properly exposed it will show the vast wealth being thieved and redistributed to the crooks running the political and legal systems for their own self enrichment. Men not part of the freemason mafia dominating Scotland have paid a heavy price in many cases with their lives.

  • Scotland the corrupt
  • Scottish household property wealth totals £285bn and being STOLEN by the legal mafia daily (most of that wealth earned by men who are crucified in divorce courts to seize their assets)
  • Latest giant uncapped pyramid goes on display in London VIDEO

  • 'Alien mothership': Christo's mastaba floats on London's Serpentine
  • UK's political crooks paying for silence
    The fate of whistleblowers in a masonic controlled Britain
    Lawyer Sturgeon hates Trump wanted lawyer Clinton in White House

    The SNP's cosy relationship with Trump ran out when he thought windfarms
    would spoil his Scottish golf course views.

  • SNP's Alex Salmond: ‘Donald Trump rang to call me a has been’
  • Donald Trump brands SNP Alex Salmond an 'embarrassment to Scotland'
    as spat between the presidential hopeful and SNP MP intensifies
  • Desmond's gutter rag's bullshit over economy next to royal parasite

    No rag in Britain is as deranged as Desmond's crazy Express. As Britain's High Street's close down due to the peasants being skint this idiot rag claims economy is booming while plastering an image of the queen psychologically suggesting she is responsible.

    The royals ain't suffering the way the peasants are facing endless austerity pushing millions into deprivation and depression with suicide rates going through the roof. The sooner this lunatic sells off his disgusting rag that will be one less fascist rag that continues to prop up the British establishment who are wholly responsible for the mass redistribution of wealth into the hands of the few.

  • Airbus warns no-deal Brexit could see it leave UK (Tory scum have closed down the High Street as they can't get anything right)
  • Mirror to buy Express titles from Richard Desmond
  • Murder in British hospitals

    Feminists ain't screaming despite the murdering being done by a female doctor

  • 450 patients died after being given powerful painkillers inappropriately at Gosport War Memorial Hospital (Mass murder in British hospitals as more Shipman's come to light)
  • Gosport War Memorial Hospital shortened lives of up to 650 people with 'institutionalised regime' of lethal drugs (The elderly mass murdered in UK hospitals with NO oversight)
  • Mass murder inside the NHS(Tory assassins the DWP are up to the same)
  • MASONIC PAEDO'S RUN THE UK POLICE! - Whistle blower John Wedger on the cover up AUDIO

    In a courageous and explosive audio interview with UK Column "Despatches from the Front", a Metropolitan Police Detective Constable child protection specialist takes the lid off the scale of child abuse, trafficking and prostitution in London and UK. This criminal conspiracy seeks to deceive the public and stop the truth emerging in every possible way.

    Young children taken from care, stolen, picked up on the street, groomed for sex, drugged, sickened with serious disease, or dying in the gutter are shown to be the worthless play things of powerful people - the same people who run Britain, and the very authorities supposedly protecting families, society and the weak and vulnerable. John''s courage deserves that everyone listening to his testimony circulates it and demands action. A Britain run by those who protect child abusers and murders is shown to be the sickening reality, but a far more dangerous future lurks beneath the surface as this criminal British State, unchecked, grabs yet more power over families and children by the day.

  • Former Met cop John Wedger says he was warned he would be silenced and “thrown to the wolves” if his findings about a canal-based paedo ring ever got out (2016)
  • Baby P detective John Wedger sues ‘bully’ police after exposing child abuse and corruption(2017)
  • The Unsolved Murder of Michael Hastings VIDEO
    San Francisco Pride VIDEO

    Shameful debauchery is nothing to be proud of
    Scotland's homelessness scandal laid bare as stats reveal household is thrown on street every 18 minutes

    Gutter rags finally get round to the biggest crisis in Scotland. Noticeable images do NOT portray the true picture with many looking unkept with alcohol and drug dependency issues. There are many thousands of ordinary working class people with NONE of those issues facing the theft of their home that they may have spent years paying thousands into dodgy mortgage scams only to find the divorce vultures can steal them back.

    The main reasons for declaring as homeless were disputes within households and relationship breakdowns

    Charities have demanded action after the worrying new figures show the homelessness crisis is getting worse. A Scots household was made homeless every 18 minutes last year, according to “shocking” statistics showing the problem is getting worse. Official figures published yesterday revealed the number of people asking for help has increased for the first time in almost a decade.

    Councils received 34,972 applications for homelessness assistance between April 2017 and March 2018, one per cent higher than the same period during 2016-17. The increase follows eight consecutive years of annual decreases from a peak of 57,672 applications in 2008-09. A total of 28,792 families were confirmed as homeless during the year – an average of one every 18 minutes.

    Homeless charities said the figures highlighted that the crisis is worsening and demanded a new focus on getting people into permanent homes. The report from the Scottish Government showed the number of people living in temporary accommodation has increased by one per cent from last year. There were 10,933 households living in temporary accommodation, with the number of children in such settings increasing by 557 (nine per cent) to 6615, the fourth consecutive annual increase.

    The main reasons for declaring as homeless were disputes within households and relationship breakdowns. Shelter Scotland director Graeme Brown branded the statistics “shocking” and said they should “start alarm bells ringing in Holyrood that homelessness in Scotland is getting worse, not better”. He added: “This is clear evidence that the good progress we have seen in recent years is now being reversed and bad housing and homelessness is blighting the lives of even more people in Scotland – robbing them of their health, security and a fair chance in life.

    “We welcome the focus on homelessness in the last year from the Scottish Government. “But it is now time for urgent action from all areas of local and national government to work together better to tackle and prevent homelessness in Scotland. We need urgent action and resources now to start making a difference to all those facing or suffering homelessness.”

    Crisis chief executive Jon Sparkes is advising the Scottish Government on how to tackle specific problems related to homelessness, particularly that of unsuitable temporary accommodation. Many of his recommendations for rapid rehousing are already becoming SNP policy.

    He said: “While we welcome the Scottish Government’s recent commitment to limit the amount of time people are being forced to stay in the most unsuitable forms of temporary accommodation to seven days, today’s figures are a stark reminder of just how urgently we need action. “Scotland is one of the world leaders in tackling homelessness and it has an opportunity to take a significant step towards ending homelessness for good by making long stays in temporary accommodation a thing of the past. Now is the time to act.” Housing Minister Kevin Stewart added: “Everyone deserves a safe and warm place to call home which is why we are committed to ending homelessness and rough sleeping for good.

    “While the long-term trend shows a decrease in the number of homeless applications – a reduction of 39 per cent between 2008-9 and 2017-18 – these figures are a reminder of why preventing homelessness and transforming temporary accommodation will remain a key priority for government. “We want time spent in unsuitable temporary accommodation to be as short as possible, especially for households with children or where there is a pregnancy. “This is why we introduced a cap of one week for families and pregnant women living in B&B accommodation.

    “We also need temporary accommodation to be of a high standard, with good support, for everyone.” A major report published last week claimed Scotland will need 5500 new social homes every year for the next 15 years to meet needs of homeless people and those on low incomes A “housing first” strategy, which aims to reduce the need for temporary housing, would be rolled out UK-wide.

    Scotland’s problem with overuse of temporary housing stems from the end of “priority need” in 2012. It reduced rough sleeping but had a knock-on impact with more people in unsuitable homes for longer. There were 400 occasions in the last year on which councils broke the law by housing someone in inappropriate accommodation for longer than seven days. Most of these were in Edinburgh (280 breaches).

    Scottish Labour’s Housing spokesperson Pauline McNeill MSP said: “Having just one person homeless in 21st century Scotland is unacceptable – but to see homelessness on the rise once again is a scandal. “The SNP Government are not taking Scotland’s homelessness crisis seriously and they should be ashamed by these figures.”

  • Inside Skid Row: America's Homelessness Capital VIDEO
    Trump the child stealer backs draconian fascist policy
    The Line: Poverty in America VIDEO
    Bilderberg and the Digital New World Order VIDEO
    Trump defends separating families, falsely blames Democrats VIDEO
    Inside the former Walmart superstore in Texas where the USA is holding 1,400 immigrant children! VIDEO
    Establishment Stole $50 Trillion and Want to Keep It VIDEO
    David Dimbleby the public schoolboy twatty that props up the BBC's establishment agenda

    David Dimbleby is finally leaving BBC's Question Time and no doubt will be praised by the UK's gutter rags as doing a wonderful job during his decades long presenting of the show. Anyone else would have been forced to resign as to old for the job but not these posh toffs the BBC wheel on to preach to the peasantry so that they know their place.

    However for anyone else who comes from a NORMAL background and watched his presenting skills could see clearly he is a British establishment lackey who endlessly rants about the royals while justifying the endless austerity inflicted on the long suffering public by the likes of him and his establishment pals hell bent on continuing the vast inequality that the private school system perpetuates. He like the rest of his ilk is a nasty fucker who lived an opulent lifestyle from his large BBC salary while the peasants can rot in their sink estates dotted across the UK.

    We wont be missing his nasty and unpleasant presenting style that cut off anyone making valid arguments about the state of Britain presently as he gives far more time to those who praise the scumbags running Britain into the dust and that prop up a very nasty royalist regime. He was long overdue given the boot by the BBC but who instead let him carry on into old age like the judicial mafia in Britain who also stay in their lucrative employment til they decide they want to go and not like the peasants given their marching orders and forced to live on the pittance of a pension.

  • David Dimbleby to leave Question Time at 79
  • Tory scumbag Jacob Rees Mogg reminds David Dimbleby his son was groomed at 'Eton' (VIDEO)
  • 9/11 - 7 World Trade Center VIDEO
    Ian Puddick TV Film Exposing City London Police Corruption banned in UK VIDEO

    Ian Puddick is only one of many thousands of men being kicked around by crooked cops acting as hired thugs for the legal mafia intent on stripping divorcing men bare and stealing their children placed inside the British care system run by high level paedo's . Unless your part of the masonic satanic murder club behind all of the cover ups and mass fleecing of targeted men.
    Ex-Police Officer turns Whisleblower on Child Sex Abuse in UK VIDEO

    Shocking exposure of the lengths the masonic run cops will go to cover up
    Not Father's Day Too VIDEO
    USA Border patrol detaining 4 children, 2 adults VIDEO
    Steve Cortes on Trump's false accusation that Democrats are to blame for his administration's practice of separating families at USA-Mexico border VIDEO
    The Importance of Having Fathers VIDEO
    Cardiff Homeless Man Shares about Criminalization of Homelessness VIDEO
    Shocking rise in 'paupers' funerals' in Britain VIDEO
    Eton directly connected to 33 degree freemasons at 10 Duke Street St. James London

    Royals groom their future lackeys at Eton before they move on to their masonic mafia haunts

    masons yard

    masons yard

    10 Duke Street St. James backdoor to Chatham House

  • Old Etonian masonic mafia
  • United Grand Lodge of England run by Eton royalist gangsters
  • Chatham House's backdoor to 33 degree freemasons haunt
  • Universal Credit: An evil tory agenda of deliberate mass enforced deprivation of Britain's vulnerable citizens

  • Jail the BBC tax dodgers like they do to victims of the BBC licence scams

  • Angry BBC presenters ‘thrown under a bus’ by corporation bosses?
    Millionaires face paying more after being put on payroll
  • How safe is flying today?

    Today Rolls Royce announced 4,600 job cuts due they claim to requiring a major reorganisation. One of the reasons is that Rolls Royce have been caught up in a corruption scandal losing £4.6bn in 2016. That has led to problems with its Trent 1000 engines that are wearing out so fast airlines have been slapped with an FAA restriction on planes flying that limits operations to a maximum of 140 minutes to the nearest diverted airport. BA and Virgin planes have been warned to stay within an hour of an airport.

    Now we hear claims in the gutter rags that flying has never been safer with new modern techniques and new materials but those claims are in direct contradiction to the evidence now coming out that the world's biggest supplier of engines have greatly underestimated how quickly those new engines and materials are wearing out to the point where the FAA have been forced to step in and slap major restrictions on all major carriers using planes with Trent 1000 engines that are installed on Boeing's 787 - 8/9 Dreamliners. Airbus A380 also has issues with the Trent 900 engines.

    For anyone who has to fly regularly, especially long haul, this is NOT good news when we were told engines have become so safe that instead of four engines planes now only need two. With our own fairly limited knowledge of aircraft design this always seemed overestimating the ability of jet engines when flying over thousands of miles of ocean. We wonder how the regulators have given such clearance when it is now evident from these Trent 1000 failings that two engines have reduced NOT increased the distance planes can now fly with warnings that they must always fly within the range of an airport they can get to at short notice.

    If Rolls Royce have been caught bribing airlines to take their engines what other sharp practices have they been taking with their engine designs that are leaving the Trent 1000's parts wearing out years sooner and putting the lives of passengers at much more risk?

    Flying as we are being told is NOT getting safer but increasingly much more dangerous when the reputations of aircraft designers are seemingly cutting corners to save money and to make more profits for shareholders and before the safety of those designs and their passengers.

  • Rolls-Royce announces 4,600 job cuts
  • FAA Limits Trent 1000 Operations on 787s
  • Rolls-Royce aircraft engine fix will take 'some years'
  • Trent blade issues impact all RR-powered 787-9s, Boeing says
  • Rolls-Royce takes hit on 787 and A380 blade flaws
  • Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Engine Disruptions Continue with New Advisory
  • BA and Virgin planes warned to stay within an hour of an airport amid engine safety concerns
  • Rolls-Royce and airlines grapple with further Boeing 787 Dreamliner engine issues
  • The Boeing 787: Broken Dreams
  • Tory greed and hypocrisy

  • The mum of a child denied the medical cannabis that stopped his seizures has told of her fury
    over Tory links to British firms that supply the drug abroad
  • ZhangJiaJie National Forest Park - China Best Place VIDEO
    No shame as old royal bat uses Hollywood glamour to prop up the firm

    Usual culprits at the royalist bullshit propaganda. Harmsworth, Murdoch and Desmond.
    Understanding Jewish Power

    Who has helped create a war-addicted America? By Philip Giraldi, Unz Review

    Phil Giraldi is a former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer who spent twenty years overseas in Europe and the Middle East working terrorism cases. He holds a BA with honors from the University of Chicago and an MA and PhD in Modern History from the University of London.

    I recently was asked to speak at an online conference entitled Deep Truth: Encountering Deep State Lies. My panel addressed Understanding Zionism: Deconstructing the Power Paradigm and my own topic was How Jewish Power Sustains the Israel Narrative. Working on my presentation, I was forced to confront the evolution of my own views on both the corruption of government in the United States and the ability of powerful domestic lobbies to deliberately distort the perception of national interests to benefit foreign countries even when that activity does terrible damage to the U.S.

    My personal journey began half a century ago. I became part of the U.S. national security state after being drafted for the Vietnam War when I graduated from college in 1968. I was at the time, vaguely pro-war, having bought into the media argument that international communism was mounting a major threat in southeast Asia. I also found the anti-war student movement distasteful because I was acquainted with many of its spokesmen and knew that they were chiefly motivated by a desire to avoid the draft, not due to any perception that the war itself was wrong or misguided. I knew a lot about the Punic Wars but precious little about former French Indochina and I suspect that those chanting “Ho-ho-Ho Chi Minh” might have known even less that I did.

    Because I spoke some Russian, I wound up in an army intelligence collection unit in West Berlin for three years where I and my fifty or so comrades did absolutely nothing but drink and party. It was my introduction to how government really works when it was not working at all and it did provide me with GI Bill money to go to grad school. After my PhD came a relatively easy transition to CIA given the fact that my degree was so obscure that no one but the government would hire me.

    The journey from an army unit that was asleep at the wheel to the CIA, which was in full downsizing crisis mode post-Vietnam, was educational. Whereas the army was too bloated and complacent even to fake it, the Agency was fully capable of creating crises and then acting like the defender of American interests as it worked to resolve the various situations that it had invented. The war against Eurocommunism, which I was engaged in, was hyped and billed as the next great threat against the American way of life after the Vietnam blunder, swallowing up resources pointlessly as neither France, nor Spain nor Italy ever came close to entering the Red orbit.

    As I climbed up the CIA ladder I also noticed something else. There was the equivalent of a worldwide conspiracy to promote threats to keep big national security-based government well-funded and in place. When I was in Turkey I began to note considerable intelligence liaison reporting coming from the Israelis and others promoting their own agendas. The material was frequently fictional in nature, but the danger was that it was being mixed in with more credible reporting which gave it traction. U.S. government consumers of the reporting would inevitably absorb the dubious viewpoint being promoted that Arabs and Iranians were fundamentally untrustworthy and were in bed with the Soviets.

    There was considerable negative reporting on Saddam Hussein also coming out of Israel and motivated by his support of the Palestinians. Some of this ultimately surfaced in the Pentagon’s Paul Wolfowitz-Doug Feith assessments of “intelligence that had been missed” which eventually became pretexts for the catastrophic Iraq War. I later learned that both Feith and Wolfowitz had a virtually revolving door of Israeli intelligence officials and diplomats running through their Pentagon offices in the lead-up to that war.

    It did not take much to connect the dots and realize that Israel, far from being a friend and ally, was the principal catalyst for the many missteps that the United States has made in the Middle East. U.S. policy in the region was being deliberately shaped around Israeli concerns by American Jews ensconced in the Pentagon and White House who certainly knew exactly what they were doing. No one should blame the Israelis for acting in their own self-interest, but every loyal American should blame the Libbys, Feiths and Wolfowitzes for their willingness to place Israeli interests ahead of those of their own country.

    After my departure from government in part over my disagreement with the Iraq War, this willingness to place the United States in peril to serve the interests of a foreign country began to bother me, and there is no country that manipulates the U.S. government better or more persistently than Israel. I gradually became involved with those who were pushing back against the Israel Lobby, though it was not generally referred to in those terms before Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer produced their seminal work The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy in 2006.

    It does not take a genius to figure out that the United States is deeply involved in a series of seemingly endless wars pitting it against predominantly Muslim nations even though Washington has no vital interests at stake in places like Syria, Libya and Iraq. Who is driving the process and benefiting? Israel is clearly the intended beneficiary of a coordinated effort mounted by more than 600 Jewish organizations in the U.S. that have at least as part of their programs the promotion and protection of Israel. Ironically, organizations that promote the interests of a foreign government are supposed to be registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 (FARA) but not a single pro-Israel organization has ever done so nor even been seriously challenged on the issue, a tribute to their power in dealing with the federal government.

    Those who are in the drivers’ seat of the Israel promotion process are what some would describe as the Israel Lobby but which I would prefer to call a subset of the Jewish Lobby, which in itself is supported by something I would designate Jewish Power, an aggregate of Jewish money, control over key aspects of the media and entertainment industries plus easy access to corrupted politicians desirous of positive press and campaign donations. This penetration and control of the public discourse has resulted in the creation of what I would refer to as the official “Israel narrative,” in which Israel, which claims perpetual victimhood, is reflexively referred to as “the only democracy in the Middle East” and “Washington’s closest ally and friend,” assertions that are completely false but which have been aggressively and successfully promoted to shape how Americans view the Israeli-Arab conflict. Palestinians resisting the Israeli occupation are invariably described as “terrorists” both in the U.S. and Israel.

    Jewish Power is a funny thing. If you read the Jewish media or the Israeli press, to include Forward, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Haaretz or the Jerusalem Post, you will find frequent references to it, nearly always seen as completely laudable. Bottom feeder Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard recently boasted that “Jews should not apologize for being so rich, controlling the media or influencing public debate…they have earned it…never apologize for using your strength…”

    For many Jews like Dershowitz, Jewish power is something to be proud of, but they also believe that it should never be noticed or examined by non-Jews. Gentile criticism of Jewish collective behavior is something that must continue to be forbidden, just as the expression “Israeli Lobby” was largely taboo before Walt and Mearsheimer. Israeli partisans regularly engage in the defamation of individuals, including myself, who do not conform to the taboos as anti-Semites or holocaust deniers, labels deliberately used as weapons to end discussion and silence critics whenever necessary.

    So why do I think that we have to start talking about Jewish Power as opposed to the euphemism Israel Lobby? It is because the wars in the Middle East, which have done so much to damage the United States and were at least in part arranged to benefit Israel, have been largely driven by wealthy and powerful Jews. If America goes to war with Iran, as is increasingly likely, it will be all about Israel and it will be arranged by the political and financial services Washington-Wall Street axis, make no mistake.

    To my mind, Israel is America’s number one foreign policy problem in that it is able and willing to start potentially catastrophic wars with countries that it has demonized but that do not threaten the U.S. And those doing the manipulating are bipartisan Jewish oligarchs with deep pockets that support the multitude of pro-Israel organizations, think tanks and media outlets that have done so much to corrupt America’s political process. Hollywood producer Haim Saban, a principal Democratic Party supporter, has said that he is a one issue guy and that issue is Israel.

    Principal GOP funder casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who served in the U.S. Army in World War 2, has said that he regrets that service and would have preferred to be in the Israel Defense Forces. They as well as others, including fund manager Paul Singer and Home Depot’s Bernard Marcus, are Jews laboring on behalf of the self-proclaimed Jewish State while the neoconservatives, fiercely protective of Israel, are also nearly all Jewish. Asserting that the fact that they are Jews acting for a Jewish state should be irrelevant as they are also doing what is good for America, as is commonly done by their apologists, is logically inconsistent and borders on absurdity. As for the frequently cited Bible belt Christian-Zionists who support Israel, they are, to be sure, numerous, but they do not have the access to real power in the United States that Jews have.

    Jewish Power is also what has in part driven the United States into a moral cesspit. Israeli snipers shoot dead scores of unarmed Gazan demonstrators and hardly anyone in Washington has anything to say about it. America’s Ambassador to Israel, an Orthodox Jewish lawyer named David Friedman who has multiple ties to Israel’s illegal settlements, uses his position to defend Israel, ignoring U.S. interests. Last week he held a press conference in which he told reporters to “shut their mouths” in their criticism of Israel’s slaughter of Gazans.

    When a young Palestinian nurse is deliberately targeted and killed while treating a wounded man, it hardly appears in the U.S. media. Arab teenagers are shot in the back while running away from Israeli gunmen while a young woman is sentenced to prison for slapping an Israel soldier who had just shot her cousin and was invading her home. Heavily armed Israeli settlers run amok on the West Bank, beating and killing Arabs and destroying their livelihoods. That is what Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are all about and that is precisely the kind of a nation that America should not want to become, but unfortunately the role of Washington as Israel’s obedient poodle has our once great country moving in the wrong direction. This has all been brought about by Jewish Power and it is time to wake up to that fact and address it squarely.777

  • Bon Scott fornerly of AC/DC on an early track singing with the Valentines VIDEO
    UK cops admit to taking photos of innocent people to hunt for criminals VIDEO
    Little rocket man meets mentally deranged USA dotard in Singapore VIDEO
    Trump speaks to press after historic summit with Kim Jong-un(at 4.00) VIDEO

  • Trump-Kim agreement full text
  • BBC only give feminist / LGBT mouthpieces and zionist warmongers a platform to spout their evil bile VIDEO
    Trump, Kim arrive in Singapore for historic summit VIDEO
    No wonder the British establishment wanted gun control

    Wealth, power and privilege LOTS OF GUNS ESPECIALLY MACHINE GUNS

    Wealth, power and privilege LOTS OF GUNS TO PLAY WITH

    Homeless and penniless NO FUCKING GUNS

  • DUNBLANE masonic manufactured false flag the trigger that stripped peasants of any form of protection
    (HOUSE THEFT, by the Crown appointed masonic judicial and legal mafia, and HOMELESSNESS sky rocketed once they took the guns away)

  • How the British establishment bled and destroyed India VIDEO

    The evil bastard British establishment (freemason controlled) and what they do to every country's people they plunder including presently the British peasants facing extreme austerity and being bled dry.

  • 'An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India' by Shashi Tharoor(VIDEO)
  • Shashi Tharoor's Stirring Speech at Oxford Union (VIDEO)
  • An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India Hardcover by Shashi Tharoor
  • The Boeing 787: Broken Dreams VIDEO
    Harmsworth's Daily Rat promote royal sprogs shamelessly used to sell their parasitic brand

    A brainwashed population with never ending royalist weddings, sprogs, birthdays and every other pathetic excuse to promote a Britain run by a despotic regime. Only a few press mafia pumping out this bullshit giving the illusion that they are important and popular when comments right across the internet say otherwise.
    Hyperloop travel of the future? VIDEO
    Freemason fed royal parasites on parade

    Their global army of crooked freemasons keep them all fed and watered in the luxury they think they deserve by plundering from the peasants (Especially satanic free divorcing men)

  • The ever growing list of royal parasites as balcony threatens to collapse with the sheer weight
  • Kim's massive entourage drives through Singapore VIDEO
    Trump Final Statement At G7 Summit VIDEO
    Bill Clinton gets CONFRONTED about 26 Trips on Lolita Express! VIDEO
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr., tells Tucker Carlson: JFK assassination is government cover up VIDEO
    Who's the DADDY?????????

    Sniff 'n' The Tears - "Driver's Seat" VIDEO
    Celebrities line up to kiss the royal arse once again
    Trump's every decision controlled by zionist money

    Sheldon Adelson: the casino mogul driving Trump's Middle East policy

    The Las Vegas billionaire gave Republicans $82m for the 2016 elections and his views, notably staunch support for Netanyahu’s Israel, are now the official US line

    In 2015, the billionaire casino owner and Republican party funder Sheldon Adelson spent days in a Las Vegas courtroom watching his reputation torn apart and wondering if his gambling empire was facing ruin. An official from Nevada’s gaming control board sat at the back of the court listening to mounting evidence that Adelson bribed Chinese officials and worked with organised crime at his casinos in Macau – allegations that could have seen the magnate’s Las Vegas casinos stripped of their licenses.

    The case, a civil suit by a former manager of the Macau gaming operations who said he was fired for curbing corrupt practices, was another blow in a bad run for Adelson. He had thrown $150m into a futile effort to unseat the “socialist” and “anti-Israel” Barack Obama in the 2012 election. His credibility as a political player was not enhanced by his backing of Newt Gingrich for president. But three years on from the court case, Adelson’s influence has never been greater.

    The imprint of the 84-year-old’s political passions is seen in an array of Donald Trump’s more controversial decisions, including violating the Iran nuclear deal, moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and appointing the ultra-hawkish John Bolton as national security adviser. “Adelson’s established himself as an influential figure in American politics with the amount of money that he has contributed,” said Logan Bayroff of the liberal pro-Israel group, J Street. “There’s no doubt that he has very strong, very far-right dangerous positions and that – at very least – those positions are really being heard and thought about at the highest levels of government.”

    As the 2015 court hearing unfolded, the billionaire swallowed his considerable pride and paid millions of dollars to settle the lawsuit, heading off the danger of the graft allegations being tested at a full trial. The casinos stayed in business and continued to contribute to a vast wealth that made Adelson the 14th richest person in America last year with a net worth of $35bn, according to Forbes.

    Adelson has put some of that money toward pushing an array of political interests ranging from protecting his business from online gambling to opposition to marijuana legalisation. But nothing aligns more closely with his world view than the intertwining of the Republican party and Israel.

    Adelson’s considerable support for Republicans is in no small part motivated by what he regards as their more reliable support for the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu, which appear intent on preventing the creation of an independent Palestinian state. Adelson gave $82m toward Trump’s and other Republican campaigns during the 2016 election cycle – more than three times the next largest individual donor, according to Open Secrets.

    That commitment bought him an attentive hearing from the new administration as he pushed for the appointment of Bolton as national security adviser knowing that he would be an important ally in getting the White House to kill the Iran nuclear deal. The New York Times reported that Adelson is a member of a “shadow National Security Council” advising Bolton. The day after Trump announced that the US was pulling out of the Iran agreement, Adelson was reported to have held a private meeting at the White House with the president, Bolton and Vice-President Mike Pence.

    The casino magnate also pushed hard to see the US embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – an action previous presidents had shied away from because of the diplomatic ramifications.

    Adelson was so enthusiastic about the move that he offered to pay for some of the costs and provided a jet to fly Guatemala’s official delegation to Israel for the ceremony. (The Central American country has also announced plans to follow Trump and move its own embassy.) Daniel Levy, a former member of Israeli negotiating teams with the Palestinians and policy adviser to the then Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak, said that Adelson’s money had helped resurface neoconservative policies which had been discredited after the US invasion of Iraq.

    “Adelson is a linchpin in bringing together the radical extremists on the Israeli right and this group of hardliners on Israel and neoconservatives,” said Levy, who is now president of the US-based Middle East Project. The billionaire is also deeply committed to protecting Israel within the US.

    He paid for a new headquarters for the most powerful pro-Israel lobby group in Washington (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), spent $100m to fund “birthright” trips for young Jewish Americans to Israel, and funds a group opposing criticism of the Jewish state at US universities. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz recently revealed that Adelson funded an investigation by an Israeli firm with ties to the country’s police and military into the American activist Linda Sarsour, a co-chair of the Women’s March movement who campaigns for Palestinian rights and supports a boycott of the Jewish state.

    Adelson also funds Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and his World Values Network which published a full-page personal attack in the New York Times on the actor Natalie Portman for refusing an award from Israel because of its government’s policies. For his part, the casino magnate does not take criticism well.

    In 2015 he secretly bought the Las Vegas newspaper, the Review-Journal, which had led the way in critical coverage of the billionaire’s business dealings. Several reporters subsequently left the paper complaining of editorial interference and curbs on reporting of the gambling industry. Right now, Adelson is concentrated on ensuring the Republicans remain in control of Congress, and is pouring $30m into funding the GOP’s midterm elections campaign.

    Adelson is no less active in Israel where he owns the country’s largest newspaper, a publication so closely linked with Netanyahu’s administration it has been dubbed the “Bibipaper” after the prime minister’s nickname. Personal relations with Netanyahu have soured but Adelson remains committed to the prime minister’s broader “Greater Israel” political agenda and to strengthening ties between the Republicans’ evangelical base and Israel.

    It’s not always a welcome involvement by a man who is not an Israeli citizen – not least because Adelson’s vision for the Jewish state does not represent how many of its people see their country. In 2014, he told a conference during a discussion about the implications for democracy of perpetual occupation or annexation of parts of the West Bank without giving Palestinians the right to vote in Israeli elections: “Israel isn’t going to be a democratic state. So what?”

  • Miners like divorcing men faced a brutal cop regime

    We have been exposing the brutal cop regime in Scotland that masquerades as some sort of law enforcement. The miners faced that brutality as masonic cops became hired thugs for the Thatcher regime. That continues unabated against divorcing fathers who face endless abuse from Scotland's legal mafia who use them like Thatcher as hired thugs.

  • Scottish rogue cop mafia's abuse of miners during strikes caused them to lose not just their jobs and income, but their relationships, their homes and many their mental and physical health (Thug freemason cops behind a massive attack on whole communities triggered by Thatcher)
  • Ghost town Britain under a tory austerity boot

    Peasants no longer have any spare cash to shop as austerity cripples a nation.
    Why is America separating migrant children from their parents? VIDEO
    Sen. Jeff Merkeley "Immigrant center looked like dog kennel" VIDEO
    Edward Snowden - Bitcoin Holders, you are being watched! (Snowden, NSA, Bitcoin) VIDEO
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    Tory mafia spend billions on new fighter plane while the country dies of austerity

    Warmongering much more important to the tory scum than the health and wealth of a nation

  • Four RAF F-35 fighter jets land in UK at £92m each (While Britain's poorest are being hammered with austerity the tory mafia are planning on buying 138 F-35 planes from Lockheed Martin at a total cost of £12.6 billion)
  • F-35: The fighter jet of the future touches down on British soil (But at what enormous cost?)
  • Top five Shareholders of Lockheed Martin (how many tory's own shares?)
  • Lockheed Martin spent $14,464,290 on lobbying and $2,928,853 on political donations in 2017 (How much are they spending to prop up the tory mafia?)
  • Failed Overthrow of America by Geoffrey Pattie VIDEO

    Michael McKibben of CEO of Leader Technologies joins Douglas Gabriel in this EARTH SHATTERING, GROUNDBREAKING, BOOM-BUSTING discussion that every patriot around the world needs to hear.
    Daily Rat's twisted editor Dacre finally gets the boot who was HATED by many of his fellow countrymen

    The royalist loving peasant hating fucker will no longer pollute Britain's streets with his form of fascist propaganda, painting the poor as the baddies and the royal gangsters as the goodies.

  • Daily Rat editor Paul Dacre to step down in November
  • BBC pour praise over the Daily Rat's evil bastard editor
  • Much more on the fascist editor and owner of the world's most hated extremist right wing propaganda rag
  • Staff Calls Cops on Senator Trying to See Immigrant Detention Center in Former Walmart VIDEO

    Children being separated from parents and placed in detention. "Children should never be ripped from their families and held in secretive detention centers" says Merkley

  • Senator Jeff Merkley Denied Entry at Brownsville Detention Center (VIDEO)
  • Patrick Little: USA Senate Candidate for California VIDEO

  • Patrick Little USA Senate 2018 California
  • Patrick Little speaks after getting kicked out of California GOP convention April 5 2018 (VIDEO)
  • Patrick Little outside AIPAC challenges the Zionist Occupied Government(VIDEO)
  • CBS claim Patrick Little a Neo-Nazi kicked out of California GOP convention
  • Strange New Symbol At Speaker's Corner VIDEO
    When the state puts a man hating feminist in charge of rape cases you get thousands of men charged while they withhold evidence that proves their innocence
    Alison Saunders who NEVER got round to charging her lawyer pal Greville Janner with the homopaedo abuse against boys but is happy to slap endless innocent heterosexual men with rape charges against endless lying bitches.

    Outgoing CPS chief Alison Saunders is forced to apologise AGAIN as it emerges nearly FIFTY rape and sex attack cases have been halted in just two months after evidence was withheld from defence

    The head of the CPS has apologised again after nearly 50 sex case prosecutions were stopped because vital evidence was withheld from defence lawyers. A nation-wide review was launched earlier this year after a series of rape cases collapsed in quick succession when it emerged that police and prosecutors had failed to pass key information to lawyers representing the men accused.

    The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) revealed today that issues with disclosure have now been identified in 47 cases in England and Wales following a review in January and February. Alison Saunders, whose controversy-dogged time at the CPS is due to end in October, apologised for her organisation's failings when she was grilled by MPs on the Justice Committee today.

    The committee's chairman Robert Neill MP told her: 'You've been director since 2013. Since 2013 the Lord Leveson review of efficiency said that there was a major issue of failure to meet disclosure deadlines for both the police in the CPS. 'Mr Horwell QC 2017 it was said that disclosure problems have blighted the criminal justice system for too long and the joint inspectorate report alerted to extensive issues and they said it's nothing new.

    'What has happened on your watch? Why did it take high profile cases for it to get some attention?' Ms Saunders insisted disclosure of evidence was not only a problem during her time as director, but admitted: 'I would accept now that we've been reacting too late in the process.' She added: 'I feel every single failure. It's not something that we want. We have been very clear about where our failings are. We will apologise for those.'

    The stopped cases revealed today included five where disclosure was the primary reason why the case had to be stopped. In the remaining 42 cases there were additional reasons including communications data such as text messages, emails and social media being examined too late; or new evidence emerging after charge.

    It comes amid growing anger over a failure to divulge potentially crucial information to defence lawyers ahead of trials. In December and January a string of rape cases collapsed when it emerged that vital evidence had not been handed over.

    The trial of Liam Allan was halted at Croydon Crown Court on December 14, and the prosecution of Isaac Itiary collapsed at Inner London Crown Court a few days later. The following month the case against Samson Makele, 28, was halted at Snaresbrook Crown Court after his defence team unearthed key images from his mobile phone which had not previously been made available.

    And Oxford student Oliver Mears, who had spent two years on bail, had the case against him dropped days before he was due to go on trial. This sparked a national review by prosecutors of all live rape and serious sexual assault cases to see how many were affected by the same issues.

    Other cases have been hit since the review began. Two weeks ago, parliamentary aide Richard Holden blasted an 'appalling' police investigation after he was cleared of groping a Westminster colleague. Today, he insisted the cases stopped by the review were just the 'tip of the iceberg'.

    Mr Holden tweeted: 'What about all the cases, like mine, where police just didn't pursue 'reasonable lines of inquiry' to get evidence?'

    The CPS said a total of 3,637 were reviewed.

    Assistant Chief Constable Stuart Prior, Disclosure Lead for the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), said: 'We've got to realise that this is about real people. 'Whether that is a person reporting a matter to us, whether it be a person as a witness, or whether it be somebody accused of an offence. That's incredibly traumatic, whatever aspect you look at.

    'We've got to get disclosure right. We cannot allow mistakes to impact so greatly on people's lives as has been played out in the media over the past few months. 'Our whole criminal justice system is based on fairness - fairness of investigations, fair trials and we have to strive and provide that for all the people who come into the criminal justice system. We have got it wrong in too many cases.'

    Gregor McGill, CPS director of legal services, refused to say if any lawyers are facing disciplinary action over the stopped cases, while Mr Prior said for officers or police staff it would be a matter for individual forces. When asked about potential compensation claims, Mr McGill said 'Just because a case has been stopped doesn't necessarily mean that anyone is at fault'. The issue of disclosure of evidence has been at the centre of a series of botched sex offence trials.

    More than 900 criminal cases were dropped last year due to a failure by police or prosecutors to disclose evidence. The series of failures led former Lord Chief Justice, Igor Judge, to warn that juries may start to think they have not been shown all the evidence, and victims may stop coming forward.

    Liam Allan, 22, spent two years on bail after being accused of rape and sexual assault while police sat on key text messages which his accuser had sent. The Greenwich University student was eventually acquitted of the charges in December after a prosecutor discovered the full file of messages, which revealed the woman had fantasised about rough and violent intercourse.

    The Met Police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) later apologised after a review blamed blunders in the case on 'a combination of error, lack of challenge, and lack of knowledge'. In December, Isaac Itiary was released from prison after it emerged his alleged victim posed as a 19-year-old woman and lied about her age.

    Police officers had texts which showed the girl was lying about her age but only released them after he had spent four months in custody awaiting his trial. The case against Samson Makele, 28, was then halted after his defence team unearthed vital photographs from his mobile phone which had not been made available.

    Mr Makele was accused of raping a woman after they met at Notting Hill Carnival in 2016 but he always claimed the sex was consensual. His case was thrown out after more than a dozen photographs were found which showed the pair naked and cuddling in bed.

    Oxford student Oliver Mears, 19, spent two years on bail accused of raping and indecently assaulting a woman in July 2015. But the CPS decided to offer no evidence against him in February on the basis of fresh evidence, including a diary that supported his case, which was passed to the CPS just a week earlier.

  • Scotland's fucked up legal system (but there is method in the madness)

    Lawyers hang on to the coat tails of serial criminals who rack up millions in legal aid to defend the indefensible. Divorcing men are hounded by legal aid funded lawyers who steal their assets via the crooked Scottish legal aid board (run by the terror cell out of the Law Society of Scotland) to fund the legal aid lawyer honey pot. The reason serial criminals get out early to rack up their lawyers legal aid bill and NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to do with justice. Divorcing men's estates pay for the whole massive racket.

  • Edward Snowden: 'The people are still powerless, but now they're aware'

    Five years after historic NSA leaks, whistleblower tells the Guardian he has no regrets

    Edward Snowden has no regrets five years on from leaking the biggest cache of top-secret documents in history. He is wanted by the US. He is in exile in Russia. But he is satisfied with the way his revelations of mass surveillance have rocked governments, intelligence agencies and major internet companies.

    In a phone interview to mark the anniversary of the day the Guardian broke the story, he recalled the day his world – and that of many others around the globe – changed for good. He went to sleep in his Hong Kong hotel room and when he woke, the news that the National Security Agency had been vacuuming up the phone data of millions of Americans had been live for several hours. Snowden knew at that moment his old life was over. “It was scary but it was liberating,” he said. “There was a sense of finality. There was no going back.”

    What has happened in the five years since? He is one of the most famous fugitives in the world, the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary, a Hollywood movie, and at least a dozen books. The US and UK governments, on the basis of his revelations, have faced court challenges to surveillance laws. New legislation has been passed in both countries. The internet companies, responding to a public backlash over privacy, have made encryption commonplace. Snowden, weighing up the changes, said some privacy campaigners had expressed disappointment with how things have developed, but he did not share it. “People say nothing has changed: that there is still mass surveillance. That is not how you measure change. Look back before 2013 and look at what has happened since. Everything changed.”

    The most important change, he said, was public awareness. “The government and corporate sector preyed on our ignorance. But now we know. People are aware now. People are still powerless to stop it but we are trying. The revelations made the fight more even.” He said he had no regrets. “If I had wanted to be safe, I would not have left Hawaii (where he had been based, working for the NSA, before flying to Hong Kong).”

    His own life is uncertain, perhaps now more than ever, he said. His sanctuary in Russia depends on the whims of the Putin government, and the US and UK intelligence agencies have not forgiven him. For them, the issue is as raw as ever, an act of betrayal they say caused damage on a scale the public does not realise. This was reflected in a rare statement from Jeremy Fleming, the director of the UK surveillance agency GCHQ, which, along with the US National Security Agency. was the main subject of the leak. In response to a question from the Guardian about the anniversary, Fleming said GCHQ’s mission was to keep the UK safe: “What Edward Snowden did five years ago was illegal and compromised our ability to do that, causing real and unnecessary damage to the security of the UK and our allies. He should be accountable for that.”

    The anger in the US and UK intelligence communities is over not just what was published – fewer than 1% of the documents – but extends to the unpublished material too. They say they were forced to work on the assumption everything Snowden ever had access to had been compromised and had to be dumped. There was a plus for the agencies. Having scrapped so much, they were forced to develop and install new and better capabilities faster than planned. Another change came in the area of transparency. Before Snowden, media requests to GCHQ were usually met with no comment whereas now there is more of a willingness to engage. That Fleming responds with a statement reflects that stepchange.

    In his statement, he expressed a commitment to openness but pointedly did not credit Snowden, saying the change predated 2013. “It is important that we continue to be as open as we can be, and I am committed to the journey we began over a decade ago to greater transparency,” he said. Others in the intelligence community, especially in the US, will grudgingly credit Snowden for starting a much-needed debate about where the line should be drawn between privacy and surveillance. The former deputy director of the NSA Richard Ledgett, when retiring last year, said the government should have made public the fact there was bulk collection of phone data.

    The former GCHQ director Sir David Omand shared Fleming’s assessment of the damage but admitted Snowden had contributed to the introduction of new legislation. “A sounder and more transparent legal framework is now in place for necessary intelligence gathering. That would have happened eventually, of course, but his actions certainly hastened the process,” Omand said. The US Congress passed the Freedom Act in 2015, curbing the mass collection of phone data. The UK parliament passed the contentious Investigatory Powers Act a year later.

    Ross Anderson, a leading academic specialising in cybersecurity and privacy, sees the Snowden revelations as a seminal moment. Anderson, a professor of security engineering at Cambridge University’s computer laboratory, said: “Snowden’s revelations are one of these flashbulb moments which change the way people look at things. They may not have changed things much in Britain because of our culture for adoring James Bond and all his works. But round the world it brought home to everyone that surveillance really is an issue.” MPs and much of the UK media did not engage to the same extent of their counterparts elsewhere in Europe, the US, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Among the exceptions was the Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert, who pressed the issue until he lost his seat in 2015. “The Snowden revelations were a huge shock but they have led to a much greater transparency from some of the agencies about the sort of the things they were doing,” he said.

    One of the disclosures to have most impact was around the extent of collaboration between the intelligence agencies and internet companies. In 2013, the US companies were outsmarting the EU in negotiations over data protection. Snowden landed like a bomb in the middle of the negotiations and the data protection law that took effect last month is a consequence. One of the most visible effects of the Snowden revelations was the small yellow bubble that began popping up on the messaging service WhatsApp in April 2016: “Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption.”

    Before Snowden, such encryption was for the targeted and the paranoid. “If I can take myself back to 2013,” said Jillian York, the director for international freedom of expression at the digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation, “I maybe had the precursor to [the encrypted communication app] Signal on my phone, TextSecure. I had [another email encryption tool] PGP, but nobody used it.” The only major exception was Apple’s iMessage, which has been end-to-end encrypted since it was launched in 2011. Developers at major technology companies, outraged by the Snowden disclosures, started pushing back. Some, such as those at WhatsApp, which was bought by Facebook a year after the story broke, implemented their own encryption. Others, such as Yahoo’s Alex Stamos, quit rather than support further eavesdropping. (Stamos is now the head of security at Facebook.)

    “Without Snowden,” said York. “I don’t think Signal would have got the funding. I don’t think Facebook would have had Alex Stamos, because he would have been at Yahoo. These little things led to big things. It’s not like all these companies were like “we care about privacy”. I think they were pushed.” Other shifts in the technology sector show Snowden’s influence has in many ways been limited. The rise of the “smart speaker”, exemplified by Amazon’s Echo, has left many privacy activists baffled. Why, just a few years after a global scandal involving government surveillance, would people willingly install always-on microphones in their homes?

    “The new-found privacy conundrum presented by installing a device that can literally listen to everything you’re saying represents a chilling new development in the age of internet-connected things,” wrote Gizmodo’s Adam Clark Estes last year. Towards the end of the interview, Snowden recalled one of his early aliases, Cincinnatus, after the Roman who after public service returned to his farm. Snowden said he too felt that, having played his role, he had retreated to a quieter life, spending time developing tools to help journalists protect their sources. “I do not think I have ever been more fulfilled,” he said.

    But he will not be marking the anniversary with a “victory lap”, he said. There is still much to be done. “The fightback is just beginning,” said Snowden. “The governments and the corporates have been in this game a long time and we are just getting started.”

  • Grenfell: Burning tower victims told to stay put

    The lunatics that control fire safety in Britain
    Care home crisis that lacks any kind of care instead just a debt mountain

  • 1,200 people have been taken to court by town halls for social care debts, At least 166,835 are in arrears on their social care payments, with more than 78,000 having debt management procedures started against them for nonpayment of charges (How the tory mafia and their council lackeys screw the vulnerable and elderly)
  • Supreme Court rules for baker in same-sex wedding cake case VIDEO
    On #WorldEnvironmentDay, New Delhi slum is drowning in plastic VIDEO
    FBI agent lands backflip and accidentally shoots a man VIDEO

    An off-duty FBI agent accidentally shot a man in the leg after backflipping when his gun fell from its holster on a dancefloor in Denver, Colorado
    Media on Trial, Leeds 2018 - Piers Robinson VIDEO
    So who polices the police?

    Our group more than most have knowledge of how Scotland's law enforcement operate being at the sharp end of their vile abuses and failures. We have for decades exposed that their main criteria is acting as hired thugs for the legal mafia who have been stealing vast swathes of land and property from men caught up in the divorce industrial complex. EVERYTHING else, including the protection of the public, comes secondary and way down their list of priorities.

    They are all controlled by a freemason hierarchy to busy lining their masonic coffers than to worry about the death, destruction and mayhem that carries on daily across Scotland's sink estates were deprivation and a complete lack of policing leaves communities living in despair and with teenage gangs allowed to run amok.

    All their controlled media only ever report on the small time criminals while the big boys who run the show are getting away with murder and transferring vast wealth into their coffers using the law as their main tool of choice. Law is a means to steal with impunity and every last one involved in its enforcement are all part of an enormous criminal mafia reeking havoc against Scottish men and their families not part of their satanic cult.

  • Scotland's law society terror cell putting the final touches to their '1984' style HATE legislation (See comments for how that is going down and how lawyer Sturgeon is using her First Minister position to destroy men under her and the Holyrood mafia's feminist plans)
  • Rookie cop sent to deal with knife attacker (For anyone who lives in that area of Scotland who knows the total failure of the local cops wont be surprised as crime has escalated out of control from a force who just wont protect the public. How do we know? We are some of their victims who time and again failed to get these lot to assist them)
  • Scotland's freemason cop mafia try to justify 'STASI' style attacks on mobile data
  • The utter scum running Police Scotland
  • Policing of Scotland's streets broke down decades ago and this is now a daily occurrence
  • Ed Sheeran another illuminati puppet VIDEO
    Trump: North Korea summit will go on as scheduled VIDEO
    BBC and UK media have been marginalizing heterosexual men giving only platforms
    to feminists / lesbians and homosexuals

    This morning BBC Victoria Derbyshire was discussing the issue of divorce and read out quotes from people who sent in comments regarding an issue that profoundly affects men far more detrimentally than women. Few women get shafted in divorce instead regularly receive huge payouts while men can be left homeless, penniless and childless. Most, if not all of the comments read out, came from women that is despite much of the BBC licence fee comes from heterosexual men yet the BBC have for decades been marginalizing heterosexual men while regularly giving platforms and interviewing groups that are mouthpieces for feminist / lesbian and homosexual agendas.

    Despite repeated exposures of this massive disparity the BBC continue unabated reinforcing the message that men are bad and all women are victims of bad men except for homosexuals who are friends of the women who claim are treated so badly. We have never seen the BBC interviewing groups speaking on behalf of heterosexual men unless it is being funded by the government and were you get a message that backs up the BBC man hating message.

    The BBC are an utter disgrace and are behind the theft of children into care homes were paedo's en masse are accessing vulnerable children separated from the protection of their biological fathers thanks to the domestic violence scams that the British judiciary and lawyers create to give them the excuse to steal children away from that protection. This is a devious and dangerous network of power that has now gone into overload to provide the royalist propaganda for their latest wedding.

  • BBC uses woman's case to highlight divorce problems (Colin Hart, chairman of the Coalition for Marriage and director of the Christian Institute believes judges and lawyers have undermined the divorce industrial complex. The judiciary bears a lot of blame for giving divorces on a very trivial basis. If you don't want to get divorced, but you are being forced against your will to make all sorts of profound, life-changing arrangements, you should be given time to make those arrangements)


    Join HERE. The majority of the mass media has a hidden agenda and none of it includes fair reporting of men's issues. Please send comments and articles to EDITORIAL.
    World NEWS the government and judicial controlled mass media wont EXPOSE.

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  • Neither Clinton or Trump are fit to run America
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  • The royal hand picked to push domestic violence scams globally
  • Being unable to sue a lawyer ensures they continue to provide stolen children to their paedo pals
  • Lawyers the child procurers for paedo's
  • Freemasons behind the biggest child abuse network on the planet
  • Wars are triggered by the greed of the über rich
  • The political mafia condone the homosexual agenda to feed their own vile perversions
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  • Divorcing men in a police state
  • Brexit exposes power struggles of the elite
  • Proud to be a heterosexual male and father
  • Freemason judicial mafia still the biggest threat to heterosexual men globally
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  • BBC promoting the feminazi latest HATE agenda #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou
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