The vile scum and filth manufacturing the 'LAW' have been using women's allegations against their ex-husbands to carry out an enormous wave of criminality against fathers
caught up in a tangled web of deceit with impunity , so it wont come as a surprise to those same men that they are using similar tactics against Assange.

It may be a small faction of radical feminist thinking women(especially lawyers and lesbians) that have helped trigger this ability of a woman to make up any vile statements against their former husbands or lovers equally with impunity for and on behalf of the FREEMASON run judiciary and lawyers to use those allegations to smear and then justify the lining of their pockets and property portfolio's with those men's former homes and assets , especially their children. Going after Assange, the one crime they knew they could try and pin on him was that of women making up allegations about supposed rape attempts many months after the event that is despite Assange being a high profile figure who would likely have a trail of women prepared to sleep with him just to make themselves famous . Rape allegations are a regular method of taking out the competition.

It seems it is men not women who are being raped with a form of 'LAW' that bares no resemblance to truth and justice but everything to do with controlling men outside their evil satanic cult . Assange is not like Rupert Murdoch who can pedal lies endlessly and spy on his enemies to bring them down and yet he still gets away with murder despite half of his staff arrested for all sorts of criminal behaviour while the top dog can continue running his multi-billion dollar media empire publishing some of the most vile fascist right wing rags on the planet.

Assange will not have the friends in high places that allows the press barons like Murdoch to continue their reign of terror across the 'WEST'. Dead bodies continue to rise from the ashes of Murdoch's News of the World yet not one police chief has made any effort to arrest or investigate the part he has played in their deaths by the gangsters running News International.