What they did to third world nations over centuries has come to all our backyard's . The money controllers have used DEBT to cripple those third world nations and they are using the same devious scams under the likes of the European Union to heavily indebt the western nations who are the NEW victims of their DEBT ridden agenda.

For years the politicians working for the ruling mafia have suppressed wages replacing ever decreasing wage packets with 'debt' like the credit card system that was supposed to make cash transactions easier but instead placed a ball and chain around everyone's neck who fell for EASY money. Now the bankers are reeling in their catches all at once and why nation after nation are falling into the hands of the crooked money men who governments have been letting away with murder for far to long.

Artificially created mountains of unaccountable DEBT that has been manufactured to ensure the ultra rich can pull the DEBT strings through their banking lackeys of their now heavily enslaved populations that have woken up to the monstrous plan that has been a massive conspiracy created by all arms of those nation states.

Despite the vitriol that was spouted against Gadaffi prior to his murder Libya had the lowest DEBT of any nation across the planet but that did not suit the money controllers and they made sure they got rid of him and are working against any nation that dares undermine the master plan of the masonic mafia hell bent on taking over the world through stealth.

We have been warning how over many years the masonic judicial mafia have, behind closed doors , been removing men from their assets, homes and children with absolute impunity and with a nod and a wink from their political lackeys . But that is not quick enough for these evil bastards as they have now moved into overdrive to increase the theft and repossession of all those assets their victims thought they OWNED.

The one thing their system ensured was that NOBODY, outwith their CLUB, owns anything as they will make sure their 'LAWS' can remove what you think you own and especially your home with a solitary crown freemason judges signature. No one is safe from the secret society gangsters that have stealthily been stripping men of their hard earned assets behind closed doors but now clearly out in the open, as they have made sure men have been stripped of their ability to protect themselves by gun laws that ensure the ONLY weapons available will be in the hands of the evil bastards that are taking over the world by the day.