The GREAT cancer scandal
  • Cancer deaths rise in Scotland as mortality rates down 10% over decade (Once again a gutter rag report claiming links to both "obesity and alcohol" but no mention of the radioactive fallout from overground nuclear bomb testing and multiple nuclear reactor accidents)
  • Plans to flush Fukushima water 'containing radioactive material above permitted levels' into the ocean (A guarantee that cancers will increase across the globe that the gutter rags will claim is due to bad eating and drinking habits)
  • The main cause of global cancer deaths and bugger all to do with lifestyle the gutter rags keep pushing(VIDEO)
  • Nevada's hidden ocean of radiation
  • Cancers 'rising around the world' (But the gutter rags claim its our lifestyles and NOTHING to do with the nuclear overground testing in the 50 and 60's and the nuclear disasters at Red Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima)

  • Obama 'Let's make America the country that cures cancer' (2016 State of the Union Address) VIDEO

    Obama made a statement during the State of the Union address about how America can cure cancer.

    However while the compliant media tells us about all the bad habits we have that are behind the massive rise of cancer deaths they seldom if ever provide the true reason why so many of us are dying early of cancer . When the powers that be across the globe had been exploding nuclear bombs during testing above ground, radiation had been spread across the planet from the original sites carried in the air for thousands of miles and embedded in soil used for plants and animals and in oceans contaminating fish and food chains that ultimately have gotten into all of the foods we rely on to survive.

    As ex-cancer patients we are well aware of the manner in which the UK government collates information on cancer within a population and they are directly associated with the testing of nuclear bombs. In Britain Basingstoke is one of the major cancer treatment centres who record and treat cancer patients and no coincidence that establishment is very near the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (AWRE) opened in 1950 at Aldermaston.

    In America Los Alamos National Laboratory has turned from nuclear testing to investigating cancer HERE which is now being shown as an after effect of all those above ground tests that have caused vast radiation waste to spread around the planet leaving few areas free of some sort of radiation contamination. Something those scientists at the time took no account of in their pathological rush to create a nuclear bomb for their psychopathic masters.

    The world's military industrial complex more than ANYTHING else is responsible for spreading radiation across the globe and behind millions of cancers impacting on the lives of every citizen who are made to feel guilty that something THEY did may have been responsible. Every country behind global nuclear testing are ultimately responsible for the ever increasing deaths thanks to them tinkering with nature and producing the most toxic substances known to man that are now killing victims in their millions.

    That does not even take into account the nuclear disasters at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima that add to the vast pollution of the planet on the back of the so called CHEAP energy agenda the powers that be endlessly rant on about while ignoring the enormous piles of waste radiation that will take thousands of years to deteriorate to a point where it will no longer be dangerous.

    Once again while checking our archives we have found that dozens of video's about the Fukushima meltdown have been removed from Youtube. Is this them once again bowing to governments to remove evidence of their crimes?

    Here is a list of the missing video's

    Fukushima: The Story Of A Nuclear Disaster

    Fukushima: This Is What TEPCO Wants You To See

    U.S. Sailors Re-File Fukushima Lawsuit "Strange Stream Rising From Reactors"

    Two Explosions Outside American Military Base In Japan "Ultra Leftist Japanese Guerrilla Group"

    TEPCO Says Some Nuclear Fuel Rods Are Damaged And Move May Take Longer Than Expected

    Fukushima operator to start fuel-rod removal

    Fukushima Running Out Of Storage For Radioactive Rainwater As Another Typhoon Approaches

    Officials To BEGIN Radiation Testing Of Ocean Water At Fukushima AROUND THE CLOCK

    Japan Changing How It Releases Data On The Contamination Of Waters Off Fukushima

    Radiation Levels Spike 6500 Times Higher Than Yesterday In Groundwater At Fukushima

    Japanese Government Has Loaned TEPCO Approximately 50 BILLION Dollars Since Tsunami

    Workers Sprayed With Highly Radioactive Water AGAIN At Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

    Japanese Prime Minister Asks World For Help With Fukushima!

    TEPCO wants to partly restart Fukushima plant

    Workers At Fukushima Scramble To Prepare For Severe Storm About To Pound The Region

    Japanese Govt Says They Are Taking Over At Fukushima As Radiation Levels Continue To Rise

    New Radiation Readings At Fukushima Strong Enough To Kill A Human In FOUR HOURS!

    Fukushima: Using wrong test Equipment "Smacks Of A Kind Of Amateurish Approach To Problem"

    Fukushima emergency increased from 1 to 3 and poisoning the oceans

    Fukushima Experts Say Radioactive Materials Entering Ocean From More Than Just Groundwater!

    Japanese government admits world's oceans being poisoned by Fukushima radio-active water

    TEPCO Ordered To Drain Radioactive Water From Fukushima Nuclear Plant Tunnels

  • MUST SEE: Terrifying Time Lapse Map of the 2053 Nuclear Explosions Since 1945 (Starts slow. The MAIN cause of cancer not the bullshit pumped by the corporate rags)
  • Antarctica was used for high altitude testing of nuclear bombs by the USA spreading radiation globally (VIDEO)
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Los Alamos Turns Its Nuclear Weapons Power to War on Cancer
  • Aldermaston
  • Basingstoke Bowel Cancer Treatment
  • Gutter press still fail to mention nuclear bomb test fallout and nuclear reactors meltdowns in their cancer stats
  • Only psychopaths believe nuclear power is safe
  • Murdoch rag's fake news on causes of cancer

  • Pacific death zone where nuke tests caused thousands of cancer fatalities 60 years after spreading radiation around the world (Gutter rags finally get round to what are the main causes of cancer)
  • Antarctica was used for high altitude testing of nuclear bombs by the USA spreading radiation globally (VIDEO)
  • What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites? VIDEO
    Cancer causes: Don't believe this bullshit

    While decades of ABOVE GROUND nuclear bomb tests, nuclear accidents like Three mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima pollute the world's oceans the rags that promote nuclear energy are looking for scape goats in foods and people's behaviour to distract attention from the massive rise in cancer globally. There may be tentative links to processed foods but the major links to what causes cancer is the world being poisoned by nuclear waste created by bombs and nuclear power stations gone wrong.

  • Only psychopaths believe nuclear power is safe
  • MUST SEE: Terrifying Time Lapse Map of the 2053 Nuclear Explosions Since 1945 VIDEO

    Starts slow. The MAIN cause of cancer not the bullshit pumped out by the corporate rags
    Nevada nuclear bomb tests and the vast area of America where fallout occurred
    Murdoch's VILE rag claims laziness and NOT massive nuclear reactor and bomb leaks causing cancer and other illness's in the elderly

    The very bastards pushing for nuclear reactors and nuclear wars blame
    the peasants for illness's triggered by toxic radiation damage to the environment.