You would think in a supposed civilized society like the UK, or indeed any other jurisdiction that follows English Crown law, and that is the majority of the world's courts, that if there was a group stealing trillions, governments would take action to arrest and jail the culprits?

One look at how they are handling the crooked banks shows just how little effort is being made to jail the banksters (London controlled via Rothschild) after their extensive crime waves that have damaged millions of their victims across the globe.

However even the banksters pale next to the very thieves whose vast theft is truly incalculable, those same criminals have made themselves, through stealth, responsible as sole adjudicators over crime and punishment. When the controlled media (through media lawyers and licensing agreements) expose crime it is generally the petty crimes of the small time crooks that if a tally was made of how much they steal daily and compare it with the BIG time criminals it would pale next to the 10X, 100x,1,000x ,1,000,000x times more these evil bastards steal under the 'GUISE' of law.

The Royal parasite heads these crime lords and although she may not look much like a godfather/mother with all her fancy robes and regalia , she is personally responsible for selecting every judicial crook that operates in her courts and while they are busy jailing the petty criminals for some of the most paltry of crimes, these evil bastards are also busy rifling through men's estates and helping themselves to trillions under the guise of 'LAW'.

We are now finally seeing inroads being made to EXPOSE these murderous bastards when their victims are uniting and have platforms across the internet to warn the public of the impending dangers of how, when they swoop on unsuspecting victims, it is by then to late to do anything about the plundering of estates and bank accounts that they immediately seize without notice and take control of for and on behalf of an evil crown and their own personal self enrichment. Eating out of the Royal trough ensures their continued loyalty along with secret satanic oath swearing that makes them easy to blackmail, the royals have been using this form of coercion for centuries without even a whisper from that media.

There is NO greater power across the globe than the powers the judicial mafia have granted to themselves and rubber stamped by the political scum we are forced to vote for come election time. A conspiracy so vast few can truly understand or believe it exists , that is until they become victims themselves and by then it is to late. It is only when your very life is threatened to such a degree that the illusion you exist within opens up to show its true colours.

We have no doubt these evil bastards will get their day, but in the meantime there is much to be done to waken, from their masonic slumber, the royalist sheeple who don't realise how their flag waving is the same sort of reverence that was shown to Hitler prior to his attempt at the mass take over of the world. Something the Royal parasite and her global masonic henchmen have already done inside the evil courts they control.

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