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    Google's creepy 666 Post Office Box in Bermuda

    No office, employees or sign, just a tiny lock-up They use it to funnel fortune on zero-tax isle

    TECH giant Google is funnelling an estimated £8billion of profits a year through a nondescript postbox in Bermuda. The firm has taken advantage of the sunshine island’s zero corporate tax rate to set up Google Bermuda Unlimited. There are no employees, no office and no signage to be found there.

    Its only presence is the tiny metal box bearing the number of the beast, 666, and housed at a post office building in the capital Hamilton. Last week Google — whose slogan was once “Don’t be evil” — was slammed over a deal to pay HM Revenue & Customs £130million in back taxes covering the last ten years, despite profits of £6billion. That’s a rate of just three per cent.

    Google says it has no permanent UK base despite a string of fancy offices housing 2,300 staff. At the Bermudan government’s official Registrar of Companies, Google Bermuda Unlimited and Google Ireland Holdings are registered to the address of Conyers Dill and Pearman, a law firm at Clarenden House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton. The firm specialises in “offshore corporate, litigation and private equity matters”, and its address is just three blocks from the post office which houses the PO box.

    Google, which makes most of its money through online advertising, has been moving profits to the tax haven via Ireland and Holland. In 2013, it sent £7.5billion in global royalties to its Bermuda-based subsidiary, according to the company’s own accounts. It is thought this will have risen to more than £8billion for last year.

    This will include hundreds of millions earned from UK users of the search engine. Yet few people in Bermuda realise the tech giant holds its entire global earnings, excluding the US, on the island — including those who work at the very building housing the law firm. Derrick Ward, 51, has delivered mail in the postal department of Conyers Dill & Pearman for the past four years.

    He had no idea Google’s offshore base was on his doorstep. Derrick said: “Google don’t have an office in the lawyers’ building. I’m sure we’d know about it if they did. “If there was a Google HQ on Bermuda it would be clear to see. I hear they have football pitches at their offices. I’ve never met anyone who works for Google in all my life”. The Sun on Sunday approached a receptionist at the law firm who claimed she had been working there for 35 years.

    She also had no idea that Google conducted business dealings on the island, a British overseas territory. Speaking from the drab-looking office, which is decked with plastic ferns, 1980s-style furniture and tacky oil paintings, she said: “Google doesn’t have an office here, they don’t employ any staff here.” But after referring to her computer, the receptionist said that Google Bermuda Unlimited is registered at PO Box 666 through the law firm’s affiliate company, called Codan. Long-time post office clerk Carla Cann said: “I’ve never heard of Google being on the island.

    “It’s a small place. We’d know all the businesses here. I’ve never met anyone who works for Google.” The search giant’s presence in the UK is a far cry from the windowless reception of the Bermudan law office. Here it has multi-million-pound contracts to rent four central London buildings plus a northern headquarters in Manchester. It is also spending £1billion on London super-HQ for 5,000 staff.

    The offices, including its main HQ in the multi-coloured Central St Giles, are renowned for their bold and trendy interiors and spaces for staff to enjoy, including a free bar. Six years ago, HMRC began auditing Google for its international tax structures and the fact it moves revenue through countries that have lower tax rates than the UK. Chancellor George Osborne hailed the Treasury’s settlement to get back £130million from Google in unpaid back taxes as a victory for the taxpayer.

    But the deal was blasted by critics, who said Google should have been paying ten times that amount. And last week David Cameron defended the Tories’ efforts at collecting Google taxes, saying it should have been done under the last Labour government. The whistleblower who helped reveal how Google was avoiding paying tax in the UK called it a “sweetheart deal”.

    Barney Jones, 37, an executive at the tech firm from 2002 to 2006, added that “heads should roll” at HM Revenue and Customs for allowing it to pass, and that the figure was “pocket change” for Google. Steve Hilton, a former adviser to David Cameron, said he sympathised with public anger because Google appears to operate “above the law”.

    He said: “There is a growing sense that companies that are so big and so dominant, not just in the marketplace but in the way they relate to governments, their lobbying efforts and so on, that they really are above the law.” Britain is Google’s biggest market outside America yet French tax officials are close to squeezing far more out of the firm in back payments. Google executive Matt Brittin has defended its UK tax deal.

    And Peter Barron, the company’s European public affairs chief, added: “We are paying the full amount of tax that HMRC agrees we should pay. “Governments make tax law and tax authorities independently enforce the law, and Google complies with the law.” The Sun called Conyers Dill and Pearman’s Bermuda office and asked to speak to the person who dealt with the Google account.

    We were referred to Samira Saya, corporate manager at the law firm’s affiliate Codan. Asked about the firm’s work with Google, she said: “We’re not in a position to discuss our clients.” Google claims its Bermudan operation does not impact the tax paid in the UK.

    The company deploys a strategy known as the “Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich” to shrink its tax bill. It sends revenue first through a company in Ireland, which has lower corporation tax than the UK, then to a company in Holland and finally to a second Irish company headquartered in Bermuda. Google is one of five giant US tech firms sitting on huge piles of cash, including Apple and Microsoft.

    The companies keep the majority of their overseas earnings abroad to keep it beyond the reach of the US and its 35 per cent tax rate on repatriated cash. Tomorrow Google is expected to announce its global cash stockpile is £30billion

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    Google degenerates into Ministry of Truth; all knowledge must now be pre-approved by search algorithm
    Google's New Algorithm: Modern Version of Old-fashioned Censorship?

    The Internet search giant, Google, will soon begin ranking websites based on their trustworthiness rather than popularity. Google's new formula for returning search results will automatically weed out fact from fiction in an effort to improve accuracy. According to Hal Hodson writing for NewScientist, web pages are now given scores based on the number of other sites that link to them, with the obvious downside that, given enough links, "websites full of misinformation can rise up in the rankings."

    The truth algorithm that Google researchers are developing will compare websites to a vast store of information the corporation has been compiling over the years. Known as Knowledge Vault, it is an automated and super-charged version of Google's manually compiled fact database called Knowledge Graph. Google researcher Xin Luna Dong explained how his team developed the new "Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT)" scoring system: "A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy."

    Hodson also wrote about the cutting-edge Knowledge Vault in NewScientist last August, when he styled it "the largest store of knowledge in human history" and crowed, "It promises to let Google answer questions like an oracle rather than a search engine, and even to turn a new lens on human history."

    That eerily disconcerting statement becomes ominous when you consider that Google has already implemented its new truth algorithm for medical searches, with disturbing consequences. Truth-according-to-Google means that anti-vaccination websites no longer make the cut, despite the fact that recently released federal statistics reveal the risk to children's health posed by vaccines is overwhelmingly greater than that posed by the diseases these medications are formulated to combat.

    This single example tips Google's hand. "Facts" contained in the Knowledge Vault are still based on truth-by-consensus, only now they are also siphoned through a political correctness filter. Some media outlets are now comparing Google to an updated version of George Orwell's Ministry of Truth in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The Ministry of Truth is a government propaganda agency charged with the task of conforming public opinion to fit the ruling party line.

    Many worry that Google's censorship promises to suppress First Amendment rights and discourage the scientific method, which depends on skepticism and encourages investigators to challenge preconceived notions. "It could make it more difficult for bright young people to bring about the next revolution in science," University of Maryland professor Jim Purtilo told "After all, most of today's established science came about because someone challenged the herd mentality of yesterday," he opined.

    Meteorologist Anthony Watts told, "I worry about this issue greatly.... My site gets a significant portion of its daily traffic from Google." His blog, Watts Up With That, is a popular source that questions the validity of global-warming claims. Watts made waves in the climate-change world in 2009 when he published extensive research about the U.S. surface temperature record. Watts revealed a high percentage of stations in violation of the National Weather Service's siting requirements that recording devices not be placed near sources of artificial or radiated/reflected heat such as exhaust fans, asphalt or concrete surfaces, or rooftops. These violations contributed to the federal government reporting a 1.4 degree Fahrenheit increase in U.S. temperatures since 1895.

    Moreover, in 2011, the U.S. Government Accountability Office confirmed Watts' findings and called on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) to revamp its U.S. Historical Climatology Network. Is this fact included in Google's Knowledge Vault? That's impossible to know for certain. But since Watts is named on Wikipedia's list of "Climate change skeptics," it's reasonable for him to worry he'll earn a low KBT score.

    Rich Noyes of the Media Research Center also complained to that many fact-checking sources are infected with political bias. "They're very good at debunking myths if they upset liberals, but if it's a liberal or left-wing falsehood, the fact-checkers don't seem as excited about debunking it," he said, offering an example of the watchdog website Politifact. According to analysts at George Mason University, Politifact rates "Republicans less trustworthy than Democrats" despite "controversies over Obama administration statements regarding Benghazi, the IRS and the Associated Press." For example, Politifact named the 2010 "Lie of the Year" to be the contention that ObamaCare represents a government takeover of healthcare. Yet it's logical to assume, since Politifact boasts a Pulitzer Prize, it also merits a high Google KBT score.

    Regardless of the Knowledge Vault controversy, Google far outstrips other search engines in popularity. Users conduct between 60 and 70 percent of their online searches on Google. But even should they opt for another provider, little is likely to change. Hodson quoted a spokesman from Boston's technology research firm Gartner, who said the competition is busy constructing databases similar to Knowledge Vault. "Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and IBM are all building them," said technology analyst Tom Austin.

  • Google translate and Youtube embedding used to stifle alternative reporting

    Different name but the same sinister abuse of data with dodgy search results

    We have been aware for years now that using any form of code that is controlled by Google / Youtube is a disaster for alternative websites. As well as the mass removal of activists video's from Youtube without notice and with the most paltry of excuses we are also aware of another reason they pull video's.

    For any websites using Youtube embedding to show their video's any one of those video's that are removed also have a knock on effect in that the webpage using that video will become so slow that it is almost impossible to access. The same thing has happened with Google translation code.

    Google can control websites using their translation code by switching it off making it almost impossible to access webpages using code that unsuspecting activists think will enhance their pages for foreign readers when the exact opposite is the case in that some vital piece of information may become unaccessible thanks to how google can switch off code that causes a chain reaction across the internet.

    Google has been abusing our data, they have also been removing our video's en masse and now it seems any use of code they manufacture to supposedly enhance websites may in fact be a means to stifle alternative media as well as shut down any competition Google have in terms of providing alternative views to the mass media. This is just another sinister development in the Google master plan that even changing their name to alphabet wont deter their sinister abuse of the internet. What at first seemed a great idea for searching for stuff has turned into another arm of the big brother system controlled by malicious government interference.

    We recommend stripping webpages of ANY code manufactured by Google or Youtube.

    Even adsense their advertising code may have similar destructive properties.

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    Youtube celebrate 10 years of censorship

    This week saw Youtube celebrate its 10 year anniversary with a compliant media praising them as if they are some sort of force for good. However since being purchased by Google, Youtube has taken on a very difference stance and alternative media has found a rogue system that continues to remove video's at such an enormous rate it is impossible to keep up with them and leaves webpages dependent on Youtube content as barren as a desert .

    This has been most noticeable in two important arena's which we have reported previously . During the Arab spring thousands of video's have been removed by Youtube for NO REASON and an historical archive of what happened during that period have been lost forever. More recently flight MH370 has seen a vast array of video's which we ourselves circulated have disappeared and we need to ask why in particular has this lost flight had so much attention from the Youtube censors?

    This should not be a celebration but a very worrying development where the most popular video system has been usurped by Google / Youtube lackeys only to happy to accommodate the rogue governments hell bent on getting content removed that exposes their vile agenda. They leave up much of the frivolous nonsense that appears there but the political and legal video's that expose corruption are very quickly erased from Youtube servers as fast as they are uploaded. Alternative media needs to widen their video options and find smaller video sharing networks that will offset Youtube's determination to censor anything they view as sensitive to government demands.

  • Why have Youtube pulled so many video's about flight MH370?
  • Youtube 10 years of censoring and removing video's for rogue governments (Or at least after Google bought the system)
  • Why have Youtube pulled so many video's about flight MH370?

    We list the following youtube video's pulled and as evidence that Google / Youtube are behind the mass censorship of the lost flight along with many other recent events including the uprising Arab Spring where 100's of protest video's had been removed without the uploaders having any say in what should have been kept as an historic record of events as to why they had occurred.

    We have been forced endlessly to redo our webpages to keep up with the massive removal of video's from Youtube for the most spurious of reasons many include removal for copyright despite those clips being small sections of news reports captured and under FAIR USE terms. Virtually 80 to 90% of uploaded video's of this event have been PULLED.


    Missing Flight MH370 going out to contract (DELETED)

    NO Trace Of Evidence The Plane Has Crashed! There's Ample Evidence of a COVER UP (DELETED)



    Ex-Malaysian PM Says CIA Is Behind Disappearance Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370(DELETED)

    Girlfriend Of Passenger On Flight 370 Says "The CIA Is One Of The Groups In Question(DELETED)

    Ex-Malaysia PM Says Someone Is Lying over Flight 370(DELETED)

    "From The Beginning We Have NOT Believed They Are Looking In The Right Place"(DELETED)

    Expert Says Not Realistic That ONLY Flight 370 Co-Pilot's Cell Phone Signal Was Picked Up(DELETED)

    Missing flight MH370 "We Want Answers!"(DELETED)

    "I DO Believe There IS Some Sort Of Cover-Up By Some Government Agency"(DELETED)


    "I'm Convinced That The Plane Was Taken By Somebody" Girlfriend Of MH370 Passenger(DELETED)

    Latest press conference on missing flight MH 370(DELETED)

    Authorities Confirm Audio Pinger Consistent With Black Box Has Been Detected(DELETED)

    Girlfriend Of Passenger On Flight 370 Says Plane Was Followed By Fighter Jets(DELETED)

    Former Malaysian Deputy PM Says GOVERNMENT IS LYING About Missing Flight 370(DELETED)


    Malaysian flight distorted information released about its route(DELETED)

    Senator Dianne Feinstein on the missing Malaysian plane(DELETED)

    America Using Most Advanced Drone to Search For Malaysia Airlines Flight 370(DELETED)

    Girlfriend Of Passenger On Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Says She's Certain He's Alive!(DELETED)

    "How Do You Deal With 200 Passengers? Depressurize And Let Them Go Unconscious"(DELETED)

    Mystery surrounds Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 with both transponders switched off(DELETED)

    At Least TWO Passengers On Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Used Stolen Passports!(DELETED)

    Malaysia Airlines Refusing To Confirm Flight 370 Has Crashed(DELETED)

    These were all added to our Malaysian section HERE during the initial phase of the loss of the plane.

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    EU accuses Google of abuse over control in searches VIDEO

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