political psycho The world is waking up to the fact that those in positions of power are psychopaths. For centuries the sheeple have been fooled into believing the madmen hand picked by the ruling mafia had our best interests at heart but the reality is that the chaos that has erupted across the planet is entirely due to the utter vermin that have taken charge of our lives through stealth.

When an analysis is taken of the credentials required to get into a key position of power globally it is NOTHING to do with intellect or some magical traits that make them ideal to enhance the world with their superior powers, but EVERYTHING to do with selling their bastard souls to the satanic mobsters that have dangerously and deviously manipulated the global herd into acquiescing to their tyranny.

Until extraordinary efforts are taken to get rid of the madmen that have caused so much damage , global chaos will continue as victims and protesters rise up demanding radical change to the present lunacy created by sinister dark forces that the compliant media avoids at their peril. One of the factors that prevent people from seeing the full picture is the complex interactions of the scum and dregs of the earth manipulating virtually everything we rely on to survive.

Until their grubby greedy self enriching hands are removed from the resources we depend on to live the conmen will continue to demand ever more money for the basic essentials of life that are becoming increasingly out of reach for more and more of the world's population as the ultra rich manipulate the economy to move themselves from millionaire status , to billionaire status and ultimately trillionaire status on the back of the enslavement of the global herd by their political lackeys providing the legislation that only ensures the long term future of the self appointed ruling elite at everyone else's expense.

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