masonic hype From the royal parasites down the sheeple have been brainwashed into an illuminati mindset that distorts the judgments of the herd so easily led into a satanic agenda. The goyim are being browbeaten by the best psychological mindfucks in the business.

NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING that is being pushed in movies, art, music etc. has not already been tainted by the masonic mafia who have commandeered the airwaves and newsprint since the very beginning of man's technological advances. But the internet has radically changed the goalposts and you can see them desperately trying to switch off the alternative methods of getting information that is NOT heavily distorted by their henchmen.

The sheeple still believe and buy into the hype and why so much money is going into their coffers that is then re-circulated to generate more money in a never ending spiral of hype.
Well that is until the internet put a massive hole in their coffers and offered alternatives to the masonic served pap that ensures only those they hand pick get the global platforms leaving most the the REAL talent to never reach a wider audience with the hold they have over everything that is entertainment.

But slowly VERY slowly the herd is gradually awakening from their slumber. Even in the very heart of their masonic empire in central London we get first hand information that the sheeple are no longer in total belief of the hype but because of barriers in place they struggle to remove themselves from the whole spectrum of ways these evil bastards get at the psyche. We may not see to much change in this generation but the groundwork is being done to waken the herd from their masonic slumber and in time the lunatics running the asylum will start to lose the psychological hold over the herd and it will be then and only then that they will be defeated in the war they have waged for centuries on the minds of the goyim.

Thankfully due to technology their hold on our minds can only recede and some sanity will be restored to the madness that has prevailed thanks to the utter scum and dregs of the earth getting away with murder for far to long.