The Excel Centre was the base for many Olympic events at the end of Freemason Road and right next to London City airport where the sharp city boys avoid all the other London airports that treat passengers like cattle. Just like Eton Dorney, the home to the future wide boys groomed by the Queen's lackeys to swear allegiance, money came pouring in from Lottery funds and public money from government grants to vastly improve the facilities so that they can reap the rewards of the Olympics with upgrades to their money making machines. The UK's military industrial complex operates from the Excel centre as does zionist/freemason Simon Cowell's X factor during the selection process.

London absolutely stinks of freemasonry and where anyone who dares challenge their business scams will find the full weight of THEIR laws will bankrupt and put paid to anyone who is a threat to their vast empire. London and the United Grand Lodge of England the creepy centre of satanic control and where all the hand picked lackeys are selected for the Olympic committee's that dish out the billions wasted , not only on pampered athletes, but for all the freemason run companies who got the dodgy contracts (supposedly bidding) to build the infrastructure that is earmarked for the future and more of their money making scams.

They have the sheeple running after the Olympic torch as if they are part of an event many will never be a part of, that is despite their media constantly telling us we are all in this together. That makes a joke of an elitist system where , behind the scenes, vast amounts of money are changing hands and as soon as the charade is finished tonight the land grab will start and property bought to build the stages will be carved up among themselves to ensure they continue to plunder the house racketeering that they are totally in control of via the land registry offices, a stones throw away from the Royal Courts of Justice and UGLE headquarters and where extortion is used to prop up the London property market and then in turn their vast trillion pound coffers.

The Wimbledon tennis final was a rare occasion when the freemason head honcho the Duke of Kunt presented the winning medal to Federer and only gives an idea of how they totally control London and in turn much of the world through the banking mafia they also control. The Olympics are a product of a vile control network that makes the Gestapo pale next to their evil persecution system for anyone who dares challenge or question the methods and motives of how they have built that empire.

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