winning post olympics 2012 With the crazy headlines in the compliant media about Olympic success's in sport you would think the only thing to worry about is how fast we can run in the 100 meters. But for those less obsessed with tacky gold medals for beating your opponent by .000001 second there are far more important issues to address than being part of the HERD getting carried along by the media psychopaths who think winning is how to be GREAT.

Being GREAT is maybe more to do with our whole attitude to life and while the selfish run a solitary race to the winning post maybe there are others who might stop to help those who are not so fast off the starting block or who may not have the physical strength or endurance to run a marathon. The madness that somehow being competitive makes you a better person is a nonsense that only increases the chance of more of our young turning into obsessive athletes that seems to be the only attributes the compliant media class as being successful.

Some of the most amazing human beings on the planet may not be the best at anything in particular especially at running in a race but they do have an inner spirituality and selfless love for life that the obsessive athletes that ran for gold in the Olympics do not possess and in the end do not need tacky medals around their neck for their inner souls to shine and not like the very selfish traits the media seem obsessively neurotic about promoting . In reality being GREAT isn't measured in feet and inches but in the steps we take to make life a better place for us all to live in. To many at the top are there, not because of their GREATNESS, but due to the warped selection process by the ruling mafia and why the world is in the mess its in thanks to the lunatics running the asylum.