olympic money While the scum and filth that control London and the UK hide behind the gold medal winners the whole charade of the Olympics has been nothing but a cynical attempt to return 'GREAT' to a Britain that has NEVER been anything but a murderous vile empire that has consistently propped up the richest despots on the planet.

While billions have been spent on the charade, that could have gone to far more important causes, the scum and filth decided someone crossing a finishing line by .000000001 of a second faster than someone else warrants vast expense and huge building projects that have crippled Britain while its peasantry have been impoverished by that same scum and filth with other ideas on how to spend the countries wealth.

The sickly sweet exclamations by Tory scumbag Cameron and his vile henchmen makes a change from the constant need to deride the very poorest and most vulnerable that have taken a massive hammering from the same scum and filth spending money on athletes and vast white elephant buildings rather than to ensure all UK citizens have a decent life .

Instead vast swathes of Britain are full of sink estates where people are allowed to rot with no opportunities thanks to huge chunks of resources being wasted on anything the ruling scum and filth deem fit to redirect the public's money to. It is shameful that these scumbags try and bask in some sort of glory for what they are doing and these psychopaths are so certain that what they do is correct and never fail to pat themselves on the back for the great job they think they are doing while the growing discontent rises up and will once again explode on the streets before to long.

Only a full and proper revolution will restore some sanity to the lunatics that are running the asylum into the ground for and on behalf of their own enrichment and their ultra rich backers.

  • The billions that have been wasted on a few weeks of sport
  • Olympic legacies that turn into 7 BILLION white elephants (Countries on the verge of bankruptcy to satisfy the ruling elites obsession with the public financing of sporting events and the massive contracts that get handed to their corporations)