• The Thin Blue Line
  • Decorated undercover police officer accuses freemasons of blocking his career
  • All Police Officers Have a Mental Disorder
  • Police Federation Chairman concerned about the continued influence of Freemasons
  • Most senior UK cop Cressida Dick is a lesbian (Top priority will be LGBT mafia lowest priority will be heterosexual men)
  • Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick told 300 Jewish Women's Aid supporters that communal groups had a responsibility to work with the force to tackle domestic violence (We know now we she got the top job)
  • POLICE CORRUPTION: Five-year long £3.5m investigation into Britain's most notorious crime gang COLLAPSES amid claims police 'took brown envelope bribes from gangsters and gave them 15 minute warning before a raid' (There is something inherently evil in how British cops [freemasons] are seemingly getting away with murder)
  • Britain's rogue masonic cops ignore endless crime reports about children's abuse (Anyone who has been forced to call these evil bastards will know the devious methods they use to ignore victims of serious crime.The scumbags get paid to IGNORE victims of crime)
  • How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police
  • Former detective confirms freemasons criminalising UK criminal justice system (VIDEO)
  • In 1998 a Freemason grandmaster(knobhead), tried to pressure the Chief Constable of North Wales into abandoning a crackdown on freemason cops
  • Corrupt cops accused of deleting intelligence reports from the national police computer on the orders of criminal gangs in a secret report passed to the Leveson inquiry
  • Freemasons played a part in the decisions Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner was making
  • List of UK cops convicted of a criminal offence
  • Never talk to the police (but equally NEVER talk to a lawyer)(VIDEO)
  • The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain
  • Shocking Tiberius report on corruption in the Met 'buried' by freemason police who let dodgy cops quit

  • Met cops dropped 30,000 criminal investigations in first 24 hours last year
    (Is that the crimes they themselves are party to?)

  • CALLS have been made for an official inquiry into police corruption after claims a report linking corrupt detectives and organised criminals was "buried". The 2002 Operation Tiberius report identified eight crime networks involved in drug trafficking, extortion and money laundering that were being helped by 42 named serving and 22 former Metropolitan Police detectives.

    Alleged criminals included the notorious Adams family from north London and crime gangs said to be run by murdered Brink's Mat gangster John Palmer. Another was David Hunt, who a High Court judge described as "head of an organised crime network" when he lost a libel case against a Sunday newspaper at the High Court in 2013. Tiberius, which has been seen by the Sunday Express, was put together after an internal probe found several investigations into organised crime had been compromised.

    It revealed that information relating to at least five unsolved gangland murders had been leaked to suspects by corrupt officers - many of whom remained in senior posts for a number of years. The confidential report suggested the Force could be cleaned up by a new task force created to investigate both organised crime and connected police corruption. Former Met Police detectives in post at the time do not think this unit was ever set up. Officers suspected of corruption were instead allowed to resign or moved to different departments, rather than prosecuted or disciplined, they said.

    A former senior detective who investigated the syndicates said: "This report exposed corrupt networks but what did they do with it? It was buried. "There should be an official inquiry. Most of these organised crime groups are still operating, 'Government had no appetite for it' still corrupting officers, and have become more powerful. "They have become more sophisticated in how they operate and gone from corrupting police and local politicians to MPs.

    "Apart from a few officers who were already under criminal investigation, I know of no other officers who were arrested or disciplined. "They were either allowed to resign or moved to different departments."

    The call for an inquiry comes as the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigates claims of "serious corruption and malpractice" within the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS). This department replaced the Complaints Investigation Bureau which was responsible for producing Tiberius.

    As well as mirroring some of the allegations in Tiberius, it is claimed DPS officers "interfered with or curtailed investigations". This, coupled with the secrecy around Tiberius, is why Labour MP Paul Flynn wants an inquiry launched into police corruption. In July 2014, when Mr Flynn was a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, he was one of just two MPs allowed to view Tiberius under strict supervision by the Met. He described it as "the most deeply shocking document I have read in my life".

    The other MP to view Tiberius was the committee's former chairman, Keith Vaz.

    A month later, in August 2014, Mr Vaz announced there would be an inquiry into police corruption and organised crime but it never took place. Mr Flynn said: "The report claimed a number of members of the Met Police were involved in criminal conspiracies to commit crime, cover up crime and launder the proceeds.

    "But no inquiry took place in 2014 and my attempts to raise this fell on deaf ears. "There was no appetite within government.

    "I back calls for a Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry to now take place into the Met Police and general police corruption. "Most people would be shocked by the extent of the levels of police corruption in Tiberius." In March 2015, during a debate on undercover policing, Mr Flynn asked Mike Penning, who was then minister for police, why a redacted version of Tiberius could not be published. Mr Penning said he would write to him with an explanation, but nothing was ever received.

    A year later, Mr Flynn again asked the Government if a redacted version of the report could be published, but it was blocked by the then home secretary, Theresa May. Frank Matthews is the pseudonym of a former Met Police detective sergeant who had 25 years of experience investigating organised crime. During his career, Mr Matthews's informants gave him information about a crime syndicate but he claims the Met never acted upon the intelligence he passed on. He said: "I knew some of the officers in Tiberius were corrupt.

    "Others were a surprise but when I looked back at certain cases collapsing and the names involved, things made sense. "Tiberius was just for east and north-east London. There were four other areas at the time - including central London - so each must have had its own report but no one has seen these. "It would tally up with what [then Metropolitan Police chief] Paul Condon said in 1998 that there were 250 corrupt detectives working within the Met as there were 42 named in Tiberius.

    "Suspected officers were given the option of back office jobs doing paperwork. Some left the Force straight away, some through ill health and others saw it out." Two crime gangs identified in Tiberius were successfully prosecuted but the investigations - one of which involved corrupt officers - took place before the report was published. The Adams family was also severely weakened by a series of prosecutions but most of the other syndicates named are still 'A threat to public safety' believed to be operating.

    We asked the Met for specific details about action taken after Tiberius and whether the suspected corruption levels had dropped, but it declined to answer. A Met Police spokesman said: "We are not prepared to discuss publicly Tiberius.

    "It is a secret document that details the threat of corruption to police employees posed by serious and organised criminals. "The passage of time does nothing to reduce the very real risks to anti-corruption tactics, intelligence sources or current operations." However, the Met maintained that corruption was "not tolerated" and "pursued with vigour".

    The spokesman confirmed a task force to target officer corruption was never set up. He added: "The Anti-Corruption Command (ACC), part of the DPS, investigates allegations or intelligence relating to corrupt police officers and staff or those that seek to corrupt our staff. "The ACC will proactively identify, investigate and prosecute corruption or, where criminal charges are not possible, bring misconduct processes to bear.

    "It works alongside those specialist Met units targeting organised criminality to ensure the security of their operations. "This can help to 'corruptionproof' the units and investigations most likely to come into contact with organised criminals. "The work of the ACC is undertaken relentlessly and determinably, recognising that criminals who seek to corrupt our officers and staff remain a threat to the work of the Met and the criminal justice process and are therefore a threat to public safety."

    Mr Penning and Mr Vaz did not respond to our requests for a comment. Mr Hunt insists he is a property tycoon who has no links to organised crime.

  • Met cops dropped 30,000 criminal investigations in first 24 hours last year (Is that the crimes they themselves are party to?)
  • Operation Tiberius, written in 2002 revealed how gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police
  • Labour MP Keith Vaz still under investigation two years after he was exposed for his involvement with male prostitutes
  • London's Special Patrol Group are back with their Met-baiting anti-propaganda, and it's still brilliant...(2015)
  • British policing means NO policing

    They are to busy acting as hired thugs for the legal mafia and the BIGGEST criminals of all
    Rapist cop feared to have attacked up to 30 women freed less than seven years after being jailed for life

    Some of his lodge buddies inside the system letting the scum and dregs of the earth out early

  • Lawless UK as cops to busy stealing property and children
    TEN cops “inappropriate” private messages launch court action to stop them being made public

  • Decades of failing cops has led to victims with no means of getting justice

    We have personally watched the total lack of interest when crimes are reported to these masonic scum with some victims losing millions to the crooks running the legal system for their own self enrichment. Property theft that implicates British cops as complicit and acting as hired thugs for crooked court orders.

  • Out of control UK cops

  • Have police lost control? Most Britons think criminals have no fear of the law as two thirds say they haven't seen an officer on their street in a year amid soaring crime levels (Unless there is a murder they wont attend a report of crime as they are to busy acting as hired thugs for the legal mafia's raids on stealing men's homes, land, bank accounts and children where you will see cop vans as far as the eye can see during their pillaging)
  • MASONIC PAEDO'S RUN THE UK POLICE! - Whistle blower John Wedger on the cover up AUDIO

    In a courageous and explosive audio interview with UK Column "Despatches from the Front", a Metropolitan Police Detective Constable child protection specialist takes the lid off the scale of child abuse, trafficking and prostitution in London and UK. This criminal conspiracy seeks to deceive the public and stop the truth emerging in every possible way.

    Young children taken from care, stolen, picked up on the street, groomed for sex, drugged, sickened with serious disease, or dying in the gutter are shown to be the worthless play things of powerful people - the same people who run Britain, and the very authorities supposedly protecting families, society and the weak and vulnerable. John''s courage deserves that everyone listening to his testimony circulates it and demands action. A Britain run by those who protect child abusers and murders is shown to be the sickening reality, but a far more dangerous future lurks beneath the surface as this criminal British State, unchecked, grabs yet more power over families and children by the day.

  • Former Met cop John Wedger says he was warned he would be silenced and “thrown to the wolves” if his findings about a canal-based paedo ring ever got out (2016)
  • Baby P detective John Wedger sues ‘bully’ police after exposing child abuse and corruption(2017)
  • Ian Puddick TV Film Exposing City London Police Corruption banned in UK VIDEO

    Ian Puddick is only one of many thousands of men being kicked around by crooked cops acting as hired thugs for the legal mafia intent on stripping divorcing men bare and stealing their children placed inside the British care system run by high level paedo's . Unless your part of the masonic satanic murder club behind all of the cover ups and mass fleecing of targeted men.
    Ex-Police Officer turns Whisleblower on Child Sex Abuse in UK VIDEO

    Shocking exposure of the lengths the masonic run cops will go to cover up
    UK cops admit to taking photos of innocent people to hunt for criminals VIDEO
    So who polices the police?

    Our group more than most have knowledge of how Scotland's law enforcement operate being at the sharp end of their vile abuses and failures. We have for decades exposed that their main criteria is acting as hired thugs for the legal mafia who have been stealing vast swathes of land and property from men caught up in the divorce industrial complex. EVERYTHING else, including the protection of the public, comes secondary and way down their list of priorities.

    They are all controlled by a freemason hierarchy to busy lining their masonic coffers than to worry about the death, destruction and mayhem that carries on daily across Scotland's sink estates were deprivation and a complete lack of policing leaves communities living in despair and with teenage gangs allowed to run amok.

    All their controlled media only ever report on the small time criminals while the big boys who run the show are getting away with murder and transferring vast wealth into their coffers using the law as their main tool of choice. Law is a means to steal with impunity and every last one involved in its enforcement are all part of an enormous criminal mafia reeking havoc against Scottish men and their families not part of their satanic cult.

  • Scotland's law society terror cell putting the final touches to their '1984' style HATE legislation (See comments for how that is going down and how lawyer Sturgeon is using her First Minister position to destroy men under her and the Holyrood mafia's feminist plans)
  • Rookie cop sent to deal with knife attacker (For anyone who lives in that area of Scotland who knows the total failure of the local cops wont be surprised as crime has escalated out of control from a force who just wont protect the public. How do we know? We are some of their victims who time and again failed to get these lot to assist them)
  • Scotland's freemason cop mafia try to justify 'STASI' style attacks on mobile data
  • The utter scum running Police Scotland
  • Policing of Scotland's streets broke down decades ago and this is now a daily occurrence
  • Four Ways the Crime Lab Can Frame You VIDEO
    When freemasons control cops you get utter tyranny

    As long term victims of these EVIL bastards who operate across Scotland as a supposed law enforcement we can say £millions have been lost to the property and land thieves who use them as hired thugs to strip men bare. Threats, intimidation, abuse and brute force are used against divorcing men who are demeaned and smeared so this lot can help themselves to men's livelihoods and children. Evil only now being slightly exposed in their complicit rags. Also if you are a victim of any crime the chances of getting help from this mob are ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  • Scotland's justice secretary claims he was unaware that corruption complaints and criticisms about cops were removed from an internal Police Scotland report
  • Secret police documents show attempts to "suppress" a report of serious corruption and criticism of Police Scotland's bosses (Freemasons running amok inside Scotland's corrupt pseudo law enforcement who NEVER investigate crimes because they are the biggest crooks of all helping steal land and property like there is no tomorrow)
  • For anyone who is forced to contact Scottish cops who fail to deal with crime this is the fucking nonsense they use to divert attention from their gross incompetence (If your home is regularly disrupted by crime making complaints to police will tar you as a PERSISTENT complainer and they will charge you for their failings. The whole of Britain's legal mafia and their hired cop thugs are GUILTY of persistent complaints and behaviour when they spend years hounding divorcing men into early graves)
  • Holyrood mafia consisting of lawyers / freemasons / feminists / homosexuals are putting even more money into their domestic violence scams (How Scotland's legal mafia use DV to thieve property and children on the grandest of scales. The legal mafia's equivalent to claims of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' coined by warmongering LAWYER Tony Blair)
  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • What happens to heterosexual men in Scotland when feminist leaning lawyers, lesbians, womens aid , homosexuals, and freemasons at Holyrood manufacture apartheid style laws (The most serious attack on men throughout history and promoted by the femi / homo BBC and the excuse for the legal mafia to fleece men and their families dry)
  • Scotland's legal mafia removing children into care? homes to feed the homopaedo rings operating them (and why heterosexual fathers are being smeared and their biological protection is taken away from children)
  • UK cops are fucking masonic lunatics who don't stop crime but instead arrest victims of crime
    UK (IN)justice as man protecting home from burglars is arrested

    Britain's freemason cops at their worst who won't protect the public and when the public try and protect themselves they get arrested for daring to, this man clearly wasn't a freemason.

  • 'He deserves a medal': Neighbours leap to the defence of OAP, 78, who 'stabbed armed burglar, 38, to death while protecting his wife and home' as he is bailed after two nights in the cells
  • British cops are being 'trained to deliberately hide evidence they don't want defence to see'

    The case against Liam Allan , who was accused of rape, was dropped days before he was due to stand trial after evidence including his accuser's diary was uncovered

    This exposure fails to mention the lawyers are every bit as bad during divorce and civil actions where malicious allegations are raised with no proof only hearsay evidence that allows them to steal men's homes, assets and children with impunity.

    Police officers are trained to hide evidence that would undermine their investigations in court, a damning dossier reveals.

    Documents show how police and prosecutors employ certain tactics to stop defence teams from seeing materials that could help their client during their trial. Other accusations include officers being reluctant to record witness statements that hurt their case or presenting vital evidence to lawyers at the last second.

    The revelations come after the recent collapse of several rape cases, leading to heightened concerns that evidence is not being disclosed properly. One ploy used by police is to put evidence 'on the MG6D', which refers to a list of sensitive unused material which a defendant's legal team does not have access to.

    Examples of legitimate materials which may be put on the MG6D include those relating to the interest of national security or information about an undercover officer. The dossier is compiled from reports of 14 focus groups of police officers, judges and prosecutors.

    One comment in the file read: 'In even quite serious cases, officers have admitted to deliberately withholding sensitive material from us and they frequently approach us only a week before trial. 'Officers are reluctant to investigate a defence or take statements that might assist the defence or undermine our case.'

    Referring to the practice of exploiting the MG6D, an inspector said that officers are'trained to put items on there that they do not want disclosed to the defence'. The revealing dossier was obtained under a freedom of information act request by charity the Centre for Criminal Appeals. More than 900 suspects had charges dropped last year because police and prosecutors failed to hand evidence to defence lawyers.

    In the lead up to criminal trials, police and prosecutors have a duty to disclose evidence that might either assist the defence case or undermine the prosecution. But the recent collapse of several rape cases has heightened concerns that evidence is not being disclosed early enough, and that the rules are not being followed.

    The trial of student Liam Allan, 22, who was charged with six counts of rape, was halted by a judge after it emerged his accuser had sent hundreds of messages to friends that would have cleared him. The case against an Oxford student accused of rape was dropped days before he was due to stand trial after evidence including his accuser's diary was uncovered.

    Yesterday it was announced by Scotland Yard that officers would be abandoning the policy of automatically believing victims of rape. Commissioner Cressida Dick said officers must investigate rather than blindly believe allegations, and should keep an open mind when a victim has come forward.

    Failure to disclose evidence has led to a series of collapsed cases

    The issue of disclosure of evidence has been at the centre of a series of sex offence trials which have collapsed in recent months. More than 900 criminal cases were dropped last year due to a failure by police or prosecutors to disclose evidence.

    The series of failures led former Lord Chief Justice, Igor Judge, to warn that juries may start to think they have not been shown all the evidence, and victims to not come forward. In December, Isaac Itiary was released from prison after it emerged his alleged victim posed as a 19-year-old woman and lied about her age.

    Police officers had texts which showed the girl was lying about her age but only released them after he had spent four months in custody awaiting his trial. In February, the case against Samson Makele, 28, was halted after his defence team unearthed vital photographs from his mobile phone which had not been made available.

    Mr Makele was accused of raping a woman after they met at Notting Hill Carnival in 2016 but he always claimed the sex was consensual. His case, which was due to begin in March, was thrown out after more than a dozen photographs were found which showed the pair naked and cuddling in bed.

    Oxford student Oliver Mears, 19, spent two years on bail accused of raping and indecently assaulting a woman in July 2015. But the CPS decided to offer no evidence against him in February on the basis of fresh evidence, including a diary that supported his case, which was passed to the CPS just a week earlier.

  • UK freemasons disguised as cops are party to destroying mens livelihoods in STASI style blacklist
    British establishment (masons) with the aid of British cops (masons) have been operating a STASI style blacklist of workers who dare challenge Health and Safety, proper working conditions and union activity. Illegal use of police computers and workers private and personal data being passed on to contractors to aid their blacklist vendetta.

    Met cops admits role in blacklisting construction workers

    Scotland Yard has admitted Special Branch officers passed information to a controversial network that blacklisted construction workers. It follows a six-year battle to find out if the Metropolitan Police supplied the intelligence on trade unionists. The force says its investigation had "proven" the allegation, which will be investigated by a public inquiry.

    Workers who say they were unfairly barred from jobs have already received millions of pounds in compensation. In 2016, the union Unite reached a settlement with construction firms that resulted in 256 workers sharing more than £10m in compensation. At the heart of the claims, which were made by hundreds of workers, was evidence that firms accessed a "blacklist" that logged workers' trade union activities.

    The list was used by dozens of construction firms to vet those applying for work on building sites. When the files were found to contain details of individual's political activities, the workers demanded that Scotland Yard disclose whether undercover police had colluded in supplying intelligence.

    The Blacklisting affair

    *The blacklisting scandal came to light in 2009 following a raid by the information commissioner's office on an organisation called the Consulting Association
    *It uncovered a list of more than 3,000 workers - which in some instances also included details of personal relationships and their political activity as well as their trade union links on building sites
    *Eight firms which used the list were sued by the workers: Carillion, Balfour Beatty, Costain, Kier, Laing O'Rourke, Sir Robert McAlpine, Skanska UK and Vinci
    *The eight firms issued an unreserved apology for their part in the system
    *It's thought that more than 700 workers shared £75m in settlement compensation - with many others having earlier settled for smaller amounts

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richard Martin said the findings of the Metropolitan Police's internal investigation, completed two years ago, were so sensitive that they were sent directly to the then commissioner. The letter states: "Allegation: Police, including Special Branches, supplied information that appeared on the Blacklist, funded by the country's major construction firms. "The report concludes that, on the balance of probabilities, the allegation that the police or Special Branches supplied information is 'proven'.

    "Material revealed a potentially improper flow of information from Special Branch to external organisations, which ultimately appeared on the blacklist." Dave Smith, of the Blacklist Support Group, says a 36-page file on him - disclosed to him during the original investigation by the information commissioner - included details of his trade union work and information that appeared to have come from undercover monitoring of his political campaigning. "When we first talked about police collusion in blacklisting, people thought we were conspiracy theorists," he said.

    "We were told, things like that don't happen here. With this admission from the Met Police, our quest for the truth has been vindicated." Evidence given to Parliament suggested that one undercover officer who infiltrated Mr Smith's union was Mark "Cassidy" Jenner, a member of Scotland Yard's now disbanded Special Demonstration Squad (SDS). The SDS's activities are at the heart of the long-delayed public inquiry into alleged abuses by undercover police.

    While Scotland Yard's letter says there is no evidence that SDS officers passed information to the blacklist network, a separate document published by the inquiry has revealed the existence of a unit called the "Industrial Intelligence Section". In a statement, Scotland Yard said it had apologised for the delay in releasing the outcome of its blacklist the investigation.

    "Allegations about police involvement with the 'Blacklist' will be fully explored during the Undercover Policing Public Inquiry," it said. "At this stage the MPS will await the conclusions of the UCPI before considering what steps should be taken next."

  • When masonic thugs are in charge of law enforcement only INJUSTICE prevails

  • Police Scotland has been branded “shambolic” after it emerged different divisions
    are still recording crimes in different ways
  • The risk to life when ONLY freemason cops can carry guns

    The Dunblane massacre gave the excuse to the British establishment to strip everyone but themselves from getting access to weapons. No one can expect freemason cops to protect them from crime and even with terror threats you could wait precious minutes before gun totting cops would arrive. Only personal possession of a gun could stop you being killed by a terror threat.

    Every single establishment type including the royals have VAST arsenals behind their doors to stop any uprising by the peasants. Britain's dimwitted and sheeple have been lulled into a false sense of security that somehow they believe the cops and establishment will protect them. Ask anyone facing crimes in Britain how much help they get from cops who are to busy acting as hired thugs for the legal mafia stripping men of their assets and homes.
    Wife of Scotland's bullying top cop claims she wants justice

    There are THOUSANDS of men who want justice for the years of theft Scotland's masonic cops have been
    implicated in when vast swathes of land, property and children have been stolen by a rogue mafia.

  • Masonic mafia behind Scotland's policing face new misconduct claims
  • The problem with having a lesbian as Britain's top cop

  • Most senior cop Cressida Dick is a lesbian (Top priority will be LGBT mafia lowest priority will be heterosexual men)
  • Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick told 300 Jewish Women's Aid supporters that communal groups had a responsibility to work with the force to tackle domestic violence (We know now why she got the top job)
  • Family of innocent Brazilian shot dead in operation led by Cressida Dick say she should not be in running to be force’s next commissioner
  • The Shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and the Appointment of Cressida Dick(VIDEO)
  • Masonic cops and abuse of force VIDEO
    Was mass rapist Worboys protected by freemasons in the police and justice system?

  • Freemason cops took years to catch him now he is released early

  • 'The next step was murder': Ex-wife of rapist black cabbie John Worboys slams decision to set him free (Freemason cops took years to nail him now he is released early despite being a serial rapist)
  • Police Federation Chairman concerned about the continued influence of Freemasons

    A rare occasion when a British cop is brave enough to confront freemason tyranny.
    The legal mafia use police powers to steal men's assets, homes and children

    Freemasons are blocking reform, says Police Federation leader

    Steve White, stepping down as chair, says the society is thwarting progress of women and BAME people

    Reform in policing is being blocked by members of the Freemasons, and their influence in the service is thwarting the progress of women and people from black and minority ethnic communities, the leader of rank-and-file officers has said. Steve White, who steps down on Monday after three years as chair of the Police Federation, told the Guardian he was concerned about the continued influence of Freemasons. White took charge with the government threatening to take over the federation if it did not reform after a string of scandals and controversies.

    Critics of the Freemasons say the organisation is secretive and serves the interests of its members over the interests of the public. The Masons deny this saying they uphold values in keeping with public service and high morals.” White told the Guardian: “What people do in their private lives is a matter for them. When it becomes an issue is when it affects their work. There have been occasions when colleagues of mine have suspected that Freemasons have been an obstacle to reform. “We need to make sure that people are making decisions for the right reasons and there is a need for future continuing cultural reform in the Fed, which should be reflective of the makeup of policing.” One previous Metropolitan police commissioner, the late Sir Kenneth Newman, opposed the presence of Masons in the police.

    White would not name names, but did not deny that some key figures in local Police Federation branches were Masons. White said: “It’s about trust and confidence. There are people who feel that being a Freemason and a police officer is not necessarily a good idea. I find it odd that there are pockets of the organisation where a significant number of representatives are Freemasons.” The Masons deny any clash or reason police officers should not be members of their organisation.

    Mike Baker, spokesman for the United Grand Lodge, said: “Why would there be a clash? It’s the same as saying there would be a clash between anyone in a membership organisation and in a public service. “We are parallel organisations, we fit into these organisations and have high moral principles and values.” Baker said Freemasonry was open to all, the only requirement being “faith in a supreme being”. He said there were a number of police officers who were Masons and police lodges, such as the Manor of St James, set up for Scotland Yard officers, and Sine Favore, set up in 2010 by Police Federation members. One of those was the Met officer John Tully, who went on to be chair of the federation and, after retirement from policing, is an administrator at the United Grand Lodge of England.

    Masons in the police have been accused of covering up for fellow members and favouring them for promotion over more talented, non-Mason officers. White said: “Some female representatives were concerned about Freemason influence in the Fed. The culture is something that can either discourage or encourage people from the ethnic minorities or women from being part of an organisation.” The federation has passed new rules on how it runs itself, aimed at ending the fact that its key senior officials are all white, and predominantly male.

    White said he hoped the new rules would lead to an end to old white men dominating the federation: “The new regulations will mean Freemasons leading to an old boys’ network will be much less likely in the future.” White came to be chair of the Police Federation after Theresa May went to its 2014 conference and ripped into it. The federation had to decide whether it would adopt a package of 36 reforms, with May, who was then home secretary, threatening that if it failed to do so, it would be taken over by the government and forced to. The Metropolitan police federation was the only local body in the organisation, which represents rank-and-file officers, not to back a package of reforms. In 2014 federation members felt the body that represented them was failing them and was distant.

    White said the organisation had been turned around during his time in office: “We have gone from being almost irrelevant to being the trusted voice of the frontline and the service. I think we had an organisation that shouted and bawled about everything, which became irrelevant to members and risked being wound up.” White beat the Met officer Will Riches to the chairmanship via a coin toss, after the two candidates won the same number of votes. White, who had served as a firearms officer in Avon and Somerset, came into office promising to end a culture of drinking by federation officials using members’ money. White said more reform of policing was needed: “There should be future radical reform of the police. The 43 forces need to operate more as a single entity. We have to break down the political barriers caused by PCCs [police and crime commissioners].”

    White has written a paper advocating a national body to drive through reforms and impose them on forces if necessary: “We need a new governance board at a national level to drive reforms to policing and make sure it happens.” The National Police Chiefs’ Council’s lead for ethics and integrity, the chief constable Martin Jelley, said: “While we recognise that there has been concern in the past around serving officers also being Freemasons, it is clear that concern over real or perceived threat to impartiality of this has decreased. Regular external scrutiny of the police service by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services has not raised this as an issue of concern. “Strict guidelines require officers to declare anything which might be deemed a conflict of interest in their force’s register of interests. If convincing evidence ever came to light which clearly showed that Freemasonry was adversely affecting the integrity of the police service then we would take appropriate action.”

  • Vanishing cops to busy acting as thugs for the legal mafia
    Britain's clueless masonic mafia disguised as cops
    Wrongful Stops and Clueless Cops VIDEO
    UK freemason thugs disguised as cops act as heavies for the house thieves VIDEO
    British cops ignore reports of slavery

  • Police forces failing to tackle modern slavery in UK, report shows
    (Are masons behind the enslavement and protected by masonic cops?)
  • Police 'let down' modern slavery victims
  • UK cops lost the plot a long time ago
    UK judeo / freemason cops still stalling over arrest of Weinstein

    British freemasons disguised as cops continue to protect Weinstein from arrest.
    They did the same with Jimmy Savile for 50 years of sexual attacks on youngsters.
    UK's scum and filth cops manhandle 85 year old anti-fracking protester VIDEO
    UK and USA freemason cops finally get round to investigating pervert Weinstein

    Just like brother Savile the judeo freemason cops covered up Weinstein's perversions

  • Seth MacFarlane Calls Out Harvey Weinstein Back In 2013(VIDEO)
  • Rose McGowan says 'HW raped me' and claims Amazon executive knew as Myleene Klass says Harvey Weinstein offered her 'sex contract' (The utter scum and filth that control Hollywood)
  • Amazon Studios chief suspended over claim he ignored actress's report of sex assault by Weinstein
  • The (Authorized) Downfall of Harvey Weinstein
  • 'He's an actual PREDATOR': Emma Thompson savages 'dangerous' Harvey Weinstein and says she 'spent her twenties trying to get old men's tongues out of her mouth' as she details rampant sexual harassment in film industry
  • Democrats(Obama and Clinton) must share the blame for Harvey Weinstein's reign of sexual terror
  • Police Confirm ‘Unknown’ Operatives Raided Las Vegas Shooter’s Home
  • Brad Pitt promised Weinstein “Missouri whooping” if he ever touched Gwyneth Paltrow again
  • Crooked cop who blackmailed man over visit to prostitute was assigned to victim's case when he reported it

    How crooked cops are using the Police National Computer of info syphoned from the public to destroy victims lives. This is used regularly to feed crooked lawyers and judges when stripping men during divorce. A memorandum of understanding was written up so they can SHARE information on their victims. Also government use the same data that HMRC and the DWP use to destroy their targets. Freemasons behind ALL OF IT.

    A detective has been jailed for 18 months for blackmailing a married man he photographed visiting a prostitute .

    When the victim reported the £1,000 ransom demand to the police his blackmailer, DC Gareth Suffling, was one of the officers put on the case. Suffling, 35, was due to keep records at the money drop-off site, but his colleagues from Bedfordshire police’s Serious Organised Crime Unit noticed he was acting nervously, looking at his mobile phone and drinking water excessively.

    Prosecutor Angus Robertson told St Albans crown court it was discovered he had earlier made a Police National Computer inquiry into the victim’s car registration number to obtain the victim’s address.”Suspicion fell on the defendant as dangerous driving inquiries would not normally be carried out by his unit,” he said. The court heard Suffling had visited the Adult Works website and contacted the prostitute to find out that she was working from a motor home parked near an industrial estate in Sedgewick Road, Luton on 16 March this year.

    The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons and was referred to as Mr A, visited the prostitute for 15 minutes that day. He was photographed by Suffling, who then used the Police National Computer to find the man’s details. 8 days later, on 24 March, Suffling placed a package on his windscreen, containing the photographs and a letter.

    Mr Robertson said he had written: “You made an error of judgement. A massive error of judgement. The next step is for you to decide. You used the services of a prostitute in Sedgewick Road, Luton. “Do you really want the people closest to you to know about this? You put your perversion above your family.”

    The prosecutor said Mr A was told he had made a bad decision and would have to pay £1,000 today. “The letter indicated if he declined to pay or approach the police the photograph would be posted through his door.” The married officer, from Barton-Le-Clay in Beds, pleaded guilty to blackmail and to misconduct in a public office between 15 March and 25 March this year. He had been commended by his Chief Constable in February this year earlier this year for an investigation into a man who had groomed and sexually assaulted six teenage boys. He had joined Thames Valley Police in 2006 and then transferred to the Beds force in 2014.

    Suffling, a geography graduate from Coventry University, gave evidence because the prosecution did not accept his basis of plea. He said that he did not intend to keep the money and was going to help a prostitute, who he had yet to find, to assist with her substance dependency. He said his personal financial position never influenced the crime. But Mr Robertson said that Suffling had been in an unhealthy financial position and had entered into a voluntary arrangement with creditors that was discharged in January 2017 when he received a loan from his father.

    Defending, Benjamin Holt said Suffling, who had his head in his hands, had ruined his career and knew he was going to prison. Jailing him, Recorder Jeffrey Yearwood said: “ It was an ugly crime. As a police officer you would have been well aware of the gravity of offences involved. The execution of these offences involved detailed planning. “It is clear that custody threshold has been breached. The only sentence is immediate custody.

    “The public must have their faith in police officers. Where an officer acts in a way that you did it can diminish the faith and respect the public at large hold other officers.”

  • Freemason cops release bomber who carried out attack on London tube

  • Parsons Green bucket bomber was KNOWN to the police and released to carry out the attack
  • Trump was right! Police first held 'refugee boy', 18, arrested at Dover over bucket bomb TWO WEEKS AGO but let him go, say neighbours - as officers finally raid home of MBE foster couple who took him in
  • Trump suggests UK police should have stopped attack by ‘loser terrorist’
  • Cops now dressing like robocops in Britain

    Under the guise of fighting terrorism cops now look like a military presence on the streets
    While UK peasants are stripped of any means of defence London's freemason cops get fully loaded

    Terror victims have to WAIT until this mob arrive

  • Elite 'Hercules' robocops storm down train tracks at Parsons Green in wake of tube terror attack
  • G4S and the Privatisation of British Police

    Imagine if private corporations, many of whom are traded on the stock market, were given the responsibility for patrolling your neighbourhoods, investigating crimes, and arresting suspects. That’s exactly what is being rolled out right now across the UK.

    It started off small, and few have taken any notice. Recently, we saw the launch of a new privatised police unit in the UK which charges homeowners £1 a weekly to have their burglar and panic alarms linked to a rapid response unit. We’re told that this amounts to ‘great savings for customers (residents)’. Leading the larger takeover effort however, is private global security firm G4S who have already signed a £200m contract with Lincolnshire Police in 2012. The controversial firm claims it can save £1bn a year across all 43 of the UK’s police forces.

    Still, a number of citizen advocacy groups hold the strong belief that the public must keep its police services properly funded, and publicly owned. As Benito Mussolini famously said, “Fascism should rightly be called corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.” One thing is certain: you will not see any Soros-funded ‘antifascist’ activists protesting stories like this…

    By Tom Pride

    Privatisation and handover of British policing to G4S is already well underway…

    Many people will have been shocked by the revelations of G4S guards abusing detainees in an immigration centre as revealed by the BBC’s Panorama. But not many people will know that the privatisation of Britain’s police is already well underway.

    And not many people will know that the private company more and more of our front-line policing duties are being handed over to is the disgraced G4S:

    “Part of G4S Government & Outsourcing Services, Police Support Services works in partnership with Police forces across the UK on the provision of custody services, transportation solutions, temporary staffing and specialist police skilled teams. It offers professional outsourcing services that enable Forces to target their own resources more effectively and efficiently in the front line of local communities. In high risk or surge situations they can provide ex-military specialist security teams.

    They also design and build state of the art custody suites. They offer a secure Transportation service that provides a range of options using a fleet of purpose designed cellular vehicles. The Service also operates the UK’s largest database of temporary police skilled staff and is the leading provider of temporary policing specialists to Forces and Local Authorities.”

    I’ve only got one question.

    Are we all stark raving mad?

  • Taser International Exposed Investigating Its Own Non-lethal Weapons Deaths

    By Joe Wright

    The proliferation of non-lethal weapons is predicated largely upon the advertising of weapons makers like Taser International (now Axon) that have repeatedly asserted their products are obviously much less dangerous than traditional weapons. However, the science behind the use of these weapons has been in conflict, and investigations into Taser-related deaths have been inconsistent. Now we might understand why.

    I covered some of the science behind potential Taser deaths back in 2012. One peer-reviewed study at the time, for example, concluded that supposedly non-lethal Tasers do in fact put citizens at a greater risk than without their use. Electrophysiologist, Dr. Douglas Zipes, published an article for the The American Heart Association which covered 8 cases where a 50,000 volt Electronic Control Device (TASER X26) was used and victims lost consciousness. His conclusion was that this particular non-lethal weapon could induce cardiac arrest. The idea that literally short-circuiting someone’s nervous system could potentially lead to death shouldn’t have been surprising, but other peer-reviewed evidence, as well as lengthy investigations into real-world situations, also began to support the many wrongful death claims that have been filed against police departments.

    Conclusions seemed abundantly clear in a subsequent wider study that sought to document Taser use in large- and mid-size cities such as Columbus, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; and Knoxville, Tennessee. The research was divided into two studies; the first to examine the rate of injury to those apprehended vs. apprehension by standard police methods; and the second study examined the rate of injury to the officer apprehending the suspect.

    The researchers found citizens were injured 41 percent of the time when officers used a stun gun only during apprehension. By contrast, citizens were injured only 29 percent of the time when no stun gun was used (when stun guns were used with another restraint method, such as pepper spray or wresting the suspect to the ground, citizens were injured 47 percent of the time). The study looked at 13,913 use-of-force cases in seven cities. The researchers took into account a host of factors, including the amount of citizen resistance, influence of alcohol or drugs, and officer experience. Injuries ranged from cuts to broken bones. (Source)

    Although Taser International has in fact paid out multi-million dollar settlements, they have been defiant about addressing their product’s results as any type of crisis. Following an explosive documentary in 2015 called Killing Them Safely (trailer below) Taser International issued the following statement to Business Insider:

    TASER® technology is the most extensively researched less-lethal weapon with more than 500 related reports and medical studies. These studies consistently have found that the TASER is generally safe and effective as a response to resistance option. In a 5-year TASER safety study by the US Department of Justice ‘an expert panel of medical professionals concludes that the use of conducted energy devices by police officers on healthy adults does not present a high risk of death or serious injury.’ A US DOJ funded study by the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center found that in 1201 randomly selected incidents, 99.75 percent of individuals subjected to a TASER device as part of an arrest procedure received no significant injury. The American Medical Association assessed that TASER devices are a ‘safe and effective tool’ and ‘can save lives during interventions’ when used appropriately. However, it is still a ‘weapon’ and it is not risk free and TASER provides in depth warnings to law enforcement to that effect; including that the weapon may cause death or serious injury.

    Interesting to note is that Taser International has switched its terminology from “non-lethal” to “less lethal” … which, of course, could be logically rewritten as “sometimes lethal” or just “lethal” – the frequency or degree of lethality hardly matters to the ones who have been killed. This background is necessary to provide the framework for understanding how Taser International views itself, as well as why these weapons have proliferated across the country.

    A three-part series from Reuters has sought to get to the bottom of it all. In part 3, Reuters made a stunning discovery: Taser is supplying experts to police investigators who are assigned with documenting any deaths that have occurred from their very own devices. According to Reuters, Taser International has thus attempted to cover all bases, from the science about potential deaths to the investigations after deaths occur.

    Taser International has defended the safety of its stun guns by spending millions on studies and forging close ties with police, medical examiners and consultants. When someone dies after an altercation involving a Taser, the manufacturer is quick to offer guidance to investigators, Reuters found.

    One real-world example provided by Reuters occurred in Miami, FL after the death of 18-year-old Israel Hernandez-Llach (just one of over 1,000 documented incidents across the nation). The speed of Taser’s involvement and its overt directives are chilling (emphasis added):

    It was 5:20 a.m. on Aug. 6, 2013. At 6:18 a.m., he was pronounced dead. Four hours later, the Miami Beach Police Department received an email from stun-gun manufacturer Taser International Inc. The message, marked “confidential” and not previously reported, provided guidance on how investigators should proceed, from collecting hair and nail samples to recording the teen’s body temperature and documenting his behavior before he was stunned. It included a sample press release and an “evidence collection checklist.” Free 1000 Lumen Military Grade LED Flashlight (Ad) In bold letters, marked “TIMELY AND URGENT,” the dispatch advised Miami’s medical examiner to send the teen’s brain tissue for testing to Deborah Mash, a University of Miami medical researcher. It did not mention Mash had been paid by Taser to testify on its behalf in lawsuits against the company.

    I would encourage everyone to read Reuters‘ reporting on Taser International; what they have exposed ranks up there with the exact type of full-scale corruption, scientific malfeasance, intimidation and flat-out propaganda that we have come to expect from companies like Monsanto. Given the number of yearly deaths and injuries, it’s clear that these supposedly non-lethal weapons have not only been mislabeled as such, but they are becoming fully entrenched in every part of the U.S. legal system.

  • Mysterious Boys In Blue VIDEO
    Godfrey Bloom exposes Britain's masonic infested police VIDEO
    Got a police complaint ? You need to know this VIDEO
    Masonic cops continually covered up crimes of Ian Huntley the Soham murderer

    Huntley's trial opened at the Old Bailey in London on 5 November 2003 before Mr Justice Moses. He was charged with two counts of murder. The families of Wells and Chapman were present for the duration.

    Huntley admitted that the girls had died in his house; he claimed that he accidentally knocked Wells into the bath while helping her control a nosebleed, and this caused her to drown. Chapman witnessed this and he claimed that he accidentally suffocated her while attempting to stifle her screaming. By the time he realised what he was doing, it was too late to save either of them. Based on this version of events, he admitted manslaughter. The jury rejected his claims that the girls had died accidentally and, on 17 December 2003, returned a majority verdict of guilty on both counts of murder. Huntley was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term to be decided by the Lord Chief Justice at a later date.

    After Huntley was convicted, it was revealed that he had been investigated in the past for sexual offences and burglary, but had still been allowed to work in a school AS NONE OF THESE INVESTIGATIONS HAD RESULTED IN A CONVICTION.

    In August 1995, when Huntley was 21 years old, a joint investigation was launched by police and social services in Grimsby, after a 15-year-old girl stated that she had been having sex with Huntley. POLICE DID NOT PURSUE THE CASE against Huntley in accordance with the girl's wishes.

    In March 1996, Huntley was charged in connection with a burglary at a Grimsby house which took place on 15 November 1995, when he and an accomplice allegedly stole electrical goods, jewellery and cash. The case reached court and WAS ORDERED TO LIE ON FILE.

    Also in March 1996, Huntley was once again investigated over allegations of having sex with an underage girl, but AGAIN HE WAS NOT CHARGED.

    A month later, Huntley was investigated once again over allegations of underage sex, but this allegation too did NOT RESULT IN A CHARGE.

    The same outcome occurred the following month when he was investigated over allegations of having sex with a 13-year-old girl AND DID NOT RESULT IN A CHARGE.

    In April 1998, Huntley was arrested on suspicion of raping a woman. He admitted having sex with the woman but claimed it was consensual. The police decided NOT TO CHARGE HIM.

    A month later, Huntley was charged with rape and remanded in custody after an 18-year-old Grimsby woman claimed to have been raped by him on her way home from a nightclub in the town. The charge WAS DROPPED A WEEK LATER after the Crown Prosecution Service examined CCTV images from the nightclub and determined that there was no chance of a conviction.

    In July 1998, Huntley was investigated by the police on allegations that he indecently assaulted an 11-year-old girl in September 1997. However, he WAS NEVER CHARGED, though in April 2007 he confessed that he attacked the girl. He was investigated over allegations of rape on a 17-year-old girl in February 1999 but NO CHARGES WERE MADE AGAINST HIM.

    The final allegation came in July 1999, when a woman was raped and Huntley – by now suspected by local police as a serial sex offender – was interviewed. He supplied a DNA sample and had an alibi provided by Maxine Carr to assert his innocence. The woman subsequently said that Huntley was not the rapist. This was the only case where the victim had not identified or named Huntley as the attacker.

    Home Secretary David Blunkett ordered an inquiry into these revelations, chaired by Sir Michael Bichard, and later ordered the suspension of David Westwood, Chief of Humberside Police. The inquiry criticised Humberside Police for DELETING INFORMATION relating to previous allegations against Huntley and criticised Cambridgeshire Constabulary for not FOLLOWING VETTING GUIDELINES.

    An added complication in the vetting procedures was the fact that Huntley had applied for the caretaker's job under the name of Ian Nixon, although he did state on the application form that he was once known as Ian Huntley. It is believed that Humberside Police either did not check under the name Huntley on the police computer – if they had then they would have discovered a burglary charge left on file – or did not check either name.

    Police Reform Act 2002

    Bichard's report severely criticised the Chief Constable of Humberside Police, David Westwood, for ordering the destruction of criminal records of child abusers. Though supported by the Humberside Police Authority, he was suspended by then Home Secretary David Blunkett using powers granted under the Police Reform Act 2002 to order suspension as "necessary for the maintenance of public confidence in the force in question". The suspension was later lifted, with Westwood agreeing to retire a year early in March 2005.

    The Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Tom Lloyd, was also criticised as his force had failed to contact Humberside Police during the vetting procedure. Lloyd was criticised by the police inspectorate for being slow to cut short a holiday after the investigation had become the largest in the force's history. The inspectorate also criticised a "lack of grip" on the investigation, which included nationally-televised appeals by footballer David Beckham, and Detective Superintendent David Beck who announced that he had left a message for abductors on Chapman's mobile phone before the case was taken from him.

    Another complication was that two Cambridgeshire police officers involved with the families of the murdered girls had become Operation Ore suspects a month before the murders. Antony Goodridge, one of the exhibits officers, later pleaded guilty to child pornography offences and was sentenced to six months' imprisonment. Detective Constable Brian Stevens, who had spoken at the memorial service, was acquitted of charges of indecent assault and child pornography offences when no evidence was offered by the prosecution.

  • Speculative controlled rag 'The Daily Record' promote cops as if they did a wonderful job of catching Soham killer despite Ian Huntley having a long criminal history that was covered up to help him get the job as school caretaker
  • UK Police Brutality Compilation VIDEO
    The perverts they employ as British cops

  • The absolute dregs they employ as cops
  • Cop Spies VIDEO

  • Do we have a fundamental right to film the police in public?
  • London protest against police brutality and murder VIDEO

    25-year-old Edir Frederico Da Costa died from wounds allegedly sustained during his arrest by police
    Met cops changing into same outfits as “terrorists” during the London bridge attacks? VIDEO
    Met cops accused of using hackers to access protesters' emails

    Sinister stasi like behaviour of the murderous masonic met thugs masquerading as some sort of policing.

    Watchdog investigates claim that secretive unit worked with Indian police to obtain campaigners’ passwords

    The police watchdog is investigating allegations that a secretive Scotland Yard unit used hackers to illegally access the private emails of hundreds of political campaigners and journalists.

    The allegations were made by an anonymous individual who says the unit worked with Indian police, who in turn used hackers to illegally obtain the passwords of the email accounts of the campaigners, and some reporters and press photographers. The person, who says he or she previously worked for the intelligence unit that monitors the activities of political campaigners, detailed their concerns in a letter to the Green party peer Jenny Jones. The peer passed on the allegations to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which is investigating.

    Hacked passwords were passed to the Metropolitan police unit, according to the writer of the letter, which then regularly checked the emails of the campaigners and the media to gather information. The letter to Jones listed the passwords of environmental campaigners, four of whom were from Greenpeace. Several confirmed they matched the ones they had used to open their emails. The letter said: “For a number of years the unit had been illegally accessing the email accounts of activists. This has largely been accomplished because of the contact that one of the officers had developed with counterparts in India who in turn were using hackers to obtain email passwords.”

    Jones said: “There is more than enough to justify a full-scale criminal investigation into the activities of these police officers and referral to a public inquiry. I have urged the Independent Police Complaints Commission to act quickly to secure further evidence and to find out how many people were victims of this nasty practice.” The letter also alleges that emails of reporters and photographers, including two working for the Guardian, were monitored. A spokesperson for the Guardian said: “Allegations that the Metropolitan police has accessed the email accounts of Guardian journalists are extremely concerning and we expect a full and thorough investigation into these claims.”

    The IPCC has for several months been investigating claims that the national domestic extremism and disorder intelligence unit shredded a large number of documents over a number of days in May 2014. Last month the IPCC said it had uncovered evidence suggesting the documents had been destroyed despite a specific instruction that files should be preserved to be examined by a judge-led public inquiry into the undercover policing of political groups. The letter claimed that the shredding “has been happening for some time and on a far greater scale than the IPCC seems to be aware of”. The author added that “the main reason for destroying these documents is that they reveal that [police] officers were engaged in illegal activities to obtain intelligence on protest groups”.

    The letter to Jones lists 10 individuals, alongside specific passwords that they used to access their email accounts. Lawyers at Bindmans, who are representing Jones, contacted six on the list and, after outlining the allegations, asked them to volunteer their passwords. Five of them gave the identical password that had been identified in the letter. The sixth gave a password that was almost the same. The remaining four on the list have yet to be approached or cannot be traced. Colin Newman has for two decades volunteered to help organise mainly local Greenpeace protests which he says were publicised to the media. He used the password specified in the letter for his private email account between the late 1990s and last year.

    Newman said he felt “angry and violated, especially for the recipients”. He added: “I am open about my actions as I make a stand and am personally responsible for those, but it is not fair and just that others are scrutinised. “I am no threat. There is no justification for snooping in private accounts unless you have a reason to do so, and you have the authority to do that.” He said he had been cautioned by the police once, for trespassing on the railway during a protest against coal about two years ago.

    Another on the list was Cat Dorey who has worked for Greenpeace, both as an employee and a volunteer, since 2001. She said all the protests she had been involved in were non-violent. The password specified in the letter sent to Jones had been used for emails that contained private information about her family and friends. She said: “Even though Greenpeace UK staff, volunteers, and activists were always warned to assume someone was listening to our phone conversations or reading our emails, it still came as a shock to find out I was being watched by the police. It’s creepy to think of strangers reading my personal emails.”

    In 2005, she was part of a group of Greenpeace protesters who were sentenced to 80 hours of community service after installing solar panels on the home of the then deputy prime minister, John Prescott, in a climate change demonstration. According to the letter, the “most sensitive side of the work was monitoring the email accounts of radical journalists who reported on activist protests (as well as sympathetic photographers) including at least two employed by the Guardian newspaper”. None were named. Investigators working for the IPCC have met Jones twice with her lawyer, Jules Carey, and have asked to interview the peer. An IPCC spokesperson said: “After requesting and receiving a referral by the Metropolitan police service, we have begun an independent investigation related to anonymous allegations concerning the accessing of personal data. We are still assessing the scope of the investigation and so we are not able to comment further.”

    The letter’s writer said he or she had spoken out about the “serious abuse of power” because “over the years, the unit had evolved into an organisation that had little respect for the law, no regard for personal privacy, encouraged highly immoral activity and, I believe, is a disgrace”. In recent years, the unit has monitored thousands of political activists, drawing on information gathered by undercover officers and informants as well as from open sources such as websites. Police chiefs say they need to keep track of a wide pool of activists to identify the small number who commit serious crime to promote their cause. But the unit has come in for criticism after it was revealed to be compiling files on law-abiding campaigners, including John Catt, a 91-year-old pensioner with no criminal record as well as senior members of the Green party including the MP Caroline Lucas.

    The Metropolitan police said the IPCC had made it “aware of anonymous allegations concerning the accessing of personal data, and requested the matters were referred to them by the MPS. This was done. The MPS is now aware that the IPCC are carrying out an independent investigation.”

    Militarizing cops on British streets

    This is nothing to do with foreign terrorism and everything to do with freemasons threatening and intimidating the local population. They are not there to protect the peasants and never have.
    Here's why you can't get a cop to investigate REAL crimes (To busy helping BBC thugs) VIDEO
    How to Survive an Encounter with the Police VIDEO
    Which machine gun totting London met cop ain't a freemason?

  • Having armed police on Tube will make Londoners feel 'less secure' (Londoners obviously know the history of the masonic Met's murderous past)
  • Met masonic cops
  • Cop Watch 2017 VIDEO
    300+ British cops accused of using their position to sexually exploit people, including victims of crime

    The masonic scum and filth employed as so called LAW enforcement use domestic abuse allegations to access women who report DV cajoled by British lawyers ripping off legal aid and who then find they are sexually exploited by pervert cops. Those same cops remove children from their biological fathers and then can access those children for their own sexual deviancy and sinister at the extreme. We have personal experience of male cops forcibly removing children, using dodgy divorce court orders, from their fathers and left vulnerable while in the hands of the dregs of society presently employed as supposed police officers.

    More than 300 police officers have been accused of using their position to sexually exploit people, including victims of crime, a report has said.

    Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary said abuse of authority for sexual gain was now the "most serious" form of corruption facing police in England and Wales. The watchdog's figures were gathered over two years to the end of March. The National Police Chiefs' Council described the problem as a "disease".

    It acknowledged that more needed to be done to "root it out and inoculate policing for the future". Chief Constable Stephen Watson, the NPCC's lead for counter-corruption, said: "It is the most serious form of corruption and it can never be justified or condoned."

    Police and sexual exploitation

    England and Wales (two years to March)

    436 reported allegations of abuse of authority for sexual gain

    306 police officers accused

    28 Police Community Support Officers and police staff also accused

    40% of allegations involved victims of crime

    Source: Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary

    HMIC said its police "legitimacy" inspection was positive overall, with high satisfaction among victims at how they were treated. The watchdog was asked to investigate the extent of the problem earlier this year, by the then Home Secretary Theresa May. It found that 306 officers, 20 PCSOs and eight police staff were involved in 436 reported allegations.

    The data also showed all but one constabulary had received at least one allegation, and that almost 40% of accusations involved victims of domestic abuse. Other people who were allegedly exploited were thought to include arrested suspects and people with drug or alcohol problems.

    The report also found:

    Fewer than half (48%) of the 436 reported allegations had been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission
    There was an "apparent disconnect" between the numbers of alleged cases and any subsequent staff dismissals
    Officers did not have a "sufficiently clear understanding" of boundaries around establishing or pursuing relationships with vulnerable people
    Some counter-corruption units did not have the ability or capacity to seek information about potential cases
    Almost half of forces inspected were unable to audit or monitor the use of all IT systems, which limited the ability to spot any staff accessing databases to identify vulnerable victims

    HM Inspector Mike Cunningham, who led the review, said the problem of sexual exploitation could be "more serious" than the reported numbers and forces needed to become "far more proactive in rooting out" such corruption. Mr Cunningham told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Make no mistake about it, the sexual exploitation of vulnerable women is corruption. It is using authority for personal gain, which is a definition of corruption.

    "It is the most serious corruption problem in the sense that it is the ultimate betrayal of trust, where the guardian becomes the abuser. That is what we are seeing in these cases, and we're seeing too many. "The allegations that we collected across the country are not closed allegations, they're not confirmed or finalised allegations but nevertheless they are allegations."

    Police officers convicted of sex crimes include:

    Northumbria Police constable Stephen Mitchell was jailed for life with a minimum of seven-and-a-half years in 2011 for raping and sexually assaulting vulnerable women he met while on duty in Newcastle

    West Midlands Police constable Steven Walters, 48, was jailed for four years in October for assaulting a female passenger in his patrol car and groping another woman in her home

    Metropolitan Police constable James Evans was jailed for four years in August after having sex with a 15-year-old rape victim he met on the dating app Tinder

    Met Police detective constable Clifford Earl was jailed for 12 months in 2013 after he sexually assaulted two women in their homes

    Mr Cunningham said people such as former Northumbria officer Stephen Mitchell, who is serving two life sentences for serious sexual offences including rape, were clearly predators. Others, he said, were opportunistic and found themselves in circumstances where they could abuse their power and authority.

    Det Supt Ray Marley, of the College of Policing, said the report "highlighted a number of unacceptable cases which have a significant impact on the victims and public confidence". Home Secretary Amber Rudd described the report as "shocking". "It undermines justice and public confidence and there is no place in the police for anyone guilty of this sort of abuse," she said. She said she had met the College of Policing and the NPCC to discuss action needed to tackle the problem.

    "The vast majority of police officers do their jobs with integrity and I know they will share my determination to ensure the most vulnerable in our society are given the protection they deserve," she said. In the wake of the report, IPCC chairwoman Dame Anne Owers has written to chief constables in England and Wales urging them to ensure that all cases involving abuse of authority for sexual gain are referred to the commission.

    The report assessed whether officers were seen by the public to behave consistently fairly, ethically and within the law. Two forces - Derbyshire and Kent - were graded as outstanding, 36 as good, and five - Cleveland, Dyfed-Powys, Gloucestershire, North Wales and South Yorkshire - as requiring improvement. No forces were graded as inadequate.

    There are a total of 200,000 police officers in England and Wales.

  • Global media produce thousands of POSITIVE promotion of police dramas yet NONE are close to how the freemason murdering thugs actually behave (We have YET to come across any cop that acts anywhere near how they are protrayed in fictional dramas)
  • Be afraid be very afraid as the Met turn London into a military zone

    More lives have been lost due to murdering met cops than to any pseudo terrorist or FALSE FLAG threat and senior cops, all part of the masonic mafia and hand picked by the royal's Duke of Kent, want ever more armed cops on the streets under the guise of terrorism which conveniently coincides with the SHEEPLE slowly waking up from their masonic brainwashed slumber.

    This is a show of THEIR strength with sinister creepy looking garb and machine guns and NOT to reassure the public but to threaten and intimidate ANYONE who dares to stand up to their blatant murderous tyranny protecting the paedo rings that control and dominate how they operate blackmailed to serve the establishment and oppress the peasants.

  • Met cops arrest nearly 50 at Anonymous protest in London
  • Freemasons disguised as law enforcement want to make sure only THEY have machine guns (as if the public is safe while vast arsenals are in the hands of secret society thugs?)
  • Having armed police on Tube will make Londoners feel 'less secure' (Londoners obviously know the history of the masonic Met's murderous past)
  • Top freemason cop guilty of homopaedo abuse against vulnerable boys for DECADES
    Freemasons protected this evil bastard for decades, like Savile and Janner, even letting him win damages despite his long history of abusing vulnerable boys.

    Ex-police chief found guilty of sexually abusing boys in 1980s

    Gordon Anglesea faced claims for quarter of a century that he preyed on boys at young offenders’ centre and children’s home

    A former police superintendent has been found guilty of sexually abusing boys in the 1980s at a Home Office attendance centre for young offenders and at a children’s home. Gordon Anglesea, 79, becomes the highest-profile offender brought to justice through the National Crime Agency’s Operation Pallial, which has been investigating allegations of widespread and organised child abuse in north Wales.

    Anglesea has faced claims for a quarter of a century that he preyed on young boys, and in the mid-90s was awarded £375,000 in damages after successfully suing news organisations that had linked him to abuse. At that time he depicted himself as an old-fashioned north Wales police officer who had been inspired by the beloved fictional cop Dixon of Dock Green. Over the past six weeks at Mold crown court in north Wales, Anglesea has been accused of sexually abusing two boys aged 14 and 15. The first said he was assaulted by Anglesea in the shower and a changing room at the attendance centre he ran in Wrexham. Such centres were set up by the Home Office to provide an alternative to custody for youths and included physical training and woodwork.

    Anglesea would “inspect” a military-style parade, make the youngsters do naked sit-ups and squat thrusts, then loiter around the showers “with a smirk on his face”, the court heard. The complainant – who described the centre as a “naughty boy school” and had been sent there for “petty” crimes – made allegations against Anglesea after receiving counselling. He said of Anglesea: “You did what you were told because he was the boss … he used to hit everyone around the head … He was a powerful person. He’s wrecked my life.” In the witness box, the complainant described Anglesea as “evil” and added: “I have got no respect for authority at all because of him. Since all this happened I haven’t had a life.”

    The second victim lived at a children’s home called Bryn Estyn. He claimed he was taken from there to various addresses and passed around “like a handbag” to men including Anglesea. He was accused of trying to win compensation from Anglesea. “I don’t want a penny, I don’t want a bean,” the complainant said in court. “All I want is justice, nothing else.” In 1994, Anglesea sued the Observer, Private Eye, the Independent on Sunday and the Welsh broadcaster HTV over allegations connecting him to abuse.

    During libel hearings at the high court, Anglesea, then in his late 50s, was portrayed as a stalwart of the community, a freemason, rotarian, Methodist and a school governor. He described how the allegations had made him a “leper” in the small seaside community where he lived in north Wales. The news organisations called evidence from three young men who claimed to have been Anglesea’s victims while they were teenagers at Bryn Estyn. Anglesea persuaded the jury of his innocence and was awarded damages. The papers and broadcaster were also left with a £1m legal bill. In 2012, the National Crime Agency launched Operation Pallial at the height of the swirl of false allegations linking the Tory peer Lord McAlpine to child abuse in the Wrexham area.

    Its mission was to look at the allegations of sexual abuse within the care system in north Wales that once again surfaced during the scandal, which was triggered by a Newsnight report. More than 300 people made contact with the investigation, dozens have been arrested and scores of complaints are still being actively investigated.

    It is no surprise that so many came forward. During the Sir Ronald Waterhouse inquiry in 1997, almost 300 men and women named 148 abusers including police officers, social workers, local authority executives, senior businessmen and politicians. Waterhouse ordered that they could not be identified by the media. Among those who have been convicted through Pallial are care home owner John Allen, who was jailed for life, and a gang of five including a former professional wrestler, a radio presenter and a civil servant, who were found to be members of a predatory paedophile ring that abused vulnerable boys.

  • The vile bastards that masquerade and get employed as law enforcement (Allan Richards, a former Scout leader and cop, convicted of homopaedo abuse against 17 boys over four decades. Another pervert protected by freemason cops)
  • Scotland's top freemason judges protected jewish law lord Greville Janner from homopaedo abuse claims
  • Mass murderer being protected by absurd laws while detective gets sacked VIDEO

    Mass murderer Christopher Halliwell and EX-detective Steve Fulcher

    A man serving life for murdering two women could be linked to six other killings, according to the former senior police officer who arrested him. Ex-detective Steve Fulcher claims Christopher Halliwell said police wanted to talk to him about eight murders. Mr Fulcher told this programme about the extraordinary moment Halliwell confessed to killing two women. But he's now questioning whether his former force did enough to examine Halliwell's potential links to other cases.
    Why are innocent fathers rotting in jail while criminals and murderers roam the streets?
    Rogue freemason cops, judges and lawyers like it that way!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Britain's Daily Rat recently reported that

    Serial killer Christopher Halliwell once worked for husband now serving life for murder of wife that he has always denied. Christopher Halliwell did building work for a husband who was later convicted of murdering his estranged wife and is still protesting his innocence in jail 13 years later.

    Glyn Razzell, 44, a redundant investment banker, has been behind bars for the past thirteen years for murdering his wife Linda Razzell after she went missing in Swindon in March 2002. He has always protested his innocence. But there are now claims that taxi driver Christopher Halliwell - the double serial killer who was last month jailed for murdering sex worker Becky Godden - could be linked to the crime.

    Why would the police and courts jail an innocent ex-husband rather than catch the REAL murderer???????

    The bias and prejudice within the supposed law enforcement derives from the massive theft of men's estates during divorce and that masonic controlled system BRANDS all separated men as evil bastards that abuse their wives and children. The vast propaganda provided by a complicit media reinforces that message and makes it easier to justify stripping men bare while gaining access to their now vulnerable children for their perverted lodge buddies like Jimmy Savile, Greville Janner and Cyril Smith.

    Criminals, murderers and paedo's part of their lodge system potentially like Christopher Halliwell could continue to roam the streets murdering knowing their lodge buddies were turning a blind eye as they did with Jimmy Savile (who claimed he was untouchable to his victims) and who was allowed to abuse 100's of children over many decades while his lodge buddies in the police would use the masonic get out clause 'insufficient evidence' to let him abuse right up until his death. That also happened with homopaedo Greville Janner and Cyril Smith and the many BBC predatory paedo's that are now getting caught. The same BBC who provides the propaganda cover for endless botched investigations by freemason cops and none more so than the 96 who died at Hillsborough football ground where for over 20 years masonic cops covered up evidence that protected rogue freemason cops failures that caused the deaths of 96 innocent victims of masonic tyranny.

    So what are the mass media doing???????? Endless cover ups that still go on despite the internet becoming the main exposer of the mass murdering criminals that are still being protected by a covert system of silencing anyone who dares challenge the global criminal cartel who by the day remain getting away with murder while innocent men face a tyranny so vast all other crimes pale next to this global satanic plunder by a masonic mafia.

    Fathers who have built up a decent amount of wealth in their lives are easier to rob when they are incarcerated. Criminals on the other hand are used by crooked freemason lawyers to fleece legal aid that has been propped up by good fathers stolen wealth and require to be let off or released early so their serial criminality can feed the gangsters running the legal system for their own self enrichment.

    People who have yet to face this gross injustice would not believe what is going on right under their noses as it is the men dragged through divorce that see first hand the enormity of the damage being done by a masonic fist that brutalizes men into early graves due to the oppression that comes from psychological and financial torture and as their other name confirms they are the 'SILENT' destroyers.

  • Have masonic cops been protecting mass murderer Christopher Halliwell and left an innocent ex-husband serving 13 YEARS in jail?
  • Hillsborough exposes freemasons behind cover up of 96 deaths
  • How freemason cops keep themselves in employment
    We only give ONE example , a very serious example of how cops in Scotland who happen to be RIFE with freemasons as Kilwinning is the mother lodge of global freemasonry keep themselves and their brothers in cushy law enforcement work.

    We witnessed a neighbours car being jumped on by a group of youths and was being bashed in by them stomping on the roof and despite a long history of how Scottish cops operate we called to report the ongoing damage to an expensive car. Their reply was that they were to busy and they would attend much later after the youths had disappeared.

    However later that night a young boy was stabbed to death and the culprit was one of the young thugs who had been damaging a neighbours car. Now this is only ONE example from thousands from all parts of Scotland that see a bunch of crooked scumbags taking charge of law enforcement and instead of nipping potential criminals in the bud they take no action until things escalate and some innocent life is lost and then they can claim they need MORE cops on the street.

    A very subtle and devious ploy to keep themselves in well paid employment despite their appalling record and also makes room for more of their lodge buddies to take control of a country. Not only do they keep themselves employed but ensure a myriad of crooked judges and lawyers all from similar lodges can guarantee a steady supply of young criminals who get caught, not with the petty crimes, but very serious crimes when law and order gets out of control thanks to a secret agenda that relies on murder as an excuse to keep a huge entourage of their tribe in well paid legal work.

    You can be sure many of the murders committed in Britain could have been avoided as these evil bastards have a long history of reports made prior to the murders and their failings ensures those seeking their protection GOT NONE!!!!!!!!!! Then they quickly round up the murderer, unless they are freemasons, knowing the history of the case and give themselves a pat on the back despite their previous failings that led to those deaths.

    The devious methods of how cops operate not only in Scotland but globally can be pinpointed directly at the Duke of Kent the master planner for Britain's royal mafia who ensures only their dim witted goons get key positions that turn a blind eye to all of their crimes while going after the low level criminals whose crimes pale next to the house thieves who dont steal your TV or laptop but take the very roof over your head when they manipulate laws to give themselves power over all of your estate.

    A media that turns a blind eye to just how freemasons have used the power of law and order to destroy lives that cannot get their assistance while their lodge buddies run riot stealing trillions using laws that only enrich their satanic cult while stripping any man not part of their creepy network of power and control.

    Everything that is paraded on their complicit media is a cover for what exactly is going on in the streets and cities right across the world that have masonic lodges embedded in those towns and cities. Saddam Hussein was removing masonic lodges from Iraq before he was taken out by lodge buddies Blair and Bush hand picked to provide the backdrop to the continued judeo / masonic agenda that encircles the globe weakening the men and countries who ultimately will have to take on these gangsters who are getting away with murder on a daily basis. Including raping our young boys in a global homopaedo ring that is protected by the very cops that operate from inside their lodges. See jewish lawyer and UK law lord Greville Janner's decades of abuse for confirmation of just what they are protecting and covering up.

  • Kilwinning: Home to the Knights Templar... and birthplace of the Freemasons
  • Freemasonry in the Muslim World (This position was later reinforced under Saddam Hussein, the death penalty was prescribed for those who promote or acclaim Zionist principles, including Freemasonry, or who associate [themselves] with Zionist organisations)
  • Homopaedo jewish lawyer and law lord Greville Janner Exposed
  • Greville Janner history
  • Nick Clegg and David Cameron colluded in covering up homopaedo MP Cyril Smith's sexual and physical abuse of young boys (Homosexual / homopaedo agenda operating right inside the heart of government)
  • Britain's homopaedo establishment used freemason cops and special branch to hide their sinister debauchery
  • How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police
  • Former detective confirms freemasons criminalising UK criminal justice system (VIDEO)
  • Welcome to Scotland, the SNP's police state (from 2014)
  • Ex dep Chief Constable call's for inquiry into Masonic Lodge (Bryn Estyn Children's Home in Wales) (VIDEO)

    Creating their OWN terror on the streets and they want to give these fuckers machine guns
    Vicious confrontation with London's met thug cops VIDEO

    Our group have seen this sort of thuggish OTT behaviour regularly by
    Britain's freemasons disguised as law enforcement
    Freemason murdering met cops get more militarized


  • Freemasons building a militarized police state right in front of Londoners eyes
  • Cranking up Britain's police state under the guise of terrorist threats VIDEO
    London cops turned into military style police state troopers

  • More armed cops on London streets (Freemasons flexing muscles under the guise of protecting the public)
  • Britain's duped goons think heavily armed freemasons disguised as cops roaming the streets will protect them (Meanwhile those same duped goons remain totally unarmed while a police state is being erected around them)
  • The Police Were Created to Control Working Class and Poor People, Not ‘Serve and Protect’

    We shouldn’t expect the police to be something they’re not. (David Shankbone / Flickr)

    In most of the liberal discussions of the recent police killings of unarmed black men, there is an underlying assumption that the police are supposed to protect and serve the population. That is, after all, what they were created to do.

    If only the normal, decent relations between the police and the community could be re-established, this problem could be resolved. Poor people in general are more likely to be the victims of crime than anyone else, this reasoning goes, and in that way, they are in more need than anyone else of police protection. Maybe there are a few bad apples, but if only the police weren’t so racist, or didn’t carry out policies like stop-and-frisk, or weren’t so afraid of black people, or shot fewer unarmed men, they could function as a useful service that we all need.

    This liberal way of viewing the problem rests on a misunderstanding of the origins of the police and what they were created to do. The police were not created to protect and serve the population. They were not created to stop crime, at least not as most people understand it. And they were certainly not created to promote justice. They were created to protect the new form of wage-labor capitalism that emerged in the mid- to late-19th century from the threat posed by that system’s offspring, the working class. This is a blunt way of stating a nuanced truth, but sometimes nuance just serves to obfuscate.

    Before the 19th century, there were no police forces that we would recognize as such anywhere in the world. In the Northern United States, there was a system of elected constables and sheriffs, much more responsible to the population in a very direct way than the police are today. In the South, the closest thing to a police force was the slave patrols. Then, as Northern cities grew and filled with mostly immigrant wage workers who were physically and socially separated from the ruling class, the wealthy elite who ran the various municipal governments hired hundreds and then thousands of armed men to impose order on the new working class neighborhoods.

    Class conflict roiled late-19th century American cities like Chicago, which experienced major strikes and riots in 1867, 1877, 1886, and 1894. In each of these upheavals, the police attacked strikers with extreme violence, even if in 1877 and 1894 the U.S. Army played a bigger role in ultimately repressing the working class. In the aftermath of these movements, the police increasingly presented themselves as a thin blue line protecting civilization (by which they meant bourgeois civilization) from the disorder of the working class. This ideology of order that developed in the late 19th century echoes down to today—except that today, poor black and Latino people are the main threat, rather than immigrant workers.

    Of course, the ruling class did not get everything it wanted, and had to yield on many points to the immigrant workers it sought to control. This is why, for instance, municipal governments backed away from trying to stop Sunday drinking, and why they hired so many immigrant police officers, especially the Irish. But despite these concessions, businessmen organized themselves to make sure the police were increasingly isolated from democratic control, and established their own hierarchies, systems of governance, and rules of behavior.

    The police increasingly set themselves off from the population by donning uniforms; establishing their own rules for hiring, promotion and firing; working to build a unique esprit des corps and identifying themselves with order. And despite complaints about corruption and inefficiency, they gained more and more support from the ruling class, to the extent that in Chicago, for instance, businessmen donated money to buy the police rifles, artillery, Gatling guns, buildings, and money to establish a police pension out of their own pockets.

    There was a never a time when the big city police neutrally enforced “the law,” or came anywhere close to that ideal. (For that matter, the law itself has never been neutral.) In the North, they mostly arrested people for the vaguely defined “crimes” of disorderly conduct and vagrancy throughout the nineteenth century. This meant that the police could arrest anyone they saw as a threat to “order.” In the post-bellum South, they enforced white supremacy and largely arrested black people on trumped-up charges in order to feed them into convict labor systems.

    The violence the police carried out and their moral separation from those they patrolled were not the consequences of the brutality of individual officers, but were the consequences of careful policies designed to mold the police into a force that could use violence to deal with the social problems that accompanied the development of a wage-labor economy.

    For instance, in the short, sharp depression of the mid-1880s, Chicago was filled with prostitutes who worked the streets. Many policemen recognized that these prostitutes were generally impoverished women seeking a way to survive, and initially tolerated their behavior. But the police hierarchy insisted that the patrolmen do their duty whatever their feelings, and arrest these women, impose fines, and drive them off the streets and into brothels, where they could be ignored by some members of the elite and controlled by others.

    Similarly, in 1885, when Chicago began to experience a wave of strikes, some policemen sympathized with strikers. But once the police hierarchy and the mayor decided to break the strikes, policemen who refused to comply were fired. In these and a thousand similar ways, the police were molded into a force that would impose order on working class and poor people, whatever the individual feelings of the officers involved.

    Though some patrolmen tried to be kind and others were openly brutal, police violence in the 1880s was not a case of a few bad apples—and neither is it today.

    Much has changed since the creation of the police—most importantly the influx of black people into the Northern cities, the mid-twentieth century black movement, and the creation of the current system of mass incarceration in part as a response to that movement. But these changes did not lead to a fundamental shift in policing. They led to new policies designed to preserve fundamental continuities. The police were created to use violence to reconcile electoral democracy with industrial capitalism. Today, they are just one part of the “criminal justice” system which continues to play the same role. Their basic job is to enforce order among those with the most reason to resent the system—who in our society today are disproportionately poor black people.

    A democratic police system is imaginable—one in which police are elected by and accountable to the people they patrol. But that is not what we have. And it’s not what the current system of policing was created to be.

    If there is one positive lesson from the history of policing’s origins, it is that when workers organized, refused to submit or cooperate and caused problems for the city governments, they could back the police off from the most galling of their activities.

    Murdering individual police officers, as happened in in Chicago on May 3, 1886 and more recently in New York on December 20, 2014, only reinforced those calling for harsh repression—a reaction we are beginning to see already. But resistance on a mass scale could force the police to hesitate. This happened in Chicago during the early 1880s, when the police pulled back from breaking strikes, hired immigrant officers, and tried to re-establish some credibility among the working class after their role in brutally crushing the 1877 upheaval.

    The police might be backed off again if the reaction against the killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and countless others continues. If they are, it will be a victory for those mobilizing today, and will save lives—though as long as this system that requires police violence to control a big share of its population survives, any change in police policy will be aimed at keeping the poor in line more effectively.

    We shouldn’t expect the police to be something they’re not. We ought to know that origins matter, and the police were created by the ruling class to control working class and poor people, not help them. They’ve continued to play that role ever since.

    This post first appeared at the Labor and Working Class History Assocation blog.

    Sam Mitrani is an Associate Professor of History at the College of DuPage. He holds Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2009 and is the author of The Rise of the Chicago Police Department: Class and Conflict, 1850-1894.

  • How top freemason cops get millions spent on top lawyers to protect them from incompetence and 96 deaths
    This is where the masonic legal mafia and cops conspire and make millions in the process

    South Yorkshire Police spent at least £2.1m on legal fees representing its suspended Chief Constable David Crompton during the Hillsborough Inquests, the BBC has discovered. Mr Crompton's barrister alone was paid over £1m to represent him.

    Several victims' families complained to the police watchdog about Mr Crompton's conduct during the inquests. They claim the chief constable "instructed his legal team to pour blame on to Liverpool fans". South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Dr Alan Billings said the legal costs - which were footed by the taxpayer - were a result of the length of the inquest, which began in March 2014.

    Police chief's legal costs

    Hillsborough Inquest spending breakdown

    £2.1m on legal fees representing former Chief Constable David Crompton
    £1m paid to his barrister
    £25.1m total cost of inquest
    £20.8m paid by the Home Office
    £4.3m paid by the police force

    Uncovered costs after analysis of thousands of data entries on the South Yorkshire Police's public spending log.

    The final figure is likely to be higher as data covering February to April 2016, when the inquest finished, has not yet been published. The inquests jury concluded all 96 Liverpool football fans who died at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final in Sheffield were unlawfully killed.

    The day after the inquest, Mr Crompton was suspended from service and Dr Billings is currently undertaking proceedings to dismiss him from the service.

  • Police face questions over the influence of the freemasons after it emerged match commander and his boss were both members
  • Ex met cop Chris Reid behind fake bomb alarm at Manchester football match

    Video of Chris Reid apologising for the debacle

    If he is NOT a freemason we will be surprised with his background and contracts he has procured

    Linkedin Profile: Chris Reid
    Current: Security Search Management & Solutions Ltd.
    Previous: G4S Secure Solutions UK, Metropolitan Police
    Education: University of Life & Hard Knocks (erm!!!!!!!!!!!)


    I don't want to waste the knowledge, experience and passion that I have for "search"? that has been acquired over 45 years of searching. You could say that I'm still looking! Effective and correct CT Search procedures are an essential part of any security operation but are not always as effective as they should be. "CT Search" will be around long after I have gone; but until then, my objective is to provide operational excellence and training in the field of CT Search.

    Owner: Security Search Management & Solutions Ltd.
    2006 – Present (10 years)

    Security Search Management & Solutions provides discreet operational advice and training for venues such as hotels, conference centres and sporting stadia that require a high level of confidence in their security for special events and VIP's. SSMS can also provide trained CT Searchers & Expo Dog-handlers for Operational response requirements.

    In 2013 I was part of a team contracted to provide Counter Terrorist Search training to the USSS & other Government Departments involved in VIP protection and security in 16 different locations around the USA. A fantastic contract working with a great bunch of similar minded CT Search Trainers having the "can do"? attitude necessary for such operations. Since returning from the USA, I have trained security personnel and dog handlers at Westfield, Stratford and Twickenham RFU. RFU training is always ongoing and was an essential part of last year's Rugby World Cup where I provided an assuring eye on search and other security responses.

    I spent April and May of 2014 up in Glasgow writing Venue Security Plans and SOP's for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. In July 2014, my company provided a CT Search Team with Expo Dog, for the Farnborough International Air Show. Contracted by RJA Security, a thoroughly professional and organised company, we enjoyed a very successful and rewarding experience working with RJA and the Hampshire Constabulary Search Teams. My small team did my company credit with their professionalism and willingness to go that extra mile. Two of them were with me in the States last year - just as good operationally as they are at training.

    O2 Arena, Oct 2014 & August 2015 - Provision of X-Ray screening Prohibited Items Recognition Training. This training was about recognising prohibited items, IED's/Firearms & component parts & other common offensive weapons.It is vital that x-ray operatives know exactly what they are looking at on a screen and what that item looks like in real life.

    Search & Screening Training and Assurance Manager

    G4S Secure Solutions UK

    October 2011 – September 2012 (1 year)

    In the lead-up and during the London 2012 Olympics I had responsibility for the initial training of all personnel who provided the Search & Screening capability for Vehicles and Persons entering the Olympic Park plus refresher training and procedural quality assurance during the Games period.

    Counter Terrorist Police Search Advisor (PolSA)

    Metropolitan Police

    September 1979 – October 2011 (32 years 2 months)London, United Kingdom Responsible for advising Chief Police Officers on Counter Terrorist and other search related matters. Planning, Command & Control of Search Operations, e.g. Royal engagements, State Visits, Military events, Bomb scenes, Major crime scenes, Missing Persons, Summits such as G20, etc.

  • Security boss Chris Reid behind fake bomb that disrupted and caused fear and panic at Manchester United match (VIDEO)
  • Former G4S employee and ex Met cop behind Manchester United fake bomb farce (It sparked mass panic as fears of a terrorist attack spread over social media)
  • Manchester United fake bomb 'pictured' for first time as security boss reveals it had "training aid" sticker on
  • UK's freemason mafia, disguised as cops, use their media goons to warp press reports in their favour
    Hillsborough: IPCC to investigate South Yorkshire Police 'spin' claims

    The police watchdog has launched an investigation after a former South Yorkshire Police press officer claimed she was asked to "spin" news during the Hillsborough inquests. Hayley Court claimed she was asked to encourage the media to report evidence favourable to the police, including that fans were partly to blame.

    She said she was told to "get the media together and tell them what to write". The force has said Ms Court's claims were "not substantiated".

    'Wholly unethical'

    A spokesman for the Independent Police Complaints Commission said: "Following an assessment of the available evidence, the IPCC has decided to conduct an independent investigation into this matter." Ms Court claimed she felt trapped when she realised she had been given an "impossible job" that was "wholly unethical". "It seemed to me to be more about how we could share the blame," she said.

    "If South Yorkshire Police was going to be found partly responsible for what happened then all the other interested parties should be found partly responsible as well. "If that meant perpetuating comments about fans being drunk, if that meant perpetuating comments about fans forcing gates then that was how they were going to do it." Ninety-six football fans died in the 1989 disaster, which unfolded during an FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

    A jury at the inquests concluded the fans had been unlawfully killed. They also criticised SYP's planning for the match, and highlighted a catalogue of failures by senior officers on the day. The stadium was also said to have contained "defects" that contributed to the disaster, and Sheffield Wednesday FC and South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service were criticised. The supporters were exonerated of any blame.

    SYP's chief constable David Crompton was suspended the day after the inquests concluded because there had been an "erosion of trust". Meanwhile, the 96 victims of the disaster are to be awarded the Freedom of Liverpool. Other key figures in the 27-year campaign to receive the city's highest civic honour are former Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish and his wife Marina; the former Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Rev James Jones and Prof Phil Scraton from the Hilllsborough Independent Panel.

  • Hillsborough exposes freemasons behind cover up of 96 deaths
  • Freemason cops
  • Hillsborough: Freemason cops banned from working on criminal probe into cover-up (The revelation adds weight to the theory that members of the secretive organisation suppressed the truth after 96 Liverpool fans died in 1989)
  • South Yorkshire Police chief David Crompton suspended over Hillsborough
  • Calls for senior freemason cops to be held accountable for the deaths of 96 fans in the Hillsborough disaster
  • Hillsborough 'justice' hailed, but not on Murdoch's vile rag the Sun's front page
  • 'They'd throw me to the wolves': Hillsborough cop on why she feared speaking out (How senior freemason cops deal with anyone who dares to fall out of line)
  • Hillsborough inquests: Fans unlawfully killed, jury concludes (Freemasons running the police covered up and protected senior officers)
  • Thatcher henchman Sir Bernard Ingham who labelled Liverpool fans 'tanked up yobs' refuses to apologise to Hillsborough families
  • Cop Training Exercise Turns Deadly VIDEO
    Sarah Reed (a victim of British cop thuggery) dies at Holloway prison VIDEO
    How Cities Secretly Protect Bad Cops VIDEO
    UK stasi influenced cops even propose to activists they are spying on VIDEO

    Britain's freemason mafia infiltrated into law enforcement is the most sinister arm of tyranny

    An extraordinary story of Andrea - who says she is the victim of a state sponsored crime. She became engaged to a man who, entirely unknown to her, was for many years working undercover for the police. For more than two years he promised her a new life, a new family and marriage. Then he simply disappeared. She had no idea what had gone wrong until she started to understand that the whole relationship had been a sham. He was married, living a double life, and sent to infiltrate her group of friends who were being watched - it seems - for their political beliefs. She calls the entire relationship a government sanctioned lie.

    It's not the first time this has happened within the Metropolitan Police. At the end of last year Police chiefs made an unreserved apology to women who were deceived into similar relationships - and paid out substantial compensation. They thought they'd drawn a line under the abuse - but this investigation by Newsnight and The Guardian shows that the problems for the Met are far from over.
    Former British official blames police tactics for youth radicalization VIDEO
    What useful purpose does the IPPC serve?
    IPCC Britains 'Independent Police Complaints Commission' (which is FAR from independent)

    Any victim of malpractice in Orwellian Britain who dares to complain will soon learn that ALL Departments of the British State, ALL agencies of the British State, ALL Quangos, & ALL 'Independent'(??) watchdogs are run by Quislings. The 'purpose'(??) of the IPCC (like all such bodies) is to provide well paid 'jobs for the boys', the secondary purpose being to give the gullible the idea that there is a remedy for those who have suffered such malpractice.

    As for the British Legion! : Don't expect help from them! That is another outfit run by Quislings, not only nationally, but each local branch is run by cabals of Quislings. They PURPORT to help ALL ex-servicemen, but when I was under attack & sought help from them, they ran away as fast as their cowardly legs would take them. The Royal Naval Association & the Russian Convoy Club have been even worse, but I say no more at the moment. Poppy Day is State Propaganda, a glorification of war! And almost all the British people join in. All but a tiny few are afraid to be seen without one!

    Norman Scarth

    Veteran of the Arctic Convoys of World War 2.

    My exposure of corruption in the British courts & police brought 18 years of persecution. To escape more, at the age of 86 I was forced to flee the land of my birth for safety in the Republic of Ireland.
    Why are London’s Police travelling to Israel?
    Latest garb that now makes London's masonic mafia disguised as cops look like the military

    In the six month period from 1st March 2014 to 31st August 2014, Eighty of London’s Metropolitan Police staff travelled to Israel. This period coincides with Operation Protective Edge, the recent bombardment and massacre of of over 2000 Palestinians in Gaza.

    Recently it was revealed that the Israeli army is systematically training US police forced in tactics and strategy developed as an occupying army. Has the same or similar service been provided to European police forces?

    The Metropolitan Police will not reveal the purpose of the trips to Israel or the rank of the staff that travelled. A reason given for withholding the information is that it would “have the effect of compromising law enforcement tactics and strategies ”. However, If the Metropolitan Police are learning inappropriate tactics and strategy to use on London civilians then, it is for that very reason, that this information should be released into the public domain.

    “Israel’s excellence in weaponry, surveillance systems, containment strategies, biometric data collection, crowd control and psychological warfare are all marketable. Israeli know-how has become indispensable to the global appetite for “homeland security””?—?Jonathan Cook, Journalist

    If it’s the reverse and the police are teaching tactics and strategy to Israel in the context of its illegal occupation then it shows a level of involvement in the occupation that was hitherto hidden and may imply criminal behaviour according to international law.

    The recent events in Ferguson demonstrate the danger of an over militarised police. Do we want to see this in Europe? Eran Efrati warned that Israel’s training of American police is dangerous. Their methods are developed in a context, where the “citizens” are seen and treated as an enemy to be crushed. As he explains, “when your police come back, you become their enemy”.

  • Chilling new face of police in Britain: Female 'robocops' dressed in military fatigues and armed with semi-automatic rifles are new face of counter-terrorism
  • This is how the UK's masonic mafia disguised as cops act during reporting of crimes VIDEO

    Anyone who has crossed paths with Britain's corrupt murderous cop regime will know this is a common occurrence of them FAILING in their duty to firstly record a report of criminal activity and then THEY decide in their own wisdom to do nothing about the reported crime. They are to busy using their police time to help bailiff's steal land, business, property and children during divorce and separation where you will see lines of cop cars backing up the criminal activity of crooked masonic judges, lawyers, councils and bailiffs involved in mass seizure of men's estates through dodgy court orders.

    Previously ACPO now NPCC (National Police Chiefs' Council) are infested with freemasons only to happy to support criminal activity instigated by Britain's terrorists at the law society who make ALL OTHER crime pale next to the trillions they thieve through divorce actions funded by the legal aid board another arm of the law society.
    Freemason thugs masquerading as cops 'blackmailing' drivers out of millions to attend speed awareness courses
    Police forces are pocketing tens of millions of pounds by ‘blackmailing’ motorists to attend speed awareness courses, it has been revealed.

    They received £54 million last year alone by sending more than 1.3 million drivers on the controversial one-day sessions. The startling figures explode the myth that chief constables have no interest in snaring motorists because all fines go directly to the Treasury. Instead, they are quietly making millions by undercutting the Government-imposed fine and offering tempting places on ‘touchy-feely’ courses at hotels instead.

    Details of the lucrative ‘industry’ emerged amid a furious row over the role of roadside cameras, with a senior police leader threatening to permanently switch on cameras on a busy stretch of the M1 to raise £1 million. Olly Martins, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire Police, threatened to strictly enforce the 70mph limit, raising the prospect of motorists being fined for travelling just a few miles an hour faster. Many drivers attend a course because it means they escape getting points on their licence – which could increase their insurance premium – and it is often cheaper than paying the speeding fine. The number of attendees has almost trebled in just five years.

    Roger Lawson, of the Alliance of British Drivers, said: ‘This shows what an enormous amount of money the police are generating from this scam, which will of course be used to finance yet more speed cameras and more prosecutions. ‘Drivers are being blackmailed into taking an education course – pay up or incur an even larger fine. Why should the police be making £54 million a year from blackmail?’ Government figures yesterday raced to slap down Mr Martins, saying cameras should be used only to ensure the safety of road users. Downing Street attacked the proposal and Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said it would be a flagrant breach of official guidelines.

    Other Police and Crime Commissioners quickly distanced themselves from the move, saying that ‘speed cameras are there to make people safe’.

    Speed cameras are there to make people safe

    In private, many said they did not believe Mr Martins would go through with his threat, saying it was simply a politically motivated ‘PR stunt’ to grab public attention. Essex leader Nick Alston said all money from motoring prosecutions should be ploughed into safety schemes, not used as a fund for other problems. But the controversy showed no sign of going away as Mr Martins explained how his force would profit from the crackdown.

    He revealed that although fines from speeding drivers go to the Government, individual forces profit from speed awareness courses. Last year, 1,355,796 drivers undertook the safety courses, according to the National Driver Offending Retraining Scheme, which oversees them. The majority – 1,185,860 – attended speed awareness courses. Others attended sessions aimed at careless drivers, those who did not use a seatbelt and motorcyclists. Police forces receive £40 for each attendee in most cases as a ‘cost recovery element’, with chief constables able to spend the money in any way they see fit.

    The courses, which cost drivers between £79 and £200, often involve watching videos, role-playing workshops and presentations. There is no test to pass and adverts promise a ‘relaxing environment’. Official figures show a sharp increase in the numbers taking the courses from the 467,601 in 2010, when the scheme was in its infancy. The National Driver Retraining Scheme is owned and overseen by a private firm, NDORS Ltd, which registered a £44 million turnover in March 2014. One director is former South Yorkshire Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes, who was once responsible for national roads policing. The courses are run by private providers selected by each individual force. They include private companies, including one formed by the AA, road safety partnerships and even county councils.

    All of the courses are run to a nationally agreed model to ensure drivers have a similar experience. In its most recent accounts, the firm appears to acknowledge its controversial business model could be vulnerable if the views of ministers change. It warned of a potential change in policy about its role as a ‘politically acceptable model for diversion of road traffic offences to education as opposed to prosecution’.

    But the directors said the most recent figures show police forces remain enthusiastic about the courses and that driver numbers were increasing. ‘Forces and partners recognise the value added to road safety by the secure and efficient administration of the scheme and new forces continue to join each year,’ they added. Downing Street yesterday appeared to fall foul of the confusion which surrounds where cash from speed cameras ends up.

    David Cameron’s official spokesman said: ‘We are very clear that speed cameras should be about safety, not about raising cash. The point we would make to those thinking about using them for other means is that it is important to note that revenue generated from speeding offences doesn’t go to police forces, it goes to a central fund.’ Mr McLoughlin added: ‘Speed cameras are for safety and reducing dangerous driving, not raising cash.

    ‘They should be located where there is likely to be a risk. This is yet another example of a Labour politician punishing drivers as a first resort.’ Sources at the Department for Transport accused Mr Martins of ‘crying wolf’ as they published statistics revealing our roads are the safest they have been for a decade.

    The RAC said the majority of motorists saw speed cameras primarily as a money-making scheme for the police. Chief engineer David Bizley said: ‘It appears that the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner harbours this view too. Enforcement needs to be prioritised in terms of road safety benefits and not in terms of the value of the revenues generated.’

  • Met's masonic cops used 'mole to spy on defendants so they could tamper with evidence'
    Daniel Morgan murdered with an axe through his head for trying to expose cops dealing in drugs and his freemason boss Rees who used his masonic lodge buddies inside the Met to help the Murdoch mafia get exclusives.

    'Former detective was paid £21,000 to pass on secret details of legal cases while working undercover for the Met'

    Police have been accused of paying an undercover mole to spy on private legal meetings before court cases – and in at least one instance allegedly changed key evidence to ensure an unfairly obtained conviction.

    A former detective was paid £21,000 to pass on confidential details of defendants’ legal cases while secretly working for the Metropolitan Police, an official inquiry into undercover policing has been told. At least one conviction is being reviewed as a potential miscarriage of justice over claims the alleged spying undermined the defendant’s right to a fair trial. The bombshell claim has been made in written submissions to Lord Justice Pitchford, chairman of the undercover policing inquiry set up by Home Secretary Theresa May and due to begin next year.

    If proved to be true, the revelations could lead to more criminals coming forward and potentially seeing their convictions overturned. Lawyers told Lord Justice Pitchford that Derek Haslam, a former Met detective, became a ‘covert human intelligence source’ while employed at a private detective agency. Haslam – who mostly carried out work on behalf of defendants in court cases – was given access to legally privileged material such as witness statements and transcripts, and is believed to have given his Scotland Yard handlers copies of the sensitive material ahead of several criminal trials.

    As well as breaching the legal protocol that private correspondence and meetings between defendants and their lawyers should remain confidential, in one case – a drugs prosecution – it is claimed his information ‘enabled the police changing their evidence’ when it came to court. The defendant in that case, John Elliott, was jailed for 14 years for possession of 60,000 ecstasy tablets with intent to supply. He denied the offences and has always insisted he was set up. His case is due to be investigated by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), which deals with potential miscarriages of justice.

    Lawyers in another case said Haslam’s involvement was ‘a fundamental abuse of the process of the court’. For nearly nine years, from 1998 to 2006 – when his cover was blown – Haslam was working for the Met’s covert anti-corruption unit, known as CIB3.

    His handlers had given him the task of infiltrating a South London detective agency with alleged links to corrupt detectives. It was run by Jonathan Rees, then a suspect in the notorious 1987 murder of his business partner, Daniel Morgan, in South London, whose body was discovered with an axe in the back of his head. The crime has never been solved. Haslam, an old friend of Rees, joined the firm to try to gather evidence against him.

    Bugs were planted in Rees’s offices which resulted in the private detective being jailed for unrelated offences of conspiring to plant drugs on a client’s wife in 2000. At a preliminary hearing last week, Rees, who was cleared of involvement in Morgan’s murder in 2011, told Lord Justice Pitchford that Haslam explained to him that he wanted ‘to come back into the fold and join my company’. Rees’s work involved assisting solicitors and barristers with defence work and it was decided his expertise would prove useful.

    Although he didn’t name Haslam in court, Rees told the hearing: ‘Through that work, he [Haslam] would become involved in clients’ cases and, obviously, in that position he would be privy to their confidential legal privileged information.’ Nigel Shepherd, a solicitor representing Elliott and Rees, made the allegations about Haslam – which he vehemently denies – in a letter to the inquiry. In it, he formally requested ‘core participant status’ for several clients, allowing them to cross examine witnesses. Elliott, a publican, has outlined Haslam’s role in his case in a written statement to the CCRC. A CCRC spokesman said last night it expected to begin a ‘substantive review of his case’ soon.

    The inquiry judge: Lord Justice Pitchford, who is heading the three-year inquiry into undercover policing. Lawyers for Rees alerted him to allegations of spying by the Met (see below) Elliott said he was asked in early 1999 by an acquaintance to collect a Vauxhall Cavalier from a hotel next to Brands Hatch racetrack in Kent. Soon after picking it up, he was stopped and arrested. Police found 7,448g of ecstasy in the boot, which Elliott insists he didn’t know was there. Later, his solicitors were assisted in preparing his defence by Rees, his colleague, former Met detective Sid Fillery, and Haslam.

    They examined evidence from officers ‘present at Brands Hatch as a result of information received’, and claim they crucially undermined it. In a statement, the officers specified the number of the room in which they said they watched Elliott load the Cavalier with drugs.

    But when Rees and his team visited the hotel – The Thistle at Brands Hatch – they found Room 223 didn’t overlook the car park but was on a different side of the hotel. ‘There were other things we found out that took the case apart and the legal team was delighted,’ said Rees. But when the case came to court he said the mistakes had been omitted from the prosecution evidence.

    And earlier, according to Elliott, he was warned by Haslam – ostensibly working on his defence case – not to repeat his belief in court that he had been framed as ‘juries did not like such allegations’. Mr Shepherd said: ‘In about March 1999, Haslam was involved in enquiries... on behalf of a Mr John Elliott, and is believed to have passed to the police information about the defence in his case which enabled the police changing their evidence.’ In particular, Rees recalled that when the case came to court, the prosecution said the surveillance officer had been mistaken about seeing Elliott from Room 223.

    Elliott says in his statement: ‘I cannot show police tailored their evidence because they were aware my lawyers had discovered it was not possible to see much from Room 223... but I am advised if my meetings... were covered by legal professional privilege then any participation in them by a police agent should have been disclosed.’ One of the other cases Haslam worked on involved suspected corrupt policemen, Tom Kingston, Tom Reynolds and Terry O’Connell, who were convicted of a conspiracy to supply £7,500 worth of amphetamine sulphate in 2000. Lawyers for the men claimed that during their appeal – which they lost – the Met used Mr Haslam as a ‘spy in the defence camp’ that amounted to a ‘fundamental abuse of the process of the court’.

    Karen Todner, a solicitor, representing the three former officers said yesterday that they also wish to take part in the inquiry. ‘We have made an application for them to be core witnesses,’ she said. ‘They felt the other side was one step ahead of them in the appeal and they could never understand it.’ The Pitchford inquiry was set up by the Home Office following disclosures Scotland Yard spied on the family of Stephen Lawrence after his 1993 murder.

    There have also been concerns over undercover officers having sexual relationships with women involved in campaign groups, and the use of dead infants’ names to create fake identities. Last night Mr Haslam said he had no knowledge of John Elliott’s case and denied claims he passed on privileged information to his handlers. He added: ‘When I was doing that [undercover role] I signed the Official Secrets Act. I was well aware of the legality of everything and the one thing I was aware of was client confidentiality.

    ‘In one case, I did some work because if I had refused... it would have shown me out to Rees and blown what I was trying to do on behalf of the MPS. I explained it to my handlers fully. ‘We had a meeting and it was agreed that yes, I could carry on with [assisting a defence case] providing I didn’t pass any information to them and they didn’t ask me anything. I have never ever passed any client details.’ Scotland Yard declined to discuss the claims ahead of the inquiry.

  • Murdoch's News of the World 'undermined axe murder inquiry'exposing corrupt cops
  • Freemasonry the evil that binds corrupt murdering British cops
  • Trust in police 'severely shaken' by corruption
  • Masonic Met betrayed my brother: cop corruption link Stephen Lawrence and Daniel Morgan murders
  • Judge(freemason?) to probe axe murder of private detective: Notorious corruption case dates back 26 years
  • Jonathan Rees: Freemason private investigator who ran empire of tabloid corruption
  • Britain's masonic racist cops use NWO cattle prods(tasers) on far more black victims VIDEO

  • Main Scottish cop involved in the restraint of a black man who died in custody is a violent racist thug

  • Murderous masonic met cops forced to pay out thousands to student protesters VIDEO

    Evil tory scum use same murderous cop tactics against protesting students as they did with the miners
    The axe murder of Daniel Morgan, the masonic met and Murdoch mafia VIDEO

    Police watchdog expands inquiry into cover-up of elite homopaedo network
    The IPCC full of retired cops only interested in protecting their lodge buddies behind the massive cover up of abuse.

    The police watchdog is to broaden its investigation into claims Scotland Yard covered up a network of high-profile paedophiles dating back to the 1970s, after a significant increase in allegations made by retired officers.

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission is examining 30 allegations of police corruption in the handling of child abuse claims, including allegations that special branch and senior police officers intervened to block investigations into VIPs and politicians. The IPCC announced 12 more investigations into the Metropolitan police’s handling of abuse claims on Wednesday, adding to 17 that were announced earlier this year. Another allegation has been made against Essex police, bringing the total to 3o. The majority of the investigations stem from allegations made by retired Met officers, the watchdog said. Among the new investigations, one concerns allegations that a prosecution against a government official over child sexual abuse images was dropped on the instructions of senior officers and lawyers.

    Another concerns allegations that high-ranking officers prematurely shut down an investigation into a south-west London paedophile ring in the 1970s. A separate investigation has been launched into claims that an MP was arrested and then released without charge following an inquiry into a south London paedophile ring in the 80s. It is alleged that officers were threatened with breaking the Official Secrets Act if they spoke of the events. The investigations are to be conducted by the internal professional standards departments at the Met and the Essex force but will be overseen by the IPCC. However, Scotland Yard revealed a further 18 allegations have been referred to the police watchdog and the force is waiting on a decision.

    “We would encourage anyone who has information or knowledge of how these historical cases were investigated to come forward and assist with the investigations,” a spokeswoman for the Met said. Among the most recent wave of allegations to be looked at by the IPCC is that evidence relating to child abuse at a youth club in the 1980s and 90s that involved politicians and council officers went missing from a London police station. Another claim alleges that an MP was charged with specimen child sex offences and not more numerous or serious offences. It has also been alleged that special branch made attempts in the 70s to interfere in an investigation that would have revealed an MP’s involvement in child sex offences.

    A further claim contends that an allegation of child sex abuse in central London in the 80s was halted when it became apparent that an MP was involved. Other allegations referred to the watchdog in March arose during Operation Fairbank, Scotland Yard’s investigation into allegations that establishment figures abused children at Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London, during the 70s and 80s. Investigators are also examining claims that Essex police failed to examine intelligence provided by a witness that an MP was involved in child sexual abuse.

    Separately, the future of Operation Midland, Scotland Yard’s investigation into an alleged ring of high-profile paedophiles, is in the balance. The force is considering the findings of a review of the inquiry, and there have been reports that the evidence of its key witness may be in doubt. The operation was set up by the Met nearly a year ago to examine claims that boys were systematically abused in the 70s and 80s by figures from politics, the military and security services at locations across southern England, including the Dolphin Square estate in south-west London. Detectives have faced calls to shelve Midland, which is based on the testimony of one witness, known only as Nick, once described by police as “credible and true”. Recent reports have suggested faith in his evidence has weakened.

    It has now emerged that Scotland Yard launched a review of Midland in April. The review concluded at the end of last month and the findings are now being considered. A Met spokesman said: “An internal review of Operation Midland was commissioned on 8 April 2015. It is routine for investigations of this nature to be reviewed in this way. The review was carried out, with the full report submitted on 25 August. The product of this review is under consideration. “We are not prepared to comment on the review in any detail at this time as Midland is an ongoing investigation.”

    On Tuesday, Ken Macdonald QC, the former director of public prosecutions, said detectives investigating historical child abuse allegations should not indulge “narcissists and fantasists”. Nigel Evans MP, the former Commons deputy speaker who was acquitted of rape and sexual assault charges last year, criticised police for playing “judge and jury” over Nick’s allegations before the investigation had concluded. Nick’s claims formed part of the allegations put to Harvey Proctor, the former Conservative MP, during a police interview. At a press conference last month Proctor said he was completely innocent and accused police of a witch-hunt against homosexuals.

    He disclosed that he had been questioned about his alleged involvement in a paedophile ring with the former prime minister Edward Heath and the former home secretary Leon Brittan. Nick has claimed MPs and other high-profile figures were linked to the alleged murder of three children aged seven to 16 between the mid-70s and mid-80s, including that of a child who was run down by a car. At a press conference last year, DS Kenny McDonald, who heads up Operation Midland, said he believed Nick’s evidence to be “credible and true”. But McDonald in recent weeks has faced criticism for having expressed this view, and the police force is now reportedly unprepared to back the testimony in such certain terms.

  • Masonic met in multiple cover ups of establishment homopaedo's VIDEO
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