• Palace of Westminster renovation 'could take 32 years and cost £5.7bn'
  • Britain run by an unelected bunch of old, white, male, rich, time-serving cronies(a masonic chamber) with the power to put itself above the law to save the skin of one of its own (and they have the audacity to call it a democracy while they kiss the royal arse that feeds them)
  • Tory scumbag Cameron's family fortune made in tax havens
  • Tory scumbag Cameron's family fortune: the Jersey, Panama and Geneva connection
  • Inside Britain's Israel Lobby(VIDEO)
    hang em all
  • The perverts and paedo's who were MP's and councillors at the time of the attacks

    British establishments dirty murderous tricks

    For decades we have been exposing the endless murder of men facing divorce, the psychological torture of men to fund the ruling mafia.

    For decades we have been exposing the endless murder of benefit claimants, hounded into an early grave by psychological torture.

    For decades we have been exposing the brutal treatment of the elderly and mentally ill in care? homes and NHS hospitals.

    And for decades we have been exposing the children brutally abused in state homes after they have been stolen from fathers many who end up in an early grave.

    The above are only a few examples of how the British establishment treat the peasants LIKE DIRT and does not include the raping and murder in wars across the Middle East that have seen millions bombed into oblivion by ruthless decisions of the British establishment that included every Prime Minister since Thatcher both Labour and Conservative.

    Now we get to the Manchester suicide bomber who despite brave individuals bringing his EXTREMISM to the attention of the authorities and police who did NOTHING to stop his plans to murder and the fact his family had been PAID by the British establishment to help destroy Libya taking out Gaddafi there is clear evidence that the same mob did not care if he was planning to murder on the British mainland as it is suiting a very warped agenda of the masonic mafia at the centre of the secret services who are supposed to be responsible for stopping such attacks.

    Taking all of the above into account and no matter what they are claiming in their puppet TV and radio the British public are now more than ever at serious risk of harm from the ruling establishment who are doing the same in Britain as they are overseas destroying the infrastructure of Britain even if casualties are part of the plan.

    When are the British public going to waken up and realise those claiming to want their vote are the very bastards behind the sinister murderous plans that will see more bombings unless they are stopped and replaced by people that can be trusted with Britain's future safety?

  • FBI told MI5 about Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber, in January, saying he was planning an attack in Britain (Theresa May wont respond to claims the security services failed to act and are ultimately responsible for all the deaths at Manchester but WAS IT DELIBERATE?????????????)
  • Manchester bomber Abedi’s former terror group, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), may have received British support (In 2002, former MI6 agent David Shayler accused the British spy agency of helping send radical jihadis from the LIFG back to Libya to fight Gaddafi)
  • MI5 inquiry over failed response to Manchester suicide bomber despite several warnings
  • MI5 launch investigation into why it missed the danger posed by Manchester suicide bomber
  • MI5 failure behind Manchester suicide bombing
  • How did MI5 miss the danger posed by Salman Abedi?
  • Royal parasites behind global spying at GCHQ and MI5(VIDEO)
  • British royal parasites and their none to cosy relationship with GCHQ
  • Mother of rape victim claims cops ignored warnings (deliberately?) over 'gang who knew suicide bomber Salman Abedi having links to terrorism' (Anyone who has crossed paths with Britain's masonic mafia disguised as cops will know how reporting crime seldom is taken seriously and leads to anarchy for those getting away with murder)
  • Manchester bombing victim Georgina Callander's family has hit out at the tory Government over her death, saying it must "open its eyes" or more parents will lose children to terror (How many GOVERNMENT agencies failed to act despite repeated warnings? Jimmy Savile's 50 years of abuse comes to mind. The British establishment are only interested in protecting their own the peasants are being treated like fodder)
  • Ex-Met chief claims there are too many extremists on the streets for police and MI5 officers to monitor (a bit LATE with that lame excuse)
  • MI5 use excuse of staff shortages after ignoring persistent warnings about Manchester suicide bomber (No matter how few staff they had they had a duty of care to stop the bastard before he killed though tory cuts just add to the intolerable situation.They did the same with Jimmy Savile for 50 years)
  • I Know Who Is Responsible For the Manchester Bombing. US, UK, Israel, The Saudis
  • How the British Deep State Turned Manchester into Al-Qaeda Town UK
  • Manchester and the Gross Hypocrisy of the 'Moral West (VIDEO)
  • False flags dupe the public into asking for what the establishment, the ruling class wants – more “protection”
  • Did British Officials Train Manchester Attacker as “Moderate Rebel” in Syria?
  • The British Establishment is Putting Our Lives at Risk
  • Comic Rufus Hound suggested that the Manchester terrorist attack on Monday night was actually an inside job from Prime Minister Theresa May
  • Theresa May has given the impression that a moment of national crisis(a terrorist attack) has worked to her political advantage
  • Theresa May is playing into the hands of terrorists by politicising the Manchester attack. Her job is to allay public anxiety, not promote it
  • MI5 was warned about suicide bomber (BUT DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!While Theresa May was Home Secretary)
  • Did Britain's MI5(freemason controlled) deliberately ignore warnings about Manchester suicide bomber?
  • How many boxes does an Islamist extremist have to tick before he qualifies for close surveillance by the security services?
  • Theresa May branded 'biggest terrorist' outside Downing Street (Many more have died thanks to the tory's draconian cuts than all who died during Manchester attack)
  • Are we now paying the price for the chaos Cameron unleashed in Libya?
  • Salman Abedi: 'Public called anti-terrorism hotline about suicide bomber' up to 5 years ago(VIDEO)
  • Aren't MI5 supposed to protect UK citizens from attacks?
  • Terror Distracts from Traitors Within
  • Anti tory posters go up across London

  • 'Strong and stable my arse': Anti-Theresa May election posters appear across London
  • Captain SKA - Theresa May - Liar Liar VIDEO
    The Invisible Election (No oversight) VIDEO

  • Invisible Election: How political parties are targeting voters
  • Only the dregs of the earth would vote for tory scum

    You really have to be a nut job to come up with these slogans
    Carlton Club(top tory haunt) next door to top mason haunt in St. James St. London

  • Carlton Club's(spiritual home of the Tories) champagne victory party
    scheduled hours before polls close angers Tories
  • Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons
  • Conservatism Coopted by Freemasonry in Britain
  • Are the lunatics running the asylum or those who vote for them?

    Theresa May has called for another British Election and we have to ask?

    Any decent concerned citizen of Britain who has watched the last few general elections must feel disgusted that Eton groomed gangsters, despite a long trail of the dead, keep getting voted back into power.

    When psychopath Thatcher was elected questions started to get asked as just who are voting for, what turned out in the end to be, a mad woman who finally got booted out after her deranged policies destroyed much of the infrastructure of Britain and whole communities to this day are still suffering.

    The tory scum have whole swathes of England voting them in and says more about British values than the psychopaths that time and again get voted back into power.

    Those voters seemingly are prepared to show

    No concern for the millions suffering under dodgy austerity while the rich get richer.

    No concern for the massive suicide stats triggered by the tory's vile policies.

    No concern for the elderly who are forced to work until they drop due to massive tory pension age rises

    No concern for the elderly dying in care homes that have a total lack of 'care'.

    No concern for the sick and dying as hospitals can no longer cope with patients.

    If the tory scum get voted back in it will show the depths some sections of the UK have stooped to that ignore the death and destruction instigated by the tory gangsters, who despite horrific policies that destroy whole chunks of Britain and its people, seem to have a mass of voters happy to see that destruction taking place leaving Britain no hope of leaving behind a fascist style of governance.

  • Theresa May wants to hold a General Election on Thursday 8 June 2017 (VIDEO)
  • General election 2017: MPs back plans for 8 June poll
  • What does it say about a country when they vote for this evil bastard?

  • Britain becoming apparent in local elections as an absolute den of self interested, self serving tory voting scum (A shameful disregard for the massive homelessness crisis and foodbank dependency with a whole tier of British society voting to allow its continuance)
  • Britain no longer a safe place for the vulnerable as tory voting scum show how far right they are pushing Britain (It is always those prepared to vote for hardline obnoxious political parties that is the downfall of Britain)(VIDEO)
  • Tory illusion that they are meeting people on the streets

    This has been going on for years when Tory's wont go on to the streets of Britain but instead organise employees at workplaces who would face the SACK if they dared step out of line while being spoken to by the tory scum and filth.
    Homo obsessed media especially the BBC continue to attack LibDem leader over homosexuality VIDEO

  • Homo leaning media attack LibDem leader Tim Farron over his views on homosexuality (We are no big fans of the LibDems but this is nonsense)
  • Strong and stable leadership = A murderous ruthless tory fascist state VIDEO

    Only a fellow psychopath could view these evil bastards as worthy of their vote
    Tory scum's draconian attack on the poorest sections of society
    Why a snap election? Ask the 30 tory scum facing criminal charges...

    This is a flap election, not a snap election. It has been called to get the Government out of what might be serious legal trouble. I am amazed this has not attracted more attention.

    It is this simple. The Crown Prosecution Service is now looking at the cases of 30, yes 30, Tory MPs and agents, who have been investigated for breaking spending rules at the last General Election. The allegations have been probed by 14 police forces after claims that the Conservatives’ ‘battlebus’ campaign broke legal spending limits in several key marginal seats. The Tories have already been in deep trouble over their new election techniques, where busloads of outsiders flood into winnable seats to round up crucial extra votes. This was a way of making up for the Tory party’s severe loss of active members, who used to do this donkey work. But it is sailing very close to the legal wind.

    Last month they were hit by the Electoral Commission with a record £70,000 fine – the maximum – for failing to declare their spending. The forces involved are Avon & Somerset, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon & Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Greater Manchester, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, West Mercia, West Midlands, West Yorkshire and the Met. These cases are likely to result in some charges (I have no idea how many) in the next few weeks, probably just before polling day. Trials, assuming these go ahead, will be much later in the year and might not reach verdicts until well into 2018. If there had been no election, any convictions could have meant MPs found guilty being forced to stand down, and elections being rerun. A General Election makes this much less of a threat, especially if Mrs May manages to increase her meagre majority.

    This menace has been worrying the Cabinet for some months, as it has become clear it will not go away. And it is a far better explanation of the Prime Minister’s change of heart than her rather weird and incoherent speech in Downing Street. I happen to think she is a naturally truthful person and meant what she said when she previously declared several times that she was going to stay on till 2020. But the expenses allegations, which started as a cloud on the horizon no bigger than a man’s hand, have grown and grown. I suspect her advisers have been telling her she cannot risk them coming into the open late in a Parliament when, perhaps, the economy is not doing well, or EU negotiations are going badly or Labour has a new leader. As a result of this semi-secret crisis, the Tory campaign this time will have to be a good deal more cautious about such things, which may weaken it, especially if the campaign goes wrong – and this is not impossible.

    Even now the affair could be highly damaging – but early in a new Parliament, with a secure majority, the Government should be able to weather it far better than if Mrs May had soldiered on. But all elections are risks. It is amazing how often governments lose control of them. Politics in this country are a good deal less solid and stable than they seem.

  • Tory poll lead crashing over proposed policy changes
    Britain ruled over by deranged establishment psychopaths VIDEO
    Theresa May bated by chicken over no show at election debates

  • Tory godmother Theresa May chickens out of general election TV debates (They cannot justify mass murder of the poor)
  • General election 2017: MPs back plans for 8 June poll
  • Theresa May wants to hold a General Election on Thursday 8 June 2017 (VIDEO)
  • Are the lunatics running the asylum or those who vote for them?
  • London will be brainwashed during election campaign with Osborne providing the tory propaganda in the now VILE Evening SubStandard
  • Election call attempts to cover up the lingering embarrassment of the 2015 general election expenses scams?
  • Theresa May wants to hold a General Election on Thursday 8 June 2017 VIDEO
    Elderly and inform forgotten by the evil tory scum and filth

  • EVIL tory scum do not give a fuck about the elderly and infirm
  • Trust the tory mafia to get it wrong again
    When old Westminster Abbey was separated from the peasantry by moats
    The house of lording it up

  • Revealed: rich peers paid for doing nothing. Lords get up to £40,000 for little or no work (The same lot who vote for austerity and think what they get a day for signing in is more than the peasants should get for one month to live on)
  • Osborne's new job confirms disturbing Tory dominance of the media

    From Johnson to Gove, Tories are revelling in their links to papers, and proprietors no longer try to hide their rightwing views

    George Osborne. Gone are the days when editors disingenuously claimed to cover news objectively.

    After the crop of cynical jokes about George Osborne becoming editor of the London Evening Standard, let’s get serious. However odd the appointment appears, and few journalists will think it anything other than that, is it really fair to suggest that the paper’s owner, Evgeny Lebedev, has taken leave of his senses? Osborne is not the first person chosen to be a sort of figurehead editor, a man without any experience of newspaper mechanics.

    Such people – think the TV newsreader Alastair Burnet at the Daily Express in the 1970s or Peregrine Worsthorne at the Sunday Telegraph in the 1980s – set the editorial tone. While they concern themselves with strategy, they leave deputies to deal with the details of production, design and the gathering of news. Osborne has not been given the chair at the Standard because he writes clever headlines or knows how a paper is put together. He is unlikely to have learned that during his couple of weeks freelancing on the Daily Telegraph’s Peterborough diary in 1993. Osborne, a born Conservative, has been a political animal ever since. It must be presumed that Lebedev believes the overt Tory partisanship, which has been the Standard’s long-held default position, will do no harm to his paper.

    It is hard to imagine that the 900,000 people who pick it up at stations across London every evening will suddenly turn their backs on it. The product is very unlikely to suffer a boycott. Some of Lebedev’s liberal-minded celebrity friends may raise their eyebrows. Then again, among his coterie there are those who have, like Osborne, favoured harsher regulation of newspapers following the Leveson inquiry. However, seen from a wider political perspective, the appointment confirms a trend towards a “big C” Conservative media dominance that has disturbing democratic implications.

    High-profile Tory MPs are revelling in their links to newspapers and, for their part, newspaper owners do not seek to conceal the connections. Rightwing proprietors and politicians are out and proud. So Boris Johnson is the blue-eyed boy at the Daily Telegraph. Michael Gove enjoys working for the Times, doing an interview with Donald Trump while accompanied by Rupert Murdoch. Evgeny Lebedev: owner of the London Evening Standard: it is hard not to wonder if he displays a political naiveté. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

    Add on the fact that the Daily Mail is acting as a propagandist for the prime minister, Theresa May. And for that matter, Richard Desmond’s Daily Express enthusiastically has been doing the same job for Nigel Farage. Gone are the days of pretence when editors disingenuously claimed to cover the news objectively. They no longer need the fig leaf because they exist in a safe haven where the opposition offers no threat to Tory hegemony. Lebedev, who also owns the online-only Independent, has not previously suggested an allegiance to the Conservative party and it is hard not to wonder if he displays a political naiveté in his Osborne appointment.

    In making the announcement he referred to Osborne being “socially liberal and economically pragmatic”, which he thought “closely matches” readers’ viewpoints. During his six years as chancellor, most observers would not have perceived Osborne’s social liberalism and economic pragmatism. In fairness, he was considered to be a friend of the arts, at least according to Patience Wheatcroft in a BBC Radio 4 interview.

    But note the difference. When Wheatcroft was ennobled in 2010, and took the Conservative whip, she was editor of the Wall Street Journal’s Europe edition. Her bosses immediately decided she must step down to avoid any suggestion of political bias. Seven years on, in a changed political and media landscape, there is a renewed confidence about rightwing newspaper owners. Having spent years denying that old canard about forming “the Tory press”, they are no longer attempting to hide the truth.

  • Tory AUSTERITY henchman Osborne under attack for multiple high flying jobs

    Tory HQ accused of “covering their own arses” in election spending scandal

    TORIES BUSTED Furious Conservative MPs say they are being thrown under the bus as Theresa May wrestles with her biggest scandal since becoming leader – spending scandal over fleet of election battle buses

    The party was slapped with a record £70,000 fine after party chiefs broke spending rules during the 2015 General Election

    RAGING Tory MPs told last night how they are being thrown under the bus as Downing Street scrambles to protect Prime Minister Theresa May from the biggest scandal of her leadership. Inept party chiefs have been found guilty of breaking strict spending rules over the use of special busses during the 2015 Election. Up to 20 Tory MPs could now face criminal charges over dodgy election spending.

    And any police charges could trigger a string of by-elections which – in a doomsday scenario for the party – could slash Mrs May’s tiny majority as she battles to deliver Brexit. On Wednesday the Conservative Party was slapped with a record £70,000 fine for cheating in General Election and three by-elections in 2014.

    A breathtaking judgement from the Electoral Commission pushed this growing scandal to the very top of the governing party – and threw open the possibility of by-elections up and down the UK. The watchdog concluded there was a “realistic prospect” that Conservative MPs had gained a “financial advantage” by overspending in key marginal seats across the country two years ago.

    Strict spending caps are in place for all elections, with all candidates having to report how much they spent at each seat. Parties then also have to declare their national spending — but last night the Tories were accused of exploiting loopholes in this system on an industrial scale.

    Filing an incorrect election spending return is illegal and any MP found guilty of doing so would have to quit — risking Mrs May’s wafer thin parliamentary majority. Ex-Tory Party Treasurer Simon Day was accused of “knowingly or recklessly” filing dishonest spending returns and faces the prospect of criminal charges — as the party was slammed for trying to “buy British politics”. But MPs fear they are being hung out to dry because of blunders by “clever dick” party bosses.

    Tory MP Karl McCartney — whose Lincoln seat is under investigation by the police — has emailed colleagues blaming Tory HQ for “covering their own arses.”


    MAY 7, 2015: Tories sweep to victory in General Election.

    Jan 2016: Channel 4’s Michael Crick discovers Tories spent £14,000 at a Ramsgate hotel during the campaign.

    Feb 2016: Hundreds of receipts for Tory hotel rooms leaked. Watchdog launches probe into South Thanet — extended to three 2014 by-elections.

    April 2016: Tories admit some spending not declared.

    March 2017: Police send files to the Crown Prosecution Service on up to 20 MPs. Tories are fined £70,000 by the Electoral Commission.

    He wrote: “We didn’t create this mess, the clever dicks at CCHQ did, and I don’t see their professional reputations being trashed in the media much.”

    He went on: “The initial cock-ups, ‘strategy’ and ineptitude with regard to this issue that has so negatively impacted our: lives, standing in our communities, standing amongst colleagues, families… were all of CCHQ’s making.” And a very senior Tory source told The Sun: “The anger felt in the party about how this is being handled was made very, very clear. “No. 10 are hoping this will all just go away, while the MPs are left hanging.”

    Last night Downing Street was on red alert for a by-election in South Thanet where the Commission concluded the Tories had overspent by a huge amount in their desperate bid to bar Nigel Farage from the Commons in 2015. Farage says he would stand in any by-election triggered by the scandal.

    The Sun revealed this week Mackinlay has been questioned under caution by police about his role in the 2015 campaign. The debacle in South Thanet was by far the most blatant stretching of the rules exposed after a year long probe by the Electoral Commission. Hotel bills for a crack team of party hands sent to the Kent coast for the last weeks of the tight battle were either missing or incorrectly classed as national spending.

    Adding to the PM’s headache, the Commission found the party’s claims that two top aides to Theresa May had only “provided assistance for the Conservative Party’s national team” were misleading. No10 Chief of Staff Nick Timothy and Political Secretary Stephen Parkinson said they were campaigning against UKIP nationally but the Commission claim they actually “played key roles” getting successful Tory candidate Craig Mackinlay elected. But the cost of their hotel rooms were not declared locally — leading to “doubt as to the accuracy and completeness of MacKinlay’s election expenses return.”

    The seeds of the Conservative’s current chaos can be traced back to David Cameron desire to stamp out Ukip after they topped the ballot in 2014 European Parliament elections and the defection of two Tory MP’s into Mr Farage’s ranks. Three by-elections that year have been slammed by the Commission for overspending — and the bad habits spread to the General Election the following year. The by-elections in Rochester, Kent and Clacton, Essex were also where controversial Tory advisor Mark Clarke and ex-Party Chairman Grant Shapps road tested their new secret campaign weapon — the battle bus, then styled RoadTrip2015.

    The simple model of shipping in activists, getting them to deliver leaflets and then getting them drunk at a free bar was the brainchild of Clarke — a former Tory candidate seeking to win backing to become MP. However the campaigns days he organised were later mired in lurid allegations of sexual misconduct, drug taking and bullying.

    Clark was booted out of the Tories last year over a string of bullying allegations made by Elliot Johnson, the young Tory activist who took his own life in October 2015. But yesterday disgraced Clark was outed as a key whistleblower at the heart of the scandal.

    The Electoral Commission judgement stated that the Battlebus mastermind was one of just a handful of people they had probed about the spending scandal. It marks the ultimate revenge for the Battlebus coordinator – who was livid following his treatment by the party.

    Tory insiders last night pointed the finger of blame at him for blowing open the scandal and leaking devastating documents to the elections watchdog. Mr Clarke was last night declined to comment.

    The PM said yesterday that her party had “complied fully with the Electoral Commission throughout their investigations” and would pay the fine. But the Electoral Commission blasted Tory HQ for “unreasonable uncooperative conduct” and said they had to go to court to get their hands on evidence during their year long probe. They found the party failed to include or misdeclared £250,000 of spending on their controversial Battlebus2015 campaign and during crunch by-elections against Ukip in 2014.

    The Battlebus strategy saw Tory activists bussed around the country to key battlefield swing seats at the last election and put up in hotels while they campaigned. The Commission ruled that some of this spending should have been included in local declarations made by MPs and candidates in areas visited by the buses rather than in the party’s national spending return. But local spends are capped at £15,000 meaning many MPs would have actually overspent on their campaigns, breaking those strict election laws.

    The Electoral Commission said the failure to properly abide the rules “cast doubt” on the accuracy of dozens of MPs local election returns, opening the door to possible criminal charges for MPs and prompting panic in Westminster. On Monday the furious Conservative MPs confronted Theresa May over the scandal at a tense meeting as their see their careers in Westminster at risk. The angry face to face showdown came as the PM was attending a closed doors gathering of the executive of the powerful backbench 1922 Committee.

    Last night Tory high command moved to calm the growing backbench mutiny by attempting to take the the blame for the mess — but only after a year of silence. They said on Thursday that MPs were given “no reason” to think Battlebus spending should have been included in local spending returns. And they insisted that their candidates were “directed” by HQ that battlebus visits would count as national spending, not local spending.

    But it would appear to be too late as the Election Commission dismissed the party’s claims of “human error” as “not a reasonable excuse” and called in the police. It has referred Simon Day, who was the party’s treasurer until April 2016, to the Metropolitan Police over a potential breach of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act. The Crown Prosecution Service will decide by the end of May whether to bring charges against the Tory MPs.

    As they nervously wait to hear their fate, blunders by Conservative HQ could yet send the Government into a tailspin. Last night: Ukip Party Chairman Paul Oakden blasted “wealthy political parties cannot buy British politics.” He added: “Politicians complain that politics is seen in contempt by the people of this country, they have only themselves to blame.”

  • Theresa May lied about working alongside with police on Election Fraud
  • The Prime Minister, the Tatler Tory, his Conservative party Battlebus mistress and a VERY revealing election expenses leak
    Tory Liam Fox denies sending controversial tweet while sitting in front of a giant picture of it VIDEO
    No evidence Russia trying to disrupt UK democracy, but they can - FM Boris Johnson VIDEO
    Scandal over austerity mad psychopath ex chancellor Osborne's new pay deals
    This crazy Eton groomed psychopath has been bleeding the country dry while lining his pockets

    Striver? Tory architect of austerity George Osborne banks £1m fortune

    Sacked chancellor’s £650k-a-year BlackRock salary makes him the highest-paid sitting MP ever and follows £800k for 15 speeches and a £100k book advance George Osborne has been accused of dragging the reputation of politicians “deeper into the gutter” by trading his insider knowledge of government to Donald Trump’s favourite investment firm – and pulling in the highest-ever earnings of a sitting MP.

    As his successor Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered the government’s latest austerity budget on Wednesday, the register of MPs’ interests was published – and the full details emerged of Osborne’s lucrative new contract with US money manager BlackRock which will see him collect at least £650,000 a year for just one day’s work a week. Osborne’s £13,500-a-day earnings at BlackRock may be substantial, but they are a piffling amount for a firm which makes more than $13m (£10.7m) profit each day, advising clients including President Trump, who has praised BlackRock for “great returns”.

    But Osborne’s huge pay packet is not his only income. Over the past six months the former chancellor pocketed almost £800,000 for 15 speeches, some of which caused him to miss a series of crucial votes in parliament, including on Brexit – although he was paired with an opposition MP who was also unable to make the vote so that his absence did not affect the outcome. He also collects a £120,000-a-year “stipend” from a US Republican thinktank, and received an estimated £100,000 advance for his forthcoming book Age of Unreason which explores the rise of “populist nationalism”. Then there is an annual dividend of £44,000 from his family’s upmarket wallpaper business, Osborne & Little – and it is all on top of his £75,000 salary as the Right Honourable member for Tatton.

    Andrew Gwynne, shadow Cabinet Office minister, said it was outrageous that Osborne’s annual pay from his one-day a week job is more than many of his constituents “will see in their lifetime, [and] all whilst still claiming his full salary as an MP”. “It is an outrage that whilst the country was listening to the chancellor sentencing us to austerity until at least 2025 – Osborne was banking almost £1m trading in his experience as a failed former chancellor and failed EU negotiator. . “Claims from this government that they represent working people, shows how detached from reality they are.”

    Osborne’s post-chancellorship fortune will be boosted further by bonuses he expects to be granted by BlackRock. His final take will depend on how much profit the world’s largest fund manager makes. The firm, which manages more than $5tn worth of investors’ money including “a lot of” Trump’s fortune, made profits of $4.6bn last year. BlackRock declined to specify how Osborne’s bonus and share awards will be calculated – but they may well be big. Last year, BlackRock’s chief executive, Larry Fink, collected a bonus worth 2,766% times his basic pay, taking his total yearly earnings to £25.8m. While he was in office, Osborne met with BlackRock bosses five times, and members of his team at No 11 met with the firm 22 times in his last two years at the Treasury. His former righthand man, Rupert Harrison, who was described as the architect of the government’s pension reforms, left government to become BlackRock’s chief macro-strategist in 2015.

    BlackRock president Robert Kapito said the pension reforms that Osborne introduced in the 2014 budget helped transform $25bn of pension savings into “money in motion” and the firm aimed to “put a lot of effort into putting together more retirement products to capitalise on this market”. Both Osborne and Harrison have promised they will not lobby the government on behalf of BlackRock, but Osborne has made clear that he intends to work with BlackRock on UK pensions. “BlackRock wants better outcomes for pensioners and savers – and I want to help them deliver that,” Osborne said in BlackRock’s official announcement.

    Fink said: “At the centre of our mission is helping people around the world save and invest for retirement, and George’s insights will help our clients achieve their goals.” Osborne and Harrison’s appointments were rubber stamped by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba), the official watchdog charged with monitoring the revolving door between Whitehall and big business. Acoba has failed to block a single ex-minister’s new money-spinning job over the last eight years, and more than 370 politicians’ lucrative appointments have been approved by the watchdog.

    Veteran Labour MP Paul Flynn, who sits on the public administration select committee, said that Osborne and other former ministers were “making money out of their ministerial experience [is] dragging the reputation of politicians deeper into the gutter”. He added: “We need a powerful watchdog to stop former ministers from prostituting their insider knowledge by selling it to the highest bidder,” he said. “Acoba is not a watchdog, it is a pussycat without teeth or claws. All it can do is give advice but former ministers ignore it with impunity.”

    On the international speech-making circuit Osborne can command more than £50,000-an-hour for some events, as well as free first-class or private jet travel and luxury accommodation. In just one week in November he earned £187,474 giving speeches to banks and hedge funds in London and New York, including £34,109 for a speech at BlackRock’s HQ in Midtown Manhattan.

    On 7 February he was handed £51,000 for a three-hour speech to the Flanders chamber of commerce in Antwerp, Belgium, when parliament was debating Brexit and article 50. On 18 January he collected a further £51,829 for a two-hour speech to HSBC’s top clients at Davos, where he was pictured socialising with George and Amal Clooney. The House of Commons was also sitting when he gave speeches at Stanford University in California and for Palmex Derivatives in New York in October and to ITP Publishing in Dubai on 28 November.

    His speeches are mostly arranged via the Washington Speakers Bureau, the world’s biggest public speakers agency, which claims to have represented “three out of the last four US presidents, the last four prime ministers of England [and], countless world leaders”. Osborne has denied that his new jobs distract from his constituency work in Tatton, Cheshire, saying “It’s very similar to what previous chancellors, Labour and Conservative, have done in the past.”

    He added: “As a member of parliament I disclose all my earnings. I think it’s quite right that people can see what I do and what I am paid and so on. I was chancellor of the exchequer working seven days a week, and now I’m a backbench MP I made a decision to remain in politics and public life because I wanted to go on contributing to the discussion about helping to improve our country.”

    Osborne's jobs in full …


    Osborne will collect $650,000 for 48 days work a year as a part-time senior adviser to the BlackRock Investment Institute (BII). The institute, which is run by former Swiss National Bank boss Philipp Hildebrand, says it exists to provide “connectivity” between portfolio managers and to publish investment insight. BlackRock declined to state exactly what Osborne will be doing for his £13,500-a-day, but he is likely to be asked to join the fund’s daily video conference and may even be allowed to pose “a Question of the Week to debate a topical or thematic issue”, BII says on its website. “The entire BlackRock investment community can vote and comment on the question on our internal blog.”

    Public speaking

    Osborne has made £786,450 giving 15 speeches since he was sacked as chancellor. Over two days in October he earned £141,752 for giving two speeches, lasting seven hours combined, to US investment bank JP Morgan, which also paid for his travel and accommodation. Most of his speaking work comes via DC-based Washington Speakers Bureau, which describes Osborne as “a prominent campaigner for Britain to remain in the EU, George left the government in July 2016 following the outcome of the referendum”.

    Kissinger fellow at the McCain Institute

    Osborne is the first Kissinger fellow for the McCain Institute, an academic centre set up by Republican Senator John McCain. The former chancellor will collect a £120,212 stipend to cover travel costs, accommodation and to pay for a research assistant. Henry Kissinger, in whose name the fellowship was created, said it should help Osborne pursue a “bright future in public service”.

    Book deal

    A US literary agent known as “the jackal” for his hard bargaining has secured Osborne a rumoured six-figure deal to write a book to serve as a “rallying cry to save capitalism and western democracy”. The “urgent and impassioned” book to be published by William Collins, part of HarperCollins, has provisionally been titled The Age of Unreason.

    Osborne & Little

    Osborne last year earned £44,647 in dividends from Osborne & Little, the wallpaper firm co-founded by his father, Sir Peter Osborne, through direct ownership of shares and as a life tenant of a family trust whose assets include shares in that company. Osborne received the windfall dividend payment despite the family firm having paid no corporation tax since 2008 because it has rolled over losses from previous years.

    Northern Powerhouse

    He is chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, which was created to bring together business and local politicians to commission research, share ideas, and lobby Whitehall to press ahead with devolution. “There’s a real excitement now in the north about what we can achieve if we work together,” Osborne said, when his appointment was announced last September. “I don’t want us to lose that. Chairing this new partnership will now be a major focus of my political energies. The northern powerhouse is here to stay.”

    MP for Tatton

    Although he was sacked as chancellor following the Brexit vote, Osborne is still a sitting MP and drawing a £74,962 salary a year. He has been MP for Tatton, where he won 59% of the vote at the last election, since 2001 when he became the youngest Conservative MP in the Commons.

  • Blair isolated as Iraq memorial unveiled while royal parasite shows total lack of concern
    One very good reason why NEVER to vote Labour

  • MORE HERE (Scotland woke up to Labour's hidden agenda many years ago)

  • Lets NOT be politically correct in that NEW labour since war criminal Tony Blair took over has THREE priorities
  • No immigration issues when the British Empire was being built

    It is laughable that one of the biggest issues over Britain remaining in the EU was the problem of immigration. Centuries ago when Britain was invading countries across the globe the British establishment could be regarded as immigrants as well as the poor peasants they dragged half way around the world to colonise places like Australia for that British Empire.

    The locals couldn't use the 'immigrants not allowed' because it was only after they took over countries that artificial lines were drawn on maps showing the extent of the rape and plunder of the world by the utter scum that dominated Britain for thousands of years. The gangsters then and to this day who reside in the Houses of Parliament and who have the same mindset are using those lines to stop migration while their forefathers tore up the land rights of the peasants of countries across the globe they exploited for their own financial gain.

    Throughout history humans have crossed the globe to escape famines, earthquakes, storms and persecution and those lines cannot continue to contain man's struggle to preserve life. Catastrophes whether natural or man made will not stop humans spilling over into other lands that artificial barriers have tried to contain the natural order of how man survived the rigors of living on a dangerous planet. Much of that danger instigated by the scum and filth that masquerade as agents for a vile murderous British crown. The freemason mafia have been pushing their victims around the globe for centuries with hardly a mention of immigration concerns yet they use that argument when it doesn't suit their agenda.

  • The tory scumbag trying to ban Trump
    Trump banned by Bercow
    The zionist "Take Down" of British Officials

    A quite incredible story out of England has not received much media coverage in the United States. It concerns how the Israeli Embassy in London connived with government officials to “take down” parliamentarians and government ministers who were considered to be critical of the Jewish State. It was also learned that the Israeli Embassy was secretly subsidizing and advising private groups promoting Israeli interests, including associations of Members of Parliament (MPs). The story is interesting on several levels, particularly given the recent furor in the U.S. over allegations that Russia has been interfering in American politics.

    By way of comparison, though no evidence has been provided to support the claim, Russia allegedly arranged for a hack into the Democratic National Committee server to obtain factual information potentially embarrassing to the Hillary Clinton campaign. The information was then made public and may have influenced how some Americans voted.

    Compare that to what has been going on meanwhile in Britain, where an Israeli Embassy diplomat named Shai Masot, “an officer in the Israel Defense Forces and…serving as a senior political officer at the London Embassy,” was meeting with Maria Strizzolo, a senior British civil servant who was formerly chief of staff to Conservative parliamentarian and ardent Zionist Robert Halfon. Masot is certainly an intelligence officer under diplomatic cover. Masot and Strizzolo’s candid discussion, which was secretly recorded by al-Jazeera, related specifically to getting rid of Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan, regarded as a supporter of an independent Palestinian state.

    To Masot’s additional query “Can I give you some MPs that I would suggest you would take down?” Strizzolo suggested “…if you look hard enough, I’m sure there is something that they’re trying to hide…a little scandal maybe.” Another alleged pro-Arab member of Parliament Crispin Blunt was also identified, with Strizzolo confirming that he was on a “hit list.”

    It was also learned that Masot had been secretly subsidizing and advising two ostensibly independent groups, the parliamentary Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI). Masot did, however, express concern that Israel’s control over incoming parliamentarians was not quite what it used to be: “For years, every MP that joined the parliament joined the LFI. They’re not doing that any more in the Labour Party. CFI, they’re doing it automatically. All the 14 new MPs who got elected in the last elections did it automatically.”

    Shai Masot also was working with friendly young British Jews, providing them with jobs at his embassy and then seeding them into positions in advocacy organizations where they continued to be paid secretly by him while promoting positions that would protect Israel from any criticism. One such group is Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS). Recently there has been somewhat of a furor over Shakira Martin, a vice president in the group, who accepted an all-expenses paid trip to Israel organized by the Union of Jewish Students, a pro-Israel organization which is among those receiving funding and guidance from the Israeli embassy in London. The al-Jazeera tape has also revealed that Richard Brooks, another NUS vice president, had been plotting with pro-Israel activists to remove elected NUS president Malia Bouattia, a supporter of Palestinian rights and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

    It does not require much in the way of imagination to realize that the Masot meetings probably occur every day right out in the open in Washington, including Israeli officials and Congressmen as well as heads of political advocacy organizations and lobbies. The list of prominent politicians “taken down” by Israel is lengthy, and includes Cynthia McKinney, Adlai Stevenson III, Paul Findley, Chuck Percy, William Fulbright, Roger Jepsen, and Pete McCloskey. And a similar situation prevails in the U.S. regarding human rights and politically liberal organizations that are ostensibly privately funded. As Jeff Blankfort has noted, they are frequently headed by American Jews who prove quite willing to criticize the United States but are generally reluctant to say anything bad about Israel. Whether they are actually directly or indirectly on the Israeli government payroll would be an interesting project for a good investigative journalist.

    One might reasonably consider Israel’s interference in the democratic process in friendly countries like the U.K. and U.S. as much farther reaching and damaging than anything Moscow has done. Yet Russia is being excoriated by the U.S. and European media daily, investigated by Congress and sanctioned because of what are little more than unproven allegations. Israel has clearly done some things to interfere with local politics that are arguably much worse and the silence is deafening. So one should not be surprised by the toothless British reaction to the suggestion that its government officials might be removed by the clandestine activity of a foreign country: “The Israeli ambassador has apologized…the UK has a strong relationship with Israel and we consider the matter closed.”

    Britain under its new Prime Minister Theresa May has also been rolling over in response to Israel’s perceived interests almost as obsequiously as the U.S. Congress. After Secretary of State John Kerry described Israel’s government as “extreme right wing” on December 28th, May sprang to Tel Aviv’s defense, saying “we do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally. We are also clear that the settlements are far from the only problem in this conflict. In particular, the people of Israel deserve to live free from the threat of terrorism, with which they have had to cope for too long.”

    May’s rejoinder could have been written by Netanyahu, and maybe it was. Two weeks later, her government cited “reservations” over a French government sponsored mid-January Middle East peace conference and would not sign a joint statement calling for a negotiated two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after Netanyahu vociferously condemned the proceedings.

    It all recalls Pat Buchanan’s description of the U.S. Congress as an Israeli occupied zone, which raised holy hell at the time even though Buchanan did not go far enough judging by what has been happening in Britain. Indeed, lobbying on behalf of Israel is a global phenomenon with organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) existing in various forms in a number of other countries. BICOM, the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre, is an AIPAC clone located in London. It is well funded and politically powerful, working through its various “Friends of Israel” proxies. Americans might be surprised to learn that in Britain Jewish organizations uniquely are allowed to patrol heavily Jewish London neighborhoods in police-like uniforms while driving police type vehicles and there have been reports of their threatening Muslims who enter the areas.

    Indeed, wherever one goes – Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States – there is a well-organized and funded mechanism in place ready, willing and able to go to war to protect Israel. Most of the organizations involved take at least some direction from officials in Tel Aviv. Many of them even cooperate fully with the Israeli government, its parastatal organizations and faux-NGOs like the lawfare center Shurat HaDin. Their goal is to spread propaganda and influence the public in their respective countries of residence to either hew to the line coming out of Tel Aviv or to confuse the narrative and stifle debate when potential Israeli crimes are being discussed.

    Israel’s diaspora allies are backed up by a formidable government organized machine that spews out disinformation and muddies the waters whenever critics surface. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has a corps of paid “volunteers” who monitor websites worldwide and take remedial action and there is a similar group working out of the Prime Minister’s office. That is why any negative story appearing in the U.S. or Britain about Israel is immediately inundated with pro-Israel comments, many of which make exactly the same coordinated points while exhibiting the same somewhat less than perfect English. On sites like Yahoo they are actually able to suppress unwelcome comments by flooding the site with “Dislike” responses. If a comment receives a large number of dislikes, it is automatically blocked or removed.

    The sayanim, local Jews in their countries of residence, are essential to this process, having been alerted by emails from the Israeli Foreign Ministry about what to do and say. The reality is that Israel has lost the war of public opinion based on its own actions, which are becoming more and more repressive and even inhumane and so are difficult to explain. That means that the narrative has to be shifted by Israel’s friends through subterfuge and the corruption of the information and political processes in each country. In some places the key media and political players who are engaged in the process can simply be bought. In other places like England they can be intimidated or pressured into taking positions that are neither in their own countries’ interests nor morally acceptable. In large countries like the United States, Britain and France a combination of friendly suasion and coercive elements often come together.

    In some extreme cases the game Israel plays is brutal. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently warned New Zealand that backing a U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlements would be a “declaration of war.” In all cases, the objective is the same: to repress completely, discourage or misrepresent any criticism of Israel and to block any initiatives that might be taken that would do damage either to the Israeli economy or to the country’s perceived standing in the world. In some countries including the U.S. and Britain, Israel’s advocates work their subversion of local institutions right out in the open and are highly successful in implementing policies that often remain largely hidden but that can be discerned as long as one knows what to look for.

  • Theresa May DELUDED about a special relationship with Trump VIDEO

  • In 2015 Donald Trump could have been BANNED from UK after Theresa May slammed his anti-Muslim rant (Now she rants about a special relationship with him???)

  • Deluded May thinks she can rebuild the British Empire with the help of America (The tory scum thought they would be at the top of the EU table dictating policy but when they found out different they wanted to leave the club that they, with the help of labour, 'tory', lawyer, traitor, war criminal, Blair, forced the UK into)
  • The Zionist Lobby P1 VIDEO
    The zionist lobby P4: The Takedown VIDEO

  • Inside Britain's Israel Lobby (2011) (VIDEO)
  • The zionist lobby P3: An Anti-Semitic Trope VIDEO
    The zionist Lobby P2: The Training Session VIDEO
    Israel plotting to TAKE DOWN British politicians VIDEO
    Matthew Oakley gets BBC platform to justify murderous tory sanction regime VIDEO

  • Homeless and hungry: How benefit sanctions hit the poorest(VIDEO)
  • Matthew Oakley the tory thug selected to try and justify the murderous
    sanctioning system used against Britain's most vulnerable
  • Former SNP MP Michelle Thomson claims rape days before house theft reports VIDEO

    Former SNP MP Michelle Thomson claims rape as a teenager in the House of Commons
    during a debate focused on UN International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women

  • Former SNP MP Michelle Thomson has been reported to Scottish prosecutors after a police investigation into allegations of mortgage fraud (including house THEFT)
  • Former SNP MP Michelle Thomson property racket involved the “back to back” buying and selling of houses, owned by vulnerable people (SNP are a den of lawyers ignoring vast property THEFT)
  • No government is better than zionist masonic run governments VIDEO
    Theresa May slips up about UK's global control agenda VIDEO
    Two feminazi May and Sturgeon battle over Brexit or just bullshit?

  • Nicola Sturgeon angered by Theresa May during 'fiesty' Brexit negotiations and demands answers
  • In 2008 SNP Minister Mike Russell stepped down from the masons to avoid criticism
  • SNP freemason Mike Russell named as Scotland's Brexit minister ahead of talks with Westminster to iron out EU deal (He claims he left)
  • Scottish independence under freemasons and the SNP? Mike Russell(a freemason) claims by 2016
  • UK Slave Whippers Conference VIDEO
    HyperNormalisation: Trews Special Edition VIDEO
    Scary Clowns Pose as World Leaders - FKN Newz VIDEO
    Judge a person by the company they keep

    Theresa May since becoming Prime Minister, after Cameron does a runner, claims to be DIFFERENT.

    Lets see how different she is with an evil bastard like Chris Grayling who was behind the mass slaughter of the peasants when he was residing at the Department of Works and Pensions using tory assassins ATOS and the DWP henchmen to psychologically torture the poorest into early graves. He was also behind the mass culling of young boys in detention centres, when he was at the justice department, who were committing suicide to avoid the bullying culture overcrowding and under manning of prisons caused thanks to his failures.

    He has also been behind some of the most odious policies of a Cameron government yet despite the above Theresa May regards him as her right hand man and shows her true colours and why all the bullshit about being different can't be true if she classes this thug as her ally.

  • Chris Grayling, Theresa May's right-hand man
  • The sham at the heart of Theresa May's cultural revolution
  • Hypocrite Theresa May brands LABOUR the 'nasty party' 14 years after using the same phrase to describe the Tories
  • New tory godmother Theresa May pontificates on morals, Brexit, Yemen and peerages(VIDEO)
  • BBC tory mouthpiece try and glorify the new tory godmother as if she is anything DIFFERENT
  • Corbyns Workers Paradise = Bankers Paradise VIDEO
    Theresa May a clone of Maggie Thatcher

  • Anti-austerity protesters claim "evil witch" Margaret Thatcher "regenerated" into Theresa May
  • Tory witch May to trigger Brexit on the Ides of March
  • SNP's freemason Mike Russell has warned the Scottish Parliament might block Theresa May's "Great Repeal Bill" to leave EU
  • What's behind the May-trix?

  • Theresa May, Jews and Israel — 6 connections
  • Theresa May — Friend of Israel and the Organized Jewish Community
  • Haaretz claims Theresa May Will Be a Formidable PM and a True Friend of Israel
  • Theresa May dines with Chief Rabbi on eve of becoming Prime Minister
  • Theresa May’s husband is a senior executive at a $1.4tn investment fund that profits from tax avoiding companies
  • Tim Coles On How British Operatives Overthrow Governments helped by Billionaire George Soros VIDEO
    George Galloway at Oxford University on meddling of USA and UK in the Middle East created ISIS VIDEO
    There is only one thing certain about government that it ain't there for our benefit
    Global governments are NOT people's governments . Government is a means by which the rich and powerful control the peasantry to do their every bidding. If governments were for the people why is there so much inequality?

    The fabricated democracies give the illusion the peasants have a choice when in reality the fixers ensure only their donkeys are running in the race. Government power under the guise of democracy is used to massively oppress the populations and anyone who has faced unemployment will know the lengths government will go to block the supposed basic welfare they claim protects the peasants from total and outright poverty.

    In Britain those on welfare, either through redundancy or illness, face a big brother system that at every turn is looking for ways to stop that pittance and why homelessness has become a daily reality for anyone left at the bottom of the pile by draconian measures and the vile tory regime using those victims as the cause of all of Britain's woes.

    The sinister extremes government is taking to bully, oppress and psychologically push the imposed useless eaters into an early grave is staggering with a population cajoled into believing this is best for society under a fascist regime.

    Never has Britain seen such a sick and deviant mindset at the head of a pariah that claims to be helping ALL British citizens when so many are facing enormous oppression of their basic rights. The same measures used against divorcing fathers now being used against more and more sections of the population.

    Only those facing such measures know the lengths the police state has been installed to disrupt and ultimately psychologically torture their victims into a very early grave. Government ministers are in reality monsters despite them depicted as heroes and moral guardians in their controlled media.

    Two contracts you will never get to read and fully understand are the marriage contract and the citizens contract. Something governments change by the minute to ruthlessly fleece the peasantry.

  • Manufactured Conflict: The Banker's Hegelian Grip
  • A Coalition of Lying Thieving Bastards
  • Changing the relationship between government and the citizen
  • Britain's new FEMINIST PM bows to kiss the real controllers royal ass
    Tory's new Cruella De Vil
    Evil tory bastard Cameron OUT another tory feminist bastard IN VIDEO

  • Lucky David Cameron Exposed as One of Britain’s Worst Prime Ministers (A continual line of grossly incompetent Eton groomed posh boys causing untold damage to Britain's future)
  • The future of British politics
    Blair: "He was a one-man government" VIDEO
    Labour's Corbyn and McDonnell address supporters at Momentum rally VIDEO

    Red tories destroying Labour from within (Order out of chaos)
    Skinner Shakes Corbyn's hand then gives V-sign to former shadow cabinet members VIDEO

    Labour needs to rid itself of those contaminated by warmonger Blair
    Chaos rules as Brexit vote cripples political mafia
    Post-Brexit : Country facing consequences of historic vote to leave EU VIDEO
    Brexit fallout VIDEO
    Cameron resigns following UK's EU referendum result to leave EU VIDEO
    Campaigners call for trial of Blair over Iraq war VIDEO
    Election Expenses: High Court challenge to Conservative Party VIDEO
    How is Israel infecting British politics? VIDEO
    Tory henchman Zac Goldsmith brought back ‘nasty party label’ VIDEO
    Ken Livingstone: suspended from Labour over “anti-Semitism” VIDEO

  • The extraordinary moment zionist leaning Labour MP John Mann branded Red Ken a 'Nazi apologist' and 'f****** disgrace' over claims Hitler backed moving the Jews to Israel 'before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews'
  • Labour MP John Mann chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism
  • Labour John Mann MP – Zionist Scumbag and Apologist for Phil Woolas, New Labour Racist Kicked Out by an Electoral Court
  • John Mann MP Labour's top non jewish zionist supporter (Labour's Friends of Israel brigade dominate Middle East politics)
  • Conservative election expenses: police announce investigation VIDEO
    Election Expenses: Police meet prosecutors and the Electoral Commission VIDEO

    Tory's buy themselves into power
    George Galloway: Zionism and Nazism cooperated VIDEO
    The Media don't show this! George Galloway EXPOSING the TRUTH at UK Parliament VIDEO
    Election expenses: Tories admit failing to declare election campaign spending VIDEO

    How their rich tax dodging backers money is ploughed into massive election campaigns
    Benefit fraud or tax evasion: row over the Tories’ targets
    David Cameron was confronted in the Commons on Wednesday with figures showing that thousands more government inspectors are employed to tackle benefits fraud than deal with tax evasion by the wealthiest UK residents.

    Angus Robertson, the Scottish National party’s leader in Westminster, asked the prime minister why 3,250 department of work and pensions (DWP) staff have been assigned to investigate welfare fraud, while 300 specialise in dealing with the rich. “Surely we should care equally about people abusing the tax system and those abusing the benefit system?” Robertson asked during prime minister’s questions. “Why has this government had ten times more staff dealing often with the poorest in society abusing benefits than with the super-rich evading their taxes?” In fact the government confirmed on Wednesday that the ranks of DWP benefits investigators have swelled to 3,700 – a higher number than the one quoted by Robertson, and up from 2,600 in February last year.

    That compares with 700 people who work at HM Revenue and Customs in the two units whose job it is to investigate the wealthiest 500,000 people living in the UK. David Cameron was jeered when he admitted the figures cited by Robertson would need to be examined, but retorted “they sound to me entirely bogus”. He added: “The predominant job of the DWP is to make sure that people receive their benefits. The predominant job of HMRC is to make sure people pay their taxes”. Benefits fraud costs the government £1.3bn a year, according to official statistics, while the gap between tax owed and tax paid is put at £34bn a year by officials.

    MPs on the public accounts committee said this figure fails to take into account the losses to aggressive tax avoidance schemes of the kind previously criticised by the prime minister. Labour puts the tax gap at £120bn. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has claimed much of the missing revenue could be collected if HMRC had more funding. However, the government says it is spending an extra £1.3bn on the HMRC, allowing it to acquire more data and invest in more technology and tools. A further £800m is to be spent on more expert analysts and on expanding compliance and fraud investigation teams to tackle tax dodgers more robustly. A spokesman for HMRC said that it had a total of 26,000 investigators and added that it was “absurd” to regard tax collectors focused on the richest Britons as working in isolation from the department’s thousands of investigators, lawyers and other experts.

    “The suggestion that only 300 HMRC people are working against evasion by the wealthy is plain wrong. We have over 26,000 people working right across the range of our enforcement and compliance business focused on stopping tax evasion, avoidance and fraud, day in, day out. The dedicated units referred to are important elements of that work but are far from the sum total.” Jeremy Corbyn opened prime minister’s questions by attacking the Conservative record on tax, with all six of his questions used to highlight issues raised by the Panama Papers, a leak of 11.5m documents published last week by the Guardian and other media partners around the world. “The number of people out there collecting taxes is important,” said the Labour leader. HMRC’s “affluent unit”, launched in October 2011, now employs 320 investigators, focusing on individuals with assets of more than £1m and income of more than £150,000 a year.

    The tax office’s “high net worth” unit, which has a further 400 investigators , focuses on the estimated 6,200 UK residents worth more than £20m in assets. Set up under Labour in 2009, the high net worth division advertised its arrival with welcome letters setting out details of how it aimed to provide an “enhanced relationship” with its “customers”. Its role, according to HMRC’s website, is to “build relationships to better understand these customers and make it easier for them to pay the right amount of tax,” by providing “a single point of contact and a holistic approach to their tax affairs”.

    Based on the Australian model, which was said to have raised large sums in additional revenues, the high net worth unit brought in an additional £414m last year, HMRC claims, taking the total since it was created to well over £1bn. Supporters describe the approach as friendly, but with a “sting in the tail”, while critics claim that the collaborative tone is simply a reflection of the fact that for the super-rich, the amount of tax paid has become to some extent a matter of personal choice. John Caudwell, the billionaire founder of retailer Phones4U, described the UK tax system last week as “open to be abused”. Reacting to the Panama Papers, Caudwell said the tax rules were “a little bit vague” and there were “grey areas” between acceptable tax reduction and aggressive avoidance.

    “What we need is very, very clear guidance from the government as to what tax avoidance will not be tolerated,” he told BBC radio. “You almost need a list of activity that is acceptable like ISAs and everything else being very heavily penalised for incorrect behaviour.” HMRC has slashed its headcount by half in the decade since the reorganisation that replaced the Inland Revenue, and now employs 56,000 people. With extra government funding from the Summer Budget 2015, HMRC added that it was acquiring more data, investing in more technology and tools, and spending £800m in recruiting more expert analysts.

  • Tory scumbag Cameron forced to spill the beans on his ultra affluent lifestyle VIDEO

    Meanwhile he and his vile henchmen create the legislation that
    has impoverished millions and caused the deaths of thousands of their victims.
    Is Britain's murderous tory leader about to be forced to resign?
    He has survived piggygate, the death by suicide of young tory activist Elliott Johnson and the resignation of his vile henchman Iain Duncan Smith who resided over the mass culling of the USELESS eaters using psychological and financial torture with a sanctioning system that could have easily fitted the agenda of the Gestapo. The question is will he try and hang on after the Panama Papers exposures?

    Cameron makes Maggie Thatcher look like an angel when he has resided over some of the most despicable murderous policies ever seen in British politics. He has made sure he has distanced himself from that ugly ideology by using his henchmen like Eton toff George Osborne, Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith who set in motion policies that have seen the elderly die en masse in care homes and NHS hospitals due to outright neglect and seen young offenders dying en masse in prisons even though their supposed crimes are paltry compared with the London city crime ring of vast offshore taxation criminality.

    But worst of all is the endless trail of the dead thanks to their use of state assassins the DWP, ATOS and now Maximus as the vulnerable and sick like lemmings have been pushed over the cliff after their basic welfare needs were axed through draconian sanctioning .

    There are few political systems across the globe that have finished off more of their vulnerable citizens of late than the tory regime who are finally getting exposed for their utter hypocrisy, yet the media claim he should go on the strength of his involvement in his fathers tax dodging and NOT the long trail of the dead they are ultimately responsible for including the young tory activist bullied to death by the scum and filth who operate inside the tory mafia regime.

  • Resign David Cameron: Calls for PM to go snowball ahead of Downing Street Protest
  • Panama Papers: What the compliant media isn't telling us
  • Tory godfather Cameron accused of 'hypocrisy' over offshore money
  • Panama Papers: Cameron CLAIMS he will not benefit from offshore trusts (VIDEO)
  • A brief history of Ian Cameron's ties to Mossack Fonseca and the Panama Papers (VIDEO)
  • Cameron issues FOURTH evasive answer to Panama Papers question in 24 hours
  • Tory scum Cameron and Osborne wont admit to having offshore money
  • It's now time for Cameron to be honest about his financial present - and his family's financial past (Tax dodging in his family's bloodline)
  • Edward Snowden just summed up David Cameron's attitude to the Panama Papers perfectly
  • Panama Papers: Cameron under pressure over tax havens
  • Prime Minister David Cameron keeping tight-lipped about "Panama Papers" tax scandal
  • Tory henchman Cameron claims he doesn't get money from his deceased fathers offshore tax dodging (erm how about what he inherited?)
  • David Cameron is dragged into tax havens storm: Huge data leak reveals 'conjuring trick' used by his father's firm - as PM refuses to say if his family still makes money from offshore investments
  • Cameron's father and top Tories named in leaked 'Panama Papers' about global tax haven firm
  • Tory scumbag Cameron's family fortune made in tax havens
  • Tory scumbag Cameron's family fortune: the Jersey, Panama and Geneva connection
  • Bullying thugs at the heart of the tory scums agenda
  • Top tory scumbag next to go after suicide death as bullying was proven to be part of the tory agenda?
  • The tory bully boy with a 'First Mother' complex who was behind the suicide death of younger aide
  • Nothing sums up the Tory high command’s abject failure to rein in bully Mark Clarke than his showdown with two party heavyweights more than five years ago
  • Interview with father of tory activist who was bullied to death (Psychological mental torture used often by the tory scum even on their own kind)(VIDEO)
  • Political mafia rife with bullying that has been killing the poor and even their own supporters(Psychological torture replaced hung, drawn and quartered used by the Britain's vile establishment to destroy their enemies)
  • Tory suicide exposes bullying, harrassment and blackmail behind their vile regime (Not only are the tory scum psychologically torturing the peasants to death using state assassins ATOS and the DWP but even their own kind face similar treatment when they fall out of line)(VIDEO)
  • I Went to School With Pig F*ckers Like David Cameron
  • Cameron tried to halt 'PigGate' book and begged authors' sources not to squeal
  • Cameron Scandal VIDEO
    Tory godfather Cameron uses Brussels attack to distract from their own mass murder of disabled VIDEO

    Their own henchman Iain Duncan Smith exposed the vile cuts that financially and
    psychologically pushed thousands of the disabled and poor into suicide.(From 2.35)
    If only he showed the same sympathy when his Israeli buddies were bombing the hell of of Gaza?

  • Tory's murderous rottweiller IDS finally quits over vile welfare cuts to the most vulnerable
  • The tory's trail of the dead here
  • BBC ordered to stop filming disability benefit cuts protest in Parliament VIDEO

    Parliamentary authorities today halted a live BBC broadcast because of a disability benefit cuts protest shown in the background.

    BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith was interrupted by a parliamentary official and ordered to stop filming due to an ongoing protest by disability campaigners, who were chanting “Cameron killer”. The broadcaster told viewers: “There has been a protest by a number of disability protesters inside Central Lobby because of their anger,” before he was interrupted by the parliamentary worker.

    Appearing in shot, she said: “Sorry, you’re going to have to stop. You can’t film with this going on in the background. “It’s part of the rules and conditions of you using this area and you’re not allowed to film.” Mr Smith replied: “We’re not allowed to film this, why not?”, before agreeing to stop the broadcast mid-report.

    Dozens of protestors from groups including Disabled People Against the Cuts and Win Visible gathered inside Central Lobby near the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions. The Government has made a U-turn on planned cuts to PIP but approved cuts to the Employment and Support Allowance benefit.

    A House of Commons spokesperson said: "Broadcasting in Central Lobby must be in the context of an interview with a Member or an introduction or commentary on specific business in the House that day. "These conditions were not being complied with, so the broadcasters were asked to suspend temporarily."

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    Today French company EDF announced is was extending the life of four of the eight nuclear plants it operates in Britain. EDF have been bankrolling the tory party into power. Here is a foreign company funding a murderous political mafia and vastly distorting the UK's so called democracy.

    Not only is that a dangerous precedent that should be investigated by the police but now they are seemingly getting away with running nuclear plants far longer than anticipated and the possibility that a nuclear disaster could occur when a now tory government turns a blind eye to blatant undermining of an already dangerous industry.

    That does not include the fact tory scumbag Osborne signed a deal with China for them to run and control a nuclear plant on British soil knowing the dire health and safety history of the Chinese. Britain is now not only seeing vast swathes of the population committing suicide through psychological and financial torture but the whole country is at risk of a nuclear meltdown thanks to a French energy company and a tory mafia scratching each others backs in a sea of vast corruption that could end in a very dangerous accident happening through dirty corrupt practices.

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