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Today in London the streets will be lined with the 'GREAT AND THE GOOD' or in reality the sick psychotic fuckers who believed one of the most EVIL tory scumbags ever to take power in Britain was, in their eyes anyway, some sort of heroine.

Jimmy Savile was classed a hero and legend in death by the same mob that also see the Royal family as some sort of force for good and with a selfish self serving mindset that thinks seeing their fellow men being treated in a cold, callous and ruthless manner was GOOD for the country. When vast swathes of the UK were destroyed by Thatcher's vile agenda these same fuckwits were praising her strengths (or weakness's depending on your point of view).

Now they pay homage to a character with identical traits to their own and typical of southern England's loathing of anyone who lives north of Watford Gap, though that is not consistent throughout the South as there are many who revile her as much as in the North. If you spend extensive time in London and the South East you will see why the Tories , despite their destructive tendencies, get voted into power time and again by some of the most wicked people who arrogantly see themselves as somehow elevated to a greater degree than those pesky Northerners who they view as somehow lesser mortals .

The tories always pumped billions into the heartlands of their voting territory to keep sweet the scum and filth who consistently ignore the greater good of the whole of the United Kingdom but selfishly see themselves as 'I'm alright Jack' and everyone else can get on with it to the extent they will walk over the homeless and disabled totally seemingly immune to the plight of their fellow citizens and reminiscent of psychopaths.

Until Britain can find leaders that will remedy the malaise in these destructive personalities that are happy to show deference to their leaders and undemocratic rulers, England will continue to decline while Scotland, Wales and Ireland will prosper through devolution. The North of England will start to bare the brunt of the harsh policies that the South seem so keen to continue by voting in Eton groomed public schoolboy twats who have a long history of messing up the economy and the millions of lives touched by their wicked intent.

England will continue to go down a fascist road to destruction while those same imbeciles continue to vote for the EVIL party by the diehard tory faithful.

She served the evil English crown well and why the Royal parasites and their merry band of freemasons will pay their own form of loyalty en masse to a monster who always ensured they got the largest piece of the country's pie.

    queens henchmen

    Whether its Tory , Liberal or Labour they are all a bunch of toffy nosed public school twats that sit on the same side of the fence. They all kiss the Royal arse big time and the only reason they are in positions of power is that they have been sanctioned by the Royal mafia and her press barons who have given them a national stage in the TV, radio and newspapers to ensure any other agenda is off the table to the point were jail is an option used to shut down any other voice. (see Tommy Sheridan for details).

    Thatcher is being buried this week yet despite the revulsion by the peasants at her being elevated to god like status by the toerags that hide in the corridors of power at Westminster, ALL three major parties are hell bent on continuing the facade that they are somehow different, yet at NO TIME in recent history have they attempted to dismantle the British establishment , run from the top by the Royal mafia and her many layers of masonic henchmen . Most of those who serve as political lackeys have been groomed at Eton , next door to the House of Windsor, yet somehow the sheeple believe they have been voted into power under some sort of democracy.

    The British public need a massive wake up call and to begin to realise that these gangsters, who are busy lining their own pockets and the Queens they serve, while producing the endless legislation that continues to impoverish all those not part of the self appointed ruling elites band of evil men, care not a jot about the working class but merely serve as some sort of democratic hoax to keep the serfs in their lowly place.

  • By The 'Consent of the Governed' VIDEO
    Anti - Thatcher party in Trafalgar square VIDEO
    Thatcher 'death party' turns violent as revelers clash with cops VIDEO

    Margaret Thatcher the tax snatcher? Mystery of her £6m house with links to THREE tax havens

    Financial experts said it could have been a scheme which would help her estate avoid millions of pounds in inheritance tax Margaret Thatcher’s £6m London townhouse is owned by a mysterious company with links to THREE notorious tax havens. Financial experts said it could have been a scheme which would help her estate avoid millions of pounds in inheritance tax. But because her affairs are shrouded in such extraordinary secrecy it may be impossible to find out.

    The trail leads to offshore businesses in the British Virgin Islands with links to Liechtenstein and Jersey. The £6million property she lived in for more than 20 years is owned by Bakeland Property Company, based in the BVI.

    The company’s official address is a PO Box in a small town in Liechtenstein and it had its original roots in St Helier, Jersey. Any suggestion of avoiding a £2.4m inheritance tax bill will spark outrage following the row over who is paying for Thatcher’s lavish £10m funeral.

    And John Christensen, of the Tax Justice Network, said: “How can a former prime minister spend more than two decades living in a house in London that has been owned for many years by a company based in the British Virgin Islands? “This does not pass the smell test and simply cannot be allowed to happen in 21st Century Britain. "We all have a duty to pay our taxes, and that includes former politicians.

    "Politicians and in particular prime ministers have a duty to be transparent with their financial affairs.” Records at the government’s Land Registry HQ in Croydon, South London showed that on March 29, 2006, Bakeland paid £2,395,807 for the house at Chester Square in Belgravia, London. It is unclear who they purchased the house from because they were also named on the lease when the house was originally bought on October 30, 1991 for a reported £700,000 in 1991. There are two leases on the property, which a Land Registry source described as “unusual”.

    The first one was taken out on October 18, 1991, and lasts until December 25, 2030. The second was taken out on July 29 and runs out in 2055. The latest lease mysteriously stated: “The airspace above the building is excluded from the title.”

    Bakeland Property Company Ltd trustees were originally listed as Jersey-based Hugh Thurston and Leonard Day, her friends and financial advisers. In 2002 The Guardian reported that Bakeland’s shares were held by Mr Day and Mr Thurston. Accountants said they were acting as nominees for a trust with concealed beneficiaries.

    As Lady Thatcher did not own the house herself it is possible, depending on the terms of her will, that her children Mark and Carol could benefit. If the property was listed in the name of their mother they would been subject to 40% tax on the entire value of the home – an estimated £2.4m. Both Mark and Carol visited the house in Chester Square last night.

    Tax campaigner Mr Christensen added: “There are huge financial benefits for an offshore company to own a property or leasehold particulaly in connection with stamp duty and inheritance tax. “A company doesn’t die. If a person dies the property has to be passed on to someone else – obviously this is not the case with a company. “This can be very beneficial indeed and can save a large amount of money in taxes which would be othewise due.”

    The Mirror called the British Virgin Financial Services Commission which confirmed that the company which now owns Thatcher’s house had been based there since August 19, 2005. The question marks over the Thatcher home come as police in London prepare for demos this weekend following the former Prime Minister’s death on Monday. Anarchists threatened a mass “party” to celebrate her death and protesters say a demonstration in Trafalgar Square today will be a focus for discontent in the run-up to Wednesday’s funeral.

  • Myths of Margaret Thatcher VIDEO
    maggie burn in hell
    Petition for the British Government to spend no public money on Thatcher funeral
    In this time of austerity, it is an affront to the ordinary people of Britain, that any public money whatsoever be spent honouring someone who caused millions to live in misery and poverty. No public money should be spent on the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. The entire cost of her funeral should be recovered from her estate. Any public money already identified for her funeral expenses should instead be spent creating employment in areas still left devastated by her regime.

    It's not about disrespecting the dead, it's about not wasting public money on something that is frankly an insult to the British public. Thatcher's family have every right to the funeral they wish to pay for out of their money, but we don't want a penny of our money spent on honouring her.

  • Thatcher was 'barbaric' and 'a terror', says Morrissey

    Morrissey - Margaret (Thatcher) on the Guillotine

    thatcher warmonger Singer Morrissey has described Margaret Thatcher as 'a terror without an atom of humanity' in a lengthy statement attacking the former prime minister, who died yesterday aged 87.

    Morrissey has released a statement attacking the personality and political beliefs of the late Margaret Thatcher. The singer, 53, said that Baroness Thatcher, who died yesterday from a stroke aged 87, was "barbaric", "hated the arts" and "hated the English poor".

    The statement said:

    "Thatcher is remembered as The Iron Lady only because she possessed completely negative traits such as persistent stubbornness and a determined refusal to listen to others. "Every move she made was charged by negativity; she destroyed the British manufacturing industry, she hated the miners, she hated the arts, she hated the Irish Freedom Fighters and allowed them to die, she hated the English poor and did nothing at all to help them, she hated Greenpeace and environmental protectionists, she was the only European political leader who opposed a ban on the Ivory Trade, she had no wit and no warmth and even her own Cabinet booted her out."

    He went on to criticise Lady Thatcher's role in the British invasion of the Falklands in 1982, and claim that she had impeded the progress of women in politics.

    "She gave the order to blow up the Belgrano even though it was outside of the Malvinas Exclusion Zone – and was sailing away from the islands. "When the young Argentinian boys aboard The Belgrano had suffered a most appalling and unjust death, Thatcher gave the thumbs up sign for the British press. Iron? No. Barbaric? Yes. "She hated feminists even though it was largely due to the progression of the women's movement that the British people allowed themselves to accept that a Prime Minister could actually be female. But because of Thatcher, there will never again be another woman in power in British politics, and rather than opening that particular door for other women, she closed it."

    He concluded: "Thatcher will only be fondly remembered by sentimentalists who did not suffer under her leadership, but the majority of British working people have forgotten her already, and the people of Argentina will be celebrating her death.

    "As a matter of recorded fact, Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity."

    Lady Thatcher became leader of the Conservative party in 1975, and was elected as the first ever female British Prime Minister in 1979. She led the country until she resigned in 1990. Morrissey has been a long-standing critic of Lady Thatcher and the Conservative party. In 1988 he released the song Margaret on the Guillotine, which featured the lyrics "Margaret on the guillotine / Cause people like you / Make me feel so tired / When will you die?" The former Smiths frontman has attracted controversy in the past for his outspoken comments on subjects such as the royal family, meat-eaters and Chinese people.

    Other public figures have paid tribute to Lady Thatcher, with Prime Minister David Cameron praising her "lion-hearted love for this country", and Tony Blair calling her a "remarkable and towering figure". Meanwhile, singer and left-wing activist Bill Bragg said that her death was "not a time for celebration". He wrote on his Facebook page:

    "The death of Margaret Thatcher is nothing more than a salient reminder of how Britain got into the mess that we are in today. Of why ordinary working people are no longer able to earn enough from one job to support a family; of why a spiteful government seeks to penalise the poor for having an extra bedroom; of why cynicism and greed became the hallmarks of our society. "Raising a glass to the death of an infirm old lady changes none of this. The only real antidote to cynicism is activism. Don't celebrate - organise!"


    One abused hundreds of children the other abused a nation

    One abused hundreds of children the other still abuses a nation

    One abused a nation the other still abuses a nation

  • Psycho Harmsworth's 'Daily Hate the peasants' rants about CNN using Thatcher/Savile pic
  • Royal parasites will attend funeral of tory parasite Thatcher
  • Margaret Thatcher death party in Brixton VIDEO
    One twisted bastard pays tribute to another twisted bastard VIDEO

    Blair sold the peasants down the river backing everything
    Thatcher had done and turned Labour into a tory party mark 2

    Celebrations across the UK after Thatcher dies VIDEO
    Osborne's raid on the poor is a gift for the rich
    The real scandal in Britain is a welfare system for the rich which allows the very wealthiest to shift £5billion of earnings from last year to this year to pay less tax.

    George Osborne's weekend gift of a 5p cut in the top income tax rate is the ConDem scoundrels feather-bedding the overclass. The Coalition stops work paying when it grabs back wallet-filling tax credits and salivates over a bite of the minimum wage. If there is class war in Britain, it is fought by Buller Boys mugging low and middle earners as well as the destitute.

    Labour's failure to nail Tory lies about welfare is utterly depressing. I hope Ed Miliband today defends decency after frontbencher Liam Byrne yesterday played into right-wing hands. Instead of confronting prejudice and scapegoating, Labour's Shadow Cabinet member danced along to the Tory tune. The unacceptable something-for-nothing culture in Britain is welfare for the rich, including the 5p tax cuts for an elite wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice. Labour needs to restate the value of a welfare state for all from the cradle to a hopefully notvery-early grave.

    I pay my National Insurance but hope I never need to claim Jobseeker's Allowance, which is, please note Mr Byrne, a contributory benefit you pay into to get out. If he wants to link returns to payments, then reintroduce unemployment allowances linked to earnings instead of a flat £71.

    But for the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary to dance to the tune of the Buller Boys, perpetuating myths about vast swathes of scroungers enjoying a life of luxury, is the poverty of modern politics. Low wages and high rents are two areas that Labour should be attacking with the passion shown by Tories who sneer at anybody without a trust fund or an ancestral home with a pool and tennis court. The £7.45 living wage, with £8.45 in London, would stop employers, including hugely profitable supermarkets, exploiting the state to subsidise staff earnings - thereby boosting profits for shareholders.

    Stronger trade unions are a practical answer to low pay, underlining why the overclass demonises and shackles organisations that fight back. Housing benefit is a scandal because we allow private landlords to charge exorbitant rents when tough controls and a massive building programme to revitalise social housing would improve lives and save money. The divide-and-rule tactics of the Tories, culminating in the grotesque exploitation of Mick Philpott's jailing for the killing of six of his children, show Osborne's happy to roll in the political gutter.

    Miliband needs fire in his belly to expose the truth of Real Britain. Let's hope the bedroom tax and welfare cuts when millionaires are bunged a fortune, is the spark that lights the Labour leader's fury.

    The Philpott case and the deaths of six children have set the rottweilers loose in the tory hierarchy and the media barons who adopt the same fascist attitude when trying to justify the mass exploitation and abuse of those least able to defend themselves.

    Vile tory henchman Osborne wades in using Philpott as an excuse for his mass extortion of everyone earning less than £25,000 or who happen to rely on the pittance from a draconian welfare system. All of this a major distraction from the fact that under the tories 1000's have died thanks to draconian cuts to the welfare state while making the excuse that, as one psychotic bastard killed his six children despite the mason judge keeping his long criminal history from the jury, he is a prime candidate for the wrath of the evil bastards who have killed far more victims through their use of murdering henchmen ATOS and the DWP totally controlled by freemasons. Was Philpott a freemason who was being protected by a masonic judge but later raised as an excuse for the murderous tories to use as ammunition for the continued attack on the peasants?

    Even the BBC continually bring up stats and polls , all of them created by the establishment , to justify the WAR on the peasants while their rich backers are being given billions in tax hand outs and that is despite the fact that they hardly pay any tax thanks to the rich having a separate tax regime than the peasants with money flowing into offshore bank accounts across the globe but especially in to the likes of the Cayman Islands where they are virtually controlled by the freemason hierarchy and where money plundered from the peasants ends up.

    We are seeing a vicious venomous attack by extreme right wing fascist thugs determined to turn the UK back into a third world ghetto while the ultra rich, who control the agenda and who fund the tories, swan around exotic locations on their billion dollar yachts pulling all the strings . Meantime the Eton groomed public school twats are spinning yarns to distract the sheeple away from the criminal cartel seizing more and more wealth while pointing fingers with all their media propagandists at the Philpott's of this world claiming it is only those from the lower orders that instigate crime and murder when those crimes pale next to the murderous scum and filth that have taken over control of all our lives through an equally filthy democracy.

    Murdering tory scumbag Osborne uses Philpott case to demonize benefit claimants VIDEO

    The tory scum and filth like Cameron, Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling have killed thousands more than Philpott did yet pontificate about how morally they are right to impoverish the poor who are dying in droves thanks to the Con-Dem draconian state benefits changes.
    Tony Benn - The Flame Of Anger Against Injustice And The Flame Of Hope VIDEO
    Iain Duncan Smith ratbag car


    This maybe the fastest growing petition on the internet
  • Arrogant Iain Duncan Smith dismissed a public appeal by 441,000 people challenging him to live on £7.50 a day
  • Benefit reforms: Tory murdering henchman Iain Duncan Smith claims he 'has lived on the breadline'
    osborne hate the poor

    He has been accused by his enemies of being 'out of touch' with the working man. But listeners to the Chancellor's speech on welfare today were struck by his new Estuary English accent that saw him drop his Ts. Speaking at a conference outside Morrisons' supermarket in Sittingborne, Kent on benefits reforms, he seemed to have lost his characteristic cut-glass Received Pronunciation and replaced it with a noticeably Estuarine one.

    As shadow Chancellor Mr Osborne was mocked in some quarters for what was described as a slightly high-pitched accent in which he pronounced each word crisply. Today, he could be heard pronouncing 'British' as 'Briddish', 'want to' as 'wanna' and had "we have had a" as "we've'ad'a". His demotic affectations led to suggestions he may have undergone vocal coaching, and drew parallels with Tony Blair who, despite attending Fettes public school and working as a barrister, started adopting glottal stops in speech.

    In his speech, the Chancellor appeared to say of the benefits system: "Briddish people badly wannit fixed." He added: "We created a system that encouraged people to stay outta work rather than find a job. We're buildin' a benefits system that means ya always bedda off in work." He then told the supermarket staff from Kent that corporation tax had been cut to "twenny three per cent."

    Caroline Goyder, who has trained MPs, news presenters and barristers in public speaking, said she thought the Chancellor was unconsciously adopting an Estuarine accent to adapt to his audience. She said: "Listening to the speech it sounds like he's playing a character. It's incredibly mockney, and you don't have to be an expert to hear that. "It's unconscious, it's what we call communication accommodation - where you sometimes change and adapt your accent to your audience, like a teacher talking to children."

    Miss Goyder, who is writing a book called Gravitas on the importance of voice in power, reviewed today's speech against footage of Mr Osborne addressing the BBC in 2007 as well as a party conference speech in October 2009. "It is completely different to any speech I've heard him make before, I think even he would admit that watching it back," she said. "There are tensions even within the speech - when he's speaking the speech-writer's words he gets uncomfortable and falls into this Estuarine accent because he's not comfortable with the message and the policy. "When he briefly talks about his own children he relaxes and talks in his normal RP. It's was fascinating to watch." The change was noticed by viewers of the speech.

    Chris Joslin, 26, a graduate jobseeker from Surrey, posted on Twitter: "Am I imagining the toning down of George Osborne's RP accent? If he's seeking to project a 'man of the people' persona, he's failed." Another wrote: "George Osborne seems to be affecting a working class accent when speaking to Kent warehouse workers." Mr Osborne, the son of a Baronet, was educated at St Paul's in London, one of Britain's most expensive private schools. He studied at Oxford and was a member of the exclusive Bullingdon club. His voice has lowered considerably over the course of his career. It is believed deep voices carry more authority.

    Baroness Thatcher took lessons at the National Theatre to talk more slowly and drank hot water with honey and lemon to loosen her vocal chords and lower her pitch ahead of major speeches. In the film The Iron Lady, Mrs Thatcher is shown being mocked by Labour MPs while serving as education secretary, with one bellowing: "Methinks the Rt Hon Lady does screech too much."
    Murdering tory scum and filth Iain Duncan Smith branded 'ratbag' by protester over welfare reforms

    Iain Duncan Smith has been branded a "ratbag" by a furious protester who disrupted the UK Government minister as he defended controversial welfare reforms.

    The Work and Pensions Secretary was one of the main speakers at a conference examining changes to the benefits system in Edinburgh on Wednesday. As he started to speak one man shouted at the Tory that the Westminster coalition is creating a new poll tax with its reforms. Later two partially sighted people were escorted out of the conference venue after they too heckled Mr Duncan Smith.

    As he began his address, one protester demanded: "Why are you here in Scotland? We have a different philosophy, we've not elected you and your Tory cohorts." Referring to the fact there are two giant pandas in Edinburgh Zoo while Scotland has just one Conservative MP, the man said: "We don't want you, we don't need you. We've got more pandas than you. You've only got one MP. "We want a different Scotland, one that cares for people who are in distress and poverty. You are going to make millions of people homeless, people that desperately need help. You're making the rich richer and the poor poorer."

    He told Mr Duncan Smith: "You are creating your new poll tax, that's what you're going to do. We're going to see the end of you, back to England where you belong, you ratbag." The Work and Pensions Secretary insisted that the welfare system has a key role in "providing effective support for the most vulnerable and helping those who have fallen on hard times to get back on their feet". Mr Duncan Smith said: "This Government, I believe, is on the side of a welfare that does just that."

    As he spoke he was then heckled by two partially sighted protesters: a man with a guide dog and a woman carrying a white stick. The pair, who gave their names as Jonathan Smith and Charlie Sabenfox, were both escorted from the city centre hotel where the event, organised by Capita Conferences, was taking place. As they shouted at him, Mr Duncan Smith told them: "If you listen to what I am saying, you will understand the reality is that this country is not cutting welfare, it is managing the growth at a lower level."

  • Why democracy in the UK is a farce
    same old political shit

    The scum and filth media promote the scum and filth political mafia who all operate solely for the best interests of the scum and filth royal parasite and they call it democracy. We wont be seeing any changes soon to a political system that has served the establishment well despite being corrupt and rotten to the core. The media are struggling so hard to convince us that the murdering tory henchmen are good for this country that they have been forced to prop up another right wing mob UKIP as the peasants are being fooled less and less by the lies and propaganda, so to ensure the establishment parties continue to rule by default along comes a clone of the tory's to fill the void left by the murderous dictatorship that narrowly squeezed into power at the last election despite the appalling policies of the New Labour party (Another clone of the Thatcher regime).

    There is no doubt the only solution to removing the political gangsters is, as happened in the past, through a civil war that will create the necessary change to a system that is corrupt to the core and will never change without mass resistance that will ultimately lead to violence by the state against anyone daring to challenge the might and power of the fascist regime disguised behind a democracy banner.

    They will endlessly regurgitate the same political clones(Miliband and Cameron are both zionists) that have NEVER tackled the poverty and deprivation blighting Britain , despite the global BBC circus that seldom if ever shows the reality of the massive inequality and no matter whether its Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg or Miliband as long as they serve the biggest despot on the planet first and foremost and herr merry band of freemason thugs, following the diktat of herr loyal Lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent, NOTHING absolutely nothing will change . Until a party is prepared to redistribute the stolen wealth of the UK into every corner of the UK the murdering scum and filth will carry on with policies that are killing British citizens en masse through the stealthy manipulation and psychological torture of the peasants that seems to go over the heads of the sheeple who live in a brainwashed bubble created by the media scum and filth who are responsible for the complete democratic farce that passes off as some sort of civilized society.

    The British Empire was not built on love, respect and kindness but on the murdering brute force of some of the most evil bastards on the planet and that same spirit is alive and well in the hallowed walls of the Houses of Parliament filled with a bunch of pretentious devious pricks only to interested in serving themselves and their rich backers while ignoring the interests of the peasants who time and again have little option but to vote them back in every four years.

  • Even UKIP's Farage says some of his flock are 'right nutters'(So why are the media giving them so much publicity?)
  • The war on kids VIDEO
    scrooge osborne If there is ONE thing we can say with certainty is that the tory scum and filth are having to manipulate the housing market racket by offering incentives for young duped potential buyers. Eton toff Osborne suggests the toerags are giving help and support to first time buyers to get on to the first rung of the housing ladder, or more precisely the dodgy mortgage road.

    As many of our own experiences have shown the whole property system is a massive pyramid scheme to coax unsuspecting buyers into a lucrative game played by crooked bankers, lawyers and crown judges were the odds of winning are stacked heavily against the buyer and heavily in favour of the scum and filth that are implicated in a multi trillion pound criminal cartel only to keen on forcibly removing those same properties using every dirty legal trick in the book.

    It is in fact a merry go round of buyers who turn into bankrupt paupers once the legal mafia drag those buyers into their evil dens of iniquity. However the victims who survived their persecution campaigns that drive buyers from their homes into homelessness now have a global platform to inform those unsuspecting dupes just why Osborne and his crony murdering henchmen have to provide dodgy incentives to steer the new flocks of sheeple into the mortgage trap that has caught out so many before.

    The difference between then and now is that buyers pre-internet were unaware that the legal mafia had total control of the newspapers and tv via their media lawyers acting for and on behalf of the crooks at the law societies of England , Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland and could not be warned of the dangers of what they were investing their hard earned wealth in. So for anyone thinking the tories are offering HOPE to the people struggling to get a roof over their head, they are in fact offering a TRAP with the main aim being to capture as much money from the duped goons who end up in a global mortgage racket responsible for securing more power and wealth for these evil bastards than any other scam globally.

    That gravy train is faltering thanks to those warnings right across the internet. The tories have NEVER had a history of generosity as can be proved by the millions of peasants now living on the every edge thanks to their devious policies so why would they change their coat NOW?


  • Osborne's tory budget honey trap to capture more victims in the dodgy housing mortgage racket
  • Budget: Osborne trying to get dupes onto the housing ladder so they can steal them back


  • Tory henchman Osborne to demand £2.5billion
    MORE cuts as fuel and energy bills force cost of living to 9-month high
  • Osborne's Budget to detail cuts
  • Hypocritical Britain manipulating justice: Displaced Chagos Islanders' bitter reality VIDEO

    That will come as no surprise to the men brutalized
    by the murdering scum who have taken over control by stealth
    Cameron power The easiest way to ensure those who act as MP's and a government are to strip them of their salaries and VAST expenses and give them the same wage levels as the lowest paid in the UK. How quickly would they increase the minimum wage if they had to live on a pittance and what the poorest sections of society have to survive on? Also how many more MP's with some caliber would be prepared to work, NOT to line their stinking corrupt pockets, but as a more charitable way of helping those least able to defend themselves?

    Many of these rich scumbags have their own inherited money so they should not expect to be propped up with publicly funded benefits for their fanciful subsidised lifestyles. The royal mafia despite owning trillions still expect to get benefit handouts into the millions each year . Many people who work for charity do it out of compassion not for their own enrichment, but the scum and filth who line the corridors of power at the Houses of Parliament are also lining their own bank accounts with ever increasing manipulation of their dodgy expense accounts and back handers from their lobbyist friends and yet despite endless exposures of their fraudulent claims continue to get away with murder that is still going on unabated.

    The tory scum and filth who use HATE crimes to attack the poorest need a short , sharp shock and to see what it is really like living on an utter pittance while they use propaganda to suggest that the the poorest sections of society are living a life of Riley . That is despite the fact that their public(private) school education has ingrained in them an arrogance that sees lesser mortals as targets for their vile prejudice and discrimination. Only a massive change in how Britain is governed will ensure we get political leaders prepared to sacrifice their time and energy to help others rather than helping themselves.

    osborne masonic tie

  • Evil tory scumbag Osborne in the pockets of the bankers
  • The cosy relationship between ministers and the bosses of Britain’s scandal-hit
    banks has been laid bare for the first time



    dictatorship Ever wondered WHY? By Martin Brighton

    An as yet unnamed elite, lawless organisation is actually running the country by stealth, in effect a silent insurrection from within. The control must be total, absolute, and lead top-down from the centre. What and who cannot be controlled must be destroyed by government. This unelected cult cadre bypasses Parliament, the Judiciary, local democracy, and all the institutional safeguards that were designed to ensure our freedoms, especially free speech.

    Corrupt governments publicly stated their intent to devolve democracy to its lowest practicable level. This was a cynical lie, pre 1997. All that government has done is to create and maintain the illusion of devolution, whilst imposing ever stronger central control. Throughout the country, from 1992 onwards, government and the opposition encouraged the setting up of community based consultation and activity groups, such as community forums, that gave the appearance of meaningful engagement with citizens.

    What was really happening was that these groups were strictly controlled, placemen were imposed, local people ousted, and puppets padded out the group. Then false claims of representation of the community were made. Any existing, genuinely bottom-up, and self-managing community group that did not accede to ( forum ) control were destroyed and replaced. In effect, government and opposition were consulting with themselves. The above process was then repeated in all local, area-wide, city and regional control structures. The controlled community groups ( for example, forums ) were grouped into controlled alliances ( for want of a better word ). These alliances were grouped into associations, then assemblies, and so on in an unbroken chain to No10, via quangos, Regional Development Associations, Regional Government Offices, etc. Another reason for the creation of these groups is that they can be controlled in networks, meeting and making decisions outside of the democratic structures ( and illegally in many cases ), leading beyond their authority, imposing influence, interest and control beyond their legal remit, and thus creating the impression of delivering on an otherwise undeliverable policy.

    Over the years, especially as seen in Sheffield since 1992, citizens have become increasingly disengaged, and the voting figures have plummeted. There have been attempts to re-engage citizens in politics, for example, the Baroness Kennedy consultation, and the introduction of the doomed Sustainable Communities Act. Why doomed? Because the same tactics, at least as seen in Sheffield, are still being employed, by the same people. Lies, deceit, smoke and mirrors, manipulation of meetings, are but a few of the tactics to ensure top-down control, whilst falsely claiming representation. The current government initiatives are simply ' more of the same ' dressed differently. The whole government social re-engineering project needed vast quantities of money. Government matched EU funds were used.

    The above is now used as a national template for any national or local government consultation. UK government is corrupt. The UK government corruption is absolute, lead from the top down, imposed through all tiers of social and government control, down to street level. Being rotten to the core and from the core, everything it touches it taints. Having neither the ability nor inclination to correct itself, outside intervention is indicated. In the UK, democracy is dead. Despite the claims to devolve democracy, empower people, or derogate decision-making, what we have seen is the creation and maintenance of an illusion of consultation, followed by false claims of consensus. In truth, central control is tightened, as so-called community leaders are politically placed and imposed, and so on upwards through every control tier to political heads.

    Meanwhile, it is daily reported how our leaders lie, cheat, steal, bully and abuse, yet there is a reticence - for fear of retribution - to using the appropriate description - institutionalised corruption - that has repeatedly, relentlessly, ruthlessly, systematically and cynically destroyed the lives of anyone arbitrarily deemed to be a potential threat. It is an expensive business to run an insurrectionist alternative power cult in parallel with what the ordinary decent citizen perceives as democracy. However, any perception of local democracy, people empowerment, or meaningful engagement in consultation to inform and contribute to the decision-making processes is a carefully engineered illusion.

    It is necessary to create control structures, finance them, then train people to head these on behalf of the government and opposition created cult, to pay for fixers, and to employ the myriad of minions in the non-jobs. The money from this comes from both the current central government, and from the billions of Eurofunds. These created structures are used to facilitate the falsification of evidence of prior consultation and consensus needed for eligibility for the funds. To staff these structures, and to ensure placement of the chosen people in the right places, there needs to be a politically, centrally controlled leadership training establishment, working as a charity. The truth is, the training establishment is not training leaders at all, it is doing the opposite, training automatons to do the bidding of their masters, regardless of morality, ethics or the law. Why a charity? Because charities do not attract the same level of cynicism and scrutiny as public authorities, they are not subject to freedom of information laws, they are easy and naive prey for the political elite, and charities are easy organisations for strategic positioning to exert influence, interest and control far beyond their legal remit.

    In addition, where the chosen leaders are placed in a charity positioned for strategic control, they form the perfect base for money-laundering. Where existing charities can't be taken over, they are destroyed, and new charities created. Where charities prove themselves to be providing a needed service, they are targeted for privatisation, and the tax-liable jobs falsely claimed to be employment creation. There is no job creation, just transfer. The secretly chosen recipients of 'training' are to be found in highly lucrative positions of many of the decision-making quangos with financial controls. They also ensure that the politically biased social-re-engineering projects are funded in preference to any other, whilst refusing any applications not in keeping with the political agenda. Once the right steps are in place, the government project can continue unfettered, having control of people, publicity, processes, and pecuniary pursuits. Threats are destroyed. All this being done covertly, with the cadre elite of the cult even deciding who can have what information.

    This statement can be extended to democracy itself. Perhaps it is not only the government that must be replaced, but the style of government, as the current flavour leaves such a bad taste. Our leading politicians, to whom we are entitled to look for behavioural guidance, have failed to make the distinction between what is legal and what it right. Finding a loophole to do something does not make what is wrong, right. The very act of looking for a loophole is evidence of intent to act amorally. It is no use saying that no rules have been broken, and therefore the behaviour is OK. Those not acting in the spirit of the law, or not capable of making the distinction between right and wrong, have no place in our society, and certainly not as our leaders or representatives in any government. Sorting expenses is like moving the proverbial deck chairs. Is there any aspect of government that is not tainted? So now we have described what we have today, and how we arrived at this sorry state. The next question must be, WHY ? and Where is all this leading us?

    As for those who would expose this corruption, any one arbitrarily deemed to be a potential threat is subjected to the government policy of Control or Destroy, and ruthlessly, remorselessly and relentlessly abused. Why is government seemingly deliberately doing everything it can to ensure the development of those conditions that give rise to disorder, social unrest, riots, insurrection and even revolution ?

    If the people should react as being driven, this gives government its excuse to impose a dictatorship - which is, by and large, what we have had for the past several years, with increasing impositions upon the freedoms of citizens. To date, every law introduced for security reasons has been used against the citizens, for no other reason than for government's preservation of power.

    This corrupt political cult understands the importance of controlling the flow of information and stifling debate. It is pure paranoia and desperation on the part of government to censor public criticism. This political cadre has declared war upon it citizens. Government has become the enemy of the state. Last time this happened, heads rolled, literally.

    One reason why the UK politicians don't care about EU corruption is because this institutionally corrupt government has fraudulently acquired billions of EU regeneration funds and instead used them to finance the politically inspired re-engineering project. During this time, corrupt individuals have become very rich, whilst whistleblowers had their lives destroyed. Even OLAF, whilst under Kinnock's tenure, was proven to be corrupt.