VOTE CONPERVATIVE - Vote Rapy Pedo Murdering Scum VIDEO
Zionists getting away with unduly influencing Britain's House of Commons
Deluded tory psychopath Osborne lying all the way to the next election VIDEO

Only a deranged and deluded psychopath could believe the vast cruelty inflicted on some of the most vulnerable citizens by a murdering tory mafia could be viewed as success. Once again the BBC provide a platform for these bastards to promote their fascist ideology in the run up to an election.
Top tory terrorist Cameron wants to turn UK into a stasi state helped by the USA VIDEO
Terrorism has been around long before the internet
Head of Britain's top terror gang Cameron the tory godfather claims he wants all encrypted systems to be made available to his stasi team at GCHQ under the guise its for our own safety.

Despite the deaths from 'terror' attacks his own political party has been responsible for far more deaths using the state assassins ATOS and DWP. The poorest and most vulnerable pushed to suicide by some of the most far right wing policies that have seen the richest's wealth skyrocket on the back of political fanatics hell bent on terrorising, in their eyes , the useless eaters.

Meantime any attacks anywhere that can be used by these murderous bastards to suggest that they can claim to be protecting us is a total farce as anyone who has been a victim of these devious scum will know the lengths they will go to ensure their tyranny goes on unabated.

Terror, or what they class as terror, and NOT the wars they have fomented across the middle east with their zionist allies America and Israel has been going on long before the internet yet he seems determined to BLAME it for anything that does not go along with their form of terror campaigns that would not look out of place at a Gestapo shindig.

  • Tory terrorist Cameron wants ban on encrypted messaging apps
  • Tory terrorists web spying proposals are terrifying - here's why
  • We're all terrorists now - what you need to do to fall under terror legislation
  • Tory terrorists want more draconian powers to protect their own psychotic tyranny VIDEO

    Lunatics really are running the asylum in Britain as 1000's are pushed to suicide under their VILE regime
    Tory terrorists jump on the Charlie Hebdo bandwagon VIDEO

    12 people die in France due to a terrorist attack and immediately Eton groomed tory toff Osborne suggests they are right there to protect us. So what about the tory assassins the DWP and ATOS (french firm) who have been responsible for the thousands of lives lost thanks to the psychological pressure placed on the poorest and most vulnerable sections of society? A GREAT DISTRACTION FROM THEIR OWN MASS MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are far more ways to murder than just by the gun and the tory terrorists have used psychological torture to get rid of , in their eyes, the useless eaters. The British public have far more to worry about as to what the tory henchmen are doing than any rogue assassins as there have been far more MURDERED by the tories than all the terror threats in recent years.

    Once again the BBC provide the platform for the tory mafia to spout their vile agenda in the run up to the election with NO MENTION of those who have died thanks to that evil agenda. The families of the dead must be seething listening to the utter bullshit the tories use to justify their position.

  • Tory scum spend big for election campaign (Money from their rich city backers) VIDEO
    Russell Brand upsets establishment during Question Time (He gets mauled in the fascist press) VIDEO

    There is NOTHING worse for the establishment and their vile far right rags than a talented working class boy who makes good and then uses his fame as a platform to expose the corruption at the top.

  • Russell Brand calls Nigel Farage 'poundshop Enoch Powell' in BBC Question Time debate
  • Israeli money buys UK policies' VIDEO
    British MP: London turned blind eye to CIA's torture program (Making them complicit) VIDEO
    Ex-Labour UKIP member Natasha Bolter on Labour before harassment claims against UKIP chief VIDEO

  • Ukip chief Roger Bird claims he was 'in a relationship' with party's rising star Natasha Bolter who accuses him of sexual harassment
  • Democracies always ‘led by people that push for more war’ - Seymour Hersh VIDEO
    Tom Watson interview: ‘There is no doubt in my mind that at least one politician abused kids’
    The scourge of the phone hacker now has a new crusade: to get to the bottom of the claims of a Westminster HOMOpaedo ring. So what turned him into a private investigator? And why can’t he back Ed Miliband with the same enthusiasm?

    Had Tom Watson been told 10 years ago that senior members of the establishment used to systematically abuse young boys in the 1980s, and that a powerful elite covered up their crimes, he wouldn’t have believed it for a minute.

    “Oh no, I would have dismissed it. I was a very believing, small-‘c’ conservative individual who had trust in a lot of public institutions, and believed everything I was told by politicians.” Then came the phone-hacking scandal, however, in which Watson played a chief investigative role. “I lost faith in a lot of individuals, having come through that, and I’m a much more sceptical person at the end of it.” But even the bleakest cynic would have been staggered by the latest allegations to emerge last week about sex abuse in Westminster. A middle-aged man known as “Nick”, who says he was repeatedly abused and raped by a network of VIPs and politicians, has told the police that he witnessed the murder of three other victims – one boy strangled by a Tory MP during an orgy, another killed in the presence of a Conservative minister, and a third deliberately run over by a car. Watson doesn’t yet know whether or not this is true. “But there is no doubt in my mind that sexual abuse by powerful figures took place.” Did they include politicians? “There is no doubt in my mind that at least one politician abused kids.” And there was a cover-up? “Well … ” He hesitates for a moment. “Something went on.”

    The Labour MP is almost unrecognisable these days from the traditional party worker and trade unionist who was elected in 2001 with a reputation as an old-school fixer. In fact, when we meet this week, he no longer seems much like an MP at all, but more like the sort of private investigator you’ve seen in a million mid-budget TV shows: the deceptively shambolic maverick with an ex-wife for a private life, who looks like Robbie Coltrane but turns out to be a crime-fighting genius. And funnily enough, that’s not too far wide of the mark. Two years ago Watson was lying on his sofa one Friday night, “flat out, knackered,” when an email arrived from a former child protection officer called Peter McKelvie, claiming that evidence of a powerful paedophile ring had been covered up in 1992. “He said he’d written to MPs in the 90s and not had responses, and had given up on politicians a long time ago. ‘But you’re that guy who interviewed Murdoch, we think you might be able to help us.’ It was,” Watson admits with a grin, “a very flattering and enticing email. But there was a parallel with the hacking inquiry that was just uncanny.”

    Just as Metropolitan police officers had ignored Glenn Mulcaire’s incriminating notebooks about hacking, McKelvie told Watson that the police had discovered letters implicating powerful individuals in a paedophile network – and then abruptly, inexplicably, terminated all further investigation. Watson knows his critics tend to regard him as a credulous conspiracy theorist, and concedes that that the hacking scandal may have left him unduly susceptible to unthinkable allegations. “But I just believed him. I believed in him, and I believed what he told me.” And so, within a week of meeting McKelvie, Watson went public with the allegations in parliament. “I just thought, it worked last time with the Met. If I surface this allegation publicly in the format of PMQs, then if the Met have got the evidence they’ll have to take a look at it again.”

    It worked. The police suddenly found the letters. One surviving correspondent – Charles Napier, an English teacher and “lifelong paedophile”, former treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange, and half brother of the Tory MP John Whittingdale – pleaded guilty last week to 28 charges of indecent assault against boys, and is now in prison. Napier himself had no connection to any Westminster paedophile ring. Until I bring up the fraternal relationship to Whittingdale, Watson doesn’t even mention it, for fear that the quite coincidental link could be misinterpreted. And the specific document McKelvie told Watson he had seen back in 1992, implicating a senior associate of the government, was now missing from the boxes of letters produced by the police. Nevertheless, ever since putting his parliamentary question, Watson has been overwhelmed by an “avalanche” of allegations against much more powerful men from “survivors who are very, very damaged and angry and upset”, had previously gone to the police and been disbelieved, and now saw him as a new gateway to justice.

    “A slightly reluctant gateway,” he confesses. A “naturally disorganised person”, equipped with neither the skills nor the resources to process the deluge of allegations, at times Watson wondered what he had got himself into. Does he believe what the accusers tell him? He looks awkward. “I’m not here to investigate, or to judge.” He has met the man known as Nick, but “it was a very, very traumatic and difficult conversation, as you would imagine. He only told me about one murder. He spoke very slowly, very intermittently, and I didn’t need to hear any more.” Did Watson trust the account? He sighs uneasily. “These allegations, they’re so enormous that you need critical faculties. What I’m certain of is that he’s not delusional. He is either telling the truth, or he’s made up a meticulous and elaborate story. It’s not for me to judge. What I was hoping to do was build a relationship with him and get him back into the system, so he could make his allegations to the police. And to make sure that he had a degree of protection,” he adds darkly. “With all the things that come from making these sort of allegations.”

    What does he mean? “Well, I think he would certainly need his privacy protected. And I think he would need to be dealt with very sensitively by the police. I say that because there had been a previous case of an allegation of rape by a woman who alleged that a former minister raped her when she was a teenager. And she was very upset about one particular interview with the police, where it appeared to her, and to me when she explained what happened, that they had not followed the correct procedures. ‘You didn’t actually say no’ was one of the lines she was upset about.” Is he talking about the woman who accused Leon Brittan of raping her when she was 19? “Yes.” She came to Watson after the police dismissed her allegation. “She felt very, very bruised and very, very upset. Very, very, very upset.” Does he share her distress? “Yes, I do, I do.”

    Watson gets a bit jumpy when I ask if he knows the name of the senior Downing Street aide referred to in his original question to David Cameron. “Erm … he, he, he … er, yes.” Did he recognise the name? “Erm, yes. But it would be wrong of me to – honestly, please, don’t, it would be very wrong of me to give any context to who it might be. We definitely don’t want to go down the Lord McAlpine road.” The names of more than 10 current and former politicians have also been passed to the police, and lots of Watson’s colleagues badger him to whisper the identities – though not all. “I think some are sniffy about what I’m doing, and say it’s grandstanding. But,” he shrugs, “that’s politics.” Watson can’t rule out the possibility that the Westminster paedophile ring is a wild invention containing not a shred of truth. I ask what odds he would give on this. “You’re pushing me beyond how far I want to go. But in one particular case of one person, there have been multiple allegations from unrelated people, some more credible than others, about severe cases of abuse. And in my mind I’m pretty certain that that person has broken the law and abused kids. But it doesn’t matter what I think, it’s what the police uncover.”

    If the inquiries all conclude that that even the darkest allegations are true, what does he think that will do to relations between the public and the political class? “Well, there will obviously be absolute fury. And rightly so.” Watson doesn’t even try to deny that public esteem for politicians has already sunk to dangerously low levels. He says Emily Thornberry’s calamitous tweet betrayed “arrogant contempt”, but that all three parties have become exclusive clubs for privileged elites. When I ask how the average voter could conceivably identify with a Hampstead intellectual and policy wonk like Ed Miliband, he admits: “Ermmm … well, a lot of them don’t. Which is Labour’s challenge.”

    Watson resigned as Miliband’s campaign co-ordinator in 2013, due to a controversy over candidate selection in Falkirk. “So I’m not in the business of giving advice to Ed these days. But I’m sure he knows that his challenge is to go and face his doubters.” When we met last summer, Watson assured me that Miliband was only polling badly because voters hadn’t got to know him yet, but his proposed remedy – show them more Ed – doesn’t appear to have worked. In June, Watson urged his leader’s press team to “lift its game or move on”, but neither has happened, has it? “It certainly doesn’t look like it, no.” Last week Michael Gove described Cameron as “the standout politician of our time”. Is that how Watson would describe Miliband? After an uneasy pause: “I would describe him as a potentially great Labour prime minister.” I ask the question again. “I tell you what I think. I think he’d be a much better PM than leader of the opposition. There’s some things you have to do as leader of the opposition –the retail bit, all the media stuff and campaigning – that are a totally different requirement to running a No 10 operation and taking the big decisions.” So Miliband is not very good at leading the opposition, but would be good at running the country? “Yeah. Like Churchill and Attlee. Who were both lousy politicians and would be condemned in every tabloid newspaper were they in politics today. But I still believe in Ed, and have faith in him to be an absolutely standout Labour PM.”

    The shadow cabinet, however, is another matter. In the final six months of a fixed-term parliament, Watson argues heatedly: “There is nothing substantial going to come out legislatively. So positioning and speeches in Westminster are not going to cut it. We’ve got to do it totally differently. What should the shadow cabinet be doing? Getting out into the country and explaining Labour’s message! We know there are people out there who like the policies of Labour, but are slightly concerned about whether the team at the top are going to deliver it. Get out there and convince them! Get into the town halls, get on soap boxes, get out there and explain what Labour stands for!” He cannot understand why the shadow cabinet seems so meekly silent, 160 days away from the election. “I’m very frustrated because I just want them to be fired up and get out there, because it’s a compelling offer we’ve got. So explain it! If I’m sounding frustrated it’s because I want us to win. And I want the shadow cabinet to want to win as well. I want it to be fired up and get out there, because there are people out there that need us!”

    He checks himself, and grins. “Sorry, I’ve went off into a bit of a rant there.” He does sound, I agree, highly frustrated. Watson nods ruefully. “Yep. I’m turning into a middle-aged, curmudgeonly, overweight bloke.”

  • Tory scumbag Cameron kisses the UK's fascist press barons arses

    The vile right wing rags the Daily Express (Richard Desmond) , The Daily Mail
    (Jonathan Harmsworth) and The Sun and The Times (Rupert Murdoch)
    The sheeple really believe we have different agenda's
    Tory scum starve Britain's poorest into committing crime
    The people of Britain sitting on the juries finally got round this draconian repression imposed by the ruling class by refusing to convict.

    THE papers are full-on when members or ex-members of the government behave badly when they can't get their way - witness Andrew Mitchell bad-mouthing a policeman, with the toxic "plebs" allegedly added in, because he couldn't ride his bike through the Downing Street gates, and David Mellor ranting at a black cab driver over the best route home to his £8 million pad near Tower Bridge.

    But what really matters about members of the government is not their silly misbehaviour, it's the way they're crucifying millions of people even to the point where they're denying them food and shelter. On this, with a few honourable exceptions, the media are largely silent on the grounds presumably that they don't matter because they're not famous. A million people have been sanctioned by government ministers over this last year, which means that they are deprived of all their benefit for often petty infringements - such as being five minutes late for a job interview - and hence have no money for at least four weeks and sometimes three months, forcing them to steal to survive.

    If they're caught, the penalty for stealing some meat from a supermarket might be a fine of some £200, which of course they cannot conceivably pay, or it might be six weeks in prison. Iain Duncan Smith supervises the sanctioning - though it's outsourced to a privatised firm doing his dirty work for him - while Chris Grayling takes care of the imprisonment. This is the treadmill of impoverishment to which this government is now sentencing hundreds of thousands of people every year, a crescendo of wanton harshness out of all proportion to the treatment meted out to other miscreants.

    During and after the Napoleonic wars there were up to 200 offences for which a person could be hanged, usually for stealing to keep their family alive. The people of this country sitting on the juries finally got round this draconian repression imposed by the ruling class by refusing to convict. That is what juries and magistrates should do now when faced by the stark injustice of the criminal justice system.

    MPs who five years ago stole big ticket expenses to which they were not entitled, including many on both front benches, suffered no penalty worse than being named and shamed in the newspapers, with no more than half a dozen fall guys, not the main offenders, sent to prison for a few weeks. Not a single banker has been prosecuted for presiding over the wrecking of the financial and economic system by the most brazen arrogance, recklessness and incompetence, even though it has ravaged the lives of millions of innocent people.

    None of the super-rich who have been avoiding due payment of taxes by the most artificial forms of contrivance have ever been personally brought to book and sent down. We are now seeing one law for the rich and another for the poor in its most vicious and nasty form.

  • Campaign calling for Tory's head scumbag Cameron to quit nears million tweets VIDEO

  • #Cameronmustgo
  • NO shortage of money when Britain spends billions on warmongering VIDEO

  • No austerity when Britain's tory scum government spend billions on warmongering equipment
    purchasing 22 A400M planes which is already $1.2 billion over budget
  • Perceived threats: How the UK's masonic cops, politicians, legal mafia and media distract our attention
    masonic cops There's no doubt of an establishment plot to subtly and deviously manipulate threats to garner support for a law enforcement system that is totally and utterly out of control. If its not a WAR on terror, drugs, guns, knives , gangs , domestic violence or some other PERCEIVED threat the British masonic murderous mafia, disguised as some sort of law enforcement, are playing mind games with the dupes and sheeple who still believe they are safe thanks to a bunch of evil scumbags that have, for decades, allowed children to be abused by their lodge buddies protected from any form of legal action instigated by what can only be described as a total MONSTER.

    From ACPO a bunch of twisted psychotic chief constables busily raiding the public purse to line their pockets while behind the mass theft of thousands of properties, men are increasingly becoming homeless and penniless thanks to the use of force and legal machinations that have no legality other than to give crooks a licence to print money for the British crown headed by the royal parasites who have been named this week, by former BBC presenter Noel Edmonds, as aiding and abetting the protection network placed around the BBC predatory paedo Jimmy Savile to allow him to abuse children for over 5 decades until his death.

    If it wasn't for the internet helping the victims to expose the sick psychotic gangsters, who even now are still trying to convince us the law and how it is operated is safe in their hands. It is beyond the time were good men and the public need to take back control of a country to stop the utter perverts and their assistants from creating ever more chaos that has ruined millions of lives under some pseudo democracy. A country controlled by Eton groomed gangsters all part of the British establishment who continue to fleece the public to satisfy their greed and sexual avarice for young children and who are still getting away with murder despite the massive exposure of the 1,000's of homopaedo's within their ranks.

  • Royal parasite and Margaret Thatcher conspired to cover up Jimmy Savile’s child abuse
  • I watched Tory MP MURDER a boy during depraved Westminster VIP homopaedo party
  • Notorious homopaedo gang 'could have covered up 17 child murders and be linked to VIP guest house'
  • Are the UK's peasants expected to keep the political mafia in their gilted halls forever? VIDEO

    While the peasants face crippling austerity the political scum in their crumbling
    ivory towers want £billions to repair their symbol of pseudo democracy
    Geriatric establishment use House of Lords like a publicly subsidised elderly day care centre VIDEO
    High level British establishment cover up of abuse VIDEO

  • Theresa May admits there ‘might have been a cover-up’ of an
    Establishment paedo ring by the Home Office in the 1980s
  • Did Special Branch seize dossier linking MPs and paedo's?
    Police investigate whether officers confiscated document that revealed 16 names
  • UK Government accused of easing control on arms sales to dictatorships VIDEO

    The hypocrites will be parading in Whitehall today supposedly
    commemorating all the young men who died in past wars as if they give a fuck
    Dossiers on British establishment abuse being destroyed VIDEO
    There are lies, damn lies and the tory tax stats
    tory rogue tax bill

    These are the same murdering psychopathic scum that ignore the thousands who have died thanks to draconian welfare cuts to the sick and disabled, they IGNORE the trillions spent on nuclear bombs, Middle East warmongering, multi-billion dollar LONDON projects, multi-billion dollar ISS, multi-billion dollar Cerne, multi-billion dollar spying using GCHQ, MI5 and the biggest CCTV system of any country in the world, the multi-trillion dollar pay out to the banks during the pseudo banking crisis, the multi trillion dollar tax avoidance schemes by the ultra rich and the royal parasites massive multi-billion dollar take concentrating their DODGY stats solely on welfare while spending millions of public money covering up and protecting the homopaedo's within their ranks and behind this massive wall of deceit. Also ignoring their own enormous plundering of public money with their crooked expenses claims.

  • Tory scum use new tax summaries to MISLEAD THE PUBLIC about welfare spending
  • Tory scum's political propaganda masquerading as neutral TAX information
  • Tory scum fail twice to install a cover up legal lackey on abuse inquiry(VIDEO)
  • Duped: What campaigners felt when they found abuse inquiry chief had secretly decided to resign - BEFORE emotional meeting
  • You know when a country is in deep shit when a mass murderer is dictating policing policy [From the mass suicide of the sick and disabled(Atos/DWP assassins) to the mass suicide of young prison inmates (Brutal prison regime) to the mass suicide of fathers separated from their children, homes and finances (victims of a judicial mafia). The psychological torturers are having a field day with NOTHING stopping that tyranny. "Under a tory government, too many criminals(themselves) have been getting away with serious crimes"]
  • A second establishment lackey Fiona Woolf forced to step down as chairwoman for abuse inquiry (Butler Sloss already forced out)
  • Fiona Woolf at exit door: Westminster homopaedo ring probe chief 'must quit'
  • Unequal Justice System (VIDEO)
  • Corruption behind tory scums massive foreign aid budget (Money coming in through the back door to fund these evil bastards? and WHY they are so keen to increase it while they cut everywhere else)
  • They STILL don't get it: MPs forced out in 2010 over expenses including a whirlpool bath, mirrors and carbon monoxide detector will stand for re-election in 2015
  • Thatcher henchman tory Leon Brittan named a paedo at Westminster
  • 'I don't trust politicians and corporations in this country' Russell Brand - Newsnight (VIDEO)
  • Bastard tory scum keep severely disabled waiting almost a year for new disability payment
  • political mafia used to take the heat off the real controllers
  • Moonlighting MPs rake in £7.1 MILLION in second jobs (and that doesn't include the brown envelopes)
  • establishment pick ANOTHER establishment law society woolf for abuse inquiry(VIDEO)
  • Victim of historic child abuse launches a legal challenge against Fiona Woolf chairing investigation
  • Governments increase spending on surveillance (VIDEO)
  • City of London: World's organised crime capital(VIDEO)
  • Why did Britain’s political class buy into the Tories’ economic fairytale? Falling wages, savage cuts and sham employment expose the recovery as bogus
  • Tory henchman Grayling tries covering up mass suicide in prisons he controls by getting whistleblowers sacked
  • Nasty Party: Gimpsters to get Half Pay
  • British peasants striking over pay and vast inequality between directors and workers (Pseudo austerity used to massively increase the wealth of the rich)
  • Tory media CLAIM tory scum are the most influential in London (Instead of the Eton groomed pricks that they really are and like giving Hitler first prize for his humanity)
  • Tory scumbag sparks outrage claiming disabled people aren't worth minimum wage
  • Tory extremists want to stop their vast murderous criminal empire being exposed(VIDEO)
  • Directors of the top 100 listed UK companies now earn 120 times the average sum earned by their employees (from 47 times in 2000)
  • £8,300,000,000 debt the cost to the peasants of VILE tory policies (Meanwhile the rich get even richer)
  • Suicide in Britain is so serious they need laws to prioritise treatment (The weak and vulnerable treated despicably by the ruling political nazi/tory/libdems)
  • Tories pathological obsession with welfare cuts (sick psychopathic scum running the country and its people into the dirt)
  • Tory scum's draconian welfare cuts are deliberately delaying payments to the severely disabled
  • Even the murderous tory scum's backers are jumping the sinking ship
  • Tory establishment protected jewish homopaedo teacher for over two years(VIDEO)
  • Tory bastards want to punish the poor again for the mistakes of the banking rich
  • The lunatics really are running the asylum
  • Evil psychopathic tories claim their (murderous)values will prevail over extremists (The only extremists are the sick fascist's residing and working for the tory mafia machine)
  • Cameron and Obama push austerity for the peasants while $6,800,000,000 being spent on space taxis
  • Tory scum want to use public money to buy a NEW royal yacht while pushing a card system to control the poorest peasants ability to spend
  • While tory scum get subsidised alcohol at Westminster they want to control the poorest peasants spending
  • Tory scum blame rag for their MP Brooks Newmark sending X-rated photo of himself to 'PR' girl
  • MPs' expenses: A new cover-up as watchdog wants names of suspected cheats kept secret to save them from 'reputational damage'
  • Tory scum fail twice to install a cover up legal lackey on abuse inquiry VIDEO
    UK government under fire for encouraging participation in UAE defense exhibition VIDEO
    Labour a tory wolf in sheeps clothing

    Labour under lawyer bastard Tory Blair and Conman Brown were behind the mass seizure of mens properties giving their partners in crime the Law society carte blanche to steal property worth trillions. We will NEVER vote for these evil bastards who are another tory party in disguise. Public school twats like zionist Miliband have turned a party that was supposed to fight for the working class into another bunch of political scumbags working for the criminal mafia running London city.
    One very good reason for men to avoid voting labour

    Harriet Hatemen wears feminist t-shirt in the commons. She has TWO of the worst traits of a political windbag being a lawyer and a rabid man hating feminist.

    Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman has worn a t-shirt carrying the slogan "this is what a feminist looks like" to Prime Minister's Questions.

    The Fawcett Society's campaign t-shirt has been worn by both Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg for promotional pictures - but not by David Cameron. Last year Green MP Caroline Lucas was told to cover up a t-shirt with an anti-Page Three message on it. It is not known whether the Speaker had noticed Ms Harman's choice of attire.

    A House of Commons spokesman said: "There are many demands on the Speaker's attention whilst he is in the Chair, particularly during Questions to the Prime Minister. If a Member's dress is not in line with the conventions of the House and it is brought to the Chair's attention, he acts accordingly." Last year Caroline Lucas was asked to stick to the dress code if she wished to continue the debate

    Limited rules on members' dress are set out in Erskine May, the official parliamentary rule book. It says MPs should not wear military insignia or uniforms in the Commons and the custom is "for gentlemen members to wear jackets and ties". However, other standards of dress are expected to be adhered to as a matter of convention.

    At the time of the incident involving Ms Lucas, a House of Commons spokesman said: "By convention members are expected not to use their clothing to display slogans or make debating points - members are expected to make their arguments through their speeches. "It is for the chair of a debate to make a judgement on whether those conventions are being met." Reports this week suggested that David Cameron had rebuffed on several occasions the magazine Elle's attempts to photograph him wearing the t-shirt worn by Ms Harman today. As well as celebrities, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg agreed to be pictured wearing the shirt.

  • Labour feminists like Harriet Hatemen protected homopaedo agenda
  • How three of the Labour party's most senior figures campaigned for a vile homopaedo group now being probed by police for 'abusing children on an industrial scale'
  • Labour's feminist / lawyer Harriet Hatemen and her homopaedo protecting network
  • Thatcher henchman Leon Brittan named a paedo at Westminster
    LEON BRITTAN Labour MP links Leon Brittan to 80s child abuse claims: Amid row over historic sex crimes inquiry, former Home Secretary named in Commons

    A Labour MP has used parliamentary privilege to accuse former Home Secretary Leon Brittan of ‘improper conduct with children’. He used a Commons debate on the 1984-85 miners’ strike to suggest that those who took part in the industrial action will not be surprised by the allegations against Lord Brittan. The remarks from Jim Hood, who said there were ‘reports about child abuse being linked with’ the Conservative politician, were criticised as ‘disgusting’ by business minister Matthew Hancock.

    Under parliamentary privilege, MPs can make contentious allegations without fear of prosecution for slander or contempt of court. But critics said Mr Hood’s comments were an abuse of this privilege. The row comes amid calls for the head of the official inquiry into historic child sex abuse to resign over links to Lord Brittan, now 75. Fiona Woolf has admitted attending dinner parties with the politician, who was in charge of the Home Office in the 1980s. It has been claimed that Lord Brittan was handed a file, which is now missing, in late 1983 which allegedly detailed child abuse at the highest levels of Westminster. But he has not until now been publicly accused of having played a part in such abuse.

    The controversial remarks were made during a debate in which MPs accepted a motion which said Margaret Thatcher’s government ‘misled the public’ about pit closure plans during the 1984 miners’ strike. Mr Hood, the MP for Lanark and Hamilton East, who had been discussing violence on picket lines, said: ‘By the way, the current exposé of Sir Leon Brittan, the then home secretary, with accusations of improper conduct with children will not come as a surprise to striking miners of 1984.’

    Tory MP Conor Burns raised an immediate point of order and said: ‘He has just made very profound, serious accusations against a noble Lord. Is that in order?’ Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said he had not heard the remark but replied: ‘It’s up to each member to decide what they said and they must make that decision.’

    Mr Hood continued: ‘The rumours that Sir Leon Brittan was involved with misconduct with children does not come as news to miners who were striking in 1984. ‘When miners were going up into the dock in magistrates’ courts we were aware and miners were declaring … the point is miners were saying in the dock in magistrates’ courts throughout the strike that they objected to instructions coming from the home secretary when there were reports about child abuse being linked with that same home secretary.’ The remarks from Jim Hood, left, come amid calls for the head of the inquiry into historic child sex abuse to resign over links to Lord Brittan. Fiona Woolf, right, has admitted attending dinner with the politician

    Mr Hoyle intervened again and said: ‘I think it is up to each MP, we have to be very careful on what we said, and we must consider what we are saying and what the implications are.’ Mr Hood said: ‘I accept, obviously, what you say but I’m just repeating what I’m reading in the papers.’

    Mr Hancock then intervened before the next MP spoke, saying: ‘At the end of this debate the Labour front bench should disassociate themselves from the disgusting remarks of the previous speaker.’ Speaking after the debate, Mr Burns said: ‘I was astounded that Jim Hood casually, without thought or deliberation, appeared to accuse Lord Brittan of being a paedophile in a debate about the future and the past of the mining industry in Britain.’ Last night Lord Tebbit, who was a Cabinet colleague of Lord Brittan, said: ‘I think it would be better if somebody wants to make these allegations of Lord Brittan, that they should do it outside the Chamber, where they can be tested – if necessary in a court of law.

    ‘Parliamentary privilege is a useful thing, but it needs to be used with care and in an open manner. If this gentleman has some evidence which causes him to believe this, why not make these comments outside?’ He added: ‘I’m not a particular friend of Leon Brittan, but this gentleman could equally well get up and accuse me of things like this – and I wouldn’t care for that. In fact I’d probably go round and smack him on the nose.’

  • 'I don't trust politicians and corporations in this country' Russell Brand - Newsnight VIDEO
    Eton groomed Cameron plays the victim card just like the royal mafia he operates for VIDEO
    The Fabian Society

    Labour the wolves in sheeps clothing

    The Fabian Society is a very old group originating in England in 1884, with the purpose of forming a single, global socialist state. They get their name from the Roman general Fabius, who used carefully planned strategies to slowly wear down his enemies over a long period of time to obtain victory.

    “Fabian Socialism” uses incremental change over a long period of time to slowly transform a state as opposed to using violent revolution for change. It is essentially socialism by stealth. Their original emblem was a shield with a wolf in sheep’s clothing holding a flag with the letters F.S. Today the international symbol of the Fabian Society is a turtle, with the motto below: “When I strike, I strike hard.”

    Fabian Society members included H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb, Annie Besant, Graham Wallas, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Australia’s new ‘Prime Minister’ Julia Gillard, as New Zeal recently exposed.

    The Fabian Window is a stained-glass window on display at the London School of Economics, and depicts Sidney Webb and Edward R. Pease hammering the earth on an anvil beneath the Fabian Society emblem. At the top of the window are the words “Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire.”

    To give you an idea of the type of world these people would like to ‘remould’, here is a quote from George Bernard Shaw: “Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well.” The ultimate Nanny State, with no free will or right to choose; you are owned by the elites and discarded when you are no longer any use.

    Fabian Society members founded the British Labour Party, the London School of Economics, the International Court of Justice at The Hague, and were largely involved in the creation of the UN and the League of Nations before it. They have enormous influence in global matters, yet hardly anyone knows who they are and what they stand for. They are very strong advocates for the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming pseudoscience because they are the types of people who have hijacked the environmental movement in order to use it to their political advantage. Their intent is to use environmental issues as a means to cause people to unite and demand that the issues be fixed, intending us to demand a global government that has the authority to ‘fix’ global warming because sovereign national governments lack that ability. The UN’s Agenda 21 is an example of a Fabian Society program that sets international requirements for how people must live, learn, travel, eat and communicate. Its sole purpose is control of people, not protection of the environment.

    Fabian Society members have infiltrated national and regional governments worldwide, some of them control governments. Local Fabian Societies will often describe themselves as ‘left-leaning think tanks’ and the like, to try and deceive people as to their true beliefs. Understandably, many members are often reluctant to admit their affiliation.

    Socialist is too soft a word to use for these people, their idea of a perfect world more resembles a system “fascistic at its core and administered through a form of scientific socialism.” The result is a ‘communitarian’ society where individualism must be relinquished for the betterment of the state. I think most of us don’t want to live in a world like that, but our leaders have made up their minds and will not stop striving for it regardless of what the public thinks.

  • Gordon Brown and the Fabian society a wolf in sheeps clothing (a dangerous and devious bastard who sold Britain's gold at a knock down price to his rich friends in the city)
  • Tory henchwoman Theresa May's hot air over cop brutality of the mentally ill VIDEO
    UK political mafia used to take the heat off the real controllers

    cameron bows to the master The House's of Parliament have been constantly used across the globe as a beacon of democracy and supposedly transformed Britain from a feudal state to some sort of free and open society. That is so far from the truth and centuries after this vile corrupt system was introduced it is crystal clear that the British royal parasites are the real controllers of the world using their army of stasi freemasons as their whipping boys globally to keep them in the opulence they think they deserve.

    From a fawning global media to the political and legal scum who manufacture legislation that ensures the peasants WILL ALWAYS be kept in their place and remain enslaved while propping up the most murderous terrorist regime on the planet. NO you wont see these evil fuckers on the streets with their terrorist outfits, machine guns and bombs , their form of terrorism is far more subtle and devious and goes on behind closed doors in every courthouse that copies English crown law and the monstrous unjust judicial decisions that keep these evil bastards propped up by oppressing the peasants unaware, thanks to the brainwashing by their heavily controlled media.

    They are the world experts on psychological control and persecution. You can be targeted without showing any outward signs they are after you and your lifes work. What you do see is an endless array of images of what terrorists are supposed to look like and they are usually the resistance movements across the world that have the minimum of weaponry to stand up to a tyranny so vast, so all consuming no one can truly comprehend the power and control they hold. Meanwhile they subtly and deviously claim to be the upholders of democracy and who will come to our rescue against the big bad pseudo bogeymen they regularly wheel on to show you what they view as terrorists when the men in grey suits and immaculate white shirts, who use power dressing like the royal parasites, to disguise the fact they themselves are the biggest most murderous terrorists of all.

    David Cameron a clone from the Eton groomed school of royalist mind control and his mob of murdering tory henchmen are responsible for thousands of deaths of the most sick and vulnerable in British society through their psychological assassins and torturers ATOS and DWP yet he is paraded on the BBC , ITV and the rest of the mass media as some sort of moral guardian who will look after us against their perceived bad guys. IT IS THESE PSYCHOPATHS THAT ARE THE SOURCE OF MORE TERRORISM AND TYRANNY THAN ALL OTHER PSEUDO TERRORISM COMBINED.

    Strange you would never guess that from how the media manipulate the sheeple into believing he has the moral right to impose draconian measures on the British peasants that has caused the total decline in living standards to the point of mass suicide of the sick and infirm. He also takes the heat off of the royal parasites when any mention of their vast wealth is exposed and they start to take the flak for the utter failure of a so called democracy set up by their murderous forefathers as a supposed democratic process when all the British peasants get to vote for are their hand picked political lackeys from both ends of the political spectrum and disguised as if we have a choice.

    That choice boils down to the few donkeys who are all controlled by the same trainer and owner the royal parasite herself, and no matter who wins the same agenda remains. Keeping them in the opulence they are determined to preserve at all cost, especially for the downtrodden peasants who have paid a heavy price and the royalist sheeple deluded into believing they are somehow FREE.

  • Moonlighting MPs rake in £7.1 MILLION in second jobs (and that doesn't include the brown envelopes)
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000 (Stolen by her despotic forefathers and using freemason judges today to steal mens land and properties in family courts right across the globe)
  • The Most Powerful Woman in the World
  • Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  • The name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha came to the British Royal Parasites in 1840
  • Media finally admit Queen is BY FAR the richest person in the world (so why don't the RICH LISTS state that?)
  • Royal mafia and their meaningless titles to make themselves LOOK important when they are NOT
  • How the richest despot on the planet avoids scrutiny of her vast riches, SHE hides them behind a facade of the STATE and CROWN
  • The dodges that push the richest despot on the planet down the trillionaire list
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  • A Jewish King And Queen Of England? It's Possible
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  • The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism
  • The Occult Reason For The Royal Wedding
  • The Royal family and the freemasons