How Labour cash in on ambulance chasers: Party makes thousands from links to 'no win, no fee' solicitors

Labour is raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds in commission from ambulance-chasing lawyers who force up the cost of car insurance. The party’s coffers are swollen by ‘£250 plus VAT’ every time it refers a supporter who is seeking accident compensation to a friendly firm of solicitors. Officials have also received more than £350,000 in direct donations from controversial personal injury lawyers who pursue ‘no win, no fee claims’, the Mail can reveal. Last night ministers accused Labour of running a ‘referral fees racket’. The fees have been blamed for the spiralling cost of motor insurance premiums, which have rocketed by 40 per cent in the last year. It is estimated that banning them could save motorists up to £150 on their policies.

The taxpayer also suffers when people make claims against councils for falling over in the street or having accidents in public places. Yet while the public are losing out and people are encouraged to file spurious compensation claims, Labour is lining its pockets with huge tip fees from solicitors. The Tories say this explains why Labour has not backed recently-announced plans to abolish referral fees.

The ‘racket’ centres on an official Labour Party website, Labour Legal Services, which touts for business on the internet. The site has a ‘personal injury section’ guaranteeing claimants ‘100 per cent’ of any damages they receive. In the style of adverts used by ambulance-chasing law firms, it says: ‘If you’ve suffered an injury in a road accident, work accident, serious injury that was somebody else’s fault or a situation of medical negligence, we can help you claim compensation.’

Claims are also invited for ‘slips, trips and falls in public places’ and ‘pedestrian accidents or injuries’. A note at the bottom of the web page says claims will be passed on to a firm of solicitors, Derby-based Flint Bishop, rather than being dealt with by Labour Legal Services. It says: ‘If Flint Bishop Solicitors accepts a personal injury instruction from a client via Labour Legal Services, Flint Bishop will pay the Labour party a referral fee of £250 plus VAT for each instruction’. Elsewhere on the Labour site, visitors can get an ‘instant conveyancing quote’, which they are told will attract a referral fee of £100 plus VAT to the party from Flint Bishop. Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly said: ‘Hard-working people are paying the price for Labour’s shameful insurance racket. ‘It is no wonder that Labour won’t fully back our proposals to abolish referral fees when they are exploiting the current system to fill their own party coffers at everyone else’s expense.

‘By banning referral fees, this Government is starting to tackle the problem – claimants will think harder about whether to sue and savings should be passed on to customers through lower prices.’ The Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, says that since their introduction in 2004, referral fees ‘have contributed to an explosion of personal injury cases in our courts, as individuals are encouraged to bring claims, often regardless of the merits of the case.’ There was widespread public support for the decision to scrap referral fees, and Labour former Justice Secretary Jack Straw backed it. But the Labour front bench, which is also fighting plans to tackle the abuse of ‘no win, no fee’ claims, refused to support the idea. Andy Slaughter, Labour’s justice spokesman, described the proposed ban as ‘strange’. He said: ‘It is not clear how organisations such as those campaigning for people with spinal injuries and asbestos-related illnesses, who refer people to experienced lawyers in return for help with funding their activities, will be able to continue their important work if all referral fees are simply outlawed.’

More than 40 per cent of lawyers pay referral fees ranging from £200 to £1,000 to receive work from claims management firms or insurers. Research reveals that the Labour Party has received over £200,000 in donations from one personal injury law firm alone – Thompsons Solicitors, which is closely linked to, and frequently represents, the trade unions. A total of £355,629.43 has been received from a range of solicitors providing similar services since 2001. Flint Bishop had a turnover of £10.5million in 2009. It was described by The Lawyer magazine as the fastest-growing UK law firm in 2007. Its website boasts: ‘Over the years, we have dealt with tens of thousands of personal injury cases, from simple whiplash incidents to multi-million pound catastrophic injury claims.’

The average price for comprehensive car insurance cover rose by 40 per cent in the year to March, from £636 a year to £892. By the end of June, it had reached £923.90 and is fast heading for four figures. A Labour spokesman said: ‘In common with many voluntary organisations, the Labour Party offers a number of benefits to members. Any arrangements would be reviewed in the light of changes in legislation.’


    Tycoons who funded Fox's friend: Right-wing donors paid the bills for pair's globetrotting

    A millionaire with close links to Israel is at the heart of a network of right-wing donors who funded globetrotting by Liam Fox and Adam Werritty. Michael Lewis donated to Dr Fox’s 2005 campaign for the Tory leadership and paid for Mr Werritty to attend at least one conference in the Middle East. Insiders say a web of half a dozen wealthy donors funded Mr Werritty’s luxury lifestyle as an informal adviser to the Defence Secretary. Last night another of those who funded his travels – who insisted on remaining anonymous – told the BBC that he did so because they share Dr Fox and his friend’s support for America, Israel and Eurosceptic causes. The backer insisted he did not have defence industry interests but the revelation could have serious implications for Dr Fox – currently at the centre of a Cabinet Office inquiry.

    It could lead to accusations that a group of rich businessmen were effectively paying to try to exert influence over one of the key members of the Cabinet. It also explains the vast discrepancy between Mr Werritty’s relatively low income and his jetsetting lifestyle. Mr Lewis, 52, a South Africa-born tycoon was, until two years ago, deputy chairman of the British Israel Communications Research Council (Bicom), which has admitted paying for Mr Werritty to attend a conference in Israel. He was flown at Bicom expense to Herzliya in February 2009, where he watched Dr Fox give a speech on European-Israeli relations. In a further development it emerged that Bicom’s former director of communications Lee Petar set up a lobbying firm called Tetra Strategy, now embroiled in the controversy swirling around Dr Fox.

    Mr Petar, who quit Bicom in 2005, introduced Mr Werritty to venture capitalist Harvey Boulter by email – a move which led to a controversial meeting between Dr Fox and Mr Boulter in Dubai this year without MoD officials present. Mr Lewis, who runs the blue-chip fashion retailer Foschini, donated £5,000 to Liam Fox’s leadership campaign, £10,000 to the Tory Party and £13,822 to Atlantic Bridge, a charity run by Mr Werritty and established by Dr Fox to further links between America and Britain. Dr Fox repeatedly flew to the U.S. on tickets paid for by Atlantic Bridge which paid Mr Werritty £90,000 over three years for acting as the charity’s chief executive.

    Dr Fox’s entry in the Register of Members Interests for 2005 shows that he received ‘sponsorship or financial and material support’ from Michael Lewis. Mr Werritty’s career has been advanced by a hedge fund manager, a former Goldman Sachs banker and Tory Party donor Michael Hintze.

    Mr Hintze, who is worth £550million, has given £1.5million to the Tories since 2005, has bankrolled Atlantic Bridge to the tune of £104,000, paid for several trips by Dr Fox and has given Mr Werritty free office space at his London HQ. His hedge fund CQS paid for flights and accommodation for a 2007 trip by Dr Fox to Mauritania and then again later that year to a conference in Florence. In October 2008, he flew Dr Fox – then Shadow Defence Secretary – to Washington. In May this year, Mr Hintze arranged another transatlantic flight from Washington for both Dr Fox and Mr Werritty. Sources say that Mr Lewis and Mr Hintze share many of Dr Fox’s political objectives – though it is not clear if either has ever directly paid Mr Werritty.

    Another who has indirectly assisted Mr Werritty is billionaire Chaim ‘Poju’ Zabludowicz – the chairman and chief donor of Bicom, who also owns large areas of Las Vegas. Electoral Commission records reveal that Mr Zabludowicz has donated £115,000 to the Conservative Party in the past three years. His investment firm Tenares is represented by Tetra Strategy. Another of the men who has bankrolled Liam Fox is at the centre of one of the biggest accounting scandals of recent years after being accused of misleading investors.

    Patrick Cryne, the owner of Barnsley FC, runs iSoft, which was at the centre of the troubled NHS computer upgrade scrapped at a cost of £12billion. The NHS contract sent iSoft’s share price soaring and in July 2004 Mr Cryne sold £12.75million worth of shares before selling a further tranche in June 2005. Both of his windfalls came when the share price was £4.25. After Mr Cryne left the firm the shares fell to just 56p. Mr Cryne is one of a string of businessmen who are listed as having given financial support to Liam Fox in the Commons Register of Members Financial Interests in recent years. He donated £6,000 to Dr Fox’s leadership campaign and £70,000 to the Tories. Others include Stanley Fink of Man Group, dubbed the ‘Godfather’ of the hedge fund industry, who donated £50,000 to Liam Fox and more than £2million to Tories.

    Telecoms millionaire Charles Wigoder donated £10,000 to Liam Fox’s leadership campaign and contributed to running of his Parliamentary office, and £20,000 to Tories. Others listed as having given financial support to Dr Fox include Jon Moulton of Better Capital and property tycoons David and Simon Reuben. Labour defence spokesman Kevan Jones said: ‘Questions need to be asked about the sources of funding for Liam Fox and Adam Werritty.’

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    PRIMAL SCREAM Tories persecuting the poor for being poor

    Confusion over song use at Tory conference leads to angry tirade by Primal Scream

    If anyone was unsure of where rock group Primal Scream’s political allegiances lie, they can rest assured tonight. Because the Glaswegian band have launched a stinging attack on the Conservatives after Theresa May apparently left the stage at the conference to one of their hits. But the tirade appears to have been premature, as the Tories have insisted the Home Secretary used a track by another group - The Dandy Warhols.

    The confusion seems to have started when Labour MP Kerry McCarthy, tipped off by someone at the Manchester event, tweeted that Primal Scream's 1994 song 'Rocks' had been played. The famously left-wing band released a forceful statement saying they were 'totally disgusted' at the 'sick association' between them and the Coalition Government, which was 'waging a war on the disenfranchised'. After initially apparently confirming the song choice to journalists, the Tories then denied that it appeared on their ipod playlist and later said the track had actually been The Dandy Warhols' 'Bohemian Like You'.

    It appears that Ms McCarthy's informer had been confused by the similarity in the two songs' riffs. Ms McCarthy said the songs 'admittedly sound similar'. The Home Secretary had already upset the judiciary by saying an immigrant had been allowed to stay in the UK because of a cat, and appeared to be pushing more boundaries by using the explicit rock song at the end of her speech.

    The Scottish group's top-10 hit includes lyrics about drug taking and prostitution. The band;s statement said: 'Primal Scream are totally disgusted that the Home Secretary Theresa May ended her speech at the Tory party conference with our song Rocks. 'How inappropriate. Didn't they research the political history of our band? Hasn't she listened to the words? Does she even know what getting your rocks off means? No. She is a Tory; how could she?'

    Expressing their political hostility to the Tory-led Coalition Government, the band continued: 'Primal Scream are totally opposed to the Coalition Government, Cameron, Osborne, Gove, Howard, Clegg etc. 'They are legalised bullies passing new laws to ensure the wealthy stay wealthy, taking the side of big business while eradicating workers' rights and continuing their attacks on young people, single parents and OAPs by slashing education and social security budgets, in effect persecuting the poor for being poor. 'We would like to distance ourselves from this sick association. The Tories are waging a war on the disenfranchised, they are the enemy.'

    A party spokesman said that ministers would 'have the final say' on the music chosen to accompany their appearance on the conference stage. Politicians have been lambasted several times in the past by bands, including Massive Attack, for using their music at set piece occasions such as conferences. In September 2000, William Hague took to the stage to the song 'Man Next Door'.

    Massive Attack issued a press statement in which the group said: 'We are completely f***** off with the Tories. How dare they use our music to promote their bulls***? 'Massive Attack have not and will never support the Conservative party or their policies.' In the 1990s, the Labour Party chose U2's Beautiful Day. While their reaction to the use of their song was a little more measured, the band said: 'We are flattered they like our tune but this is not an official endorsement of the Labour party.

    'We reserve the right to fall in and out with any political party and their policies. 'Mind you, every piece of airplay helps.'

  • Primal Scream - Rocks (VIDEO)
    It is incredible how the British press barons pamper to some of the most vile scum on the face of the earth. The tories get regular platforms on the BBC and every other tv, radio and newspaper across the land promoting maybe some of the most vile and offensive political views that would not look out of place at a Gestapo meeting.

    Right wing or in fact extreme right wing political views, that menacingly attack the poorest and most vulnerable in our society are constantly repeated as a mantra by the vile Eton public school boys. They have NEVER known what it is like to struggle, yet are the toerags charged with making decisions about the future of Britain due to the pathetic undemocratic process that allows only parties that are run by the rich or controlled by their rich backers can gain power. A similar situation arises in America were only those with millions of dollars can run for president ensuring the ultra rich remain so while the rest of the citizens struggle with debt mountains manufactured by the zionist fed. NEVER has there been a political party in the UK that has reduced the divide between rich and poor and even under a supposed socialist leaning party that used to be Labour has there ever been any attempt to redistribute the UK's assets across the board.

    Instead the whole system is utterly corrupted to ensure the most vile bottom feeding filth are allowed carte blanche to endlessly create policies that manipulate the sheeple to also look downwards instead of upwards at the rich using vile propaganda that feeds those same sheeple to attack the poorest while the ultra wealthy get away with outright murder. The equally vile press barons like the Murdoch mafia have created the platforms that ensure NO OTHER party can get the same promotion so ensuring some of the most toxic individuals like Cameron and his henchmen can ride roughshod over all our rights and brainwash the sheeple into believing there is NO alternative but to vote for the utter dregs of the earth as our political leaders.

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    chatham house


    There have been many articles written about Chatham House formerly the Royal Institute of International Affairs and its undue influence on the world's political systems.

    Like the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations in the USA, Chatham House operates through secret society control and the proof lies in the location in London of the Supreme Council 33 Degree masons located at Duke Street. No coincidence then that Chatham House around the corner in St. James Square could easily have an access to this masonic lodge via a Chatham House backdoor. Also looking at the maps above, drawing a line from Chatham house to Buckingham Palace and then to Westminster there is a none to cosy pyramid created that is behind the British monarchy's crown powers.

    The dots are being joined about how this control and power operates with a mafia created using past and present political goons like Blair ,Bush, Brown and Obama to push their agenda forward. All of it at the utter expense of the worlds citizens and the victims of their abuses who have been awakened to the devious legal chicanery that is being used to line the pockets of those at the top controlling this evil network of power.

    Check out the following links for additional information.

  • You can find this article permanently at http://www.intmensorg.info/a12911.htm
  • The 33rd Degree
  • Preview book Supreme Councils masonic 33 degree's and the British Crown connections

    THEY'RE HAVING A LAUGH !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Osborne to stick to austerity (starving the peasants on behalf of the NWO) plans
    despite double-dip fears
  • Osborne wanker joke picking up award from GQ magazine (takes one to know one)
  • Osborne took cocaine with me: Former escort girl repeats drug-taking allegations against Chancellor in extraordinary TV interview
    LEFT: Embarrassing: A young Osborne with Natalie Rowe in 1994 and, next to the yellow vase, the alleged line of cocaine

    The BBC has had talks with a self-confessed prostitute and drug user who was pictured posing with George Osborne in front of an alleged line of cocaine. A member of the flagship Panorama investigative team met Natalie Rowe, 47, with a view to making a film about her links with the Chancellor and former Downing Street spin doctor Andy Coulson.

    The meeting was part of a new BBC probe into claims about phone hacking on the News of the World when Mr Coulson was editor. Ms Rowe, who is said to have specialised in sado-masochism, has had similar discussions with Australian TV station ABC and American magazine Vanity Fair. The BBC was investigating Mr Osborne’s support for Mr Coulson’s successful bid to become David Cameron’s head of communications after he was forced to quit as News of the World editor over the phone-hacking scandal. Mr Coulson’s paper published a strong denial by Mr Osborne of allegations that he had taken drugs with Ms Rowe. Subsequently, Mr Osborne was instrumental in persuading Mr Cameron to recruit Mr Coulson as his spin doctor. Ms Rowe is suing the News of the World after being told by police that her phone was hacked by the paper when claims were made of drug-taking by senior Conservatives. Mr Osborne has been told by police that his phone was also targeted by the News of the World as part of its investigation into his links with Ms Rowe.

    Well-placed sources say Ms Rowe, who is represented by media lawyer Mark Lewis, is threatening to make explosive revelations about her former clients in the upper echelons of the Conservative Party. Mr Osborne was severely embarrassed in 2005 by the pub¬lication of a picture of him as a 22 year-old Oxford student, smoking a cigarette with his arm draped around Ms Rowe. According to some claims, cocaine and rolled-up papers, allegedly for snorting the drug, could be seen in the picture taken at a party. Mr Osborne confirmed he knew Ms Rowe, who ran an agency called Black Beauties supplying prostitutes to clients paying from £350 an hour.

    He said he came into contact with her through a friend who had a relationship with her and went on to become a drug addict. But he strenuously denied that he took cocaine with her, saying the allegations were ‘defamatory and completely untrue’.

    A BBC spokesman said: ‘Panorama is continuing to look into the phone-hacking story and we have been pursuing a number of lines of inquiry, of which this was one element. However, there are no immediate plans for a programme.’ A spokesman for Ms Rowe said: ‘She declines to comment.’


    Cameron in Bullingdon riot row with BBC presenter

    David Cameron hit out at the BBC today over the London riots, accusing the corporation of promoting Left-wing ideas. The Prime Minister said the BBC was "mushing together" all social ills as an excuse for doing nothing.

    In a row with star presenter Evan Davis, Mr Cameron said: "When you listen to the BBC, there is a sort of danger of trying to put all this into a great mush... as an excuse for not acting.

    "Some people almost say [that] until we deal with the problems of inequality in our society, there is nothing that you can do to deal with rioting."

    Mr Cameron then promised "tough love" for the rioters to reform their behaviour and enough money to turn around the lives of 120,000 problem families in the country. It came after Davis tried to compare violence by the wealthy Bullingdon Club to the London rioters. The Prime Minister, who was a member of Oxford University's Bullingdon Club - notorious for outrageous behaviour including smashing up restaurants - was challenged by Davis on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning. "I don't want to equate it to the riots, I don't want to harp on about it but the Bullingdon Club, you know that's a youthful gang, you could almost call it, engages in violent behaviour, do you see any likeness in that to what occurred?"

    The Prime Minister insisted: "We all do stupid things when we are young and we should learn the lessons". But Mr Davis pressed on, questioning Mr Cameron on whether he had witnessed "people throwing things through windows and smashing up restaurants". Mr Cameron denied seeing any such acts of violence, adding: "But I think what we saw in terms of the riots was actually very well organised in many cases looting and stealing and thieving."

    Mr Davis refused to drop his line of questioning defending it as exploring whether the public disturbances went "well beyond these housing estates". The Prime Minister accepted it did but stressed people did not raid shops because of anger over issues such as MPs' expenses. Sounding increasingly irritated, he then rounded on Davis: "I might say that when you listen to the BBC, there is a sort of danger... of trying to put all this into a great mush, and make that as an excuse for not acting. Some people almost say well until we deal with the problems of inequality in our society, there is nothing that you can do to deal with rioting."

    Davis tried to dispute this but Prime Minister said: "Well that's what it can slip into, Evan, if you are not careful." On Twitter, the presenter later denied that he was accusing Mr Cameron of "hypocrisy" but Tory MPs reacted angrily to his repeated questioning over the Bullingdon Club. Mark Field, Conservative MP for the Cities of London and Westminster and who was a contemporary of Mr Cameron's at Oxford, said: "This was not Evan Davis's finest hour." Tory MP Douglas Carswell said: "I'm pleased to hear David Cameron speak out about the way that our state-funded broadcaster reported the riots.

    "Much of the BBC's news coverage - be it about looting, the financial crisis, overseas conflict or the euro - tells us as much about the prejudices and outlook of those working for the corporation as they do about what is happening in the world." The BBC defended the interview. A spokesman said: "The BBC's coverage and analysis of the recent riots endeavoured to explore all aspects, as our audiences would expect."

    Evan Davis: A different league altogether

    Evan Davis is an "extraordinary talent", David Cameron's spin chief Craig Oliver once said.

    "When you compare him to others in the broadcasting world he is in a different league,"

    Mr Oliver, who was then editor for the BBC Ten O'Clock News, added. No 10 communication chiefs may have different feelings about Davis after the presenter of BBC Radio 4's Today programme gave Mr Cameron a grilling about his membership of the notorious Bullingdon Club at Oxford and whether any comparisons could be drawn to the recent riots. Students in the club were renowned for outrageous and over-the-top behaviour including smashing up restaurants. The line of questioning was unusual, and with his cutting style, Davis may be popular among many Today listeners but is ruffling feathers at Westminster.

    The 49-year-old former BBC economics editor is himself a graduate from Oxford where he studied politics, philosophy and economics. No doubt he would have been aware of the antics of the Bullingdon Club, which were frowned upon by many other students, especially those from more humble backgrounds. He was several years above Mr Cameron at the university. Educated at Ashcombe School in Dorking, he edited Oxford University's student newspaper, Cherwell, before going on to Harvard, where he won his master's degree in public administration.

  • David Cameron on Bullingdon Club looting and rioting (AUDIO)
  • The Bullingdon Club
    As was proved with the Murdoch mafia spying campaigns the ruling mafia, starting at the top with the British royal family and their many masonic henchmen, have TOTAL control of the mass media , or that was until the rise of the internet. The massive disparity in the two, shows how dangerous and devious the media have been in providing the propaganda and disinformation that has allowed an evil cabal of murderous bastards to rule the UK with an iron fist.

    We are being endlessly brainwashed with bullshit about the so called freedoms we are LUCKY to have when the reality is these bastard thugs and bully boys who protect the ruling elite, turn on the public any time dissent starts to show and is quickly stifled by a legal system controlled by a monstrous judicial mafia that hands down massive prison sentences to anyone who dares challenge their might . Meantime the little serial criminal neds provide rich pickings for the legal aid lawyers that defend them, while the long suffering public have had to tolerate an underclass of criminals that seemingly get away with murder. This while activists and protesters are endlessly targeted with their very specialised and personalised form of persecution. Activists who are determined to rid this country of the mobsters who are painted by their media pals as aspirational when they are ACTUALLY the utter filth, scum and dregs of the earth,

    A small self appointed elitist group who have lived off the back of the public , who from cradle to grave are forced to serve their very warped agenda, enforced by masonic thugs who get their orders behind the closed secretive doors of the lodges across the UK were terrorism and vast corruption are rife and where the police never TREAD except when they are taking part in the vile satanic oath swearing and from where the vast majority of the UK cops are selected from . The establishment ensure only dim witted goons are used to maximise the enforcement while ensuring allegiance and loyalty is NOT compromised by threats and fear of having their throats cut for spilling the beans on how they manipulate the population for their own vast enrichment.

    While other countries are ridding themselves of despots the UK remains blinded by the masonic tinted tv, radio and newspapers. A system that pump out the vile propaganda that psychologically abuses the sheeple who to this day fail to see the writing on the wall despite the evidence of their fellow countrymen being used and abused and being made homeless and penniless daily thanks to enormous theft going on disguised as some form of justice system. Only a massive wake up call will restore sanity and away from the psychopaths that have been getting away with their vile agenda for far to long.

    emma kennedy The backlash against the backlash against the backlash has begun.
    Actress and writer Emma Kennedy has turned her fire on Prime Minister David Cameron , George Osbourne the Chancellor and Boris Johnson the Mayor of London.

    "I remember antics of the Bullington Club when I was at Oxford with Cameron , Osbourne and Johnson" she wrote on Twitter this morning. "Don't recall their parents being punished . They smashed things up on a regular basis. And now they're in charge of the country . They did exactly the same when they were teenagers.

    Evening Standard 15 August 2011 No link

    While the great leader is pontificating about rioters, looting and opportunistic thieving, Cameron is able to hide behind riots triggered by his masonic pals in the upper echelons of the British police .

    There are a growing number of dead bodies piling up, Daniel Morgan and Sean Hoare only two of the many victims of News International subterfuge, and Cameron in employing Murdoch henchman Andy Coulson is deeply embroiled in the mass spying and hacking that was a cover for the Murdoch mafia's targeting of their victims. Many targeted aided the rise to power of the Zionist Eton groomed Israeli supremacist right at the centre of UK control. No mention of the banking gangsters opportunistic stealing of trillions , and the Zionist hedge fund gangsters opportunistic thieving of trillions from the economy in lucrative and devious machinations of the financial markets. Also no mention of the opportunistic thieving by MP gangsters and their lucrative expenses claims.

    While this vile bastard and his masonic henchmen like Ian Duncan-Smith endlessly regurgitate the fight against gangs he fails to mention the most EVIL gang on the planet and where they get their orders , via the United Grand Lodge of England and where the REAL thugs operate from , for and on behalf of the biggest despot on the planet Queen Lizzie. UGLE and crown powers encircle the globe, via the judicial mafia, consuming everything in its wake and makes all the riot looting pale next to the trillions of pounds in the opportunistic thieving and vast fleecing of estates conjured up by dodgy laws that ensure the self appointed elite get their wealth from bankruptcy and the pilfering of hard working mens estates not part of their creepy network of power.

    The riots have given Cameron a convenient OUT of his requirement to explain how deeply he is involved in Murdoch's spying , lying and dying network. Instead he stands on his soapbox telling us how he is going to target ANYONE who dares challenge the crown, royal or masonic gangsters that impose the most vile thuggery on the planet. Hence why she owns more than one sixth of the world's land mass .

    feral elite Public jury campaign launched to take power away from UK's 'feral' elite

    Britain is being run by a "feral" elite whose members are responsible for a series of crises – from phone hacking to the row over bankers' bonuses – which have scarred the country, a new, non-party group headed by the author Philip Pullman claims.

    A 1,000-strong "public jury" should be selected at random to draw up a "public interest first" test to ensure that power is taken away from "remote interest groups" which currently treat the public with contempt, according to the group's declaration. The call for a public jury, which has been signed by 56 academics, writers, trade unionists and politicians from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green party, is published in the Guardian.

    Its signatories include Greg Dyke, former director general of the BBC, Caroline Lucas, the only Green MP who is also her party's leader, and the civil liberties campaigner and Labour peer Lady Kennedy. Guardian columnists Polly Toynbee and Madeleine Bunting have also signed the declaration. Launched by Neal Lawson, a former adviser to Gordon Brown who chairs the left of centre Compass group, the group says that decisive action is needed to wrest power back from a small elite. "Something is unravelling before our eyes," the group says. "From bankers to media barons, private interests have bankrupted and corrupted the public realm. Power, for so long hidden in the pockets of a cosy elite, has been exposed. Those who wield it have been found wanting - in scruples, in morals and in decency."

    The group says that the three crises - MPs' expenses, bankers' bonuses and illegal phone hacking - share common origins. "Politicians, bankers and media moguls ... share a common culture in which greed is good, everyone takes their turn at the trough, and private interest takes precedence over the public good." In a Guardian article, the authors of the declaration warn of a "feral" elite. Lawson and Andrew Simms, fellow at the New Economics Foundation, write: "With no pressure for higher ethical standards, the new all-powerful elites were like kids left free in the sweetshop, going feral as they lost all self-control and all touch with society."

    The group says that 1,000 citizens should be selected at random to sit on a public jury that will propose reforms to banking, politics. The jury, to be funded from the public purse, would examine:

    • Media ownership.

    • The financial sector's role in the crash.

    • MP selections and accountability.

    • Policing and public interest.

    • How to apply a "public interest first" test more generally to British political and corporate life.

    The declaration's main critique of Britain - that power is concentrated in the hands of a small elite - echoes the thinking of Ed Miliband. The Labour leader, who has been praised for shaping the public response to the phone-hacking scandal, recently said that too much power in the media and other industries is concentrated in the hands of too few people.

    "The powerful are very good at talking about the responsibilities of the powerless but they aren't very good at looking at their own responsibilities," Miliband told the Times on 23 July as he called for the "big six" energy companies to be broken up. "Labour is the party of the grafters, the people who work hard and do the decent thing but don't feel they get a very fair deal out of society."The declaration is also signed by Lord Wood, an Oxford don who is a senior adviser to Miliband.

    sovereign A key part of the campaign to "reform" the press is being financed by senior Labour figures with direct personal and professional interests in muzzling the media.

    The Sunday Telegraph has established that "Hacked Off," a high-profile campaign against press invasions of privacy, is partly funded and staffed by Sovereign Strategy, a controversial company described by the Guardian newspaper as "Labour's favourite lobbyist." Hacked Off's best-known supporter is the actor Hugh Grant, who has repeatedly appeared on television as the face of its campaign. An employee of Sovereign Strategy, Horatio Mortimer, described on its website as its "strategic consultant," has been seconded to work for Hacked Off. Sovereign Strategy is also paying some of Hacked Off's administrative, accommodation and travel costs. Sovereign Strategy is owned by Alan Donnelly, the former Labour leader in the European Parliament and current chairman of David Miliband's constituency Labour party. Mr Donnelly, who is openly gay, lives with Peter Power, an ex-spokesman for and close associate of the former Business Secretary, Lord Mandelson.

    Sovereign Strategy has been repeatedly investigated by the press, including The Times and The Sunday Times, owned by News International. In February last year Sovereign Strategy was accused by The Times of involvement in a "cash-for-access" operation to serving Labour ministers. The North East Economic Forum, run by Sovereign Strategy, organised a networking event with three ministers on the margins of a regional Cabinet meeting. Businessmen were charged £5,000 to attend. In 2006, The Sunday Times revealed that Sovereign Strategy, which represents major nuclear industry clients, paid £2,000 to help refurbish Mr Miliband's constituency office shortly before he became the minister responsible for the nuclear industry.

    Sovereign Strategy has also received highly critical coverage for paying tens of thousands of pounds to serving MPs and peers, defying a ban on the practice by the lobbying trade body, the Association of Professional Political Consultants. It employed at least three ex-ministers, the former environment secretary Jack Cunningham, the former health secretary Alan Milburn and the former defence minister Lewis Moonie, while they were backbench MPs or peers. Lord Cunningham, then a board member of Sovereign Strategy, helped arrange meetings with his former Labour ministerial colleagues on behalf of the lobbyist's clients. Sovereign Strategy says it stopped paying parliamentarians in 2007.

    Two years later, The Sunday Times reported that Lord Moonie had offered to help with amending laws for £30,000, saying "the thing about the Lords is there's virtually nothing they can do" about breaches of the rules. The peer was caught by a sting involving subterfuge, one of the practices the Hacked Off campaign has questioned. The paper said its use of undercover reporters was in the public interest. The Lords privileges committee said there was "insufficient evidence to establish to the standards of proof we have adopted" that Lord Moonie had broken its code of conduct but ordered the peer to apologise to the House for his "wholly inappropriate attitude to the rules."

    Mr Donnelly's business partner and chief executive of Sovereign Strategy, Iain Malcolm, is Labour leader of South Tyneside council, where the press exposed his involvement in a local scandal known as "Airportgate." In the affair, described by the Tyneside MP and former Labour chief whip Nick Brown as "indefensible" and "one of the great contemporary scandals," Newcastle airport, jointly owned by South Tyneside and six other North East councils, was refinanced in a controversial £377 million deal with Sir Fred Goodwin's Royal Bank of Scotland, incurring huge potential liabilities to council taxpayers. The airport's two executive directors were paid a percentage of the loan as a personal bonus – pocketing a total of £8.5 million between them.

    The deal was approved by Mr Malcolm, as a member of the airport's five-strong remuneration committee, ignoring warnings from a senior colleague that the deal was "very difficult to justify" and might not achieve "best value" for the taxpayer. As revealed by The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Malcolm then spent at least £75,000 of council taxpayers' money on taking the social networking site Twitter to court in California, accusing one of his own councillors of being the source of the "Airportgate" story and the author of anonymous tweets and blogs attacking him. Mr Malcolm obtained a subpoena, described by media lawyers as "inappropriate" and "worrying," requiring Twitter to hand over its account details.

    Sovereign Strategy was and remains a major donor to the Labour Party, giving it at least £160,000 over the last nine years. Mr Donnelly has personally given a further £41,000. Mr Donnelly is also closely linked to Max Mosley, who successfully sued the News of the World for breach of privacy after it revealed that he had indulged in sado-mascochistic orgies with prostitutes. Mr Donnelly is chief steward of Formula One and Sovereign Strategy is based at the same Trafalgar Square address as Mr Mosley's charitable arm, the FIA Foundation.

    The FIA Foundation's director general, David Ward, was chief policy adviser to the former Labour leader, John Smith. Mr Mosley, who has financed civil actions taken by alleged victims of phone-hacking against the News of the World, has been a client of Sovereign Strategy. Hacked Off makes no mention of Sovereign Strategy on the "funding" section of its own website, but one of its leaders, Brian Cathcart, a journalism professor at Kingston University, confirmed Mr Mortimer's role and Sovereign's help with administrative, hotel and taxi expenses.

    Separately, The Sunday Telegraph has also learned that one of the key members of Lord Justice Leveson's inquiry into privacy and the press is chairman of a charity which was itself censured for multiple breaches of privacy laws. Sir David Bell is one of a six-strong panel appointed by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to assist Lord Leveson in his work. However Sir David chairs a charity, Common Purpose, which was reprimanded by the Information Commissioner in 2009 for six probable breaches of the Data Protection Act.

    Common Purpose is an organisation for training "future leaders" in government and the community. It has been accused by some anti-EU campaigners of being a political front to promote pro-Brussels values, which it denies. Common Purpose fell foul of data protection laws after trying to block these campaigners from investigating its finances. The organisation compiled a "blacklist" of individuals who had made Freedom of Information Act (FOI) requests about it to councils and other public bodies.

    It is heavily funded by such bodies. In some cases Common Purpose the names were released to Common Purpose unlawfully through informal approaches to its contacts at councils. It then circulated the "blacklist," including the names, private home and email addresses and telephone numbers of the people concerned, to its other public sector clients, telling them that the individuals were "vexatious" people causing it "harassment and disruption" whose requests should be ignored. The circulation of such private details is also illegal under the Data Protection Act. The act says that personal data must not be shared with third parties without the person's consent.

    In 2009 the Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, upheld six complaints against Common Purpose over the practice. In decision notices seen by The Sunday Telegraph, the Commissioner stated that it was "unlikely" that Common Purpose's behaviour had complied with the Data Protection Act. The Commissioner's office said it had "advised [Common Purpose] to take steps to comply with the law in future." Common Purpose had to take "remedial action" in five of the cases.

    Sir David was appointed to the Leveson inquiry because of his role as chairman and co-founder of the Media Standards Trust, which campaigns for for "transparency and accountability in news" and against "all forms of illegal intrusion by the press." The Media Standards Trust is another supporter, with Sovereign Strategy, of the Hacked Off campaign, paying for the campaign's website. There are close links between the Media Standards Trust and Common Purpose. The trust's deputy chairman and other co-founder, Julia Middleton, is chief executive of Common Purpose.

    The two organisations shared offices until recently. Chris Bryant, the Labour MP who has led the parliamentary campaign on the phone-hacking issue, is a former manager at Common Purpose. One of those who complained to the Information Commissioner, Michael White, from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, said: "My private address was in their blacklist and I was described as a vexatious and harassing individual. I felt sick to think that Common Purpose had passed this around half the public authorities in the country. "They got this data from their contacts in councils. The hypocrisy is stunning. These people quite rightly condemn invasions of privacy by the press while invading people's privacy themselves. They demand transparency for other people and fight it for themselves."

    Ms Middleton said last night: "As an organisation we made a genuine mistake in this instance. We did so following what we believed to be sound advice from the Information Commissioner's Office, but it was in a very rapidly changing legal context. We have since changed our practices accordingly." A Common Purpose spokeswoman said the charity no longer held the offending list and no further action had been taken against it. And in previously unreported remarks, Lord Leveson has repeatedly criticised the media.

    Last November, giving the Roscoe Lecture, he said: "My 40 year experience [in the law]… means that I know not to believe the headlines in the press consistently suggesting that judges sentence too leniently or that the guilty 'get away with it." As chairman of the Sentencing Council, he complained: "A consultation on the draft assault [sentencing] guideline started last week, accompanied by the usual flurry of media reporting. "From the headlines, you might think that different documents were being discussed."

    Last May he attacked the influence of "media anecdote" in the debate on sentencing and said: "Addressing media coverage is one of the areas the [Sentencing] Council will be seeking to tackle." Martin Moore, a spokesman for the Hacked Off campaign, said: "We met with Lord Cunningham and others including Alan Donnelly who said they could help us however we liked. "The extent of their help was minimal and had no bearing on the substantive stuff." Sovereign Strategy declined to comment.