Barclay brothers (Daily Telegraph), Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail), Richard Desmond (Daily Express ), Rupert Murdoch (Ex-News of the World, The Sun and Times) and BBC's Danny Cohen

There is no doubt the primary goal of the utter scum and dregs of the earth, the press barons of the UK, is to provide a continuous stream of lies, filth and HATE about the peasants especially the poorest sections of society while propping up the richest despot on the planet.

The REAL parasites, that they praise regularly as some sort of force for good, are the Royal mafia and their thousands of freemason henchmen causing enormous damage to the public who seem comatosed as to how these monsters are getting away with an almost total monopoly of the printed press and a licensing system that ensures anyone not doing the same is bankrupted by the legal mafia , for and on behalf of the Duke of Kent and his masonic thugs acting for a royalist crown. This ensures little or no resistance can be found in any of the evil rags that are totally controlled by a mafia of wealthy press barons only to happy to provide the propaganda that keeps the system from having any transparency.

They also have media lawyers breathing down their neck, under the guise of libel laws, but in effect keeping a censorship of anything that does not follow the UK establishment line and acting as law society plants have ensured the vast theft of land, business and property is kept hidden from the public until they themselves become a target of this despicable system . Instead they shove out reams of trivial nonsense that hides their crimes against the long suffering public. Many men find themselves out on the street before realising what has been going on with a public totally oblivious to the EVIL propaganda being generated by degenerates who only target those least able to defend themselves.

These are the same scum that failed to expose Sir jimmy Savile who for over 40 years abused 100's if not 1000's of vulnerable children yet despite many reports and police investigations not one of these bastards published one iota of what he was getting up to in hospitals and at the BBC studios for decades. This is only a tiny part of the massive conspiracy that implicates the press barons that consist of the Barclay brothers (Daily Telegraph), Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail), Richard Desmond (Daily Express ), Rupert Murdoch (Ex-News of the World, The Sun and Times) and BBC's Danny Cohen whose main occupation seems to be attacking anyone that depends on the pittance from the state when their lives have been destroyed by the mobsters hell bent on kicking them when they are down.

The French had the right idea during their own revolution by removing FOREVER those elements in their society that had been utterly abusing their position to the detriment of everyone who had been suffering at the hands of tyrants and royals lining their pockets from the enslavement of their citizens. Is that why the black nobility set up on the island of Britain to safeguard their system of control and with a population devoid of the weapons required to overthrow the most heinous secret society network on the planet?

Even the Americans are getting a taste of the British press lackeys with Piers Morgan attacking the American constitution using the same tactics when he was in control of the Daily Mirror in the UK that aided and abetted the removal of all weapons from British citizens ensuring ONLY the UK establishment and their freemason henchmen had the vast arsenals that have ensured the oppression of the peasants and with vast asset stripping that immediately accelerated after that gun control was enacted. The same agenda is going on to strip America of their right to defend themselves from tyrannical governments as is happening in the UK.

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