Salmond's law society minders MacAskill and Sturgeon.

  • Scotland's rogue masonic ruthless judiciary being TAUGHT about humanity (Divorcing men in Scotland are treated far worse than hardened criminals and murderers as crooked lawyers hang on to the coattails of serial criminals and divorcing women who get them easy access to their multi-billion pound legal aid honey pot if they claim domestic abuse or violence. ALL BEING PAID FOR BY MEN SHAFTED IN MASONIC RUN FAMILY COURTS)
  • SNP SCUM have left vulnerable people at the mercy of the callous DWP state assassins and the Tory SCUM for far too long
  • Buchanan Galleries becoming the number one choice for suicidal men in Glasgow
  • The annual Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF) gets under way next week (Holyrood mafia accepting Scotland being turned into a long arm of the homo / lesbian agenda. QUOTE "a film is queer if it somehow counters or challenges heterosexuality" They are being deliberately embedded into the Scottish legal system to DESTROY heterosexual men and their families)
  • The sectarianism, bigotry and hatred that keeps Scotland in the dark ages (The SNP political mafia will do NOTHING while claiming Scotland is being modernised)
  • Scotland brainwashed into celebrating freemason Rabbie Burns (Despite what Burns promoters tell us it is some of the biggest bunch of bullshit that has ever been written and they still managed to get the global sheeple singing 'Auld Lang Syne' right across the globe at New Year)
  • Deluded feminist lawyer Sturgeon claims the SNP offer 'hope and optimism' (What utter BULLSHIT from a scumbag lawyer turned politician whose lawyer pals in Scotland are getting away with murder cruelly stripping men bare leaving them homeless and penniless. The SNP are pure evil pushing their malicious utopian dream that is a nightmare for heterosexual men forcibly stripped by the masonic / feminist mafia running Holyrood)
  • Scotland's judicial mafia slammed for being on payroll of oppressive regimes abroad (Any man who has faced these evil freemason bastards in Scottish courts knows the lengths they will go to destroy men when they go after the family silver, children and homes)
  • NO JUSTICE for black man's family who died in Scottish cop custody (Freemasons protecting each others arses when cops get away with MURDER thanks to masonic judges and lawyers. Victim died in May 2015 after nine cops arrested him )
  • Scottish Government review looking into claims of police brutality and victimisation following the 1984 miners strike (Scotland's masonic THUG mafia disguised as cops have been getting away with murder for decades with the total support of government. Scotland's divorcing men face the same brutality as they are stripped bare)
  • Holyrood mafia and the thugs and bullies in their ranks (The same evile bastards that manufacture domestic abuse laws for their own enrichment)
  • Glasgow's 'mile of misery' where the number of homeless people is on the rise
  • Scotland under SNP rule a filthy SHITEHOLE
  • Sickened by the thought of Scottish children going hungry, Craig started Launch Foods, a not-for-profit scheme to feed children in Glasgow
  • Orange walks the vile blot on Scotland's landscape (No action from the HATE manufacturing brigade in Holyrood but if it was a homosexual or lesbian getting abused they would soon put a stop)
  • Scotland the land of the vile and bigoted orangemen and freemasons (Only feminists and homosexuals need apply for HATE crime protection from the Holyrood mafia)
  • Scotland can spend millions building buildings to protect buildings but NOT citizens sleeping homeless on the streets (Holyrood mafia have their priorities ALL wrong)
  • SNP government's secret multi-million pound hand outs to companies controlled by multi-millionaires (How much in donations will be bankrolling the SNP come election time?)
  • Scottish household property wealth totals £285bn and being STOLEN by the legal mafia daily (most of that wealth earned by men who are crucified in divorce courts to seize their assets)
  • Scotland the corrupt
  • Family accuse Scotland's masonic cops of cover-up over death of man whose body was found in Wick Harbour (From 2013)
  • For anyone who is forced to contact Scottish cops who fail to deal with crime this is the fucking nonsense they use to divert attention from their gross incompetence (If your home is regularly disrupted by crime making complaints to police will tar you as a PERSISTENT complainer and they will charge you for their failings. The whole of Britain's legal mafia and their hired cop thugs are GUILTY of persistent complaints and behaviour when they spend years hounding divorcing men into early graves)
  • Holyrood mafia consisting of lawyers / freemasons / feminists / homosexuals are putting even more money into their domestic violence scams (How Scotland's legal mafia use DV to thieve property and children on the grandest of scales. The legal mafia's equivalent to claims of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' coined by warmongering LAWYER Tony Blair)
  • SNP cop merger plan a total disaster (Instead of eight freemasons running the show they only require ONE who could be easily manipulated to carry out the SNP master plan of massive house theft with Sturgeon as the lawyer / political / feminist / homo leaning lackey for the terror cell that is the Law Society of Scotland. See here latest domestic violence ruse used as the excuse to thieve on the grandest of scales)
  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • Scotland's Holyrood feminazi at the man hating again over internet abuse (So its only females in particular feminist lawyers and lesbians that are being slated?)
  • The morally upstanding SNP who are chaining innocent men with their obscene laws have abusers in their midst who exploit their position of power
  • Scotland's Holyrood pension fund for MSPs and their staff is complicit in the misery caused by warfare, climate change and the legacy of the tobacco industry (So much for their morally self righteous stance)
  • What happens to heterosexual men in Scotland when feminist leaning lawyers, lesbians, womens aid , homosexuals, and freemasons at Holyrood manufacture apartheid style laws (The most serious attack on men throughout history and promoted by the femi / homo BBC and the excuse for the legal mafia to fleece men and their families dry)
  • Scotland's hypocritical Holyrood mafia wine and dine weapons dealers (Is this the same mob that claim so much about domestic abuse rubbing shoulders with those who provide weapons for mass murder? Campaigners say that 'many companies in attendance have armed human rights abusers and dictatorships)
  • Masonic mafia behind Scotland's policing face new misconduct claims
  • The rogue murderous legal mafia in Scotland on revolt (There are NO WORDS to describe the vile twisted bastards that dominate the vast bulk of lawyers operating in Scotland and who are getting away with absolute murder and what they claim is a JUSTICE system)
  • Lawyer Sturgeon accused of running a SECRET Scotland (With freemasons running Scotland and especially the Law society corruption is rife)
  • Lawyer controlled SNP in disturbing move over what is classed as domestic abuse (Freemason cops will be TRAINED to identify 'insidious' abuse then freemason lawyers and judges have the excuse to thieve mens homes, money and children. Tyranny alive and well in freemason run Scotland)
  • New deluded SPA chairwoman says 'no crisis' within Police Scotland (While Scotland is riddled with masonic henchmen within law enforcement non mason men will continue to face ruthless tyranny)
  • Scotland's Holyrood mafia lining their pockets
  • Former socialist MSP Carolyn Leckie who helped bring down Tommy Sheridan and his party admits her father was an Orangeman and freemason (Having faced this witch at Holyrood we warned Sheridan of how twisted she conducted ourselves when we raised the issue of children separated from the protection of their biological fathers being murdered)
  • Cop 'embedded' in Scottish prison(As experts on how masonic thugs masquerading as law enforcement operate in Scotland we know they contiually fail the children surviving on Scottish streets that are lawless thanks to cops NEVER seen patrolling until someone gets murdered)
  • Scotland's top asshole Stuart Patrick, chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce looks down on Glasgow's homeless claiming they are ruining city centre shopping
  • The vast bulk of bullying in Scottish schools is against young heterosexual boys but you would NEVER guess from the femi / homo BBC / Holyrood version(Another disgusting biased report painting young straight boys as perpetrators rather than the major victims of school bullying. How do we know? We have first hand experience of what exactly goes on in Scottish schools and it is the way schools are managed is the main cause of bullying being rife in schools. All part of the hierarchy getting ready to indoctrinate children into how multi-nationals use FREEMASON managers and similar BULLYING tactics to control young adults after they leave school)
  • Scottish cop changes will NEVER work until freemasons are exposed and removed from masquerading as law enforcement (We have VAST experience of dealing with these evil bastards. They are the utter scum and dregs of the earth who do NOTHING to protect the public as they are to busy helping steal land, property, business and children for their legal pals and sheriff officers acting as their thug minders)
  • Scottish Elections 2016: Disturbing imbalance in the heterosexuals leading main political parties
  • House thieves jailed after UK's longest criminal trial (Outrageous that Scottish lawyers involved in the transactions were NOT prosecuted as they were used as witnesses in the trial)
  • BBC ask the very stupid question "Is the Scottish Parliament in need of reform?" (Until they remove the lesbians, homosexuals, freemasons and the man hating lawyers and feminists no heterosexual man is safe while the devious self serving and enrichment brigade dominate legislation)
  • Inverclyde the suicide capital of Scotland if not the UK (BBC report on Samaritans only TOUCH on divorce as a MAIN trigger and fail to mention that Inverclyde council controlled for decades by corrupt lawyers who use lying social work , teachers and doctors reports to steal millions in legal aid with corrupt freemason judges, cops and sheriff officers seizing mens estates and psychologically bullying them into suicide)
  • Inverclyde – Is It Corruption Or Incompetence That Makes It The Worst Run Council In Scotland?
  • SNP's 'named person scheme' is a law society concocted Big Brother scam to undermine biological parents of children (Sturgeon is a lawyer and a law society plant like Clinton and Obama in the USA)
  • SNP ministers and NHS bosses sign off £75million IT project to store and share the confidential health files of everybody in Scotland - without announcing it to the public or Parliament
  • Hunger strike homelessness protester vows to fight to the death as he hits out at political 'shower' (Alasdair Codona sums up our own feelings about the Holyrood mafia busy lining their pockets while Scots suffer severe hardship through draconian policies)
  • SNP paedo coverer upperers
  • Both the Westminster mafia and Holyrood mafia ‘failing Scotland’ and are behind the economy ‘teetering on the brink of an economic and employment crisis’
  • Scotland's legal mafia try and justify appalling injustice in courts (VIDEO)
  • Intender program: How freemasons brainwash initiates into their vile cabal that began in Scotland (first drawn up in 1598 by William Schaw, Master of Work and General Warden of the Masons of Scotland. Many streets in Scotland named after this bastard and how they used the same brainwashing techniques in schools at an early age in freemason dominated Scotland)
  • Top echelons of Scottish society are 'dominated' by elite private schools and top universities (45 per cent of senior judges were privately educated compared to less than 6 per cent of the country’s overall population. Half of Scotland’s top media professionals and 46 per cent of the country’s MPs attended the four “ancient” universities)
  • Scots still face the tyranny of a ruthless judicial mafia seemingly unaccountable despite supposed regulation (Men by the millions are being destroyed by freemason monsters who have given THEMSELVES enormous power)
  • Scotland's top freemason judges protected jewish law lord Greville Janner from homopaedo abuse claims
  • SNP freemason Mike Russell named as Scotland's Brexit minister ahead of talks with Westminster to iron out EU deal (He claims he left)
  • In 2008 SNP Minister Mike Russell stepped down from the masons to avoid criticism
  • Welcome to Scotland, the SNP's police state (from 2014)
  • Scotland's SINISTER National Fraud Initiative only interested in catching out the poorest sections of society NOT fraud carried out by the legal mafia or offshore tax dodgers and the corrupt freemasons behind these stasi influenced DATA collections (Vast sums are being stolen and stashed away but the NFI turn a blind eye to those)
  • Sturgeon swearing to kiss the royal arse(VIDEO)
  • Lawyer controlled SNP ensure homosexual rights a priority before heterosexual rights (positive discrimination dressed up as equality)
  • SNP sheeple flock to new leader 'lawyer' Sturgeon just like the Labour sheeple did with 'lawyer' Blair (Never trust a lawyer EVER)
  • Freemason / feminist / law society controlled SNP are only be interested in feminist view in run up to independence vote
  • Scottish independence under freemasons and the SNP? Mike Russell(a freemason) claims by 2016
  • There’s more chance of winning the lottery than winning justice in Scotland(Ask anyone who has been a victim of the crooked freemason judges, lawyers and cops that run the system for their own self enrichment)
  • Law Society of Scotland ruthlessly silence dissent (as victims we know how they operate)
  • Scotland's judicial mafia ensure TRIAL BY JURY becoming a distant memory in another legal shake up (Freemasons increasing their grip in their dens of iniquity where supposed JUSTICE should take place aided by the political crooked at Holyrood)
  • How Scottish freemasons manipulated law legislation to steal men's property
  • Judicial complaints reviewer
  • Scottish law blog
  • Violate:The perverts club of the legal mafia in Scotland
  • How Scots masonic politicians use a facade of protection to STEAL men's property
  • Most Scottish religious hate crimes 'target Catholics'
  • Abandoned Scotland
  • Hollie Greig: How Scotlands legal mafia wage vendetta's against their opponents
  • Alleged domestic abuse and/or violence a MASSIVE masonic ruse

    South Ayrshire councillors and freemasons Andy Campbell and Philip Saxton

    We have done in-depth exposures of Kilwinning as being the Mother Lodge of Scotland and where freemasonry spread out like a cancer across the globe. South Ayrshire council area is no more than a stones throw away from Kilwinning introducing the next phase of the masonic ruse used to steal vast swathes of Scottish heterosexual mens estates using allegations of abuse or COERCIVE behaviour inside marriage and SNP feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon is pushing on behalf of her legal buddies inside the terror cell of Scotland's law society and legal aid board. We have spent years exposing the masonic mafia using this form of corruption to give masonic judges the excuse to relieve men of all their worldly possessions including stealing childrens biological fathers protection and leaving those children NOW VULNERABLE to be stolen into care homes where abuse is RIFE.

    This new plan for a freemason run council South Ayrshire to provide TIME OFF for women claiming any sort of alleged abuse is the next step in the massive persecution campaigns being waged against Scottish men not part of their satanic cult. Sinister and we list the freemasons on the council who admit membership but there are maybe more unwilling to acknowledge they are freemasons. At least two Philip Saxton and Andy Campbell list their non-financial interests as freemasonry and more than enough to connect this DV ruse right to the heart of who are pushing this feminist dogma that is RIFE across courts in Scotland and coming to a court near you soon. Anything that goes on within a marriage can now be misconstrued as being criminal even a heated argument and these laws are making freemasons richer by the minute as £billions are being lost by non mason men as their properties and business's are repossessed through this dangerous all encompassing legislation.



    "Councillor Peter Henderson said: "Across South Ayrshire, we're committed to supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities and working with our partners to raise awareness of domestic abuse and violence."

    What they claim is abusive behaviour (NOW CRIMINAL)?

    New legislation in Scotland, which for the first time criminalises psychological domestic abuse, says abusive behaviour is:

    Behaviour that is violent, threatening or intimidating
    Behaviour whose purpose is one of the following:

    making a partner dependent or subordinate
    isolating a partner from friends, relatives or other sources of support
    controlling, regulating or monitoring a partner's day-to-day activities
    depriving a partner of, or restricting, freedom of action
    frightening, humiliating, degrading or punishing a partner

    The offence is aggravated if any of the behaviour is directed at a child or witnessed by them.

  • Freemason run Scotland and where trials are ongoing in the next phase of heterosexual male destruction using DV powers (South Ayrshire council [RABID FREEMASON TERRITORY] first to give 'safe leave' to abuse victim staff)
  • South Ayrshire Councillor Philip Saxton is a freemason (Where they are pushing the dodgy dv scams)
  • South Ayrshire Councillor Andy Campbell is a freemason (Where they are pushing the dodgy dv scams)
  • South Ayrshire Council list (Only TWO admitting to masonic lodge membership)
  • Lawyer run SNP who hang on to the coat tails of serial criminals on legal aid

    Scotland's disgusting legal system lets serial thugs away with murder and defended by huge legal aid moneys while divorcing men are hammered for the slightest infraction so they can steal their estate to pay to defend thugs that line the pockets of crooked lawyers. There is method in this madness.
    Bungling Scottish cops or freemasons protecting their lodge buddies?

  • ’WE’RE SORRY’ Bungling cops apologise to murdered Scots OAP Brian McKandie’s family after writing savage killing off as an accident
  • Scotland not impressed with tory's Brexshit bullshit

  • Tory scum and filth making sure Ireland heads back to its troubled past with Brexshit votes backed by the orange MAFIA running Northern Ireland and who May bought with a £billion pound deal (Britain's direction now controlled by these fucking nasty hatemongering bigots)
  • Salmond now faces the anti-male Scottish court system he helped create

    Salmond who, at the head of the SNP snake, had been manufacturing anti male legislation to ensure the robbers, who control Scottish courts, can help themselves to mens assets, homes and children now faces the very system he had the opportunity to rectify but remains as anti-male as ever thanks to extreme radical feminist and lawyer Sturgeon who breezes into power on the back of sordid details about Salmond's behaviour. Was he being set up by the legal mafia who wanted total control of the SNP for their dirty tricks campaigns?

  • Alex Salmond case exposes the ugly truth as to how Scotland's masonic legal mafia control the courts that stitch up men on a regular basis (Salmond had the evidence and the ammo to sort that out but didn't and now faces that system himself. KARMA in action)
  • The homosexual bullshit you get when the SNP are in charge

    Feminist lawyer Sturgeon is an avid anti-heterosexual male legislator while feeding her LGBT fans with this bullshit. The most dangerous female in Scotland who targets heterosexual men is Nicola Sturgeon a toxic lawyer feminist pushing through laws that will make it easier to seize mens assets for ANY FUCKING REASON by her crooked lawyer and judge buddies operating out of the law society terror cell. Salmond's downfall will expose her treasonous ways.
    SNP Shambolic Narcissistic Pervs and oh how the mighty fall

    How long have the lawyer controlled gutter rags kept the lid on the lawyer controlled SNP sex scandals?

    As maybe the only outlet that has throughout the SNP reign have made the public aware that behind the FACADE lies a devious and dangerous political machine driven by the Scottish terrorists operating out of the Law Society of Scotland with their key players embedded inside the SNP mafia.

    Salmond was the mouthpiece that put feminist lawyer Sturgeon in charge who has been manufacturing anti male legislation that makes Scotland's FREEMASON run courts all the more aggressive at seizing men's assets, homes and children and why the SNP is a fucking sham perpetrated against the Scottish people for the masonic mafia to increase their power over the wealth of Scotland and orchestrated by those who ONLY serve a ruthless royalist crown.

    As regular frequenters to Holyrood and watched the masonic / feminist / homosexual / lawyer mafia play with laws that are meant to crush heterosexual men this is karma in operation as the SNP are now exposed as to what they really are shysters and gangsters who fooled Scotland into believing their fucking mindless utopia aided by every gutter rag in Britain and beyond. Salmond now faces the wrath of the very court system they refused to act against and the promises to the thousands of victims of their ruthless tyranny . HELL MEND THE EVIL BASTARD FOR FAILING ALL THOSE VICTIMS.


  • Ex-Scottish first minister Alex Salmond charged with attempted rape
  • Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has been arrested

    Salmond with his two former legal minders MacAskill and Sturgeon.

    Police Scotland confirmed that a 64-year-old man had been charged and said a report would be sent to prosecutors. It is not yet known what Mr Salmond has been charged with. Police had been investigating following a Scottish government inquiry into complaints of sexual harassment, which he denies. Mr Salmond, who was first minister from 2007 to 2014, could appear in court later on Thursday.

    The news comes two weeks after Mr Salmond was at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, where the Scottish government conceded that its internal investigation of the complaints against him was flawed. The former first minister had launched a judicial review against the government he once led over how it had handled its inquiry, saying he had been treated unfairly.

    The case was focused on the government's processes, not the substance of the complaints - which Mr Salmond has denied.

  • Salmond having a laugh on an independent Scotland under a tawdry SNP flag NOT!!!!!!!

    Scots, especially men, need to waken up to these utter scumbags controlled by lawyers
    The utter scum and filth employed as Scottish judges

  • SNP Shyster Nasty Party

    We could smugly state we have been right all along about these fuckers despite them being glorified in their gutter rags BUT WE WONT. YES WE WILL!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Salmond pledges to end ‘uncivil war’ with Nicola Sturgeon (SNP are a tawdry bunch whose nastiness has been hidden by the gutter rags controlled by lawyers to keep lawyer Sturgeon looking sweet and who would KNIFE anyone in the back who gets in her way just like her buddies at the crooked terrorist run law society)
  • SNP leaders involved in a conspiracy of ABUSE cover up

  • The five SNP Alex Salmond row inquiries
  • Despite 'lawyer' controlled gutter rags hype over 'lawyer' controlled SNP they are all political SCUM

    We have been exposing these scumbags from the onset
    'Good Faith' the get out clause for dodgy lawyers

    Tony Blair used it during Iraq war
    NEVER trust a lawyer running the country

  • MSP denies claims of SNP 'civil war' over Salmond
  • SNP's feminist lawyer Sturgeon's utopian dream gets a wake up call

    Gutter rags finally waken up to the SNP fucked up lawyer bullshit

  • Sturgeon refers herself to standards panel over Salmond case
  • SNP lawyer MacAskill exposes the ruthless SNP machine

    Dirty rotten lawyers behind SNP and finally sex probe forces the gutter rags to expose their filthy underbelly. They are ALL a bunch of scum full of lawyers, masons and feminists conspiring to create anti-heterosexual male legislation.

  • FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon denies intervening in Salmond inquiry (Salmond opened door for Sturgeon to rule SNP and she sticks feminist knife in his back)
  • A coterie surrounding the SNP leadership seem to be so intent on protecting First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that anyone who might taint her administration is driven out, writes Kenny MacAskill, citing the treatment of Alex Salmond, Mark McDonald and Michelle Thompson
  • There has NEVER been anything rosy in the SNP camp despite what the gutter rags claim

    Salmond catches up with his lodge buddies at masonic wreath laying ceremony

    Despite all the glory being meted out to the SNP by MOST of Britain's gutter rags we have throughout all of the praise been exposing the utter hypocrisy of a lawyer controlled SNP from the years we have crossed paths with this mob at the feminist / homosexual / masonic run Holyrood. But in takes a sex probe for the gutter rags to finally expose the major cracks in their utopian dream, which for most heterosexual men in Scotland is an utter nightmare.

    While freemason judges, NOT impartial juries, reside over court decisions, Salmond a freemason, was assured of their support. ONLY a jury can bring common sense back to Scottish courts run by legal crooks for their own self enrichment and the protection of their crooked brothers, especially the criminals who control the speculative society mafia who have a iron grip over everything in Scotland including the assets of divorcing men.BUT NOT IF WE CAN HELP IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • More on the spec mafia here
  • Salmond victory exposes SNP bullshit (As freemasons and feminists battle over sex probe. Salmond wins first round with his lodge buddies protecting his arse)
  • Feminists taking over from freemasons in Scotland
  • Scottish jews rant about anti-semitism but silent over Israel's mass murder policies

    Since the zionist lobby has been exposed in both Britain and America jews have been very vocal about antisemitism. How they manipulate the political mafia to bow to their demands with VICTIM status. It is the criminal murderous conduct of Israel not jewish people in Scotland that is the issue but twisted to accommodate their agenda. Our own experience of the jewish presence in Scotland is of families with extremely positive qualities and not to be connected with what Israel's murdering mafia are doing in Gaza and Palestine. Maybe jews in Scotland should be OPENLY condemning not condoning what Israel is doing instead of ranting about anti-semitism.

  • Jews are 'actively considering' leaving Scotland over CLAIMS of anti-semitism, warns community leader
  • Jackson Carlaw, Interim Leader of the Scottish Conservatives claims "Scotland's Jews are entitled to feel safe and valued"(Much of Scottish tory backers are from that ilk and jews are VERY far from the poorest sections of society in Scotland ask any catholic what its like to try and get employment in a country dominated by bigotry)
  • Inside Britain's Israel Lobby(VIDEO)
  • Israeli Lobby’s Dirty Tactics to Leech USA and UK taxpayers for Apartheid Israel 1/4(VIDEO)
  • Israeli Lobby’s Dirty Tactics to Leech USA and UK taxpayers for Apartheid Israel 2/4(VIDEO)
  • Israeli Lobby’s Dirty Tactics to Leech USA and UK taxpayers for Apartheid Israel 3/4(VIDEO)
  • Israeli Lobby’s Dirty Tactics to Leech USA and UK taxpayers for Apartheid Israel 4/4(VIDEO)
  • Jewish student caught painting Swastikas then claiming Anti-Semitic attack (VIDEO)
  • A jewish student at The George Washington University posted a swastika on a residence hall bulletin board belonging to a Jewish fraternity
  • Israeli jew arrested in Jewish center threats (VIDEO)
  • Israeli 'allegedly' behind hoax bomb threats against US Jewish centers (Notice the Israel jewish news outlet claims allegedly)
  • The biggest threat to jews are JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A court in Israel has convicted a 19-year-old American-Israeli man of making hundreds of threats to bomb or attack Jewish schools and community centres)
  • Israeli teenager arrested over bomb threats to USA Jewish targets (Then they SCREAM anti-semitism)
  • SNP lawyer Sturgeon's bullshit for the New Year

    As heterosexual men we have been victims and witnessed the utter destruction meted out by a legal mafia with the full backing of this mob of gangsters within the SNP and the other political parties that haunt Holyrood. Scotland is NO place for men to raise families who will find at the first opportunity a sinister masonic mafia comes in to help themselves to the lives built up by the graft of men who assume all this BULLSHIT will ensure JUSTICE.

    NO heterosexual man is safe in this utter den of iniquity run by a bunch of criminal shysters that paint a utopian picture hiding the true nature of the horrors that go on in Scotland. Even men with serious and life threatening illness's will face that same wrath from greedy criminally corrupt scumbags using the law to line their own pockets from the mass suicide of men being psychologically and financially pushed into the gutter.

    Sturgeon's utter bullshit cannot hide the appalling state of Scotland that heterosexual men are having to endure. She is a lackey for the terrorists who operate out of Scotland's law society and legal aid board. The biggest gangsters who use small time crooks as a smokescreen for their own vast criminal empire. JUDGES, LAWYERS, SHERIFF OFFICERS AND COPS ALL PART OF THE MASONIC CABAL STEALING FROM MEN WITH IMPUNITY
    Feminists crazy man hating rants across Scotland

    What is worse is the Holyrood mafia have been taken over by equally crazy feminist nut jobs

  • Perth feminists at the smear campaigns to justify tyrannical anti-male legislation in Scotland
    (How freemasons aid and abet the lawyer run Womens aid to manufacture protests whose ONLY concern is females)
  • Buchanan Galleries becoming the number one choice for suicidal men in Glasgow

    The latest death this month at the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow has prompted us to address once again suicide of men in Scotland.

    Questions should be demanded at the very highest level as to the continued increase of suicides among men in Scotland. Our own personal experiences are that there is a ruthless cabal within the political, legal and police ranks mainly FREEMASONS hell bent on torturing men into early graves, many via divorce, so they can greatly enrich their bank accounts from the pickings that come from men no longer alive to defend their homes, business's, bank accounts and children.

    A ruthless underbelly that makes the mafia pale next to the scum and filth who have charged themselves with dishing out, what they claim is justice, in the utter dens of iniquity they call civil and criminal courts. The SNP headed by feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon at the very cutting edge of the draconian gender biased laws manufactured to ensure maximum advantage in those courts that strip men bare. Very few reports of the circumstances of those men's deaths prior to them being pushed into suicide. See also the DWP / Atos / Maximus draconian powers also being used to persecute men into early graves who may have been previously suffering from mental health issues brought on by being forcibly dragged into those courts using anti-male divorce legislation.

  • Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow evacuated after man dies falling from top floor of shopping centre in Dec 2018
  • Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow reopens after man's balcony death in June 2017
  • Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow man falls to his death in May 2013
  • Two thirds of suicide Scots 'employed at the time'
  • Male suicide rates in Wales 'a national emergency'
  • Polmont teenage jail deaths

  • Cover-up claims surrounding teen deaths at Scotland's Polmont jail
    (Just one more arm of the state murdering machine)
  • Police Scotland cyber kiosks 'could be unlawful'

    Freemasons in total control of cop thuggery in Scotland and heterosexual men are being fleeced, persecuted and spied on en masse to aid their criminality and complicity with the terror cell at the Law Society of Scotland, Legal Aid board and Scottish lawyers.

    The introduction of technology allowing the police to gather data from mobile phones or laptops looks set to be delayed following concerns its use may be unlawful.

    Police Scotland has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds buying 41 "cyber kiosks" - which can override passwords - from an "ISRAELI" firm. The plan was to deploy them around the country next month.

    But concerns have been raised that using the technology could be illegal. The digital forensic devices can rapidly search electronic devices to look for evidence, helping police at the early stage of investigations.

    Right to privacy

    Trials have already been undertaken in both Edinburgh and Stirling. But the UK Information Commissioner, senior lawyers, MSPs and the Scottish Human Rights Commission all believe that giving officers the ability to bypass passwords on mobile phones to access data could be against the law.

    The justice sub-committee on policing has heard significant concerns about the legal basis for the kiosks' use from both the Information Commissioner's Office and the Scottish Human Rights Commission. The concerns focus around the right to privacy, the type of personal data that can be accessed, such as biometric data, the legal basis for accessing it, and arrangements for data security.

    The officer in charge of the programme said he was satisfied cyber kiosks were lawful but agreed that rolling them out across the country would be "foolhardy" until the concerns had been addressed.

  • SNP's squeaky clean image blown away

    We have been saying all along what a bunch of shysters, mainly lawyers, that are running the SNP while the gutter rags painted a cosy glow of the utopian dream that is a nightmare for Scottish men. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!
    SNP force schools to brainwash kids on a homosexual agenda

    “There are a diversity of beliefs about LGBT issues in Scotland and the approach adopted by the SNP Scottish Government assumes there is only one acceptable view.

  • SNP to impose 'World first' as Scottish schools set to brainwash on homosexual agenda (The legal mafia headed by Sturgeon as First Minister trying to IMPOSE homosexual / lesbian dogma against parental rights)
  • Gutter rags once again try and dress up SNP bullshit like some sort of utopia

    Sturgeon and her lawyer run mafia are PURE fucking evil and heterosexual men are paying a HEAVY price

  • Deluded feminist lawyer Sturgeon claims the SNP offer 'hope and optimism' (What utter BULLSHIT from a scumbag lawyer turned politician whose lawyer pals in Scotland are getting away with murder cruelly stripping men bare leaving them homeless and penniless. The SNP are pure evil pushing their malicious utopian dream that is a nightmare for heterosexual men forcibly stripped by the masonic / feminist mafia running Holyrood)
  • Sturgeon's trip to Auschwitz

    If only this feminist lawyer witch was as sympathetic towards the thousands of heterosexual men
    being brutalized by her legal mafia buddies in Scotland's masonic run courts?
    Scotland's judicial mafia slammed for being on payroll of oppressive regimes abroad

    Any man who has faced these evil freemason bastards in Scottish courts knows the lengths they will go to destroy men when they go after the family silver, children and homes

  • Lawyer controlled SNP make sure cops get best pay rise

    Scotland's legal mafia use cops as hired thugs for stealing property

  • Tory dark money network comes from secretive masonic clubs in Scotland

  • Scotland's stasi style freemason cops

  • Scotland's twisted masonic cops still getting away with murder branding OPPONENTS of fracking “domestic extremists” (The only extremists are those employed as cops getting paid to IGNORE crime especially the crime they themselves are party to stealing property for a legal mafia. Anyone forced to live in Scotland's deprived schemes have to tolerate enormous amounts of crime as police DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about the peasantry as they have their eye on the next man facing eviction from their home through draconian court orders)
  • Thugs and bullies inside the SNP

  • Concerns over former SNP leader Alex Salmond’s “bullying” of staff were raised by trade unions almost a decade ago (We exposed the SNP long before the gutter rags who praised the SNP constantly despite their history)
  • Former SNP leader Alex Salmond probe ramped up by cops investigating sexual assault allegations
  • Salmond rejects claims of alleged bullying as malicious
  • Scotland's establishment rag the Daily Racket goes after Tommy Sheridan again

    Scotland's high level freemason speculative gang have members who edit this notorious rag and smear anyone who dares challenge the establishment. How do we know? They have done it with our group.

  • SNP Civil War

    Despite endless promotion by the gutter rags
    Salmond quits (before he's pushed?)

    The SNP have always been a bunch of bastards despite what their lawyer pals in the gutter rags claim

  • SNP Lawyer feminist Sturgeon's claims 'huge sadness' as Alex Salmond resigns over sexual harassment investigations (Which is utter bullshit)
  • Scotland's SNP lawyer First Minister Sturgeon wont suspend Alex Salmond


  • Auld pals act ensures protection in masonic controlled Scotland thats why he
    is running to the Court of Session totally dominated by a freemasonic judicial mafia
    The SNP's illusion of utopia slips

    We know these twisted bastards very well from many meetings we had at Scotland's feminist / lawyer / homosexual / freemason political hellhole Holyrood and promised massive changes in the corrupt legal system from the SNP despite many of their ilk part of the law society terror cell, Sturgeon who took over from Salmond is a law society plant. Karma has a funny way of flushing out the bullshitters who promise the earth but supply more misery for those persecuted by the vast freemason army that controls Scotland's evil courts with an iron fist many of us former victims of the utter scum and dregs of the earth. They will all be assured of a place in hell on their demise.
    Salmond taking SNP government to court over sexual misconduct allegations

  • Former SNP Scottish first minister, Alex Salmond taking his own SNP Scottish government to court to challenge how they handled sexual misconduct allegations
  • Scotland has one more new police chief (freemason?)

  • Scotland's new Chief Constable Iain Livingstone was accused in 2003 of sexually assaulting a female junior officer at the Tulliallan police college three years earlier
  • Man arrested and imprisoned for filming a survey van filming him VIDEO

    Taking a video is putting drivers filming in a state of fear and alarm. This is the same fucking bullshit Scotland's masonic cops use when men get divorced in Scotland made up DV threats that allow them to dominate, abuse and steal mens money, homes and children
    Scots cops and their OTT gun totting mega mistake over hoax call

    NEVER trust a masonic cop with a machine gun
    Cops probe link between brutal knife attack on lawyer and conviction of organised crime gang

    Scottish Legal Aid Board have paid £112,000 to his legal team to defend a murder gang. Meanwhile divorcing men are being fleeced by SLAB to fund this extortion

  • Scots men waking up to the feminist bitch and her lesbian/homo run Holyrood

    Interesting comments in the Scotsman report about HPV vaccine

  • Government announces boys to be vaccinated against HPV
  • Scotland closing down
    Protests against Trump continue in Scotland while he prepares to meet Putin VIDEO
    SNP lawyer Sturgeon to busy with her lesbian / homo pals to meet heterosexual Trump

    The homo leaning speculative lawyer controlled Sunday NOT male

    Lawyer Sturgeon like lawyer Clinton and lawyer Obama all pushing
    the homosexual agenda while, like non lawyer Putin, non lawyer Trump isn't.

  • Gay mafia with SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon support taking over Scotland (More and more draconian laws being imposed to crush heterosexual men and their families by the Holyrood LGBT leaning mafia scum)
  • SNP lawyer Sturgeon won't be meeting heterosexual Trump but leading the homo's across Glasgow
  • Trump snubs lawyer Sturgeon who wanted lawyer Clinton as president
  • Sturgeon wont be meeting Trump when he visits Scotland (Lawyer Sturgeon wanted lawyer Clinton in the White House as Trump is NOT part of the legal mafia)
  • SNP lawyer Sturgeon won't be meeting heterosexual Trump but leading the homo's across Glasgow

    Scotland going down the tube as LAWYER Sturgeon once again spends time pushing the homosexual agenda while creating gender apartheid laws for her lawyer buddies to destroy heterosexual men and their families in Scotland's notorious freemason run divorce courts. She is now head of the legal mafia viper operating as a terror cell inside the Law Society of Scotland who are the utter scum and dregs of the earth and heterosexual male destroyers. We have proof there are homosexuals and lesbians being given highly paid key positions in the courts, social work, legal aid board and all agencies reporting to those courts that provide the vile biased reports against heterosexual men who are then stripped bare with their families and livelihoods destroyed by persecution and ruthless abuse of the law.

    Nicola Sturgeon to lead Glasgow Pride parade during Trump visit

    Nicola Sturgeon will lead thousands of marchers at Scotland’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) pride event this weekend. The First Minister is not expected to meet US President Donald Trump on his visit to Scotland this weekend, and will instead lead the Pride Glasgow march through the city on Saturday. Ms Sturgeon, who has been a vocal critic of Mr Trump, has been named honorary grand marshal for the event in recognition of her long-standing support for LGBTI equality.

    She said: “I’m proud that Scotland is considered to be one of the most progressive countries in Europe regarding LGBTI equality and Pride Glasgow is a fantastic event that brings communities together and celebrates all that LGBTI people bring to Scottish life. “As a society we must champion equality and fairness at all times and defend the progress that has been made. “I am pleased to be named as the first ever honorary grand marshal of Pride Glasgow and I look forward to joining young LGBTI people in the parade to mark Scotland’s Year of Young People.”

    Alastair Smith, chief executive of Pride Glasgow, said: “We’re delighted to name First Minister Nicola Sturgeon the first honorary grand marshal of Pride Glasgow in recognition of her longstanding support of LGBTI equality. “We can’t wait to welcome her, and tens of thousands of others, to the Glasgow Pride celebrations this weekend.” Suki Wan, chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament, added: “It’s an honour to have been asked to accompany the First Minister to open this year’s Pride Glasgow.

    “Everyone in Scotland should feel safe and happy; safe to be who they are, and to love who they love. We know that isn’t the case for everyone, despite enormous steps which have been taken in recent years. “That is why Pride is so important. It allows us to celebrate our differences, while uniting us in our commonalities.”

    Ms Sturgeon will become the first serving prime minister or first minister in the UK to march at a pride event. More than 8,000 people are expected to take part in the march from Clyde Place to Kelvingrove Park through the city centre, with around 50,000 spectators expected.

  • Trump snubs lawyer Sturgeon who wanted lawyer Clinton as president
    Scotland's tory scum bankrolled by secret money

  • Electoral Commission probes £319,000 Scottish tory ‘dark money’ trust
    (Massive illegal donations propping up a vile tory scum)
  • Poverty Safari: Understanding the Anger of Britain's Underclass

    Interview with Darren McGarvey author of Poverty Safari Orwell Prize 2018

    Poverty Safari: Understanding the Anger of Britain's Underclass by Darren McGarvey

    Winner of the Orwell Prize 2018

    People from deprived communities all around Britain feel misunderstood and unheard. Darren McGarvey aka Loki gives voice to their feelings and concerns, and the anger that is spilling over. Anger he says we will have to get used to, unless things change.

    He invites you to come on a safari of sorts. A Poverty Safari. But not the sort where the indigenous population is surveyed from a safe distance for a time, before the window on the community closes and everyone gradually forgets about it.

    I know the hustle and bustle of high-rise life, the dark and dirty stairwells, the temperamental elevators that smell like urine and wet dog fur, the grumpy concierge, the apprehension you feel as you enter or leave the building, especially at night. I know that sense of being cut off from the world, despite having such a wonderful view of it through a window in the sky; that feeling of isolation, despite being surrounded by hundreds of other people above, below and either side of you. But most of all, I understand the sense that you are invisible, despite the fact that your community can be seen for miles around and is one of the most prominent features of the city skyline.

  • Poverty Safari: About The Author (VIDEO)
  • 'I saw the hate in mum's eyes' Scots writer Darren McGarvey reveals how he survived deprivation and childhood terror
  • SNP's secret money handouts to millionaire's

  • SNP government's secret multi-million pound hand outs to companies controlled by multi-millionaires (How much in donations will be bankrolling the SNP come election time?)
  • Scotland's secret masonic mafia

    When the truth of what is going on really gets properly exposed it will show the vast wealth being thieved and redistributed to the crooks running the political and legal systems for their own self enrichment. Men not part of the freemason mafia dominating Scotland have paid a heavy price in many cases with their lives.

  • Scotland the corrupt
  • Scottish household property wealth totals £285bn and being STOLEN by the legal mafia daily (most of that wealth earned by men who are crucified in divorce courts to seize their assets)
  • Lawyer Sturgeon hates Trump wanted lawyer Clinton in White House

    The SNP's cosy relationship with Trump ran out when he thought windfarms
    would spoil his Scottish golf course views.

  • SNP's Alex Salmond: ‘Donald Trump rang to call me a has been’
  • Donald Trump brands SNP Alex Salmond an 'embarrassment to Scotland'
    as spat between the presidential hopeful and SNP MP intensifies
  • Miners like divorcing men faced a brutal cop regime

    We have been exposing the brutal cop regime in Scotland that masquerades as some sort of law enforcement. The miners faced that brutality as masonic cops became hired thugs for the Thatcher regime. That continues unabated against divorcing fathers who face endless abuse from Scotland's legal mafia who use them like Thatcher as hired thugs.

  • Scottish rogue cop mafia's abuse of miners during strikes caused them to lose not just their jobs and income, but their relationships, their homes and many their mental and physical health (Thug freemason cops behind a massive attack on whole communities triggered by Thatcher)
  • Scotland's fucked up legal system (but there is method in the madness)

    Lawyers hang on to the coat tails of serial criminals who rack up millions in legal aid to defend the indefensible. Divorcing men are hounded by legal aid funded lawyers who steal their assets via the crooked Scottish legal aid board (run by the terror cell out of the Law Society of Scotland) to fund the legal aid lawyer honey pot. The reason serial criminals get out early to rack up their lawyers legal aid bill and NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to do with justice. Divorcing men's estates pay for the whole massive racket.

  • Rookie cop sent to deal with knife attacker

    While the gutter rags are praising a rogue police force for bravery we have to ask why a rookie cop was put in a position to be stabbed? This is not the first time inexperienced cops have been injured when exposed to dangers of stabbing and immediately gives a police force sympathy from the rags that always back their immediate reactions without fully understanding the circumstances that led to those stabbings and asking what precautions were taken before approaching the attacker.

    For anyone who lives in that area of Scotland who knows the total failure of the local cops wont be surprised as crime has escalated out of control from a force who just wont protect the public. How do we know? We are some of their victims who time and again failed to get these lot to assist them.