Buchanan Galleries becoming the number one choice for suicidal men in Glasgow

The latest death this month at the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow has prompted us to address once again suicide of men in Scotland.

Questions should be demanded at the very highest level as to the continued increase of suicides among men in Scotland. Our own personal experiences are that there is a ruthless cabal within the political, legal and police ranks mainly FREEMASONS hell bent on torturing men into early graves, many via divorce, so they can greatly enrich their bank accounts from the pickings that come from men no longer alive to defend their homes, business's, bank accounts and children.

A ruthless underbelly that makes the mafia pale next to the scum and filth who have charged themselves with dishing out, what they claim is justice, in the utter dens of iniquity they call civil and criminal courts. The SNP headed by feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon at the very cutting edge of the draconian gender biased laws manufactured to ensure maximum advantage in those courts that strip men bare. Very few reports of the circumstances of those men's deaths prior to them being pushed into suicide. See also the DWP / Atos / Maximus draconian powers also being used to persecute men into early graves who may have been previously suffering from mental health issues brought on by being forcibly dragged into those courts using anti-male divorce legislation.

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