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  • Four Years of Asteroid and Comet Data VIDEO
    MASSIVE OBJECT Caught Behind Jupiter. VIDEO
    Mission to Mars searching for extra-terrestrial life | 60 Minutes Australia VIDEO

    Huge sums spent travelling to Mars while people on earth rot on the streets. Maybe the powers that be who are sanctioning the vast sums to go into space should look a bit closer to home and not ignore the streets filled with the homeless that their policies have created. Or maybe they are planning a mass exodus of those least worthy to the barren lifeless wasteland of Mars?
    Something MAJOR Happened On Mars.. Are They Hiding It? VIDEO
    Universe Size Comparison 3D VIDEO
    TOTAL SHUTDOWN Of Space... What Are They Hiding? VIDEO
    Japan tinkering with near earth asteroid

    Japan have landed on a near earth asteroid Ryugu and despite warnings that the slightest pressure placed on a near earth object could change their trajectory and with Japan planning to blast this asteroid to extract samples this could place the asteroid's future trajectory in the path of earth. Despite this the space community seem to be getting pretty excited about it with no thoughts as to the danger this may pose in future if its track is moved even the tiniest fraction off course .

  • Japan Successfully Lands Two Hopping Rover Robots On Asteroid Surface!(VIDEO)
  • Japan's Two Hopping Rovers Successfully Land on Asteroid Ryugu
  • LOOKS ARTIFICIAL: Japan Hiding Truth Of Asteroid Landing?(VIDEO)
  • Hunting the Edge of Space ,The Ever Expanding Universe VIDEO
    Something's VERY WRONG On The Space Station VIDEO
    Falling Star - Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster VIDEO
    Never Seen Before! Shocking Video of Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 Debris! VIDEO
    NASA Not A Space Agency but a CULT VIDEO
    NASA gets to spend $1.5 billion on more space junk Parker solar probe VIDEO

  • Nasa's $1.5 billion to 'touch' the Sun (America's political mafia are treasonous if they think leaving millions to wallow in homeless on the streets of America while NASA gets to waste billions on this nonsense)
  • Space Force: Mike Pence launches plans for sixth military service (That will cost $trillions)
  • NASA attempts to launch Parker Solar Probe, delays lift off for 24 hours (VIDEO)
  • Buzz Aldrin admits to an 8 year old little girl that the so called NASA moon landing didn't happen VIDEO

    Buzz Aldrin flashing his masonic rings?
    Scientists Find 12 Previously Undiscovered Moons Orbiting Jupiter! VIDEO

    Saturn now has 79 moons
    Soyuz undocking, reentry and landing explained VIDEO
    Nuclear rocket propulsion a dangerous concept VIDEO
    Nasa's Mars Mission InSight Prelaunch Briefing cost $813.8m VIDEO

    How can they justify all this money when America's poor are rotting on the streets?

  • NASA gets to spend $813.8m while France and Germany spend $180 million on latest space junk mission to Mars
    (Meanwhile skid row homeless expands to every major city in America)
  • "MOON" Of Jupiter Is Acting Very Strange VIDEO
    Proof Secret Space Programs are Vastly More Advanced than the Public Realizes VIDEO
    "Out Of Control Chinese Space Station" Hurtling Towards Earth! VIDEO
    MOST Eerie and Terrifying Space DISASTERS VIDEO
    SOMETHING Happened While He Was In Space.. VIDEO

  • Astronaut's gene expression no longer same as his identical twin, NASA finds
  • Elon Musk’s secret hidden on the Tesla Roadster in space VIDEO
    Space: Created by Führer Disney and von Braun VIDEO
    Planet Mars: It's Not Just a Rock VIDEO

    What Are The Lagrange Points? Finding Stable Points in Space VIDEO
    Meteor lights up night sky in US, rattles Michigan with ‘loud boom’ VIDEO
    Astrophysicist Lost For Words VIDEO
    The Super-Secret Satellite Of The Cold War Documentary VIDEO
    Bruce McCandless the first person to fly freely and untethered in space dies aged 80

  • Space 360: Water ‘magic’ in zero gravity VIDEO
    How do spacecraft navigate in space ? VIDEO
    World's First Attempt To Clean Up "Space Junk" VIDEO
    Moon Mission: ‘Sirius 2017’ project may soon allow regular citizens to visit space VIDEO
    Earth's complex movements VIDEO
    First time Spacewalk filmed in 360 VIDEO
    What Is INSIDE Planet Saturn? VIDEO
    Exploring the Soyuz Spacecraft Documentary VIDEO
    Solar System images VIDEO
    Upcoming Total Eclipse Will Hit All Of The USA VIDEO
    Hubble Spots Thousands of Objects Traveling Faster Than Light VIDEO
    Biggest Things In the Universe VIDEO
    Where Are the Voyagers Now? Remembering the Amazing Voyager Missions VIDEO
    China Moon Landing VIDEO
    How Satellites Work Documentary VIDEO
    Mysteries Of The Magellanic Clouds Documentary VIDEO
    The Space Shuttle VIDEO
    Deep Space Travel Documentary VIDEO
    Magnetars, Black Holes, Quasars And Pulsars VIDEO
    Space Shuttle Documentary VIDEO
    Unbelievably Strange Planets in Space VIDEO
    Nasa rover 5 years on Mars and NOPE still no sign of life VIDEO

    The political mafia can't make people's lives better on earth but sanction
    $trillions sending out space junk to planets that will never sustain life
    History of First Space flights Documentary VIDEO
    Welcome to Mars Documentary VIDEO
    They are called 'eclipse chasers' VIDEO

  • Eclipse 2017 map
  • The Singularity Documentary VIDEO
    Deadliest Planets Documentary VIDEO
    Searching the Edge of Space Documentary VIDEO
    How Neil Armstrong Cheated Death Multiple times Before Apollo VIDEO
    NASA's ultra expensive Mars pics requiring $trillions more for human landing on uninhabitable planet VIDEO
    What is Gravity? VIDEO
    Facts About the International Space Station VIDEO

    A multi-trillion dollar white elephant that leaves the peasants languishing impoverished on earth.
    Scientists with big pay cheques push the outrageous sums spent on space junk.
    WHAT Is NASA Hiding In This Area Of Space? VIDEO
    Dark Matter Documentary VIDEO
    Nasa gets to spend $1.2 billion to send space junk to the sun VIDEO

    America's ruling mafia have very strange priorities when spending vast sums
    on NASA's folly's while mass homelessness blights the supposed land of the free
    Voyager, The Interstellar Mission - Documentary VIDEO
    The Sun - Documentary VIDEO
    Skylab Astronauts Narrowly Avoided A Harrowing Space Escape VIDEO
    NASA RAIDS 75 Year Old Grandma Over Moon Rock! VIDEO
    NASA Caught Off Guard! VIDEO
    The Biggest Rocket ever Designed? - The Sea Dragon VIDEO
    Recovered rocket parts show honeycomb construction
    Deluded ruling mafia wasting billions on space colonization scams VIDEO
    In the Halls of the Martian King, Mars Anomalies, Curiosity Rover VIDEO
    How did the Apollo flight computers get men to the moon and back ? VIDEO
    TIME TRAVEL Gone Wrong? The "Lead Glasses" Mystery VIDEO
    Mystery square object found on google mars VIDEO
    There's Something In Our Skies We Can't See VIDEO
    Large meteor caught flying through Texas sky VIDEO
    EARTH FROM SPACE: Like You've Never Seen Before VIDEO
    Loops of Fire - Incredible views from the surface of the Sun VIDEO
    Satellite Pictures of Mars 2017 VIDEO
    What Huygens Saw On Titan VIDEO
    Inside the International Space Station VIDEO
    Giant Meteor over Wisconsin VIDEO
    Mars 2017, Curiosity Rover VIDEO
    Boeing 777 Engine Change VIDEO
    Incredible Lunar Views From The Japanese SELENE Orbiter VIDEO
    Boeing's X-51A WaveRider VIDEO
    Latest Boeing spacesuits VIDEO
    Gene Cernan The Last Man On The Moon 1934-2017 VIDEO
    ISS live stream of Earth from space VIDEO
    Five Mysterious Space Diseases that could Kill Astronauts Before They Get to Mars VIDEO
    Towers found on Mars VIDEO

    click above image for video

    Meteor explodes in Siberia over area with numerous hydropower plants VIDEO
    Cassini close up of Saturn's hexagonal pole
    Scientists crash Rosetta probe into comet fractionally changing its path around the solar system VIDEO

    Next time round in 6.45 years it might be nearer the earth
    Excavation of giant 4,000 year old meteorite in Argentina VIDEO

    A meteorite weighing a whopping 31 metric tons, believed to have hit Earth some 4,000 years ago, has been discovered in Argentina. The enormous space rock could be the second largest ever found on our planet, according to experts.
    OSIRIS-REx: Nasa spending $1billion on more space junk VIDEO

    USA's political mafia showing where its priorities lie
    A shoe on Mars?
    Gigantic aurora lights up Jupiter’s North Pole VIDEO
    NASA Speechless! ENORMOUS Mystery Space Object Outshines Galaxy! VIDEO
    Meteorite Lights Up The Sky Over Seattle! VIDEO
    Virgin Galactic Unveils New SpaceShipTwo VIDEO
    Asteroid To Pass Very Close To Earth Next Week! VIDEO
    Total solar eclipse captured during flight from Alaska to Hawaii VIDEO

    A shocking presentation by the brilliant German scientist, Harald Kautz Vella, offering unparalleled descriptions of A.I., Black Goo, Archons, & NASA’s deepest dark secret plans to usurp the bodies, minds, & Souls of all mankind.
    Scientists think they've found a 9th planet VIDEO

  • Top 10 signs Planet X Nibiru is nearing Earth
  • Space untouched as yet by the legal mafia but using the BBC to propose new laws VIDEO
    NASA footage shows huge meteor racing towards Earth at 29,000mph VIDEO
    NASA still spending vast sums on space junk VIDEO

    You would NEVER guess millions of Americans are homeless and penniless
    under vast austerity when NASA spends money like there is no tomorrow
    The Hawaiian dome where Nasa prepares humanity for life on Mars VIDEO

    But at what expense? Billions to send a few people to Mars while billions starve on earth.
    Russian Cosmonaut duo perform 5 hour spacewalk outside VIDEO
    Whitey on the moon - Gil Scott-Heron VIDEO

    Rare 'red sprite' shot taken by astronauts in the International Space Station
    2020 NASA's New Breed of Technology VIDEO

    With its multi-billion dollar budget
    America's east coast under heavy thunderstorm seen from ISS VIDEO
    New crew blast off to ISS after several cargo ships crash VIDEO
    PLUTO first HD images

    New Horizons $700,000,000 pic
    Pluto and its moon in detail VIDEO
    Lots of well heeled NASA scientists get excited about Pluto mission VIDEO

    Meanwhile back on planet earth millions suffer extreme austerity hardship
    NASA spends $700 million taking close up images of Pluto VIDEO

    Meantime American citizens line up at foodbanks homeless thanks to AUSTERITY
    All eyes on Pluto VIDEO

    Is this really money well spent while millions on earth face austerity?
    Mysterious 'heartbeat' caused by sunspot cycle VIDEO
    More millions wasted on space X junk going up in smoke VIDEO

    While the powers that be wasted billions in space especially America
    its people languish on the streets homeless and starving
    Millions more go up in space junk VIDEO

    An unmanned Falcon 9 rocket, carrying two tons of supplies for the International Space Station, exploded shortly after lifting off at 10.21am Eastern Time from Cape Canaveral.
    Pyramid-shaped object found on dwarf planet Ceres VIDEO
    Scientists emerge from Hawaiian 'Mars' VIDEO
    Real time space robot control from Earth VIDEO
    ISS Lunar Transit VIDEO
    Will Virgin Galactic ever fly again? VIDEO
    Balloon space launch system could open space to all VIDEO
    Flare Out: Massive plasma eruption from the Sun VIDEO

    An elongated solar filament that extended almost half the sun's visible hemisphere erupted into space on April 28-29, 2015, in a large burst of bright plasma. Filaments are unstable strands of solar material suspended above the sun by magnetic forces. Solar astronomers around the world had their eyes on this unusually large filament and kept track as it erupted. Both of the coronagraph instruments on the joint ESA/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO, show the coronal mass ejection associated with the eruption.
    Hubble's 25 year birthday at a staggering cost of $10 billion dollars VIDEO

    Congress approved funding of US$36 million in 1978. From its original total cost estimate of about US$400 million, the telescope had by now cost over $2.5 billion to construct. Hubble's cumulative costs up to this day are estimated to be several times higher still, roughly US$10 billion as of 2010

  • Much more on Hubble here
  • As Hubble telescope reaches its quarter century 25 facts about it (minus the $10billion cost to date)
  • Space X rocket lands "too hard for survival", bursts into ball of fire VIDEO
    Earth's valuable resources being frittered away on space junk VIDEO
    25 years of Hubble and the Ultra Deep Field in 3D VIDEO
    How NASA plans to catch an asteroid (But at what cost?) VIDEO
    The Astronaut Twin Who Agreed to Leave Earth for 342 Days VIDEO

    In March of 2014, a former US Marine named Randy Cramer also known as “Captain Kaye” revealed that he had spent 17 years on Mars as part of a highly classified mission called Mars Defense Force. In an Interview with ExoNews Tv, Captain Kaye reveals that about a year ago he was contacted by his superiors. He was told to make a disclosure about his covert service in Mars and time with the Secret Space Fleet.

    In his revelations, Captain Kaye said that he spent three years of training in a secret space fleet called Earth Defense Force, a multi-national organization that recruits military personnel from US, Russia, and China. On his training, he said he flew anti-gravity vehicles throughout the solar system, and he was promoted to Captain. The training took place on a secret moon base called Lunar Operations Command, Saturn’s Moon Titan, and in deep space. The ex-naval infantryman said he was posted to the Red Carpet to protect five human colonies from indigenous Martian life forms. According to him; the air is breathable on the surface of Mars and at times the temperature is very warm. Captain Kaye also revealed that the primary human colony on Mars is called Aries Prime that it is located inside a crater, and it also serves as their headquarters for the Mars Colony Corporation.

    In his retirement ceremony after 20 years of service, he claims that it also took place on the moon, with VIP guests including ex-US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield. Captain Kaye said that there are two indigenous species in Mars. One was the Reptilian species, and the other was the Insectoid species, both are highly intelligent species. Reptilians are aggressive in defending their territory while the Insectoids species are equally capable of protecting their land. However, Captain Kaye reported that there was an incident that happened that changed all combat personnel from the Mars Defense Force when they retrieved an extraterrestrial artifact from a sacred cave of the indigenous Reptilians. Over 1000 men and women were killed during the battle, and only 28 survived including him. For more information see the website link to 'Alien UFO Sightings'. Here's a BIG hint as to where they'd live.

    The fake alien is there to ease the tension on those who may find the information too terrifying. 0.0 Do you need them to come knocking at your door 'as proof?' When it comes to this video, many will just view the first few minutes and jump off the boat... but all my video's hold information that relates to one another. Think of this: If they can slam people into jail based on circumstantial evidence for the rest of their living lives, until they are deceased? I think I may have just proven there's life on Mars with the same levels of circumstantial evidence. Watch the entire thing to see if you really believe there is no life out there, on 'any planet.' What more proof do you need that there's intelligent life out there? What more proof do you need when it comes to life on Mars? Where will we be in 2023 when it comes to Mars?

    The answer is in this video. Where will we be in 2016, when it comes to Mars. The answer is in this video. Alien life on Mars? It sure looks like it. How did we see Mars decades ago, and how do we see Mars decades from now? All answered in this video. I hope you enjoy. After watching this video? What with water now being discovered on Mars, I believe there is life on Mars, or nearby, or underground, and was, particularly if you consider all of the odd structures that 'are' in photo's / images.
    Five Year Time-lapse of the Sun VIDEO
    Cosmonaut marks half century since first space walk VIDEO

    Ever since countries have been wasting trillions of public money on frivolous trips into space
    Huge Meteorite Over Europe VIDEO

    Caught in Loch Ness, Scotland
    Boeing's First Space Taxi VIDEO

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