The state, or the high ranking freemasons behind the state machine, have designed a system of suppressing the forcefulness of males who are not part of their creepy satanic network while they themselves can instigate enormous brutal violence against anyone and any nation that gets in the way of their self enrichment agenda.

Males throughout history , even within the animal kingdom , have used force to control their own domains but the freemasons have subtly and deviously created 'LAWS' that allow only their lackeys within the police and armed forces to use force to control any man or country that dares to stand up to their psychopathic tendencies.

No one is more violent than the state machines of the UK and USA operating for and on behalf of the Israeli supremacists pulling the strings of their oath swearing blackmailable goons scattered across every corner of the globe. Most of the nations of the world have welcomed them with open arms so they have clearly bought their way into the hearts and minds of the political mafia's who have failed their countries people by allowing the formation of masonic lodges right across their own countries while endowing themselves with KEY positions inside their creepy control network.

They have used their 'laws' to suppress and oppress male dominance while violently massacring selective countries people using their form of 'SHOCK AND AWE' in retribution for countries were their leaders failed to follow their evil agenda and who opposed the sinister secretive methods of extracting mineral , financial and spiritual wealth from the global herds they use as fodder to build their freemasonic global super state or the New World Odour.

Their media networks, and they control them all, constantly castigate the slightest infractions by the male population while failing to rein in the masonic psychopathic bombing, murdering and raping of countries who fell foul of their twisted form of 'JUSTICE'. Muslim countries are particularly good at standing up to the freemason run countries knowing full well Israel plays a major part in pulling the strings of the political puppets like Obama and Cameron who bend over backwards to accommodate their fascist elitist agenda.

Men can no longer remain oppressed while letting the lunatics run the asylum . Only a major change in the way male dominance is viewed can an effective response be made to these scum and to then take back what they have stolen and restore some sanity and away from the mindless thugs who have been getting away with murder for far to long. In their quest to remain the 'TOP' dogs they have kept the peasants in their lowly place, BUT ONLY IF WE LET 'EM.

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