assange ecuador The self righteous 'West', the supposed stalwart of truth and justice, has reverted back, as if it has ever been anything else, to a tyranny only seen in despotic junta's and third world nations that operate chaotic DICKtatorships to keep their people enslaved.

To see America and Britain alongside Sweden and Australia operate under the supposed rule of 'LAW' or more to the point 'LAW' manufactured by freemasons sitting at the Knights Templar headquarters, a stones throw away from the Ecuadorian Embassy at the Inns of Court, just off the Strand in central London and who are responsible for the global treachery encircling the earth.

These evil bastards who claim they operate under the 'RULE OF LAW' are in fact using that 'LAW', not to ensure truth and justice, but to hide their vile brutality behind a facade of robes , pomposity and absurd structures that CLAIM to provide justice but are an evil set of rules made up by the ruling mafia to keep the peasants in their place. Meantime all their henchmen are busy supping from the trough that so many scum and filth have supped from over the centuries as these parasites plunder the world and its people of all its wealth . Assange is only one high profile case, a very small fish in a giant sea, where activists have been persecuted for daring to step outside the masonic bubble of 'LAW' to expose what these gangsters are really all about.

Anyone getting any sort of publicity for their actions in the complicit compliant media may be considered dubious as they seldom if ever report what is really going on behind the scenes with activists disappearing into psychiatric gulags and sometimes never seen again. The 'WEST' and its 'LAWS' have been dreamt up to create a utopia for the ruling mafia while ensuring the peasants are kept in their rightful place serving the very scum that have given themselves authority to create the very 'LAWS' that keeps them in the lifestyle they think they deserve while treading over every last one of us to protect those 'RIGHTS' they have endowed themselves with , but now falling heavily on its arse by the day.

Blair was a lawyer, Obama is a lawyer and both are political henchmen for the Bar Associations and Law Societies that are a front for the 'LAWS' that are causing utter chaos across the globe under the guise of some sort of JUSTICE system. All of them operate for and on behalf of the United Grand Lodge of England that is the real global terrorist network all the compliant media press barons act for creating the smoke screens to divert the sheeples attention from the biggest criminal empire on the planet.