scanner As if the New World Order gangsters haven't already created enough 'LAWS' to invade our privacy every time we are about to step onboard a plane, the British Home Office are now looking for an airport style screening system to be used in the London rail and tube network. No doubt Londoners used as guinea pigs prior to the system selected being rolled out right across the UK.

As if London isn't already a huge obstacle to cross they now want to add another tier of frustration by using a system that will screen you as a traveler and everything you carry and another EXCUSE for the power elite to rifle through your bags and sift through your private data under the guise of protecting you.

If you were being offered protection from some group that had a long track history of honesty and decency and had the OPTION to decide what level of protection you wanted that might be considered a good thing but this is big brother dictating that you will COMPLY and with contracts guaranteed to spend your tax money on companies that will be propping up the very government handing out those contracts to their friends and who will have shares in these spy networks, a double bonus of money making and privacy invasion in another New World Order scheme.

It is becoming impossible to go about our daily lives without CCTV intrusion, never mind an assault on our personal possessions every time we need to travel via public transport or by air. The global prison the NWO masters have been conspiring to create is being slowly built around us while keeping us all in check.

  • UK Airport-style screening to be considered for train and tube stations
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