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Britain stinks , no amount of media propaganda at the Olympia mania or royalist madness can hide the vile despotic regime whose evil tentacles slither right across the length and breadth of a nation under a blood thirsty mafia. All the pomp and ceremony is a smokescreen for the world to suggest somehow the Brits live under a sun drenched paradise of justice, morality and righteousness . But it is actually a stinking sewer of fraud, corruption and vast abuse of the peasants by the scum and filth that masquerade as some sort of democracy .

If you are USEFUL to them they will use and abuse you until you are squeezed of every last drop of your energy through Her Majesty's tax henchmen , or through Her Majesty's judicial henchmen , or through a myriad of complex schemes that produce only one outcome that props up the richest despot on the planet and the thousands of masonic henchmen that eat from her trough and hand picked and then embedded in every powerful position across the landscape of Britain. Spying and persecuting anyone who does not conform to their vile control network.

However if you are, in their eyes anyway, a USELESS eater your life will be so much worse as you are seen as a drain on the vast resources they have accumulated and every and all means are used to ensure you become as little a burden as possible on their vast empire. Your life will become a constant battle to survive the devious and dangerous schemes to ensure that if you suddenly become ill and assumed all those years they have been fleecing you to pay for a safety blanket in ill health every dirty trick in the book will be used to avoid the obligations they promised at the start of your life enslaved to the ruling mafia's scams.

A government that has been groomed at Eton to have a pathological hatred of the poor and peasantry while ensuring they serve and show loyalty to only ONE master at the utter expense of everybody else not part of Her Majesty's mafia. Now the Olympic charade is over the sheeple will get back to their mundane lives serving the HM machine that continues to ride roughshod over all their lives but who are blinded by the propaganda machines that work endlessly 24 hours a day to ensure the sheeple are kept in their rightful place, serving the most vile regime on the planet.

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