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The peasants get their homes stolen by the royal parasite's hand picked judges while she has a huge armed military presence with machine guns to take out anyone who tries to invade her mansions
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150 of the greatest cliff jumpers, photographers, videographers and professional life livers gathered deep within the depths of the Grand Canyon at the most beautiful desert oasis in the world, HAVASUPAI. History was made in the highest form of huckery imaginable! 120 ft doubles were sent, 95 foot triples were stomped and an all around onslaught of absurd epicness ensued. This video was the cultivation of efforts between 6 different major groups of cliff jumpers across the United States and it wouldnt have been possible without them!
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    Gritstone, known to scientists as siliceous sandstone and to its British climbing devotees as 'God's own rock' is fiendishly difficult to climb. It requires a special, extremely esoteric style that relies on good friction as well as a strong stomach for long run-outs, terrible protection, and horrendous falls. There's a reason they call a proclivity for this sort of climbing 'grit madness'.

    HARDXS follows four grit monkeys as they scare the living bejesus out of themselves on routes with names like "Appointment with Death" that are both difficult and desperately bold. Take a deep breath and click through, but beware, kids, this will either want to make you to climb grit, or keep you off it forever.
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    Dashcam footage: Man carefully prepares to key an Aston Martin V8 Vantage in a supermarket car park on Morning Lane in Hackney. It happened on 19th June 2015. The damage caused cost an estimated £9,000.
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