Huge 850ft road bridge collapses in Italy - but just two are injured VIDEO
Concert hall ceiling collapses in St. Petersburg VIDEO
Enormous Sinkhole Swallows Bus in China VIDEO
Massive cruise ships Carnival Glory and Carnival Legend collide in Mexico VIDEO
Out of control car stopped by half naked Russian owner VIDEO
Man faints and knocks woman onto tracks in front of oncoming Buenos Aires train VIDEO
Giant boulder smashes a car in China VIDEO
Deer breaks into hair salon causing chaos VIDEO
Man rides giant crocodiles even after they bit off his hand VIDEO
Out of Control Catering Cart Causes Chaos at USA Airport VIDEO
Shocking Bridge Collapse in Taiwan Caught on Camera VIDEO
Man killed after elevator malfunctions, fatally crushing him VIDEO
Slingshot ride cable breaks seconds before aerial launch VIDEO
Giant Wave Engulfs Kayakers After Glacier Collapse VIDEO
Toddler rides luggage conveyor belt at Atlanta's airport VIDEO

So much for security
Girl’s head stuck by window guard of 7-storey building in China VIDEO
Indian ride collapses killing two people and injuring 29 others VIDEO
Heroic teenage boy catches toddler falling from Turkish building VIDEO
Building collapses in Moldova's Otaci VIDEO
Crane collapses onto Dallas apartment building killing one person VIDEO
Man knocked out as he tries to save 2yo falling from the 5th floor VIDEO
Helicopter crashes during wedding ceremony with bride on board in Brazil VIDEO
Heroic kid lowered head-first into water-filled pipe to rescue a trapped little girl in Moscow VIDEO
Several injured as overcrowded Mexico City metro platform forces people to fall off escalator VIDEO
Times Square Billboard On Fire! VIDEO
Chilling video shows motorcyclist hurl into car VIDEO
Live Footage Of Deadly Semi-Truck Crash In Denver! VIDEO
Utility worker escapes High Voltage Powerline fire VIDEO
Shocking CCTV footage shows train crash into SUV in Florida VIDEO
RUN! Huge wave from glacier collapse sends tourists running VIDEO
Looking to take a cruise ship holiday? Watch this VIDEO
SUV sent airborne by rock slide crushes responding cop cruiser VIDEO
Mudslide sweeps people away as they try to cross mountain pass in Bolivia VIDEO
Moment dam collapses in Brazil resulting in deadly mudslide VIDEO
Man clings to the roof of speeding car during road rage incident VIDEO
Tragic aftermath of hotel wall collapsing during wedding in Peru VIDEO

A wedding in the Peruvian city of Abancay has ended in tragedy after a wall of a hotel hosting some 100 guests collapsed, killing at least 15 people and injuring 29 others.
Toddler falls out of moving vehicle while strapped into car seat VIDEO
Car flies into tunnel ceiling, driver walks away unscathed VIDEO
Cheating death: Train sweeps behind Dutch cyclist who didn't see it coming VIDEO
Out of control ferry slams into San Francisco dock VIDEO
A very close shave VIDEO
Moment passenger ferry collides with crane, causes fire in Barcelona VIDEO
Are ageing bridges cause for concern? VIDEO

Major repairs underway before collapse of the Morandi Bridge, Genoa
Helmet saves scooter driver's life after being run over by lorry in China VIDEO
Car smashes into crashed vehicle on Toronto highway VIDEO
Four-storey building collapses in Istanbul after landslide VIDEO
Female cyclist passes stop barriers and falls into gap of rising bridge VIDEO
Police motorcyclists collide during Bastille Day parade VIDEO
A newly opened shopping mall in Mexico City collapses VIDEO
Sweet meltdown: Tanker spills liquid chocolate onto Polish highway VIDEO
Kilauea volcano lava flow completely consumes car VIDEO
Dangerous Waterfall and Road in NEPAL VIDEO
Runaway engineless train in India terrifies passengers VIDEO
Moment Florida bridge collapsed VIDEO
Car smashes through garage wall, falls from 2nd floor VIDEO
Skiers trapped in swinging chairlift during storm VIDEO
Narrow escape for woman walking on train tracks VIDEO

Dramatic CCTV footage has been released showing a woman being saved from rail tracks,
just moments before a train arrives at a station in Melbourne.
Entire home in Warren, New Hampshire, carried downriver and crushed on bridge VIDEO
Great White Shark takes big bite on scientist's gear VIDEO
Man drives himself to hospital with nail in heart VIDEO
Texas driver survives seventh-floor plunge VIDEO
Drunk driver takes out cop during traffic stop VIDEO
Four-year-old falls from moving bus VIDEO
Large sinkhole swallows bus and car in Indian Chennai VIDEO
Husband for treason filled the wife's car with concrete ! VIDEO
Cow falls from truck on city road in Belarus VIDEO
Out-of-control SUV crash onto house's roof VIDEO
Hong Kong Shopping Center Escalator Malfunction VIDEO
Amazing Earthquake Footage (four part) VIDEO

The insane roofies 2016 VIDEO
Strong wind sends truck toppling onto patrol car in America VIDEO
Cyclist dangles from bridge after crash VIDEO
Truck falls from Baltimore highway and explodes VIDEO
Turkish bus bomb explosion caught on video VIDEO

A bus carrying off-duty soldiers has been hit by an explosion outside a
university in the Turkish city of Kayseri, leaving 13 people dead and 55 wounded.
Driver smashes into parked car 20 times VIDEO
Suspect gets ejected from cop car during crash VIDEO
Doctors remove 40 knives from man's stomach in India VIDEO
Pedestrian bridge collapses on M20 motorway in Kent, UK VIDEO
Tire Bursts Through Car Window on Highway VIDEO
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Boy killed at tallest water slide in the world VIDEO
Drilling rig blown ashore during severe storms in Scotland VIDEO
Man flies off waterslide onto rocky cliff VIDEO
Texas hot air balloon crashes with 16 on board VIDEO
Ferris Wheel Mishap in Chennai's Kishkinta Amusement Park VIDEO
Rollercoaster crash at Scottish theme park leaves seven injured (from 0.35) VIDEO

Two rollercoaster carriages derail and land on top of childrens ride
Moment entire house topples over after landslide in Japan VIDEO
Dashcam shows tree falling on cop VIDEO
Indian MP falls into open sewage channel after structure collapses VIDEO
Giant sinkhole swallows four cars in China VIDEO
Two killed in bike path collapse in Brazil VIDEO
Balloon in Berlin shaken wildly by high winds VIDEO
Crane Collapsed During Carrying of an Air India Plane In Hyderabad, India VIDEO
SUV Falls Four Stories From Parking Garage VIDEO
Teenage Girl Gets Hit By A Van in China VIDEO
Dashcam: Moment train smashes into van stuck on the railroad tracks in Ohio VIDEO
Chinese van runs over 4yr boy, he survives, stands up and walks away VIDEO
Near-miss for cop as car skids out of control on motorway VIDEO
Drunk Driver Arrested With 15 Foot Tree stuck in Car Grill VIDEO
Reporter Nearly Hit by Car While On Air VIDEO
Massive sinkhole stops traffic in Harbor, Oregon VIDEO
Man thrown into the air from rolling truck in Brazil VIDEO
Massive sinkhole opens up in middle of road and swallows large truck VIDEO
Deadly Crash In Vegas VIDEO
Russian drivers lucky escape as car slides off icy overpass VIDEO
Speeding car's near-miss with pedestrians captured on police dashcam VIDEO
Heavy truck in flames dashes out of tunnel in China VIDEO
Skier Survives 1,600 Foot Fall VIDEO
Huge sinkhole swallows car in Sicily, driver escaped VIDEO
Usain Bolt gets taken out by idiot cameraman VIDEO
Drunk motorist crashes his car on dual carriageway and drives away VIDEO
Monster Truck Wheel Hits Nine People VIDEO
Horror at the fun fair as slingshot ride SNAPS catapulting riders through the air VIDEO

Incredibly the passengers on the ride escaped fairly unscathed - with one broken leg and the other unharmedThis is the moment the elastic rope on a 'slingshot' bungee ride at a French theme park snapped while the passengers were being hurled through the air.

One woman suffered a broken leg and the other passenger incredibly received no injuries after the terrifying accident. A bystander filmed the ride and captured the moment one side of the elastic that secures the bungee carriage simply snapped. The incident happened just as the carriage plummeted to the ground.As the elastic snaps, the gasps of people watching can be heard.

The carriage is then hurled to the right and slams into one of the towers that the elastic is tied onto before eventually coming to a stop. An investigation has been launched into the incident which took place at Luna Park in Cap d'Agde on the southern coast of France.
Crane crushes a sidewalk, passers-by run for their lives VIDEO
Moment massive landslide blocks Chinese highway VIDEO
8 Most Shocking Theme Park Accidents of 2015 VIDEO
Horrifying moment mother swallowed by escalator in china VIDEO

A mother died when she fell on an escalator in a mall in China, after she heroically threw her child to safety. Liujuan Xiang, 30, was riding the escalator in the department store Anliang in Jingzhou, in the central province of Hubei, with her two-year-old son. When the couple arrived at the top, however, he gave a floor plate and the woman fell through the floor, as captured on CCTV.

Seconds before falling to her death, the mother was able to push her child to the sales staff, who dragged the child to a safe place. Two staff members at the top of the escalator tried to help the woman, as half her body was hanging in the shaft above the machinery but could not. She was shopping with her husband on Sunday when the accident occurred, said the Wuhan Evening News, though he was not with them on the escalator. China is prone to accidents safety regulations and standards are often trampled and enforcement is lax, sometimes due to corruption.
Man swings at cops with huge knife VIDEO
Train smashes into stretch limo hired for teen's birthday VIDEO

Luckily all the youngsters had escaped the vehicle after it became stuck on a level crossing and no one was hurt in the terrifyingly smash. As the clip begins, the huge train can be seen approaching at speed, with the driver furiously beeping his horn. Desperate bystanders try and flag the train down - one can he heard shouting: "He's not going to stop".

Then the huge locomotive crashes into the stretch car, barely slowing down on impactA signal box by the side of the tracks is brought down like a twig, while a terrible screeching of metal shrieks out as the driver frantically tries to stop. The train eventually comes to halt a mile down the track. As bystanders rush up the crash scene, one can be heard asking the driver: "did you see me?" He replies: "I sure did.

"I've got 10,000 tonnes behind me, though." The accident, in Indiana, US, was filmed by local photographer Norman Noe, who posted the clip on his Youtube page.
Base jumper falls to his death in Turkey VIDEO


Base jumper died in the eastern Turkish province of Erzincan, Tuesday, after he got caught in his parachute whilst attempting to jump from a mountain into a ravine in a wingsuit
Road rage driver gets taken out by biker VIDEO
Dashcam Captures Horrific Train Collision In New York VIDEO
Taiwan water-park fire injures hundreds VIDEO
Idiot USA TV host almost kills drummer when axe misses target VIDEO
Teenage athletes mowed down by bus at European Games VIDEO
Jet powered mini crashes into barrier VIDEO
Man killed by a garbage bin in freak accident VIDEO
Amtrak train collides with truck VIDEO
Very lucky bastards VIDEO
Alton Towers roller coaster Smiler crash latest VIDEO
Volvo automatic parking system fails as car drives into two men VIDEO
Indy 500 Crashes Spark Concerns for Driver Safety VIDEO
Skydiver narrowly escapes death after smashing into power lines and tumbling to earth VIDEO

John Pitts was performing at a patriotic celebration in Tennessee when the accident happened. This is the moment a skydiver narrowly escaped death after getting his parachute tangled in power lines and then crashing to the ground.
High diver strikes head on platform VIDEO
Stage collapses in China VIDEO
Arch collapses on to busy road during Nepal earthquake VIDEO
Dramatic moment a lorry and a truck crash in tunnel VIDEO
Collapsing hillside forces families to evacuate homes VIDEO
Russian cyclist gets hit by truck VIDEO
TV Interview Interrupted by Explosion and Flying Manhole cover VIDEO
Crazy cyclists ignore level crossing barriers and train about to pass VIDEO

Cyclists narrowly miss high-speed train as Paris-Roubaix race disrupted by rail crossing incident
Pine tree falls onto ski lift VIDEO
Window-cleaning cradle swings violently outside 91st floor VIDEO
Builders narrowly avoid death as digger plummets into worksite VIDEO
Bus crash in Peru leaves 36 dead VIDEO
Chair Lift Malfunction Injures Seven at Maine Ski Resort VIDEO
Bus falls into ravine from height of 400 meters in Brazil VIDEO

At least 54 dead as tourist bus plunges into ravine in Brazil
Drag race crash caught on camera VIDEO
Russian pensioner escapes car crash VIDEO
On board camera catches rally driver's crashing into lake during WRC Rally in Mexico VIDEO
92-Year-Old Crashes Into 9 Parked Cars at Piggly Wiggly, Mayville, Wisconsin VIDEO
Safe! Three year old Chinese boy falls from 3rd floor, hits car, uninjured VIDEO
Thick fog in South Korea causes 100-car accident leaving two dead and many injured VIDEO