• BBC take millions from Bill Gates then defend him over vaccine and microchip claims
  • Revealed: BBC ‘Charity’ receives MILLIONS in funding from Gates Foundation
  • Another BBC Radio 1 DJ jailed after being caught with perverted hoard of indecent images (The morally upstanding BBC and its exemplary employees)
  • BBC employees who tried to expose Savile were classed as traitors(VIDEO)
  • Ex BBC presenter exposes the dark side of Panorama’s ‘incredibly suspect’ episode on Corbyn (The BBC stoked the antisemitism smears against Labour and Corbyn during the 2019 election)
  • BBC Radio dying a death(When decades of music was selected by the likes of predatory paedo Radio 1 DJ Jimmy Savile listeners are waking up to the fact that the BBC stifles not enhances music. Read about the radio pluggers and their cocaine runs to prove it's NOT about the quality but the quantity of drugs being consumed)
  • Femi / homo BBC's Mark Savage continues his feminist rants about "Brit Awards 2020: Why weren't more women nominated?" (BBC have a clear agenda that excludes the positive promotion of heterosexual males)
  • Femi / homo BBC's Emma Jones continues her feminist rants about "2020 Oscar nominations snub female directors" (BBC have a clear agenda that excludes the positive promotion of heterosexual males)
  • Tory's battle with BBC coverage exposes courts struggling to cope with the burden of prosecutions brought for non-payment of the BBC licence fee (About 180,000 people are prosecuted every year for failing to pay the fee, of which more than 150,000 are convicted. Seven in ten were women, who faced fines of £1,000 each. About 70 people were jailed for refusal to pay the fine)
  • BBC attacked for gender pay biased by the very feminazi they employ to promote their heterosexual male bashing bile (Turning on the very mob who allow them to spout their feminist bullshit)
  • BBC have a LONG history of censoring music when it upsets the establishment (With for decades top paedo Jimmy Savile in charge of picking music to play on BBC radio that has massive payola behind some of the worst music in history they promoted into their dubious charts. We know about offers of cocaine for BBC radio plays by pluggers and NOTHING to do with the quality of the songs with thousands of pounds a week demanded for even getting a record listened to)
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club spend vast sums extorted from heterosexuals to promote a homosexual agenda
  • Broadmoor: The BBC's top predatory paedo Savile was 'a lunatic in charge of the asylum' (VIDEO)
  • Who insurers the BBC (FOI from 2007 it's a secret)
  • FOI from 2005 exposes the BBC using the same insurance as the Law Society
  • Bias, Corruption & Coercion: Why The BBC Must Be Denationalised (Here's another area British cops waste their time acting as hired thugs for the BBC) (VIDEO)
  • BBC 100 Women list their entitlement gripes (No mention of 100 men)
  • BBC's 100 Women but NO SIGN of BBC's 100 men (Misandry rife at the Buggering Boys Club)
  • BBC radio desperate to woo youngsters who have deserted their DIRE programs that ONLY prop up corporate record label crap (In the past creeps like pervert Jimmy Savile influenced what records they could play and anyone inside the music industry knows the BBC operate a payola system dealing with record pluggers who BUY needle time for the crap they barter)
  • Feminist / homo leaning BBC claim 1.9 million men and women experience domestic abuse in England and Wales but only EVER give examples of women (They also never give examples of the young boys abused by a large paedo ring at the BBC Buggering Boys Club and some of those vulnerable boys had ended up in care homes thanks to malicious domestic abuse claims by the BBC and why there is method in their madness)
  • BBC 'fawns' in coverage of royals
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club reports on Church of Scotland's 'injustice' apology to Perthshire LGBT festival
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club continue to show VAST concern for trannies while they have NO concern for heterosexual men being destroyed in divorce courts by those who control BBC output (Anything they claim to suffer pales next to draconian persecution by the legal mafia)
  • Secretive BBC using 'smoke and mirrors to cover-up' salaries of top stars on latest rich list
  • Highest paid BBC female presenter is jewish (and why they want to keep publishing their salaries secret)
  • Another BBC jewish presenter on £340,000 salary (that they've been trying to keep secret)
  • Anyone STUPID enough to collect for BBC's 'Children in Need' can be nominated for "The Sir Terry Wogan Fundraiser of the Year Award" (We cannot believe anyone with more than a few brain cells would actually collect money for the phoney creepy paedo protecting BBC)
  • Why is the BBC Children In Need sitting on a £90million fortune? BBC stashes sum away in investment portfolio instead of handing it out(from 2014)
  • BBC executives will use Children In Need to try to address its 'elephant in the room'... but won't mention disgraced presenter Jimmy Savile by name (from 2012)
  • Presenter Terry Wogan was the only celeb paid for Children In Need(from 2016)
  • BBC Panorama Smartphones: The Dark Side (Laughable the BBC have been pushing the Facebook /Twitter agenda for decades now when they get exposed the BBC do a report against the very platforms it has been promoting for years)
  • Hypocritical BBC encourage using facebook/twitter while warning about data dangers
  • Jimmy Savile victim abused at BBC by TV star and others 100 times given paltry compensation
  • Russia with Simon Reeve - BBC Propaganda vs Reality ? (Moscow) (VIDEO)
  • BBC Scotland staff accused of sex abuse in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, bosses admit
  • BBC use BIG music weekend to promote their brand globally (One of the biggest oppressors of music are the 'zionist' run BBC with platforms only available to the big six 'zionist' record labels globally. Top predatory paedo Jimmy Savile was in charge of picking records for BBC Radio 1 for decades and was fuck all to do with the quality of the records they played but a payola system that was founded on who provided the most cocaine and access to sex even if it was with minors. 'Shaddap You Face' by Joe Dolce only ONE example of the complete and utter shit that masqueraded as a Radio One playlist favourite)
  • BBC report on new busking payment system that ensures HMRC will take their cut
  • BBC's spells out why the long suffering public should TRUST the propaganda they pump out (Never has any public broadcaster shown such hatred towards heterosexual men and fathers meanwhile protecting serial paedo's like Jimmy Savile for 50+ years and after days of endless royalist wedding bullshit)
  • BBC bombard their websites with ever increasing gender biased DV reports (Apartheid alive and well in the corridors of a feminist / homosexual leaning propaganda tool)
  • A very rare occasion when the BBC are forced to report on the vile abuse men face from deranged women (This is in direct contradiction to their man hating BILE)
  • If the BBC is politically neutral, how does it explain Andrew Neil?
  • BBC radio presenter has told how she worked through cancer treatment because she wasn't eligible for sick pay after being taken off a staff contract
  • The self righteous BBC's presenters 'driven to brink of SUICIDE' over tax problems caused by their employer - and one 'faces homelessness'
  • The morally upstanding BBC's industrial-level tax avoidance leave presenters with huge tax bills (and that Jimmy Savile issue ain't going away either)
  • Stars turn on BBC over 'industrial-level tax avoidance' and demand corporation helps foot bill (From protecting paedo's to tax dodging the BBC has NO moral high ground to preach to the peasants)
  • Working class female BBC presenter Steph McGovern says 'posh women are paid a hell of a lot more than me' as she slams corporation for caring more about ethnic diversity than the class divide ('There are a lot of women[whingy posh feminists] who do a similar job to me who are paid a hell of a lot more... who are a lot posher than me'. McGovern, 35, who presents BBC Breakfast and Watchdog, said one manager told her she was 'too common' to be a BBC presenter.)
  • Paedo protecting BBC back to their extreme man hating stats agenda (Any media outlet that spouts Womens Aid as TRUTH are all FAKE)
  • The morally upstanding BBC went to any lengths to protect their long term paedo Savile(VIDEO)
  • As far as the paedo protecting BBC are concerned only women are victims of abuse (For the judeo masonic mafia to gain control of heterosexual men, their wealth and their children they need paedo protecting sick mind fucks like the BBC to spout their distorted stats) (VIDEO)
  • BBC has another rapist within their ranks (The ever righteous femi / homo BBC pontificates about all the downtrodden women and children abused by us bad heterosexual men while harbouring perverts like Jimmy Savile and rapists within their ranks)
  • Morally upstanding BBC and the continual cover up of sex abuse
  • BBC's Laura Kuenssberg talks at a Jewish Care business lunch about being silenced (She claims she is NOT jewish while answering to her boss James Harding who definitely IS jewish. NO wonder there is extreme bias in how the BBC report on Israel)
  • Femi / homo BBC sinister praising of homosexuals as LGBT heroes (Meanwhile heterosexual men continue to be targeted and smeared as abusers)
  • BBC's top zionist head of news James Harding leaving shows a lack of confidence in their very warped MAN hating GAZA hating agenda (Heterosexual men get same vitriol as the Gazan's murdered by zionist Israel)
  • Jewish lawyer Sir Mark Aubrey Weinberg's daughter is married to BBC's jewish head of news James Harding (Jewish nepotism within the BBC knows no bounds)
  • The self appointed moral guardians at the BBC are tax dodgers
  • Ex-BBC reporter Liz MacKean dies after stroke (MacKean, 52, worked for the corporation for more than 20 years but left in in 2013 amid a row over the decision to shelve her investigation for Newsnight about disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile)
  • Jimmy Savile: It’s not Liz MacKean who should be leaving the Beeb (from 2012)
  • You can criticise the BBC for paying men more than women but not that jewish women are paid more than non jewish women (They go on the rampage using the holocaust as an example meanwhile the male holocaust in divorce courts goes on unabated aided by the jewish / freemason hold over Britain's legal system that THEY don't abide by)
  • BBC continue to use licence payers money(99% who are heterosexual) to promote lesbian / homsexual agenda
  • BBC caught lying about star salaries (How can they be trusted to provide accurate and unbiased news coverage?)
  • BBC pay revelations (Paid millions, from licence payers extortion scams, to pump out establishment propaganda while kissing the royal arse) (VIDEO)
  • BBC scaremongering AGAIN about children unduly influenced by the internet (Instead of by the BBC's vile propaganda)
  • Jewish and Zionist Influence at the BBC
  • BBC audacity over government failures on Freedom of Information request (While the BBC regularly use FOI's in their news reports THEY themselves seldom if ever answer any FOI's accurately and properly as we well know with our own requests)
  • Feminist BBC push gender pay inequality in their news despite paying women far less than men
  • Feminist ranting BBC pay women less
  • Feminist BBC critical of companies who DON'T pay women same as men but hypocritically do the very same
  • Lawyer controlled BBC does vile promotion of divorce lawyers MILKING men as if it is a great thing (BBC also create the smear campaigns for these evil bastards to help themselves. The DEATH toll they create for men's financial and mental well is always totally ignored by the BBC promoters of terrorist lawyers they are after all paedo protectors)
  • BOYS not girls were groomed by BBC perverts (But you would never guess as the BBC seldom mention abuse of boys instead concentrate solely on abuse of girls thanks to their feminazi / homosexual employees)
  • Married ex-BBC presenters dubbed the Richard and Judy of radio 'indecently assaulted schoolboys in parkland after having sex against a tree in front of children as young as 11' (is that the SAME homo / femi / paedo protecting BBC that regularly smears fathers as abusers so the state can steal their children into care?)
  • Paxman says the BBC should scrap the 'old-fashioned' licence fee and instead charge viewers like Netflix (Instead of jailing victims who wont pay for their propaganda)
  • BBC Propaganda, Lies, Bias and Cover up's(VIDEO)
  • BBC the royal parasites propaganda merchants(VIDEO)
  • Peter Hitchens exposing some of the BBC lies and propaganda about what is really going on in Syria (VIDEO)
  • As young boys are being raped by homopaedo football coaches all over Britain the femi/homo BBC claim sport must do more to fight homophobia
  • Nationwide football coach homopaedo ring as three more ex-footballers say they were abused as boys and demand police arrest their attackers
  • Bakewell claims the sex abuse scandal at the BBC went far beyond Jimmy Savile (The self appointed moral guardians at the BBC are exposed as a bunch of sexual predators and creeps. So why do they attack heterosexual fathers at every turn? To make it easier for children vulnerable to be separated from their fathers protection and for predatory paedo's like Savile to access them in Britain's vile childrens homes)
  • Jimmy Savile: a multiple cover-up (2014)
  • BBC TV reporter whistleblower who reported political interference was the victim of a "witch-hunt" (The BBC bullyboys at it again)
  • Hitman reveals he knows who killed BBC reporter Jill Dando but fears he'll become a target if he names them (She was about to expose paedo ring operating inside the BBC)
  • Miles Goslett: Extraordinary that no newspapers would touch my BBC Savile story (from 2013 and how Britain's vile press barons protected a predatory paedo for decades)
  • BBC feminist hypocrisy on equality where women from wealthy families earn more than men from poor families doing the same job
  • Former BBC DJ Chris Denning has pleaded guilty to 21 homopaedo offences committed between 1969 and 1986 (A very long line of homopaedo's inside the BBC yet they rant on as if they are some sort of moral guardians)
  • BBC, Bray Leino and Refuge stage massive domestic abuse propaganda ruse
  • BBC licence payers money was used to produce racist shows like the Black and White minstrels (The self appointed moral guardians at the BBC were anything but)(VIDEO)
  • Was The BBC's Black and White Minstrel Show the most racist TV programme ever?
  • BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile (VIDEO)
  • 2,652 people in Leicestershire and Rutland prosecuted for having no BBC TV licence
  • 173,065 were prosecuted in England for NOT paying for a BBC TV licence with London topping the list with 23,396 followed by Warwickshire with 14,349 and Greater Manchester with 13,788
  • BBC Levy or Licence. What’s in a name?
  • BBC top paedo protector(VIDEO)
  • The secret memo 'that proves BBC bosses DID interview sacked DJ Tony Blackburn over claims he seduced 15-year-old girl who later killed herself'
  • Last entry in BBC Top of the Pops girl’s diary reveals the agony that drove her to suicide (How many more deaths are the BBC responsible for?)
  • Why the BBC should be subjected to serious reform?
  • No-one jailed in Scotland for failing to pay TV licence compared to scores in England
  • BBC's mass conviction scam failing as 23,000 escape TV licence fines
  • BBC TV licence fines branded unfair
  • Matt Allwright on the BBC TV Licence Scam (VIDEO)
  • Zionist propaganda merchant Danny Cohen, BBC director of television, defends his HUGE salary
  • Why do the BBC select a homosexual to produce BBC Breakfast?
  • Make no mistake -- the BBC will NOT like this video (VIDEO)
  • Murdered Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedo ring at BBC’
  • BBC CHARITY???? taking money erm bribes from Bill Gates to EMPOWER Women and Girls


  • NO MENTION OF MEN OR BOYS as the BBC NEVER praise heterosexual males always smearing them as abusers that then empowers females in outrageous divorce settlements by the theft from ex-husbands sanctioned by the state.

    Last week multi-billionaire ‘philanthropist’ Bill Gates appeared on the BBC and was also given extensive positive coverage across the vast billion pound taxpayer funded network.

    During his interview Gates referred to himself as a ‘health expert’ and this went unchallenged. Now we can reveal some startling links between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the BBC.

    Have you heard before of BBC Media Action?

  • BBC Media Action is the BBC’s international charity
  • BBC FOI request on Bill Gates donations
    Under a Freedom of Information request please respond to the following questions if necessary pass to your FOI office for their attention

    1. Has the BBC Media Action charity taken over $4,000,000 from Bill Gates Foundation to EMPOWER women and girls????

    2. During a recent BBC interview has the BBC quoted Bill Gates referring to himself as a ‘health expert’ that went unchallenged?

    You have two weeks to respond to this FOI


    Many thanks for your email to BBC Media Action.

    The London office is open Monday to Friday (9AM-5PM, excluding public holidays). We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Media enquiries sent to this account are forwarded to our communications team. If you are a journalist with an urgent enquiry out of hours please contact the BBC Press Office on 020 7765 5900 or


  • Why do we have to pay BBC billions for things we don’t want VIDEO
    BBC employees who tried to expose Savile were classed as traitors VIDEO

  • Ex BBC presenter exposes the dark side of Panorama’s ‘incredibly suspect’ episode on Corbyn (The BBC stoked the antisemitism smears against Labour and Corbyn during the 2019 election)
  • BBC finally dumping feminist crap? NOT LIKELY

    Feminist Fran Unsworth had to let feminist show go SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vastly overpaid BBC exec's face the journo's pumping out their MALE hate news to state they are being sacked (No sympathy for any of these bastards who have been getting away with murder targeting heterosexual men with their vile agenda)
  • BBC announces 450 jobs will go in newsroom shake-up announced by head of news, feminist Fran Unsworth (Only heterosexual men that are left at the BBC will be booted????)
  • At the BBC, impartiality is precious. We will protect it (Fran Unsworth's having a laugh)
  • In 2018 BBC sought gender balance on expert contributors with 50:50 Challenge under feminist Fran Unsworth and former Director-General Tony Hall(Now GONE and we don't see ANY gender balance just a bunch of feminist / lesbian / homosexual man haters given a free rein by these evil bastards that have run the BBC and its news into the dust)
  • In 2016 BBC News chief Fran Unsworth said 'Female reporters need to 'harden up' and ignore web trolls' (But he called me a feminist and made me cry)
  • BBC facing backlash(but only by feminists) over decision to axe Victoria Derbyshire show who brainwashed stay-at-home mothers about their interpretations of what they regard as domestic and sexual abuse(Stay at home because their men were out working their ass off while being smeared and targeted by the femi / homo BBC propaganda machine undermining heterosexual relationships)
  • BBC days are numbered when heterosexual men can be screwed so the BBC can finance and manufacture feminist / homosexual propaganda

  • Domestic violence claims and schemes allow a satanic cult to control men not part of their evil network assisted by the paedo protecting BBC and access to vulnerable children removed from their biological fathers protection (Extreme methods in their twisted madness)
  • The only time the BBC claim men are of any use is when they are dead enough to steal their sperm
  • BBC promote workplace bullies like Sugar's 'The Apprentice' Littner then rant about domestic abuse

  • Alan Sugar's TV bullyboy thug Claude Littner sparks outrage by suggesting struggling nurses should get a second job (BBC promote bullies as if it should be the norm in the working environment while endlessly ranting about separating men having arguments with their wives as if it is a serious crime)
  • The BBC is “unsustainable, damaged and set to lose a generation of licence fee payers”, claims Ofcom

    We have been stating the obvious for decades

  • BBC Licence Fee 'at risk' as half of young viewers desert broadcaster 'for Netflix and Amazon'
  • You wont see these headlines often in the femi / homo BBC and Gayrdian

    When domestic abuse is instigated by a female the feminists go quiet especially the sicko disturbed lawyers that run 'Womens Aid'. No sign of support for the daughter who got stabbed demanding new special laws like they do when its a man.

  • Glasgow woman stabbed daughter because 'enough was enough (A very rare occasion the BBC report on domestic abuse by a female even though it is common)
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club at the heterosexual male smear campaigns again VIDEO


    What are the credentials of BBC reporter Myles Bonnar? Another feminist / homosexual leaning lackey for the BBC Buggering Boys Club?

    Meanwhile reporting positively on an endless array of homosexual / lesbian / tranny lifestyles paid for using licence fee money that is provided by a majority of heterosexual males hard earned cash. Due to so many negative comments they pulled the video and put it back up pulling any negative comments including our own to try and justify their heterosexual male bashing.

  • Response to the BBC's assault on heterosexual males 'Street Attraction' (Lilbizkit comment on Youtube 2 hours ago (edited) For the record, the original video from BBC News was deleted due to a huge negative response from YouTube users. The summary was that the journalism exhibited in this so-called "exposé" was utterly appalling and worthy of a licence payer refund)
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club and their heterosexual male HATE campaigns

  • BBC Buggering Boys Club promote homo marriage
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club promote LGBT+ music festival
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club promote NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club smear heterosexual men as abusers (Lawyer controlled BBC have NEVER once questioned the extreme legal measures being taken against heterosexual men while being the BIGGEST mouthpiece for promoting all things homosexual)
  • Lawyer controlled gutter rags and the utter BULL they use to smear heterosexual men as abusers
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club bullying independent producers
  • Jimmy Saville, Jeffrey Epstein, Madeline McCann & Elite Chomo Rings VIDEO
    BBC expose TikTok stars getting rich off their fans a bit like the BBC TV licence scam? VIDEO
    BBC report on "The music industry's #MeToo moment" NO mention of homopaedo's abusing boys VIDEO

    BBC ignore their own paedo ring inside their corporation

    Once again the feminist / homosexual leaning BBC utterly ignore the vast majority abused by the music mafia are young boys and the homopaedo's lurking inside their closed secretive doors. ONLY women and women alone get abused well according to the Buggering Boys Club
    Mass protest against BBC thieving from the elderly

    Time to get rid of the draconian TV licence scam

  • More than 150,000 sign petition opposing BBC's 'shameful' decision to scrap free TV licences for 3.7m over-75s - as devastated pensioner says 'TV is a vital lifeline for millions like me'
  • BBC once again caught telling a pack of election lies FKN Newz May 2019 VIDEO
    When The BBC TV Licence Goons Come Knocking VIDEO

    The BBC and their TV Licensing goons are operating a very simple extortion racket but it has worked successfully in the UK for over 60 years. In order to raise over £3 BILLION of public money to fund their paedo propaganda machine, they rely on the inducement of fear.

    They use a company called Capita to send threatening letters to all UK addresses that do not have a TV Licence. These letters state that their records show that the address doesn't have a TV License and that failure to buy a TV License will result in a £1,000 fine. If after several attempts this fails to worry the occupier into purchasing a TV License, they then send a "TV License Inspector" from their "Enforcement Team" to your address to scare you into compliance and/or to obtain information from you - such as your name and your admission that you have been receiving live TV broadcasts on the premises. Once the BBC goons have this, they can then threaten you with imminent court action.

    If they fail to gain any compliance from you at all then they'll continue to send you threatening letters and a "TV License Inspector" will be sent to your home periodically to remind you of what could happen if you don't buy a TV License. Regardless of whether you have a TV or watch live TV broadcasts, this harassment will continue until you agree to pay for a TV License. Once you cough up, the TV License Inspector receives their £20 commission and the doorstep harassment and threatening letters will cease for 12 months. After the 12 months has elapsed, the threatening letters and doorstep harassment start again.

    This extortion process has kept the BBC in business for the last 60 years and yields over £3 billion a year, which is far more than any other broadcasting company survives on through advertising and subscription revenue. The only people who profit from the BBC's immoral enterprise are the establishment who benefit from the propaganda and fake news that the BBC spews out. And also the greedy executives of the BBC and their enforcement companies who line their pockets with money extorted from the poor, the elderly and the naïve.

    The BBC's purpose is to extort money from as many households as they can on an annual basis by sending goons to non-licenced addresses to harass the occupants. If you don't have a TV, they hope that by harassing you enough with threatening letters and unexpected home visits, you'll feel coerced into buying a Licence in order to stop the harassment. But of course, what's the point of having a TV licence if you don't have a TV? So of course you'll then buy a TV just to get your money's worth. And as long as you're watching TV, the BBC can then manage your perception of reality via the propaganda that pours out of it.

    So it's a win-win situation for them. But you can turn the tables on them both legally and lawfully.

    When the BBC TV Licence goons come knocking, here are some simple rules to follow:


    Never reply to any letters they send you. Never provide them with your name or any other personal info, never admit to anything, and never let them into your home.

    Make sure you have a video camera ready to film them when they come to your door. This will enable you to capture evidence of any threats or intimidation that they might try to use.

    And finally, never be scared of these racketeers. They prey on your fear of them. Just remember that BBC TV Licence goons have NO POWER WHATSOEVER. They are merely high-pressure, BBC salespeople acting as though they have the powers of the police. These goons have no rights whatsoever to enter your property and they will be trespassing if they continue to come to your door after you have removed their 'implied right of access'. They cannot obtain a warrant to enter your home unless you have admitted that you are receiving live TV broadcasts. As long as you don't provide them with any information, then there's nothing they can do. : )
    BBC's paedo empire VIDEO
    Tommy Robinson #Panodrama - An Exposé of the Fake News BBC! VIDEO

    We are no big fans of Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley-Lennon but he has proved how
    FAKE the BBC really are and how far the gutter rags will go to smear
    Just who the FUCK is Mark Savage?
    While reading a recent news report by the BBC on the Brit awards we noticed how clearly they were pushing the feminist agenda with the claims "Here's to more women winning (Brit)awards, and more women taking over the world". On closer inspection we noticed the BBC reporter in question was a male called Mark Savage. Expecting this article to be written by one of the BBC's hard line feminazi we were surprised a male reporter would quote such a weird statement. However on closer inspection when Mark Savage is NOT promoting 'females taking over the world' he is busily using the BBC website to promote ALL THINGS GAY.

    Below is a long list of articles Mark Savage's name is against and the homosexual agenda he is pushing is very clear in how no matter what music subject he writes about the gay bit always gets a mention and the trials and tribulations of them making it through that adversity. Violin music can be heard in the distance as Savage rants endlessly about all things GAY.

    If anyone requires any more further proof about who is behind the homosexual / feminist agenda at the BBC(Buggering Boys Club) just a few reads through Savages articles will show conclusive proof heterosexuals do not matter in the BBC only the feminazi / homo agendas are their main concern and a MAJOR concern for the millions of heterosexual men being screwed for the BBC licence scams that help promote this utter bile and filth.

  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "Here's to more women winning (Brit)awards, and more women taking over the world" (When he's NOT promoting feminist rants he's writing about the homo agenda)
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "But the singer says he was advised to keep quiet about being gay when the group got their record deal"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes ""I was a closeted gay man who was making my partners hide""
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "BBC Sound of 2019: 'Queer icon' King Princess is the runner-up"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes 'The landscape has changed for queer artists'
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "Gaga backs gay rights in Trump's America"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "Aznavour wrote it to address "the specific problems my gay friends faced,"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "If you search for Muna online, you will quickly find them described as a "queer band""
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "London Gay Symphony Orchestra"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "Katy Perry 'prayed the gay away'"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes ""He never apologised for being gay," says the actor"
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club spend vast sums extorted from heterosexuals to promote a homosexual agenda
  • BBC promote lesbian muslims (No room for any positive heterosexual news)
  • BBC Mark Savage uses his discopop productions bragging about his BBC connections
  • BBC finally getting rid of the public schoolboy twat DIM-bleby
    BBC Propaganda, Lies, Bias and Cover Up's VIDEO
    Hypocritical BBC promotes Christmas film with domestic violence from a woman VIDEO

    On the BBC One Show they promoted a Christmas film where a women punches a guy in the face and not the FIRST time they have shown similar and think its FUNNY.

  • Bias, Corruption & Coercion: Why The BBC Must Be Denationalised VIDEO

    Here's another area British cops waste their time acting as hired thugs for the BBC

  • BBC 100 Women list their entitlement gripes (No mention of 100 men)
  • BBC's 100 Women but NO SIGN of BBC's 100 men (Misandry rife at the Buggering Boys Club)
  • FAKE NEWS: How can you believe anything the man hating BBC report?

    Hayter (pictured left on Newsnight) has worked as an extra on screen under her middle name Marina, including 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, pictured right as 'bar worker'

    BBC once again caught manipulating news to advance a toxic tory government agenda and the female in question is called 'HAYTER'. You just couldn't make it up.

    BBC is forced to deny hiring a 'fake vicar' to back May's Brexit deal on Newsnight after viewers discover guest is actress who has appeared in Star Wars and EastEnders

    *Lynn Hayter appeared on Newsnight on Monday to defend the Brexit agreement
    *She appeared sporting a dog collar and fiercely debated five other panellists
    *She has worked as an extra, who performs under her middle name Marina

    The BBC has been forced to deny hiring a 'fake vicar' to appear on its flagship political programme Newsnight after social media users hit out at the broadcaster.

    Lynn Hayter appeared on Newsnight on Monday to defend Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement on the UK leaving the European Union. She sported a dog collar as she debated five other panellists on the specifics of the Brexit draft deal.

    Miss Hayter is listed as a pastor on Facebook at a group called Seeds for Wealth Ministries, which claims to 'help you realise, release and walk into your financial freedom in Christ'. But she has also worked as an on-screen extra, and has a profile listing her profession as 'actor' on the social media site.

    Miss Hayter, who performs under her middle name Marina, recently appeared in the blockbuster film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. This has led to accusations that the BBC hired her specifically to appear on the show playing the part of a vicar. The argument was dubbed 'Vicargate', with some on social media convinced she was acting.

    Labour peer Andrew Adonis waded into the furore, telling his Twitter followers he believed Miss Hayter to be a fake. He sarcastically commented 'Lynn is a pastor' and I am the Pope', before calling her a 'fake pastor' and accusing the BBC of 'a reign of lies'. Miss Maitlis quickly reprimanded Lord Adonis, warning him 'not to become a peddler of fake news'.

    She tweeted: 'Not in this day and age. Not when we need our parliamentarians to be better and more trusted than ever. 'To have got to a place where you could choose to believe that enough to write it is deeply worrying.' Other users were keen to chime in with the debate, with one '@BrexitBin' tweeting: 'WTF! This lady playing 'Reverend Lynn' is actually an actress called Marina Hayter (stage name?) who is a professional TV talk show guest. In other words, she was hired by @BBCNewsnight to say she backed May's plan. This kind of undemocratic deception has to have consequences!'

    This is while Antonia Frances said: 'Reverend Lynn' is in fact Marina Hayter. She has played numerous roles including Peasant Woman, quizzical librarian and shocked neighbour but no vicars until her starring role as Brexit deal fan girl on #Newsnight #BBC #BrexitAgreement.' Others such as Beth Urmston poked fun at 'Vicargate' and said: 'Think Marina Lynn Hayter's days at the BBC are numbered. Pastor sell by date.' Elsewhere others said the BBC had 'struck gold' when they found Lynn, '@benjolly9' said: 'The @BBCNewsnight research team who set out to find an actor willing to play a Vicar to sing the praises of Theresa May must have thought they'd stuck gold when they found @LynnHayter.'

    As the speculation mounted, Newsnight itself was prompted to defend the decision to include her on the show. Their statement read: 'Claims that Lynn appeared on Newsnight as a paid actor are false.

    'Lynn is a pastor and was a genuine participant of our Brexit debate. She carries out work as an extra using her middle name but this is not relevant to the capacity in which she appeared.' Seeds For Wealth Ministries, which had 72 followers on Facebook as of last night, believes it can enrich worshippers and take them to 'a higher level'. Miss Hayter told presenter Emily Maitlis she was '100per cent' behind the deal and urged the public to 'put [their] faith in the government'. She stridently defended the withdrawal agreement when quizzed by her fellow panellists. Miss Hayter has also appeared in BBC shows EastEnders and Dickensian, among dozens more.

  • Femi / homo BBC promoting women get ANGRY while accusing men of being coercive when raising their voices
  • BBC out and out attack on heterosexual men while ignoring boys abused in care

    Mr Steele was abused at the Barnardo's home at Glasclune House in North Berwick

    The BBC acting on behalf of Britain's lawyers and law societies, and there is a clear connection between the output of this despicable public broadcaster and those responsible for the destruction of heterosexual males, fail to address the fact their continued vicious alleged domestic violence and abuse agenda's instigated by the lawyer controlled Womens Aid ignore the boys stolen into care on the back of DV allegations and into the hands of the homopaedo's running childrens homes in Britain.

    After all their top predatory paedo Jimmy Savile got away with 50+ years of sexual abuse thanks to the supposed morally upstanding BBC and the ring of homopaedo's later convicted who were all employees of the Buggering Boys Club.

    *Killian Steele, 54, was taken into care in North Berwick after 'claims' of abuse in his family
    *But 12-year-old had staff member get in his sleeping bag and sexually abuse him
    *Abuse continued and has driven him to attempted suicide eight times before
    *Inquiry into why man, who cannot be named, wasn't brought to justice continues

    Boy, 12, 'was raped by Barnardo's children's home carer after petrifying grooming campaign but charity allowed attacker to stay on'

    A 12-year-old boy was raped by a Barnardo's children's home carer after a 'grooming' campaign that left him 'petrified', an inquiry heard yesterday.

    Killian Steele, 54, claimed the charity had issued 'reprimands' to the man who had abused him after suspicions were raised about his behaviour - but allowed him to stay on. In an emotional attack on Barnardo's at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) yesterday, Mr Steele said: 'Barnardo's chose to protect him [the abuser] over me. 'This national organisation whose main purpose was to safeguard… disadvantaged children actually ignored allegations of sexual abuse.'

    He said the charity's failure to apologise to him meant 'Barnardo's [is] abusing me again - but in a more sinister fashion'. Mr Steele said that initially he had an 'amazing' relationship with the man who later abused him at the Barnardo's home at Glasclune House in North Berwick, which he said had operated a 'liberal regime'. The people in charge of the home were in their late teens and early twenties, and 'the entire ethos of what they were trying to do was to replicate a meaningful family environment'.

    Mr Steele went into care at Glasclune in 1976 aged 12 after being abused in his family home from the age of three - only to fall prey to the male carer at Barnardo's, who was in his early twenties and cannot be named for legal reasons. On a camping trip, the man got into Mr Steele's sleeping bag and sexually abused him. The next night, the man invited him to share his bed in a caravan, where other staff members were sleeping. Mr Steele said he woke to find the man sexually abusing him.

    He said he felt 'incredibly horrible' afterwards - but the man sexually assaulted him again the next morning, leaving him 'absolutely petrified'. Mr Steele, now a sound engineer based in Edinburgh, said he believed he had been a victim of a 'process of grooming', and the abuse had been an'absolute betrayal of the relationship'.

    The abuser also took Mr Steele for a weekend away at his [the abuser's] parents' house, where the inquiry heard he raped Mr Steele - then gave him sweets 'to help [him] overcome the atrocity'. Mr Steele said it was a 'damning criticism' of Barnardo's that a staff member had been allowed to take a child away from the home.

    Another rape at the age of 12 on a toilet floor left him in 'excruciating pain'. Mr Steele said: 'I truly thought I was going to die that day.' He said his abuser also dressed up in a gorilla suit and would play-fight with him as part of the grooming.

    In 2001, Mr Steele contacted Lothian and Borders Police, and he said for nearly a decade he was assured that inquiries were being carried out. He complained about the pace of the investigation but claimed police did not reply to him, which he said was a 'spectacular' failure.

    The inquiry heard a letter was sent to Mr Steele explaining that his complaint about the officer was investigated, but Mr Steele said he had not received it. Mr Steele told the hearing in Edinburgh that now-defunct Lothian and Borders Police later re-started the probe, and a man was arrested and charged but not prosecuted.

    He said it had 'ripped his very being apart' when he discovered in 2012 that his abuser would not be brought to justice. Over the years, he has attempted suicide eight times, and suffered 'night terrors' and serious health problems as a result of his abuse. He said his life was similar to a 'war zone', and he was 'fighting a losing battle'.

    Mr Steele also said he had learned Barnardo's had issued reprimands to his abuser over concern about his close relationships with children. But he claimed the man had been allowed to leave with a job reference - which said only that the charity would not employ him again.

    James Peoples QC, senior counsel to the inquiry, said the SCAI had found the prosecution did not go ahead because of a lack of corroboration. But he told Mr Steele: 'They [the Crown Office] do conduct reviews of cases, and if evidence does come to light that would afford a basis for prosecution, we understand they will pursue that in the appropriate way.'

    Mr Steele called for a 'zero tolerance' approach to child sexual abuse, and legal reforms to make it easier to bring abusers to justice. The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, before Lady Smith, continues.

  • BBC the top paedo protecting broadcaster
  • A lawyer James Muir "embellished" claims for legal aid in family court cases for £2 million accusing fathers of abusing their children later committed suicide after the police began investigating
  • Femi/homo/paedo protecting BBC's sinister report on Clare's Law the most insidious anti-male law EVER conjured up and controlled by a freemason hierarchy within the cops (Until the reality sets in that crooked judges, lawyers and cops GAIN their power over non mason men through malicious domestic violence claims those men will continue to lose their homes and children through stealthy manipulation of gender bigoted laws like Clare's law. There is already far to much anti-male legislation that allows the state to destroy men and why so many now line the streets homeless and penniless and could be coming to attack you very soon. Ask Brad Pitt, Paul McCartney and Johnny Depp what it's like to be maliciously accused of domestic violence)
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club and their MALE hate campaigns

  • BBC Censorship live on TV- BBC cuts reporter who implicates M16 in Torture in Libya(VIDEO)
  • Lawyer run BBC promote lawyer run Womens Aid type charity given £1.2m of EU money, and £300,000 from the Welsh Government for DV scams who claim to help men despite their pages being dominated with women and womens stories
  • THE UNTOUCHABLES There’s ‘two other high-profile Jimmy Saviles on the prowl’

  • THE UNTOUCHABLES There’s ‘two other high-profile Jimmy Saviles on the prowl’, TV investigator claims
    (Mr Williams-Thomas now fears their alleged predatory behaviour will not be revealed until they die – much like the case with disgraced Savile)
  • BBC's warped agenda as seen from twisted statue at entrance to Broadcasting house

  • BBC urged in 2013 to remove sculpture of naked boy from outside Broadcasting House because creator was a known paedo
  • BBC report how lawyers control their output (and why so much is kept covered up)(VIDEO)
  • Paedo Media in Full Damage-Control Mode
  • BBC top paedo protector(VIDEO)
  • BBC's Jill Dando and the VIP paedo ring
  • Jimmy Savile: a multiple cover-up (2014)
  • Former BBC DJ Chris Denning has pleaded guilty to 21 homopaedo offences committed between 1969 and 1986 (A very long line of homopaedo's inside the BBC yet they rant on as if they are some sort of moral guardians)
  • BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile (VIDEO)
  • Why is the BBC Children In Need sitting on a £90million fortune? BBC stashes sum away in investment portfolio instead of handing it out
  • Why do the BBC select a homosexual to produce BBC Breakfast?
  • Make no mistake -- the BBC will NOT like this video (VIDEO)
  • Mysterious deaths at the BBC
  • Murdered Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedo ring at BBC’
  • KILL JILL, BBC presenter Jill Dando Assassination Explained Part 1 VIDEO

    PART 2 PART 3 PART 4
    Femi / homo BBC issue 'ally' badges to heterosexual staff in a bid to tackle its 'heteronormative culture'

    Homosexuals and man hating lesbians / feminists have totally taken over the very warped anti-heterosexual BBC agenda

    *Staff at national broadcaster to wear pin badges to show they are 'LGBT allies'
    *BBC workers told to use the non-binary pronoun 'they' instead of 'he' or 'she'
    *Colleagues to EVEN change their email signatures to become more inclusive
    *Review wants to give LGBTQ+ colleagues promotions to create more role models

    The BBC is encouraging staff to become ‘straight allies’ of colleagues who are homosexuals, lesbian or have other gender identities.

    The move is an attempt to tackle what it calls a ‘heteronormative culture’, in which being straight is considered the norm. To shift the balance, staff who are heterosexual but ‘actively promote’ LGBT issues will wear pin badges or use email signatures to signify that they are ‘allies’ of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colleagues.

    As it strives to become more inclusive, the broadcaster will also adopt the acronym LGBTQ+ to reflect how ‘sexual orientation and gender identity blur beyond the L, G, B or T’. LGBTQ+ stands for ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning’, with the plus sign including other sexualities, such as gender fluid, while ‘questioning’ represents those who are exploring their sexuality.

    So-called ‘non-binary pronouns’ – for example, referring to someone as ‘they’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’ – will also be used by staff. Non-binary people who do not conform to male or female sexuality often prefer to be called ‘they’. The BBC said it was taking action over fears that its ‘heteronormative culture’ left LGBT workers feeling unsupported – one of a number of concerns raised by LGBT staff, who make up 11 per cent of the workforce.

    In a report, the BBC said: ‘Straight allies have been key to advancing fair treatment of their lesbian, gay and bisexual staff in other companies. ‘Their involvement, because they’re not LGBT themselves, has had a transformative effect on the culture of the organisation.’

    The BBC’s training for employees on diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias will also include an LGBT section, and it will also review ‘systems and practices to ensure they are inclusive of non-binary genders’. Its on-air portrayal of LGBT people will also be reviewed regularly to ensure that the ‘full range of fluid sexual orientations and gender identities are represented’.

    The profile of LGBT staff will be raised to provide role models, and a system of LGBT mentors will guide less senior lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender staff. Training will be provided and systems put in place to support transgender staff, particularly when transitioning. BBC bosses say they have acted to ensure they retain and attract the best LGBT talent and to appeal to a younger audience as a broadcaster.

    James Purnell, the broadcaster’s director of radio and education, said: ‘One of our big challenges is around young audiences. ‘In a recent YouGov survey only 51 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds said they identified as completely heterosexual.

    ‘An organisation that appears to have a heteronormative culture is not one that is going to cut ice with them either as a consumer or an employee.’ A survey of 300 LGBT staff at the BBC also revealed concerns that gay men were the most visible members of the LGBT community there, creating a need for more visible LGBT leaders.

    Karen Millington and Matt Weaver, chairmen of Pride at the BBC, said: ‘We hope this makes everyone feel included, whether genderqueer, bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, non-binary, pansexual, intersex, asexual, queer, questioning or an ally.’

  • BBC urged in 2013 to remove sculpture of naked boy from outside Broadcasting House because creator was a known paedo
  • A BBC TV Licence Goon With A Conscience? VIDEO
    BBC lawyers behind Youtube channels being shut down

    We use a substantial number of BBC news clips on Youtube under fair use and are shocked at how BBC lawyers are using multiple take downs to shut down Youtube channels that do not agree with their agenda.

    WINGS Over Scotland’s Stuart Campbell says the BBC still have questions to answer over their attempts to kill off his YouTube channel.

    BBC admits it treated Labour councillor differently to pro-independence media.

    Exactly a week ago, the video sharing site closed down Campbell’s account after the BBC accused the campaigner of breaching their copyright by hosting videos featuring clips taken from the network’s news programming. The blogger insists his videos were covered by fair use exemptions to the law for current affairs programmes. On Thursday, the corporation backed down in the fight, but then tried to shift the blame for the censorship row on to a Labour councillor.

    Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s John Beattie show on Thursday, head of public policy Ian Small insisted the decision was taken entirely on legal and rights grounds and “there was no editorialising at all in any of this”. Small then explained that the BBC had an obligation to take action when it was notified of a potential copyright breach. He said the Wings breach followed someone else had complaining about a “Labour councillor who had material on his website”.

    He said the BBC issued a notice on that and the councillor “in turn indicated that we had not taken any action relative to the Wings Over Scotland material, and because he alerted us that we necessarily had to take action”. Asked on air by Beattie if the Labour councillor was Scott Arthur, Small initially did not acknowledge the name, before saying he believed it was but that he “wasn’t party to that so I couldn’t say definitely that was the case". Arthur, however, took to Twitter to say he was not responsible.

    Yesterday afternoon he was invited on to the John Beattie show to discuss the chain of events. He said while he had not directly complained about Campbell’s channel, he had mentioned it in passing while talking to the BBC’s legal team. Campbell was annoyed that the BBC had complained to YouTube about his channel but had seemingly spoken to Arthur first.

    Writing in The National, Campbell said the revelation pro-independence media had been treated differently really "blew the doors off and let the light in". Arthur said the BBC knew that if they complained about more than three videos on the channel then YouTube would automatically suspend the account.

    As an elected representative, the BBC were worried that this would mean taking down videos which could have been for his constituents. Writing on his blog, Campbell said: “The BBC gave a Scottish Labour politician preferential treatment over copyright, and allowed him – instead of losing his own channel – to have the supposedly impartial state-funded broadcaster target two pro-independence sites instead.” This, he suggested, was enough for the corporation’s legal team to take action.

    A BBC spokesperson said: “For clarity, as Professor Arthur himself said on Twitter, the BBC requested current affairs content to be removed from his YouTube channel. Within the context of a constructive discussion on copyright infringement he referred to other channels, including Wings Over Scotland, as examples he had looked at when establishing his own to gauge what could be considered ‘fair use’. “Professor Arthur did not make a complaint or suggest particular action should be taken against these channels, but having been alerted to their use of our content we acted as per our policy – which is now being reviewed.”

  • BBC Scotland’s problem? It's a branch office of a London company
  • EAMONN O’Neill, the award winning investigative journalist, media commentator, and regular pundit on Radio Scotland, believes the BBC “screwed up” this week
  • BBC bombshell is final proof we independence supporters are second-class citizens
  • A YouTube channel run by the Scottish independence blog 'Wings Over Scotland' has been allowed to reopen after BBC LAWYERS claimed 13 videos that had been uploaded to the channel breached its copyright

    News article with short video's can be used as 'FAIR USE' and the BBC cannot be allowed to force the closure of Youtube channels on their say so. We have exposed in the past BBC content controlled by lawyers like Rosalind McInnes and Alistair Bonnington

    A YouTube channel run by the Scottish independence blog Wings Over Scotland has been allowed to reopen.

    It was shut down at the weekend after the BBC claimed 13 videos that had been uploaded to the channel breached its copyright. YouTube has now allowed the channel to return, but without the videos at the centre of the row. However, the BBC said it had asked YouTube to also allow the 13 videos to be reinstated to Mr Campbell's channel.

    BBC Scotland's head of public policy, Ian Small, said the move came after discussions with "colleagues in London and elsewhere in the BBC". The broadcaster will also carry out a review into how it deals with copyright claims over videos that have political content. Until the review has been completed, the BBC said it would not be seeking the removal of similar content "unless it is used in a substantially misleading manner or we need to act to protect our commercial or brand interests."

    The BBC has been widely criticised by independence supporters over its decision to ask for the videos to be taken down, with former first minister Alex Salmond writing to the corporation's director general to express his concerns about the move. YouTube operates a "three strikes" policy, which means anyone accused of at least three copyright infringements automatically has their channel removed. In an interview with BBC Scotland on Wednesday, Mr Campbell insisted the videos using BBC material that had been posted on his channel should not have been taken down as they were covered by "fair dealing" exemptions to copyright law.

    The exemption allows material to be used for the purposes of "criticism, review and reporting current events". However, fair dealing rules only allow a "reasonable and necessary" amount of someone else's work to be used - which is usually taken to mean short clips rather than lengthy chunks of programmes.

    The channel of another prominent independence campaigner, Peter Curran, was also closed after the BBC highlighted copyrighted material on it. Mr Campbell has said the takedown notice had been sent to YouTube by a "specialist intellectual lawyer at the BBC's legal department in London". And he has claimed the BBC appeared to be targeting pro-independence channels while turning a blind eye to other political sites that used its material - an accusation strongly denied by the broadcaster, which says it has taken similar action against channels "across the political spectrum".

    'No editorialising'

    Responding to the criticisms, Mr Small said the decision to ask for the videos to be removed had been taken by the BBC "entirely on legal and rights grounds - there was no editorialising at all in any of this". He also said it was "impossible" for the BBC to check every website for copyrighted material, so it instead had to rely on other people alerting it to the material.

    And he insisted that the corporation "will look at any website irrespective of the political leanings" and that "if we were alerted to other websites where there is substantial amounts of BBC content then similar actions would be undertaken". Mr Small added: "What happened was somebody alerted the BBC to the fact that there was a Labour councillor who had material on his website.

    "The BBC issued a notification on that and he in turn indicated that we had not taken any action relative to Wings Over Scotland material. "Because we had been alerted to that we had necessarily to take action."

  • BBC criticised after Wings Over Scotland has YouTube channel removed
  • Rosalind McInnes book Scots Law for Journalists
  • Alistair Bonnington solicitor/advocate representing BBC Scotland in High Court
  • BBC Scotland trebles the number of lawyers on its books (They are all being paid by BBC licence payers money to subvert exposures of vast criminality)
  • I know the name of BBC presenter Jill Dando killer claims TV sleuth

    When she was about to expose the paedo ring operating inside the BBC Boys Buggering Club? Former detective Mark Williams-Thomas was the same reporter that exposed Jimmy Savile.

    A FORMER detective claimed yesterday he knows the identity of the killer of BBC Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando. Mark Williams-Thomas, now an award-winning investigative journalist, revealed he is on the trail of the hitman who gunned down Jill on her doorstep in April 1999.

    He told ITV’s This Morning: “I have been given the name of the killer and that is my focus, on that individual.” Miss Dando, 37, was at the front door of her home in Fulham, west London, when she was shot dead at close range.

    Following a huge Scotland Yard inquiry, a celebrity-obsessed loner called Barry George went on trial for her murder at the Old Bailey. George, now 58, who lived nearby, was found guilty and jailed for life in 2001. But the conviction was later quashed and he was cleared after a re-trial.

    Mr George appeared with broadcaster Mr Williams-Thomas yesterday as the former Surrey Police officer declared he has the real assassin in his sights. He said: “Barry is innocent. He has been acquitted now after two trials. It is time for the police to deal with him as that. Where I am, as far as an investigation goes, I am still looking at some details. But I have now been given the name of the killer and that is my focus, on that individual.”

    This Morning presenter Kate Garraway pressed him on his claim to know the identity of the gunman. She asked: “You have a name?”

    Mr Williams-Thomas, who fronts an ITV programme called The Investigator, replied: “I do – and that is my focus now in finally solving this investigation. “There is no doubt Jill was assassinated by a professional hitman. It is now nearly 20 years since she was murdered and that individual has remained completely under the radar.

    “The gun has never been recovered. Nothing else has come in circulation. That shows you the quality of this person.” Without referring to Mr Williams-Thomas, Scotland Yard said officers would welcome any new information about the murder.

    A spokeswoman said: “The Metropolitan Police fully investigated the circumstances of the murder of Jill Dando. Two trials took place and the investigation was subject to an internal review. If any new information comes to our attention then this will be investigated.” Born in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, Ms Dando worked on a local paper before joining BBC Radio Devon as a newsreader.

    She later moved to national television and was already one of the BBC’s best known presenters when she moved to Crimewatch in 1995. She was engaged to consultant Dr Alan Farthing.

  • Tragic Jill Dando probed BBC PAEDO ring
  • Former detective Mark Williams-Thomas exposed Jimmy Savile
  • BBC lawyers getting Youtube channels shut down

  • Hypocritical jewish run BBC attack jewish run Facebook after years of promoting them

  • BBC Panorama Smartphones: The Dark Side (Laughable the BBC have been pushing the Facebook / Twitter agenda for decades now when they get exposed the BBC do a report against the very platforms it has been promoting for years)
  • Hypocritical BBC encourage using Facebook / Twitter while warning about data dangers
  • BBC has more than 400 transgender staff but still don't think they are DIVERSE enough

    Above only some examples of the transgenders the BBC might find suitable for employment as children's presenters. We have always known who are producing the extreme hate campaigns against heterosexual males at the BBC but the figures say it all. BBC now cater only to vile debauchery and hedonistic lifetyles while smearing and attacking the heterosexual male population as abusers.

    BBC chief stunned as secret staff sex survey reveals 417 of the corporation's workers are transgender

    The BBC has more than 400 transgender staff, a confidential internal survey has revealed. The figure represents more than one in 50 of the workforce – about four times higher than the proportion in the population at large. And it stunned the BBC executive behind the research, who described the total number of trans employees, at 417, as 'very, very high'.

    Tunde Ogungbesan, the BBC's director of diversity, has now launched a major reform to make the Corporation more 'trans-friendly' following the findings. The issue of trans rights has divided Britain, with a split between traditionalists who believe gender is assigned at birth and progressives who believe a liberal society should make strides against any form of discrimination towards trans people.

    The figure represents more than one in 50 of the workforce – about four times higher than the proportion in the population at large. And it stunned the BBC executive behind the research, who described the total number of trans employees, at 417, as 'very, very high'. Tunde Ogungbesan, the BBC's director of diversity, has now launched a major reform to make the Corporation more 'trans-friendly' following the findings.

    The issue of trans rights has divided Britain, with a split between traditionalists who believe gender is assigned at birth and progressives who believe a liberal society should make strides against any form of discrimination towards trans people. Of the Corporation's 21,239 staff, almost a quarter declined to reveal their orientation. Of the remainder 2.2 per cent said they were bisexual, 4.8 per cent were gay men and 1.3 per cent lesbian.

    Of the whole UK, 2 per cent of people say they are lesbian, gay or bisexual, according to official figures from 2016. The BBC's research comes as the Government prepares to announce plans to make it less stressful and bureaucratic for people to be able to change gender. Equalities Minister Penny Mordaunt, who will launch a consultation on Tuesday, has told Cabinet colleagues she regards it as 'one of the most important issues facing modern British society'.

    Mr Ogungbesan revealed his findings at a conference attended by senior civil servants, doctors and transgender rights campaigners earlier last month. He teasingly told them: 'Can someone have a guess at how many people have disclosed they are transgender at the BBC. Ten? Anyone else? Twenty? Not bad. One more? I will put you out of your misery. We've got 417... almost two per cent. That is very, very high.' Mr Ogungbesan told the Westminster Social Policy Forum that the results would lead to the rewriting of the BBC's 'style guide', which sets out the rules on 'fairness and terminology' at the corporation.

    He added: 'What we are on is a journey within the BBC... if we can create a culture where everyone feels they can bring their best work into the organisation and with that you can begin to change from within the thought processes and the ways people behave and the way they broadcast their programmes, then we would have achieved what we are trying to do.' Last night, critics expressed fears that BBC producers could be forced to shoehorn politically- correct storylines about transgender people into programmes.

    Nicola Williams, from feminist group Fair Play For Women – which objects to men being able to self-identify as women – said she was concerned about possible changes to the Corporation's output.

    (NO MENTION how heterosexual men feel about it and the vile attacks against them emanating from inside the BBC)

  • Heterosexuals are expected to bow down to the freak shows across the world
  • Law Society terrorists behind LGBT rights while undermining heterosexual rights (A dangerous precedent)
  • David Dimbleby the public schoolboy twatty that props up the BBC's establishment agenda

    David Dimbleby is finally leaving BBC's Question Time and no doubt will be praised by the UK's gutter rags as doing a wonderful job during his decades long presenting of the show. Anyone else would have been forced to resign as to old for the job but not these posh toffs the BBC wheel on to preach to the peasantry so that they know their place.

    However for anyone else who comes from a NORMAL background and watched his presenting skills could see clearly he is a British establishment lackey who endlessly rants about the royals while justifying the endless austerity inflicted on the long suffering public by the likes of him and his establishment pals hell bent on continuing the vast inequality that the private school system perpetuates. He like the rest of his ilk is a nasty fucker who lived an opulent lifestyle from his large BBC salary while the peasants can rot in their sink estates dotted across the UK.

    We wont be missing his nasty and unpleasant presenting style that cut off anyone making valid arguments about the state of Britain presently as he gives far more time to those who praise the scumbags running Britain into the dust and that prop up a very nasty royalist regime. He was long overdue given the boot by the BBC but who instead let him carry on into old age like the judicial mafia in Britain who also stay in their lucrative employment til they decide they want to go and not like the peasants given their marching orders and forced to live on the pittance of a pension.

  • David Dimbleby to leave Question Time at 79
  • Tory scumbag Jacob Rees Mogg reminds David Dimbleby his son was groomed at 'Eton' (VIDEO)
  • Jail the BBC tax dodgers like they do to victims of the BBC licence scams

  • Angry BBC presenters ‘thrown under a bus’ by corporation bosses?
    Millionaires face paying more after being put on payroll
  • BBC only give feminist / LGBT mouthpieces and zionist warmongers a platform to spout their evil bile VIDEO
    ONLY feminism can usurp zionism at the BBC VIDEO

  • When Harvey Weinstein was doted on at the zionist leaning BBC(VIDEO)
  • Weinstein cringable Norton interview and female body language says it all(VIDEO)
  • Hypocritical Hollywood mafia GUSHING over creepy Harvey Weinstein before the fall
    (at 2.35 he blatantly gropes Jennifer Lawrence's ass)(VIDEO)
  • Weinstein Finally Gets Slammed By Jennifer Lawrence And Other Stars(VIDEO)
  • Russia with Simon Reeve - BBC Propaganda vs Reality ? (Moscow) VIDEO

    As we have been reporting for a very long time the BBC spend millions sending reporters overseas to film apparent human rights abuses in other countries while just down the street in every courtroom victims are being removed en masse from their worldly possessions and made homeless and penniless. But the BBC is controlled by the lawyers and judges doing the grand theft and don't want the general public to know what is going on behind secretive courtroom doors. Also the streets of every town have an ever increasing homeless population that the government thugs are doing nothing about but making matters much worse.
    Lunatic BBC make extraordinary analysis of English local elections 2018

    The judeo / masonic / femi / homo / paedo protecting BBC controlled by lunatics claim 'NO CLEAR WINNER' after the latest local election results in England. Now Labour win 2350 seats and Tory's win 1332 yet the BBC madhouse think they are 'NECK AND NECK' after they have spent months pounding the anti-semite smears at Labour and Corbyn. Now we are NO big fans of any major political party but when a public broadcaster, paid from the public purse via a draconian licencing system, comes up with this extraordinary conclusion you have to ask what the fuck they are doing manipulating the sheeple into believing the result was CLOSE?

    British far right wing gutter rags controlled by millionaires claim bonkers outcome

  • Gutter press grossly distort outcome of English local elections 2018
  • BBC'S none to cosy relationship with MI5 (The blacklisting of alleged subversives)


    The vetting files: How the BBC kept out ‘subversives’

    For decades the BBC denied that job applicants were subject to political vetting by MI5. But in fact vetting began in the early days of the BBC and continued until the 1990s. Paul Reynolds, the first journalist to see all the BBC's vetting files, tells the story of the long relationship between the corporation and the Security Service. "Policy: keep head down and stonewall all questions." So wrote a senior BBC official in early 1985, not long before the Observer exposed so many details of the work done in Room 105 Broadcasting House that there was no point continuing to hide it.

    By that stage, a policy of flatly denying the existence of political vetting - not just stonewalling, but if necessary lying - had been in place for five decades. As early as 1933 a BBC executive, Col Alan Dawnay, had begun holding meetings to exchange information with the head of MI5, Sir Vernon Kell, at Dawnay's flat in Eaton Terrace, Chelsea. It was an era of political radicalism and both sides deemed the BBC in need of "assistance in regard to communist activities".

    These informal arrangements became formal two years later, with an agreement between the two organisations that all new staff should be vetted except "personnel such as charwomen". The fear was that "evilly disposed" engineers might sabotage the network at a critical time, or that conspirators might discredit the BBC so that "the way could be made clear for a left-wing government". And so routine vetting began. From the start, the BBC undertook not to reveal the role of the Security Service (MI5), or the fact of vetting itself. On one level this made sense, bearing in mind that the very existence of the Secret Service remained a secret until the 1989 Security Service Act.

    Over the years, some BBC executives worried about the "deceptive" statements they had to make - even to an inquisitive MP on one occasion. But when MI5 suggested scaling back the number of jobs subject to vetting, the BBC argued against such a move. Though there were some opponents of vetting within the corporation, they had little influence until the Cold War began to thaw in the 1980s.

    This is how the system worked.

    Vetting was brought into play once a candidate and one or two alternatives labelled "also suitable" had been selected for a job. The alternatives served a useful purpose. If the first choice was barred by vetting, the appointments board moved easily on to the second. The candidates were told only that "formalities" would be carried out before an appointment was made. This sounded harmless enough; it would allow time to follow up references, perhaps. Candidates did not know that "formalities" meant vetting - and was, in fact, the code word for the whole system.

    A memo from 1984 gives a run-down of organisations on the banned list. On the left, there were the Communist Party of Great Britain, the Socialist Workers Party, the Workers Revolutionary Party and the Militant Tendency. By this stage there were also concerns about movements on the right - the National Front and the British National Party.

    A banned applicant did not need to be a member of these organisations - association was enough. If MI5 found something against a candidate, it made one of three "assessments" in a kind of league table:

    Category "A" stated: "The Security Service advises that the candidate should not be employed in a post offering direct opportunity to influence broadcast material for a subversive purpose."

    Category "B" was less restrictive. The Security Service "advised" against employment "unless it is decided that other considerations are overriding".

    Category "C" stated that the information against a candidate should not "necessarily debar" them but the BBC "may prefer to make other arrangements" if the post offered "exceptional opportunity" for subversive activity.

    The BBC procedure was in principle never to employ someone in Category "A", though a few did get through the net. This contradicted its public position that the BBC controlled all appointments. In theory it did. In practice it gave that choice to MI5 in Category "A" cases. If staff came under suspicion only after they had been employed by the BBC or applied for transfer to a job that needed vetting, an image resembling a Christmas tree was drawn on their personal file.

    This "tree" was an important part of the process. The BBC maintained a "Staff Transfer List" which named staff who needed to be checked if they were to be promoted. A tree added to the file alerted the administration that this was a security case. Also written on to their file was a so-called "Standing Reminder". This stated: "Not to be promoted or transferred (or placed on continuous contract) without reference to [Director of Personnel]."

    So keen was the BBC to maintain secrecy that it secretly removed the Standing Reminder from someone's file if they went to an Industrial Tribunal, which had the power to call for personal files. It was also agreed to (misleadingly) explain away a stamp on a file saying "Normal Appointments Formalities Completed" by pretending that it referred to "routine procedures, Next of Kin, Pension etc". The Christmas tree was eventually dropped in 1984 because it was said to attract too much attention. It attracted a great deal of attention when the Observer described it in 1985. The day after publication, someone hung some Christmas decorations on the door handle of Room 105 in Broadcasting House, from where the system was run.

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  • BBC feminists past and present support Carrie Gracie as she accuses the Corporation of lies and smears over equal pay then warns it is 'stumbling towards a Greek tragedy' (The BBC now turn on the very rabid feminist man haters that help produce their toxic news)
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  • BBC controversy: Their OWN feminist journalists accuse corporation of censorship VIDEO
    Femi BBC silence feminists over pay

    The very propaganda machine that promotes feminist agenda pays them short and wants them to shut up. But its ok to continue smearing heterosexual men that suits their masonic agenda.

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    The ever righteous femi / homo BBC pontificates about all the downtrodden women and children abused by us bad heterosexual men while harbouring perverts like Jimmy Savile and rapists within their ranks.
    BBC's Ed Westwick and Jim Davidson in masonic ties (both have been accused of rape Davidson got off)

  • Ed Westwick accused of rape by SECOND actress
  • Jim Davidson arrested on suspicion of sex offences in 2013
  • Jim Davidson re-arrested over allegations of sexual offences in 2013
  • Jim Davidson resigned from the masons after upsetting the brethren
  • Masons end their black tie affair in 2002 (Jim Davidson, the comedian and a Freemason,
    dismissed the competition as "silly" and urged fellow masons to retain black ties)
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    The morally upstanding BBC's sexual predators at it again

  • The BBC guardian of the feminist and homosexual agendas riddled with sexual predators
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    Former BBC reporter Liz MacKean who quit over Savile failings dies of a stroke VIDEO

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  • The tax dodging highly paid BBC stars and managers
    (Paid to produce heterosexual MALE hating feminist / homosexual propaganda)
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    Paid millions, from licence payers extortion scams, to pump out establishment propaganda while kissing the royal arse
    BBC Bloated Blokes Club

    A self appointed elitist group of men (freemason club) using the BBC to attack heterosexual men while lining their pockets from the licence money paid MOSTLY by heterosexual men

  • BBC pay revelations (Paid millions, from licence payers extortion scams, to pump out establishment propaganda while kissing the royal arse) (VIDEO)
  • Institute of Directors says BBC pay gap highlights wider problem for businesses (VIDEO)
  • Feminist BBC push gender pay inequality in their news despite paying women far less than men
  • Feminist ranting BBC pay women less
  • Feminist BBC critical of companies who DON'T pay women same as men but hypocritically do the very same
  • Feminist BBC pay women less

  • Feminist BBC push gender pay inequality in their news despite paying women far less than men
  • Feminist BBC critical of companies who DON'T pay women same as men but hypocritically do the very same
  • Jewish and Zionist Influence at the BBC

    Jewish influence, or power if you like, in mainstream media is one of those pink elephants in the room that everyone at some level realizes, but which badly needs to be openly discussed. This is happening more and more today due to, to their infinite credit, the efforts of the anti-Zionist left, which has found itself stymied by this influence and has spent some time documenting it.

    In order to contribute broadly to this discussion I thought it would be appropriate to explore the influence that jews, be they pro or anti-Zionist, have in British state broadcaster; the BBC. This is important because the BBC has long been viewed, although less so today, as a relatively impartial broadcaster around the world and has been the subject of the umbrage of many a Zionist over the years.

    The fact that jews, as a minuscule part of the population of the British Isles, have so many members of their community in positions of power and influence in a state broadcaster committed to journalistic impartiality is obviously extremely concerning to any individual in their right mind. After all jews, like any other group, are always going to promote their interests or push their particular perspective as a group and as such will knowingly or not distort the narrative to favour their perspective and interests.

    When we look at the Executive Board we find the following individuals: (2)

    Tony Hall (Director General, BBC)
    Helen Boaden (Director, Radio)
    Danny Cohen (Director, Television)
    James Harding (Director of News and Current Affairs)
    James Purnell (Director, Strategy and Digital)
    Annie Bulford (Managing Director, Finance and Operations)
    Tim Davie (CEO, BBC Worldwide and Director, Global)
    Simon Burke (Non-Executive Director)
    Sir Howard Stringer (Non-Executive Director)
    Dame Fiona Reynolds (Non-Executive Director)
    Sir Nicholas Hytner (Non-Executive Director)
    Alice Perkins (Non-Executive Director)
    Dharmash Mistry (Non-Executive Director)

    Of these thirteen executives; three are jewish.

    The executives who have jewish backgrounds are Danny Cohen, (3) James Harding (4) and Sir Nicholas Hytner. (5) This seems superficially reasonable until we note that, according to the 2011 census, jews are 0.5% of the British population. (6) Comparatively those of jewish origin are 23% of the membership of the Executive Board of the BBC.

    When we compare that to Indians who are a similar minority group in the United Kingdom; we note that while in the 2011 census they made up 2.3% of the British population. (7) They only have one representative (Dharmash Mistry) on the Executive Board of the BBC.

    Therefore we can see that jews are both significantly over-represented among the individuals who are members of the Executive Board as well in them of themselves. In addition to being significantly over-represented relative to more populous ethnic minority groups such as those of Indian origin.

    This situation becomes more concerning when we note that James Harding, one of the jewish members, has made it explicitly clear that, after making the British daily 'The Times' newsroom pro-Israel, he wants to do precisely the same at the BBC. (8)

    This obviously already a violation of the BBC's neutrality, which is explicitly required in its periodically renewed charter, since Harding is explicitly setting out to modify the BBC's relative objectivity to a partisan pro-Israel stance.

    Naturally Harding claims it is 'injecting balance' into the BBC newsroom, but such verbiage is a common linguistic trick (9) and is explicitly how Israel projects 'soft power' to attempt to create a pro-Israeli narrative (i.e. Hasbara). (10)

    Even more concerning is the backgrounds of some of the other non-jewish members of the Executive Board.

    James Purnell is the former Chairman of the pro-Israel lobby group 'Labour Friends of Israel'. (11) This group explicitly exist to influence the members and policy making of the Labour Party in Britain and has a substantial membership among Labour party Members of Parliament. (12)

    Combined with James Harding this is enough cause for serious concern about jewish and Zionist influence within the Executive Board of the BBC.

    However Sir Howard Stringer also has a strong Zionist connection given that he was the honorary chairman of the 'American Jewish Committee', a powerful jewish communal organization dedicated to promoting Zionism in the United States, in 2004. (13)

    That he has not repudiated his pro-Zionist views since this time is suggestive of the fact that Sir Howard continues to support the objectives and methods of the 'American Jewish Committee'.

    While Sir Nicolas Hytner, a jewish member of the Executive Board, has often abused his positions in the world of acting and theatre to oppose the BDS (Boycott Divest Sanctions) movement against Israel. (14)

    It is unlikely that Sir Nicholas will act any differently while he is part of the BBC's Executive Board than he has when he was at the National Theatre. Indeed he has given us absolutely no reason to think he will do an about face on his track record of running political interference on behalf of Israel.

    Danny Cohen, a jewish member of the Executive Board, has also publicly endorsed the Zionist cause only a year ago. (15) Since he has not given us reason to think otherwise; we may be confident that he will continue in his support for Israel and the pro-Zionist narrative.

    Once we take the political affiliations of the Executive Board of the BBC into account we can see that all three of the jewish members are openly pro-Israel/pro-Zionist, while two of the non-jewish members are also pro-Israel/pro-Zionist.

    This takes the pro-Israel/pro-Zionist bloc in the BBC's Executive Board to five members, while none of the other members have any known anti-Israel/anti-Zionist convictions.

    This means that 38% of the BBC's Executive Board is pro-Israel/pro-Zionist. When added to the fact that three of those five members (James Harding, James Purnell and Sir Nicholas Hytner) have a track record of political interference on behalf of Israel in organizations then it becomes even more sinister.

    When we further note that Harding is in charge of the BBC's newsroom it suggests that the narrative the BBC will produce going forward will be pro-Israel/pro-Zionist and not in any way neutral.

    James Purnell's role as the head of Strategy and Digital makes him an invaluable ally for Harding in manipulating the pro-Israel/pro-Zionist narrative in such a way as to promote it as the 'wave of the future' for the BBC.

    Danny Cohen's role as the head of television, the BBC's most powerful arm, is even more subversive given that it is by news, documentary/factual and entertainment television programming that many people, in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, get their informational prism with which they view the world.

    We get an absolutely intolerable situation where the neutral BBC has been/is being progressively hijacked by avowed pro-Israel/pro-Zionist activists with the stated aim of abusing its reputation for neutrality in order to promote Israel politically and neutralize dissenting views/unflattering coverage.

    When we look at the next organizational layer down, the BBC's Executive Team, we find the following individuals: (16)

    Ken MacQuarrie (Director, BBC Scotland)
    Rhodri Talfan Davies (Director, BBC Cymru Wales)
    Peter Johnston (Director, BBC Northern Ireland)
    Peter Salmon (Director, England)
    Ralph Rivera (Director, BBC Digital)
    Valerie Hughes-D’Aeth (Director, HR)
    David Jordan (Director, Editorial Policy and Standards)
    Philip Almond (Director, Marketing and Audiences)
    Alan Yentob (Creative Director)
    Francesca Unsworth (Director, BBC World Service Group)

    Of the ten members of the Executive Team; one is jewish.

    The member of the Executive Team with a jewish background is Alan Yentob. (17)

    Peter Salmon is sometimes listed as being jewish, (18) but while 'Salmon' could well be a contraction of the common Ashkenazi surname 'Salomon' there is no evidence I can find of such occurring here. Indeed 'Salmon' is a perfectly English surname to have (19) and without evidence to the contrary we can only assume that Peter Salmon is not jewish.

    While Yentob's presence in the Executive Team takes the jewish representation on it to 10%. The fact that it is only one individual that is jewish suggests that the numbers alone here relative to the jewish representation in the population of the British Isles (i.e. 0.5%) are in some-way reasonable (as you cannot get less than 10% of the membership of the Executive Team with representation).

    It is worth noting however that the Indian population in the United Kingdom (i.e. 2.3%) are not represented at all, while other no other ethnic or religious minorities are represented either.

    This makes Yentob's presence rather concerning given the general lack of diversity among the BBC's Executive Team since jews are a tiny minority even by ethnic minority standards and their having a voice on the Executive Team while no others do is inconsistent with the BBC's fervent support for racial diversity and propagation of an anti-nativist narrative. (20)

    We also need remember that there are internal politics in every organization and while Yentob seems rather innocuous as the 'Creative Director'; he has recently openly boasted that he is very closely involved in the running of the BBC in general. (21)

    Some would dismiss this as merely hot air, but we know that Yentob has long been tipped as a potential future Director-General of the BBC. (22) It was also Yentob who lead the charge against those BBC journalists who dared to doubt the BBC party line on the Jimmy Savile paedophile scandal and branded them 'traitors'. (23)

    One wonders why the BBC's 'Creative Director' would get so closely involved in such things if he was not a significant political force within the BBC's internal political world?

    Contrast that with the fact that no other members of the BBC's Executive Team have been named as behaving in a similar manner or censoring their own employees on said scandal and we can see that Yentob, in spite of being only one man, is a political force to be reckoned with within the world of organizational politics in the BBC.

    Yentob is also quite active in the jewish community (24) and is known to produce programming that lionizes said community. (25)

    While I cannot link him directly to Zionist activity; given his background and lionization of the Iraqi jews (who immigrated to Israel). It is reasonable to assume that, while not an open political partisan, Yentob is at least willing to allow a pro-Israel/pro-Zionist narrative on the BBC. Therefore while jewish and Zionist influence in the BBC's Executive Team is seemingly small; the fact that its only known representation is an obvious key political player in the BBC is suggestive that at the very least there is would be no significant resistance to a pro-Israel/anti-Zionist, as opposed to a neutral, narrative from the Executive Team.

    When we move on to the BBC's editors and correspondents we find the following individuals listed: (26)

    Mark Easton (Home [UK] Editor)
    Bridget Kendall (Diplomatic Correspondent)
    Andrew Harding (Africa Correspondent)
    Carrie Gracie (China Editor)
    Soutik Biswas (Delhi Correspondent)
    Katya Adler (Europe Editor)
    Anthony Zurcher (North American Reporter)
    Robert Peston (Economics Editor)
    Kamal Ahmed (Business Editor)
    Mark D’Arcy (Parliamentary Correspondent)
    Laura Kuenssberg (Political Editor)
    James Landale (Deputy Political Editor)
    Rory Cellan-Jones (Technology Editor)
    David Lee (North American Technology Reporter)
    David Shukman (Science Editor)
    Jonathan Amos (Science Correspondent)
    Nick Triggle (Health Correspondent)
    Fergus Walsh (Medical Correspondent)
    Hugh Pym (Health Editor)
    Branwen Jeffreys (Education Editor)
    Sean Coughlan (Education Correspondent)
    Will Gompertz (Arts Editor)

    Of these twenty-two editors and correspondents; six are jewish.

    Those with a jewish background are: Katya Adler, (27) Robert Peston, (28), Laura Kuenssberg, (29), David Shukman, (30) Jonathan Amos and Will Gompertz. (31)

    This means that the representation of jews among the BBC editors and correspondents is currently running at a frankly frightening 27%. Compare this with their representation in the British population (0.5%) and it becomes obviously a matter of likely pro-jewish/pro-Israel/pro-Zionist bias.

    It is more difficult to prove sympathies (one way or another) with the BBC's editor and correspondents than with the BBC's Executive Board and Executive Team. Since editors and correspondents by the nature of their profession are very aware of the need to carefully manage any statements they make outside of a professional context as they are aware of how closely scrutinized they will be once they pass into the public domain.

    However something of the pro-jewish/pro-Israel/pro-Zionist views of some of the editors and correspondents can be gleaned from the fact that both David Shukman (32) and Will Gompertz (33) have abused their positions to insert an unbalanced historical narrative of jewish suffering into the content they have produced for the BBC.

    Meanwhile Rory Cellan-Jones, the non-jewish Technology Editor, has been a major figure in the anti-BDS/pro-Israel movement since early 2007 (34) and has abused, like James Harding and Sir Nicholas Hytner have done in the past, his position as a BBC editor to give credence to his pro-Israel views (which was regarded as a significant contribution to the Zionist cause by the website 'Totally Jewish'). (35)

    Then we have Robert Peston, the jewish Economics Editor, who believes that his jewish heritage has provided him with superior genes compared to non-jewish heritage. (36)

    This clearly suggests that Peston holds to some form of jewish nationalism (i.e. Zionism) given these, essentially, jewish supremacist sentiments that necessarily label non-jews as inferior beings when compared to jews.

    I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that Laura Kuenssberg is a very recent appointment to the position of Political Editor; previously the position was held, for several years, by Nick Robinson. He is, like Kuenssberg, jewish. (37)

    Interestingly Kuenssberg was promoted to the position of political editor over Robinson's non-jewish deputy James Landale, (38) which suggests that Kuenssberg may have been promoted (she was formerly merely a guest blogger) (39) merely because she is jewish and Landale is not.

    I cannot prove it one way or the other, but the otherwise inexplicable appointment of Kuenssberg over Landale would then explicable.

    Given all this information we can see there at least four of BBC's editors and correspondents (David Shukman, Will Gompertz, Robert Peston and Rory Cellan-Jones) who are pro-jewish/pro-Israel/pro-Zionist activists, while three others (Katya Adler, Laura Kuenssberg and Jonathan Amos) are likely to be such.

    This then suggests that the pro-jewish/pro-Israel/pro-Zionist narrative that seems to be part of James Harding's overt plan for the BBC would find at least seven supporters out of the twenty-two current editors and correspondents at the BBC (i.e. 32% of all those concerned).

    What we can see from the foregoing analysis is that the BBC has a disproportionate number of jewish ethnic and non-jewish pro-Zionist activists, particularly on its Executive Board and among its editors and correspondents to seriously impede the BBC charter's requirement for neutrality.

    In essence the bald way of putting it is that the BBC has been all but captured by jewish ethic and non-jewish pro-Zionist activists. We should therefore reasonably expect the BBC, a-la James Harding's explicit plan, to become a particularly insidious weapon in the Israeli Hasbara arsenal.

  • Is the BBC's jewish political commentator Laura Kuenssberg really ‘the most divisive woman on television’?
  • BBC report on Cambridge Analytica in the EU referendum? (Despite BBC using same techniques) VIDEO
    Petition expressing uproar over the BBC promoting right wing press during election
    We have already challenged the BBC in an FOI years ago about their selective promotion of newspapers owned by ultra wealthy right wing press barons like Rupert Murdoch (Sun and Times), The Barclay Brothers (Telegraph), Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail) and Richard Desmond (Daily Express and The Star)

    BBC accused of 'bias' after row over General Election newspaper reviews

    A petition has been launched demanding BBC radio’s flagship current affairs programme should ditch its daily round-up of newspapers to avoid “bias” during the election campaign. Film director and Jeremy Corbyn supporter Ken Loach is one of almost 2,000 people who have backed the campaign for the change to the Radio 4 Today programme.

    It comes after a shadow minister clashed with presenter Nick Robinson over a Sun front page which featured the headline ‘Crash, Bang, Wallies!’ alongside pictures of Labour leader Mr Corbyn and union boss Len McCluskey. Shadow International Trade minister Barry Gardiner said quoting the report in a paper round-up was “beneath” the show, adding: “People expect a standard and quality of debate that is higher than 'crash, bang, wallop'."

    During the on-air clash last week, Mr Robinson said listeners “expect us to read out newspaper headlines which we have done for many, many years without backing them, endorsing them or criticising them.” But a petition is now demanding the BBC reforms its approach.

    “The notion that broadcasters can include regular segments reviewing the national press in a way that is free of bias and distortion is simply illogical, given the dominance of right-wing titles supporting the Conservative Party's re-election,” the petition says. “It is time the BBC recognised that the UK has a highly concentrated and partisan national press that does not reflect the breadth of political opinion held by the British public and should not be given a recurring and unchallenged mouthpiece, especially during a controversial snap election period.”

    A BBC source insisted that listeners “expect our news programmes to discuss and review the news”. The source added: “Reading out a review of all newspaper headlines is not bias.”

  • Our BBC FOI in April 2012 on promotion of right wing press
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    BBC arrogance knows no bounds

  • BBC demands new laws to give its (propaganda)shows top billing over rivals in television guides (Rich coming from ex Labour James Purnell maybe one of the worst MP's Labour ever had)
  • BBC a licence to extort VIDEO

    The poorest sections of society FORCED to pay for their propaganda

  • BBC's draconian court orders for tv licences(Jail and criminal conviction for not paying for propaganda in closed courts)
  • BBC chief savages TV licence bullies as victims come forward to claim they were duped on their doorsteps and spied on through their curtains
  • BBC’s hirelings to enforce TV licence have become positively Orwellian (The DV propaganda merchants get women jailed for not paying for their bullshit)
  • BBC exposed bully boy network
  • BBC exposed bully boy network

    The BBC rant endlessly about domestic violence when they employ thugs to terrorize the poorest and most vulnerable in society including bullying their journalists to write the utter bullshit and propaganda the BBC is famous for.
    BBC reporter Jill Dando killer on cop list of suspects

  • Hitman reveals he knows who killed BBC reporter Jill Dando but fears he'll become a target if he names them (She was about to expose paedo ring operating inside the BBC)
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    Top ex-police chief calls for independent inquiry into Jill Dando's murder
    The 38-year-old presenter was shot dead on the doorstep of her home in what remains one of the UK's most high-profile unsolved murders

    A top ex-police chief is calling for an independent inquiry into Jill Dando's murder.

    The 38-year-old presenter was shot dead on the doorstep of her home in Fulham, West London, in what remains one of the UK's most high-profile unsolved murders. John O'Connor claims some of his former colleagues at the Met ignored allegations she was killed by a state-sponsored killer. He said: “I was given an excellent lead that was ignored. The Met did absolutely nothing with it. It was quite clear this was a professional hit by a trained assassin.

    “State-sponsored executions are notorious and very difficult to solve because they use highly trained assassins. This guy was obviously one. The person identified was a significant and key witness.

    The Met though just shut their eyes to everything else once they had nicked poor Barry George." He added to the Daily Star : "If you look at the evidence against him, it was utter nonsense.” O'Connor says he's bothered by all the unanswered questions and wants Home Secretary Amber Rudd to intervene. Barry George, a loner who lived a few minutes from Jill's house, was jailed for eight years for the presenter's murder but cleared after a retrial in 2008 following concerns raised over forensic evidence. Police concluded she was killed by a professional assassin.

    A police spokesman told the newspaper: “The Metropolitan Police Service fully investigated the circumstances into the murder of Jill Dando.” They said they would look into any new information brought to their attention.

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  • Russell Brand kicks the BBC and Newsnight presenter Evan Davis in the balls VIDEO

    Evan Davis was ranked first in the Independent on Sunday's "pink list" of the
    hundred most influential gay and lesbian figures in British society
    Justice for the BBC's Jill Dando part 1 VIDEO

  • Justice for the BBC's Jill Dando part 2(VIDEO)
  • Justice for the BBC's Jill Dando part 3(VIDEO)
  • Nightmares at Elm Guest House (VIDEO)
  • Heterophobia rife at the BBC and the global media
    "Heterophobia" were homosexuals and lesbians / feminists have a pathological fear, hatred and mistrust of straight people.

    The BBC is rife with heterophobia seeing that the vast bulk of BBC employees are either feminists / lesbians, homosexuals or freemasons who use their heterophobia to bias all news against heterosexual males and towards homo / femi loving issues.

    No sane person watching BBC news could believe they are unbiased. At every opportunity BBC news articles ignore virtually all crimes committed by women and homosexuals and concentrate the vast bulk of that news on to crimes committed by heterosexual males. Even when women who commit murder are exposed the BBC always end with the fact those women were abused by men as children which triggered them to commit crime.

    When women murder men the BBC claim the women had been party to domestic abuse all their lives and needed to murder those men to get away from that abuse. Abuse claims even come down to a heated argument that the BBC would claim is controlling behaviour. Yet all this pontificating and morality pumped out by the BBC ignores the fact that the BBC is rife with bullying and manipulation where journalists are regularly bullied to follow the BBC line and on many occasions physical acts take place on BBC premises between management and their underlings that are reported by Britains' National Union of Journalists.

    But worst of all is the fact that the BBC harbour many paedo's in particular those with a fetish for young boys and who over the last few years have been charged and jailed for abuse within BBC premises. Despite the vast bulk of the BBC licence being paid by heterosexual males the continued employment of those with a heterophobia complex is cause for serious concern for the heterosexual males smeared endlessly by BBC supposed unbiased news.

  • BBC is biggest bully, says NUJ survey (So much for their domestic violence bullshit)
  • BBC's Chris Dennning, Joe Meek, Allan “fluff” Freeman, Jonathan King, Jimmy Saville, Brian Epstein and other heterophobes were complicit in enticing boys to parties where they were given drinks and drugs then molested
  • Former BBC DJ Chris Denning has pleaded guilty to 21 homopaedo offences committed between 1969 and 1986 (A very long line of homopaedo's inside the BBC yet they rant on as if they are some sort of moral guardians)
  • BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile (VIDEO)
  • BBC top paedo protector(VIDEO)
  • Why do the BBC select a homosexual(heterophobe) to produce BBC Breakfast?
  • BBC, Bray Leino and Refuge stage massive domestic abuse propaganda ruse
  • Make no mistake -- the BBC will NOT like this video (VIDEO)
  • Mysterious deaths at the BBC
  • Murdered Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedo ring at BBC’
  • The BBC... Savile, Satanism and Sexual Abuse VIDEO
    BBC finally admits it not just young men who are hooked on porn VIDEO
    BBC Breakfast feminists/homosexuals remove heterosexual males from presenting the news

    The homosexuals and feminists now running BBC news have removed the last bastion of heterosexual males leaving two females to present the prime time news outlet. That is despite the majority of BBC licence money coming from heterosexual men that at every opportunity the BBC criticize. Some of those former male presenters critical of the direction their form of news is taking.

    Jimmy Savile was a prime example of the devious methods used by the BBC to undermine family life and who aided and abetted the twisted regime at the top of the BBC zionist leaning hierarchy. You can be sure ever more positive reports of feminist and homosexual issues while heterosexual men continue to face the wrath of the psychopaths who have taken control of their output.

  • Why do the BBC select a homosexual to produce BBC Breakfast?
  • BBC's feminist leaning film critic Mark Kermode VIDEO

    After watching BBC's latest film review on 14 May 2016 featuring Mark Kermode we decided to look into the background of Kermode who is a self proclaimed feminist and the above video clearly shows how the BBC is determined to fill every second of its output with male hate propaganda from the likes of Kermode a femi male who spins the feminist yarn on everything to do with film.
    BBC promoting the feminazi latest HATE agenda #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou
    Tony Wadsworth and Julie Wadsworth face child sex charges against young boys

    The paedo protecting BBC are up to their dirty little tricks again. While an endless stream of BBC presenters and producers continue to be charged and jailed for abusing young boys they continue their vile smear campaigns against heterosexual men promoting the feminazi latest HATE agenda #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou.

    Now for anyone still blind to what the BBC are doing here go back and read how their top predatory paedo Jimmy Savile got away with decades of abusing children while they pushed the feminist domestic violence very warped statistics that have seen thousands of children placed into care homes to satisfy their paedo ring headed by Savile to access .

    Despite the vast exposures of what is going on within BBC premises they still think that attacking heterosexual men, and one of the main causes of making children vulnerable when deported to children's homes were Savile and his army of BBC paedo's can help themselves unhindered thanks to children losing the protection of their biological fathers . Sinister and creepy is how the BBC is now looking and using public money to make children more vulnerable to the continued attacks by their sinister and creepy presenters. Read more about Tony Wadsworth and Julie Wadsworth the latest in a long line of BBC presenters charged with abusing young boys.

  • BBC help feminazi push the hashtag #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou (Meanwhile more BBC presenters up on trial for abusing young boys)
  • Two BBC radio presenters Tony Wadsworth and Julie Mayer on homopaedo charges
  • BBC, Bray Leino and Refuge stage massive domestic abuse propaganda ruse
  • BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile (VIDEO)
  • BBC top paedo protector(VIDEO)
  • The secret memo 'that proves BBC bosses DID interview sacked DJ Tony Blackburn over claims he seduced 15-year-old girl who later killed herself'
  • Last entry in BBC Top of the Pops girl’s diary reveals the agony that drove her to suicide (How many more deaths are the BBC responsible for?)
  • Why do the BBC select a homosexual to produce BBC Breakfast?
  • Make no mistake -- the BBC will NOT like this video (VIDEO)
  • Mysterious deaths at the BBC
  • Murdered Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedo ring at BBC’
  • Savile and the 9th Circle(VIDEO)
  • Jimmy Savile - The Aleister Crowley of the 20th Century VIDEO

  • Savile and the 9th Circle(VIDEO)
  • BBC top paedo protector VIDEO
    Jimmy Savile - "Meet The Psychopaths" VIDEO
    BBC, Bray Leino and Refuge stage massive domestic abuse propaganda ruse

    Paul Trueman Linkedin profile

    Here is where the BBC are pushing this scam on their website

    Archers fan from Devon 'accidentally' raises £22k for Refuge

    Unbelievable the lengths the BBC's feminists / homosexuals will go to smear heterosexual men but the latest ruse takes the biscuit. Some guy called Paul Trueman hears an emotional abuse story on the BBC's The Archers then sets up 'out of the blue' a Just Giving site HERE on behalf of Refuge on hearing the plight of the FICTIONAL character Helen Titchener.

    But like everything the BBC does NOTHING is quite as it seems . It turns out Paul Trueman (Interesting name TRUE man) works at a company called Bray Leino who are pushing this story on their website HERE

    They clearly have a corporate connection to Refuge who spout false lies and stats about how the poor wee wimmin of Britain ALL have a rough time from those bad heterosexual men and deserve all our sympathy. However there is a far deeper reason for these endless propaganda stories and it is to do with how the British crown requires an endless stream of FICTION to steal on a scale so vast no one can truly comprehend the enormous sums that are being stolen from men in their courts.

    The BBC have already been proven to use DRAMA to smear, as black actor Gary Beadle who played a character called, and you wont believe the name, Paul Trueman between 2001 and 2004 a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders and who had been critical of the storyline, suggesting it played into black, racial stereotyping see HERE

  • Archers fan from Devon 'accidentally' raises £22k for Refuge (Notice the ACCIDENTLY bit as this was NO accident)
  • The Helen Titchener (nee Archer) Rescue Fund
  • Bray Leino: When radio met social and made cash. Lots of cash.
  • Paul Trueman is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders (Gary Beadle left the role in 2004 suggesting it played into black, racial stereotyping)
  • Broken Rainbow to close: 42,000 lesbians and homosexuals victims of domestic violence (BBC never mention these stats as they concentrate primarily on smearing heterosexual men)
  • BBC MANHATING : Reggie Yates is part of the problem VIDEO
    Posh actors complain about the public complaining about them

    James Norton

    James Norton the actor who is portrayed as the bad guy in the BBC drama Happy Valley proves just what is going on in the media. They want to show the 'WORKING CLASSES' as not worthy so they get a POSH boy to play a working class man who terrorizes the population of a small town.

    "James Norton has spoken out about the ‘ridiculous’ preconceptions about ‘posh’ actors." HERE

    Of course the basic concept of always showing the working classes as a menace instead of the POSH boys playing the scum and filth toffs that are infiltrated into every area of London and make the working class boys look like angels compared with the massive criminal empire London city reigns over. It would not be quite as shameful if they had at least offered the part to a working class boy instead of the posh set who frequent London's luvvy circuit.

    The BBC take money from the peasants to portray those peasants, well especially the male working classes, as abusers of women and children and follows exactly the news line they take with their homosexual / feminist propaganda.

    Despite endless FOI requests to expose their freemason agenda the BBC and its predatory paedo set formerly controlled by predatory paedo Jimmy Savile will continue to produce drama's that attack the working classes as the cause of all ills. Meanwhile propping up the royal parasites and their masonic minions who are in fact the persecutors of the working classes both within the legal and political establishments and ensures the peasants anger continues to be vented onto working class males through fiction and a grossly distorted news agenda.

    It will be those working class men in the end that will require to remove these establishment scum from power before any vestige of equality will take place in a country riddled with gross injustice that the BBC has aided and abetted with their hideous devious agenda.

  • War and Peace’s James Norton criticises ‘ridiculous’ preconceptions about ‘posh’ actors
  • Paedo protecting BBC use feminist writers to constantly portray working class heterosexual men as rapists, murderers and abusers (Except if they serve as military assassins for a police state)
  • Another BBC royalist masonic lackey bites the dust

    More hero worship in her controlled media rags for another BBC royalist
    who has a long history of kissing the royal arse. Terry Wogan

  • Terry Wogan is the only celebrity paid for Children In Need
  • BBC TV Licence Goon Calls Occupier a Pervert! VIDEO
    The Shame of BBC TV Licensing VIDEO
    BBC HARDtalk - Francis Rossi on Jimmy Savile and TOTP (Oct 2014) VIDEO
    Matt Allwright on the BBC TV Licence Scam VIDEO
    The Masonic BBC exposed VIDEO

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