Heterophobia rife at the BBC and the global media
"Heterophobia" were homosexuals and lesbians / feminists have a pathological fear, hatred and mistrust of straight people.

The BBC is rife with heterophobia seeing that the vast bulk of BBC employees are either feminists / lesbians, homosexuals or freemasons who use their heterophobia to bias all news against heterosexual males and towards homo / femi loving issues.

No sane person watching BBC news could believe they are unbiased. At every opportunity BBC news articles ignore virtually all crimes committed by women and homosexuals and concentrate the vast bulk of that news on to crimes committed by heterosexual males. Even when women who commit murder are exposed the BBC always end with the fact those women were abused by men as children which triggered them to commit crime.

When women murder men the BBC claim the women had been party to domestic abuse all their lives and needed to murder those men to get away from that abuse. Abuse claims even come down to a heated argument that the BBC would claim is controlling behaviour. Yet all this pontificating and morality pumped out by the BBC ignores the fact that the BBC is rife with bullying and manipulation where journalists are regularly bullied to follow the BBC line and on many occasions physical acts take place on BBC premises between management and their underlings that are reported by Britains' National Union of Journalists.

But worst of all is the fact that the BBC harbour many paedo's in particular those with a fetish for young boys and who over the last few years have been charged and jailed for abuse within BBC premises. Despite the vast bulk of the BBC licence being paid by heterosexual males the continued employment of those with a heterophobia complex is cause for serious concern for the heterosexual males smeared endlessly by BBC supposed unbiased news.

  • BBC is biggest bully, says NUJ survey (So much for their domestic violence bullshit)
  • BBC's Chris Dennning, Joe Meek, Allan “fluff” Freeman, Jonathan King, Jimmy Saville, Brian Epstein and other heterophobes were complicit in enticing boys to parties where they were given drinks and drugs then molested
  • Former BBC DJ Chris Denning has pleaded guilty to 21 homopaedo offences committed between 1969 and 1986 (A very long line of homopaedo's inside the BBC yet they rant on as if they are some sort of moral guardians)
  • BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile (VIDEO)
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