Beechwood a cesspit of depravity whose stench still lingers

Abuse victim James Cleverley outside Beechwood Children's Home in Mapperley, Nottingham

Andris Logins jailed for 20 years and Barrie Pick jailed for 6 years

Whistleblower Melanie Shaw still being persecuted in British prisons for exposing the abuse(VIDEO)

Britain is a paedo protecting hellhole and the abuses that went on inside Beechwood children's home and the persecution of whistleblowers under Theresa May's watch shows how far the evil UK establishment will go to protect their own from the mountain of evidence linking high profile figures with abuse in children's homes not only in Nottingham but throughout the British Isles.

The scum and filth that use domestic abuse claims against fathers in family courts is the excuse to allow these perverts to remove children away from the biological protection of fathers and into these dens of iniquity.

The establishment now taking desperate measures to shut down anyone still claiming abuse and using UK prisons like psychiatric gulags where anyone with evidence that exposes the perverted scum running children's homes is locked away and in some cases murdered to stop anymore sordid exposures of what drives the political and legal mafia's that daily destroy families of these perpetrators of pure evil.

  • Barrie Pick former children's home worker jailed for six years for assault on child (2018)
  • Andris Logins jailed for Nottinghamshire children's home sex abuse (2016)
  • Outrage: Melanie Shaw, Survivor of “Beechwood Children’s Home” Sexual Abuse Given 2 Year Imprisonment in Secret Court – 13 Jan 17
  • Nottingham children’s homes protest – ‘Silence is NOT justice’
  • Victims of Nottinghamshire children's home abuse urged to come forward as police investigate at least 50 claims(2013)
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