There is only one thing certain about government that it ain't there for our benefit
Global governments are NOT people's governments . Government is a means by which the rich and powerful control the peasantry to do their every bidding. If governments were for the people why is there so much inequality?

The fabricated democracies give the illusion the peasants have a choice when in reality the fixers ensure only their donkeys are running in the race. Government power under the guise of democracy is used to massively oppress the populations and anyone who has faced unemployment will know the lengths government will go to block the supposed basic welfare they claim protects the peasants from total and outright poverty.

In Britain those on welfare, either through redundancy or illness, face a big brother system that at every turn is looking for ways to stop that pittance and why homelessness has become a daily reality for anyone left at the bottom of the pile by draconian measures and the vile tory regime using those victims as the cause of all of Britain's woes.

The sinister extremes government is taking to bully, oppress and psychologically push the imposed useless eaters into an early grave is staggering with a population cajoled into believing this is best for society under a fascist regime.

Never has Britain seen such a sick and deviant mindset at the head of a pariah that claims to be helping ALL British citizens when so many are facing enormous oppression of their basic rights. The same measures used against divorcing fathers now being used against more and more sections of the population.

Only those facing such measures know the lengths the police state has been installed to disrupt and ultimately psychologically torture their victims into a very early grave. Government ministers are in reality monsters despite them depicted as heroes and moral guardians in their controlled media.

Two contracts you will never get to read and fully understand are the marriage contract and the citizens contract. Something governments change by the minute to ruthlessly fleece the peasantry.

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