Hypocrite royals fake tears over their domestic abuse tactics

Harmsworth's VILE royalist scumbag rag gives them front page headlines

CROCODILE TEARS but NONE for Princess Diana

Camilla began speaking out against domestic abuse after hearing survivors' stories at a SafeLives event in 2016

This is the fucking hypocritical bullshit that comes from the royal parasites claims of helping protect all these wee downtrodden women against all us bad men. No mention of the torment she put Princess Diana through while shagging Charlie behind her back and the enormity of dealing with a brutal bunch of parasites who use black arts to get rid of anyone who gets in their way. Diana didn't survive long after being kicked out and exposing the real truth about how they operate.

The royals, their freemason godfather henchman the creepy Dukey Kent and their judicial henchmen deeply embroiled in using DV claims to frame and smear divorcing men before stealing their assets, homes and children and their future inheritance.

All of it is a massive facade that sees £billions being stolen by the crown for and on behalf of the lackeys that act on their behalf and why they are the richest despots on the planet propped up by stitching men up with their obscene laws that allow their own Randy Andy to remain living an opulent lifestyle despite allegations of underage rape while divorcing men lose EVERYTHING for arguing with their wives.

Andy and his paedo procurer Jeffery Epstein

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