The same hypocritical gutter rags that rant endlessly about coming down hard on domestic abusers

The utter hypocrisy of the British gutter rags that are the mouthpiece for the top terrorists at the Law Society now claim the CPS were to harsh on Caroline Flack over domestic abuse charges yet are the same gutter rags that spout endlessly about Womens Aid stats and the need to come down hard on men who argue to much with their wives using claims of 'COERCIVE' behaviour. Much of this manufactured by the lawyers who make a killing from the mass culling of men through persecution and financial torture (enormous legal bills regularly posted to divorcing men already suffering mental health issues) and the smearing of their characters as abusers while lawyers milk the legal aid trough for £millions.

There are men in their thousands committing suicide even as we speak after they have been brutalized by the freemason judicial mafia and their lawyer goffers when men are accused, smeared and framed in closed secretive divorce courts where they are plundered on the back of lies and deceit. Their gutter rags provide the endless propaganda that gives them the excuse to push thousands of men into early graves that NEVER see the light of day in the gutter rags that later feature paid adverts of the properties stolen from those men. Many no longer there to protect their homes and children.

There would be a very different tone to this article if the genders had been reversed with 'NO SYMPATHY' for any man who would dare lift their hand to their beloved or even just a raised voice.

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  • More hypocritical gutter rag bullshit on Caroline Flack suicide
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  • Former SNP leader Alex Salmond due in High Court again today accused of one count of attempted rape, one of sexual assault with intent to rape, ten other counts of sexual assault, and two counts of indecent assault (That's the same SNP that want to criminalize and jail men for merely arguing with their wives?)
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  • Thousands of WOMEN and their lawyer pals misusing domestic abuse orders to get legal aid
  • Women can now only get legal aid for divorce proceedings if they claim to be victims of domestic violence, or abuse (One reason so many men face a massive torrent of lies and abuse so ex-wives lawyers can screw millions from legal aid)
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