How freemason cops keep themselves in employment
We only give ONE example , a very serious example of how cops in Scotland who happen to be RIFE with freemasons as Kilwinning is the mother lodge of global freemasonry keep themselves and their brothers in cushy law enforcement work.

We witnessed a neighbours car being jumped on by a group of youths and was being bashed in by them stomping on the roof and despite a long history of how Scottish cops operate we called to report the ongoing damage to an expensive car. Their reply was that they were to busy and they would attend much later after the youths had disappeared.

However later that night a young boy was stabbed to death and the culprit was one of the young thugs who had been damaging a neighbours car. Now this is only ONE example from thousands from all parts of Scotland that see a bunch of crooked scumbags taking charge of law enforcement and instead of nipping potential criminals in the bud they take no action until things escalate and some innocent life is lost and then they can claim they need MORE cops on the street.

A very subtle and devious ploy to keep themselves in well paid employment despite their appalling record and also makes room for more of their lodge buddies to take control of a country. Not only do they keep themselves employed but ensure a myriad of crooked judges and lawyers all from similar lodges can guarantee a steady supply of young criminals who get caught, not with the petty crimes, but very serious crimes when law and order gets out of control thanks to a secret agenda that relies on murder as an excuse to keep a huge entourage of their tribe in well paid legal work.

You can be sure many of the murders committed in Britain could have been avoided as these evil bastards have a long history of reports made prior to the murders and their failings ensures those seeking their protection GOT NONE!!!!!!!!!! Then they quickly round up the murderer, unless they are freemasons, knowing the history of the case and give themselves a pat on the back despite their previous failings that led to those deaths.

The devious methods of how cops operate not only in Scotland but globally can be pinpointed directly at the Duke of Kent the master planner for Britain's royal mafia who ensures only their dim witted goons get key positions that turn a blind eye to all of their crimes while going after the low level criminals whose crimes pale next to the house thieves who dont steal your TV or laptop but take the very roof over your head when they manipulate laws to give themselves power over all of your estate.

A media that turns a blind eye to just how freemasons have used the power of law and order to destroy lives that cannot get their assistance while their lodge buddies run riot stealing trillions using laws that only enrich their satanic cult while stripping any man not part of their creepy network of power and control.

Everything that is paraded on their complicit media is a cover for what exactly is going on in the streets and cities right across the world that have masonic lodges embedded in those towns and cities. Saddam Hussein was removing masonic lodges from Iraq before he was taken out by lodge buddies Blair and Bush hand picked to provide the backdrop to the continued judeo / masonic agenda that encircles the globe weakening the men and countries who ultimately will have to take on these gangsters who are getting away with murder on a daily basis. Including raping our young boys in a global homopaedo ring that is protected by the very cops that operate from inside their lodges. See jewish lawyer and UK law lord Greville Janner's decades of abuse for confirmation of just what they are protecting and covering up.

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