Coronavirus: The price of England voting evil tory bastards back into power

A very rare occasion when a DWP spokesperson Veronica Madden shows their face on TV. She must have drawn the short straw.

This morning on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show, which we have been unable to record, a large portion of the program was dedicated to what benefits many thousands of staff and employers can claim now they cannot operate their businesses thanks to Coronavirus. We have been warning for well over a decade about the enormity of the pain and suffering that has been inflicted on those at the bottom of the ladder by a tory mafia hell bent on pushing the poorest and most vulnerable into early graves.

Now we have a situation where the tory voting scum who put Boris Johnson's tory mafia back into power are now demanding that emergency measures are needed to ensure evictions are cancelled and 4/5th's of their salaries to be paid by a government that has inflicted the most enormous brutal cuts that have been killing the peasants en masse. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE.

There is an horrendous price to pay for allowing these vile bastards to continue their reign of terror across Britain and some of the MIDDLE CLASS business owners who have always voted in a tory regime will now see the enormity of trying to survive on the utter pittance, if any, is paid towards their large mortgages and keeping their BMW's on the road. A large portion of the population has been brought to its knees for over a decade thanks to the brutality of a tory government and only when the middle and upper classes demand change will we see if the tory's will change their stance and bail out their tory voting friends while the peasants have been suffering dramatic changes in their lives with many ending up in early graves.

The DWP have been acting as state assassins brutally psychologically and financially torturing the poor and disabled and with their welfare disregarded yet at the last election those responsible have been given another five years to carry on their reign of terror and utterly disgusting as the SHIT HITS THE FAN BIG TIME.

The program may get recorded and put up online by the BBC, if so we will add to this article.

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