There's something far more dangerous to men than coronavirus

As the world is thrown into lockdown over a medical emergency being blamed on a new coronavirus with claims of it starting in China, behind the scenes most of the orders being dictated to the masses come directly or indirectly from the global freemasons embedded in every major area of law and politics. It is claimed around five million of these dimwits are elevated far beyond their station into key positions of power and ultimately under the command of the British royals loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent their head godfather.

Now we have been reporting about the loss of men globally after being stitched up and framed by the freemason godfathers most powerful weapon the judicial mafia the vast bulk of who are hand picked freemasons who do their dirty work. Yet hardly a gutter rag mentions the many thousands of men in Britain and globally that are psychologically and financially tortured into early graves. Suicide is rampant among men globally and something we take very seriously as we ourselves have personal experience of being dragged through their torture chambers and stripped bare leaving many men weakened mentally to the point suicide is their only option.

That figure is miles higher than any so far who have died from the coronavirus threat many who are frail and aged and with serious medical conditions that even the common flu would potentially have enough strength to end their lives. But the thousands of men pushed into early graves are of all ages young and old and who face a far more sinister threat at the hands of the silent destroyers hell bent on weakening any man not part of their satanic oath swearing cult.

The biggest threat to men globally by far is the freemason virus that, while the world is distracted by endless disasters, many concocted for the very purpose of pointing the sheeple away from what is staring them in their faces, while the brutal persecution of men and their families goes on behind closed doors and now with a population that is being confined to their homes while the plundering continues unabated.

Whatever comes of this latest threat, whether we are receiving accurate or fabricated bullshit, the one thing men can be certain of is that they have far more chance of losing their lives when dragged into their dens of iniquity than any claims of this latest apparent threat. When lives of men are being lost on a daily basis, and going back decades with hardly a word in their controlled gutter rags, and then suddenly a glut of reports of deaths over a virus we have to ask why all those lives lost are not worthy of being reported about as if they are of far less importance or of little importance.

Also claims by those who control the ability of men to go about their business is being severely curtailed potentially to the detriment of their families, homes and children, you can be sure one group of dimwits will be laughing all the way to the bank and wont suffer the same extreme hardship that may be coming very soon to the men caught up in this latest debacle.

The health and welfare of heterosexual men around the globe wont be served by the scum and filth dictating the orders that could lead to those men and their families being made far more vulnerable to attack with those orders.
House theft will be the top of the agenda when the bills can no longer be paid thanks to the severe curtailment of freedoms that may or may not stop this latest medical emergency.

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