Libdem scumbag Alexander enforces tory austerity then swans off with knighthood and big bank job

This is payback for the appalling mess this utter scum and filth left millions of Brits with massive austerity boot then he gets a trinket from the royals and top banking job UTTERLY DISGUSTING

Two days after being appointed to his new position as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, allegations arose that Alexander had exploited a legal loophole to avoid the payment of capital gains tax on a property he had sold in 2007 alleging that he had profited from a "morally dubious" loophole to avoid paying capital gains tax.

Osborne and Alexander instigated 7bn extra in cuts to welfare spending and a move for the retirement age to be increased to 66 for both men and women by 2020. In a letter to Liberal Democrat members Alexander defended the cuts by saying "When we came into office, we inherited an economy that was on the brink. With the largest budget deficit in Europe and no plan for tackling it, Britain faced huge economic risks. These could only be dealt with by a clear plan to deal rapidly with the worst financial position this country has faced for generations."

  • LibDem scumbag Danny Alexander(WENT QUIET) who helped tory scumbag Osborne screw the peasants while in office is KNIGHTED and then gets top job as vice president and corporate secretary of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Mega conflict of interest when tory scumbag Sajid Javid who is Chancellor of the Exchequer is also a governor of a Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank