David Dimbleby the public schoolboy twatty that props up the BBC's establishment agenda

David Dimbleby is finally leaving BBC's Question Time and no doubt will be praised by the UK's gutter rags as doing a wonderful job during his decades long presenting of the show. Anyone else would have been forced to resign as to old for the job but not these posh toffs the BBC wheel on to preach to the peasantry so that they know their place.

However for anyone else who comes from a NORMAL background and watched his presenting skills could see clearly he is a British establishment lackey who endlessly rants about the royals while justifying the endless austerity inflicted on the long suffering public by the likes of him and his establishment pals hell bent on continuing the vast inequality that the private school system perpetuates. He like the rest of his ilk is a nasty fucker who lived an opulent lifestyle from his large BBC salary while the peasants can rot in their sink estates dotted across the UK.

We wont be missing his nasty and unpleasant presenting style that cut off anyone making valid arguments about the state of Britain presently as he gives far more time to those who praise the scumbags running Britain into the dust and that prop up a very nasty royalist regime. He was long overdue given the boot by the BBC but who instead let him carry on into old age like the judicial mafia in Britain who also stay in their lucrative employment til they decide they want to go and not like the peasants given their marching orders and forced to live on the pittance of a pension.

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