Creepy lawyers, lesbians and homosexuals dictating anti-male laws in Scotland

Sturgeon with Mackay

How the Scottish parliament leaders looked in 2016

We have been warning for decades about the HIDDEN agenda of the SNP / Holyrood lawyer, lesbian, homo club. Not only has a senior SNP scumbag been exposed grooming children online but their former leader is facing rape and sexual abuse charges from at least ten females. Now every time Kranky Sturgeon stands up at Holyrood ranting about ALL us bad heterosexual men that women and children need protected from she fails to mention that within their own ranks women and children are being abused and groomed by their own vile party members.

Sturgeon as we have stated many times is a plant for the biggest terrorists in Scotland the Law society and it's many freemasons / speculative club members who are manufacturing legislation to PERSECUTE men not part of their satanic lodge clubs and helping themselves to those men's estates and especially their children for their ulterior motives. Mackay is only ONE example.

When you have senior members of a political party coming out as homosexuals and then using their position to proposition children and who they themselves are aiding and abetting the manufacture of legislation that makes it easier for children to be made vulnerable and taken into care there are ulterior motives behind those moves and why they want to harshly treat the fathers who are the main biological protectors of the children these fucking scum and filth are trying to groom for their own perverted ends.

Scotland needs to waken up to the fact that the SNP are no more righteous than the vile Labour, Tory, Libdem, or Green political mafia's using Holyrood powers for devious ends and these explosive exposures finally bring to the fore what has been the underlying devious ploys that for decades have been putting fathers and children at greater and greater risk under the guise of the poor wee down trodden women that these filth claim they want to protect at the enormous expense of heterosexual fathers.


  • Former SNP finance secretary homosexual Derek Mackay won't face charges after messages scandal involving 16-year-old schoolboy (Is that the freemasons running the cops and prosectors covering for their lodge buddy? Meanwhile Scottish men are losing EVERYTHING for MERELY arguing with their wives thanks to that same SNP scum like Mackay manufacturing extreme anti HETEROSEXUAL male legislation)
  • Sturgeon's office 'tried to stop publication of Mackay schoolboy story'
  • Derek Mackay's resignation may derail SNP's policy agenda
  • The scandal over Derek Mackay’s conduct is only one of the challenges facing the SNP
  • Derek Mackay: How the SNP 'Rule of Law' operates in Scotland
  • 'Groundbreaking new domestic abuse law comes into force
  • Even feminists claim 'row like crazy' for a happy marriage (But now Scotland's corrupt mafia will claim that is a crime and coercive behaviour towards women)
  • Scotland the corrupt
  • The morally upstanding SNP who are chaining innocent men with their obscene laws have abusers in their midst who exploit their position of power
  • What happens to heterosexual men in Scotland when feminist leaning lawyers, lesbians, womens aid , homosexuals, and freemasons at Holyrood manufacture apartheid style laws (The most serious attack on men throughout history and promoted by the femi / homo BBC and the excuse for the legal mafia to fleece men and their families dry)
  • Scotland's hypocritical Holyrood mafia wine and dine weapons dealers (Is this the same mob that claim so much about domestic abuse rubbing shoulders with those who provide weapons for mass murder? Campaigners say that 'many companies in attendance have armed human rights abusers and dictatorships)
  • Lawyer Sturgeon accused of running a SECRET Scotland (With freemasons running Scotland and especially the Law society corruption is rife)
  • A lawyer James Muir "embellished" claims for legal aid in family court cases for £2 million accusing fathers of abusing their children later committed suicide after the police began investigating
  • Thousands of WOMEN and their lawyer pals misusing domestic abuse orders to get legal aid
  • Legal aid chief arrested with rent boy in shopping centre toilet (This evil bastard is STILL responsible for signing the cheques to Scottish lawyers from their legal aid honeypot to aid smearing divorcing fathers and separate their biological protection from their children)
  • Lawyer controlled SNP in disturbing move over what is classed as domestic abuse (Freemason cops will be TRAINED to identify 'insidious' abuse then freemason lawyers and judges have the excuse to thieve mens homes, money and children. Tyranny alive and well in freemason run Scotland)
  • Holyrood mafia consisting of lawyers / freemasons / feminists / homosexuals are putting even more money into their domestic violence scams (How Scotland's legal mafia use DV to thieve property and children on the grandest of scales. The legal mafia's equivalent to claims of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' coined by warmongering LAWYER Tony Blair)
  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • Scottish Elections 2016: Disturbing imbalance in the heterosexuals leading main political parties
  • Scotland's legal mafia try and justify appalling injustice in courts (VIDEO)
  • SNP freemason Mike Russell named as Scotland's Brexit minister ahead of talks with Westminster to iron out EU deal (He claims he left)
  • In 2008 SNP Minister Mike Russell stepped down from the masons to avoid criticism
  • Welcome to Scotland, the SNP's police state (from 2014)
  • Lawyer controlled SNP ensure homosexual rights a priority before heterosexual rights (positive discrimination dressed up as equality)
  • How Scottish freemasons manipulated law legislation to steal men's property
  • How Scots masonic politicians use a facade of protection to STEAL men's property
  • Holyrood mafia and the thugs and bullies in their ranks (The same evil bastards that manufacture domestic abuse laws for their own enrichment)
  • Glasgow's 'mile of misery' where the number of homeless people is on the rise
  • Scotland's Holyrood mafia lining their pockets