Thug raises his hand a 20 fine. Father raises his voice loses his life

The psychopaths manufacturing laws and enforcing them prove the law is a fucking ass.

The endless stream of domestic violence scams reported in a lawyer controlled media ensures they have the excuse to remove men's lifetime of work on the back of malicious smear campaigns and corruption in every court right across the world that answers to the Inns of court in London. The legal mafia have an illegal global monopoly that cannot be challenged while they are the sole enforcers of the laws that they themselves create but with little or no recourse when they thieve on the grandest of scales.

Make no mistake ALL the terrorist bullshit they feed the sheeple is an enormous smokescreen for the bastards who are controlled via the royals Dukey Kent who uses freemason judges and lawyers to steal vast sums from the unsuspecting men duped into marrying without understanding the repercussions of their actions ie NO SMALL PRINT.

  • Ex-wives and their legal aid funded CROOKED lawyers aren't able to use the domestic violence ruse so easily since their piggy bank has dried up (This is the BIGGEST racket on the planet that separates good fathers from their property and children and deviously used to gain a massive advantage in divorce)
  • The domestic violence ruse that's costing men trillions
  • Women can now only get legal aid for divorce proceedings if they claim to be victims of domestic violence, or abuse (One reason so many men face a massive torrent of lies and abuse so ex-wives lawyers can screw millions from legal aid)