Equality and Human Rights Commission FOI on freemasonry conflict of interest

To Equality and Human Rights Commission

In light of recent exposures in the national press regarding freemasonry operating inside Westminster as well as recent advertising campaigns promoted on the BBC that freemasons will be CONTACTING the Equality and Human Rights Commission today. See HERE and HERE

Under a Freedom of Information request please provide the following within 20 working days.

1. With regard your hierarchy and the following listed on your website

The Board comprises:

David Isaac CBE (Chair)
Caroline Waters OBE (Deputy Chair)
June Milligan (Wales Commissioner)
Dr Lesley Sawers (Scotland Commissioner)
Susan Johnson OBE
Lorna McGregor
Professor Swaran Singh
Lord Shinkwin
Rebecca Hilsenrath (Chief Executive)

Please provide an assurance that NO conflicts of interest arise in that they have no direct or indirect connections to freemasonry ?

2. An explanation that can provide proof of arms length impartiality when some of the aboved named persons have received honours from the British Royal family as the Duke of Kent as head of freemasonry would show an unacceptable conflict of interest ?

  • Freemason controlled BBC give freemasons platform to spout "call for end to 'discrimination' of members" and that they are contacting the Equality and Human Rights Commission