Connecting divorce, domestic abuse allegations and elite paedophilia

There is hardly a day goes by that the gutter rags are not ranting obsessively about domestic abuse. No more so than the BBC and Gayrdian that is despite the fact the BBC harboured a known paedophile for decades and allowed him to abuse children on their premises, their top nonce Jimmy Savile. The Gayrdian meanwhile is being controlled by a feminist / lesbian / lawyer and part of the law society control mechanism over every aspect of family life.

The BBC and the Gayrdian have NOTHING good to say about heterosexual men unless they murder for the state or work for law enforcement then they become heroes.

We have the royals, via their godfather freemason the Dukey Kent, hand picking masonic judges that are deliberately separating children from their biological fathers protection and in many cases into the hands of neurotic mothers primed by crooked masonic lawyers to make up endless allegations that sees fathers firstly removed, then those mothers losing the children into care homes and into the hands of the hand picked paedo procurers that run British childrens care homes .

There is a DIRECT link between self appointed elite paedo rings and the judicial and political mafia's that ARRANGE for the transfer of children, and most especially young boys, into the hands of the homopaedo's all part of the high level satanic rings and with a gutter press only to happy to aid and abet the grand theft of children while the fathers end up on the streets broken, homeless and penniless unaware their children have been captured into a sordid den of inquity.

Any British gutter rag promoting this is part of the satanic cult prepared to go to any lengths to thieve children away from good parents whose only crime was to be caught up in their secret courts run by secret society's for their own elitist paedo rings. Jeffrey Epstein's death in America and Jimmy Savile's exposures in Britain, while previously BOTH rubbing shoulders with the royals, makes it all the more obvious just how they operate and the judicial mafia are a major cog in their satanic wheel that ensures a steady supply of prepubescent children into the hands of the monsters running society for their own perverted ends.

The Dunblane massacre was used to cover up the elite paedo ring operating there and gave the excuse for the British establishment to strip the peasants of any right to defend themselves. Meanwhile the Queen and her lackeys have vast arsenals to ensure they can continue the massive raid on mens estates through the Crown's use of the courts to strip men bare and steal their children for their satanic rings.

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