Anti Trump women marches show how organised rabid feminists have become

Not only are they showing their true colours marching against Trump but their plans to take over the world with feminist Clinton in the White House has been shot in the foot when more women voted for Trump than top feminist mouthpiece Hillary Clinton.

For decades we have been alerting a population particularly young men of the devious ploys being adopted to strip men of their rights to their home, their children and their money all of which is being undermined by the establishment bowing to rabid feminist demands and enjoying the vast spoils as heterosexual men are left impoverished, homeless and childless.

It has to take the likes of Piers Morgan ( a compliant media lackey no less) to express the views that many of the marches against Trump attracted man hating feminists who haven't suddenly appeared from the bushes but have for years orchestrated vast pressure groups that control the mass media narrative that all men, apart from their homosexual buddies, are abusers and do not deserve the sympathy of the press or the sheeple who believe the bullshit and propaganda pumped out by the far right feminists within the likes of the BBC and Guardian.

As men who have experienced the tyranny of family courts we know how many rabid feminists play a part in destroying men's lives within the legal mafia's and social services with a government employing men haters to bring about the downfall of the family unit with strong men at the helm. Something the powers that be, in particular the zionist freemasons, ensure men with the ability to stand up to their abuse of power are left destitute and with limited resources to fight the oppression within our midst.

  • Piers Morgan says Womens March against Trump attracted rabid MAN hating feminists