Gutter rags attack Corbyn for not talking to May

Guess who May is happy to rub shoulders with?

A conspiracy of press fuckers only to happy to oblige a murdering tory mafia over Brexshit

  • Barclay Brothers tawdry rag attacks Corbyn (VIDEO)
  • Harmsworth's tawdry rag attacks Corbyn " criticised for meeting with extremists on the grounds of peace talks"
  • Harmsworth's tawdry rag attacks Corbyn "hatemongers Corbyn WILL meet"
  • Murdoch's tawdry rag attacks Corbyn "Sorry Theresa, there’s no talking to Jeremy Corbyn unless you’re the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah, Jihadis, Stalinists or Holocaust deniers"
  • Desmond's old tawdry rag attacks Corbyn ""Apparently Corbyn is prepared to hold talks with Hamas, Hezbollah, Assad and Iran without preconditions."
  • Farage urges Leavers to 'prepare' for second referendum (And attacks Corbyn with the same shit the gutter rags have been claiming)(VIDEO)