Just who the fuck is Harry Fletcher?

Harry Fletcher dangerous political windbag

Having just challenged the press complaints authority on the failure of the UK's gutter rags to quote males when gender violence, and in particular domestic violence is being discussed, we noticed a rare occasion when a male named Harry Fletcher was being quoted in the Gayrdian as spokesperson and director of a group called the 'Victims’ Rights Campaign'. In the typical ultra feminist leaning rag the Gayrdian quote Fletcher stating (link HERE )

“Over the last 18 years 126 people have been killed by terror in England and Wales whilst over 1,800 mainly women have been killed by partners. This is outrageous.It is essential that the new government gives priority to preventing and investigating domestic abuse. Budgets must be protected and ringfenced in the future. The police must be given the resources to find and prosecute the thousands of alleged perpetrators who are at large in the community on the police wanted list.”

Now this quote would not look out of place in the lawyer run and government and lottery heavily funded Womens Aid.

The Gayrdian also quote Fletcher in another article "Tagging domestic abusers is not enough, say campaigners" (link HERE)

“Our proposals are about improving safety and public confidence, and allowing victims of domestic abuse and stalking to live their lives without fear.

Fletcher is also an advisor to the Welsh Plaid Cymru party full of lawyers who regularly rant endlessly about domestic violence and what they want to do with all us bad men. See his twitter feed HERE. Where despite all the emphasis he puts on women as victims when it comes to the royals and in particular Prince Andrew he is seen retweeting an article that states

"Harry Fletcher Retweeted Dec 3.

Friends of Duke and Duchess of York accuse BBC of bias for allowing Virginia Roberts Giuffre 'to cry a lot' WHO is the Victim" (Link HERE)

So Fletcher is happy to condemn men except when its a royal facing the rape allegations by one of his predatory paedo pals Epstein's trafficked kids???

But it gets MUCH worse in 2015 (link HERE) Fletcher was a director of a not-for-profit company called Paladin 'Protection Against Stalking' along with fellow director Laura Richards

Accuser Laura Richards

A woman hailed as a leading architect of anti-stalking legislation has reported her former campaign partner to the police – for alleged stalking. Laura Richards, 39, the civilian former head of Scotland Yard's controversial Homicide Prevention Unit, has made the astonishing allegations against Harry Fletcher, 68.

The pair worked together advising MPs and senior police officers on the 2012 Protection of Freedoms Act, which specifically outlawed stalking. Ms Richards was involved in the charity Protection Against Stalking (PAS) and they both became fellow directors of a not-for-profit company called Paladin, which advises victims.

Police have already interviewed Mr Fletcher, a former official of probation officers' union Napo, who is married with children. He strongly denies the allegations. Friends of his claim that Ms Richards – who calls herself a 'criminal behavioural analyst' – is deploying some of the key weapons in the stalker's armoury of smear, innuendo and character assassination.

Ms Richards told The Mail on Sunday that Mr Fletcher was 'obsessed' with her and stalked her when she spurned his advances. She said: 'He has rummaged through every part of my life, my friends, my relationships, my work colleagues. I feel really violated. 'He made out that we were in an intimate relationship and told people he was worried about my mental health.

'He would call me all the time, sometimes 50 times a day, and would never leave a message, always keep ringing until I picked up. 'It's ironic we have both achieved domestic violence law reform on coercive control, the very thing that he's been doing to me through his stalking behaviour, and that's been the problem. I've had sleepless nights. It's changed me. I shall never be the person I was.'

Mr Fletcher, who voluntarily attended Brixton Police Station in South London with his solicitor in November to be interviewed about the complaint, said last night: 'I completely and utterly deny these allegations and have fully co-operated with the police. I look forward to their inquiry reaching its conclusion.' His supporters say Ms Richards's allegations are groundless and stem from professional jealousy over his standing in the field of stalking and domestic violence legislation.

Plaid Cymru MP Elfyn Llwyd (A lawyer pushing for extreme DV laws against men), who was the chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on stalking and worked with Ms Richards on legislation, said: 'I found her difficult to work with. She was making some rather strange allegations against Harry. I found her accusations to be utterly incredible.' Senior forensic psychiatrist Dr David James, who was on the board of PAS, described Ms Richards as 'reacting extravagantly when crossed'.

He added: 'I resigned from the board of PAS because I feared that any form of association with her would be harmful to my professional reputation. 'I was aware she has made complaints of harassment against others in the past.' Mr Fletcher is now a director of Digital-Trust, which advises on cyber stalking.

Fellow director Jennifer Perry said: 'Harry has been given advice and emotional support as a stalking victim himself. Spreading malicious allegations about someone is one of the stalker's weapons.' Ms Richards led the Homicide Prevention Unit, which aimed to draw up a list of the most high-profile 'future offenders' based on past records and psychological profiling.

In 2006 she said: 'It is trying to pick up Ian Huntley before he goes out and commits that murder.' A Scotland Yard spokesman said: 'An allegation of harassment has been made by a 38-year-old woman. [Ms Richards was 38 at the time of her complaint]. A man has been interviewed under caution and the police investigation continues.'

Fletcher is part of a group of men involved in politics, the legal mafia and so called charitable causes that are making a massive killing on smearing and fabricating allegations against divorcing men to wipe them out and steal their children into care. See Welsh exposure of freemasons implicated in that abuse (link HERE )

  • Femi / lawyer run Gayrdian ramps up the DV scams(Adding female suicides to the inflated list) without mentioning the thousands of men who commit suicide during divorce when they are being smeared and framed by freemasons in control of their evil agenda(Not counting the children made vulnerable to being removed from their biological fathers protection and into paedo run care homes and the BBC and Gayrdian are complicit with their distorted feminist perspective. Who quote a male Harry Fletcher who just happens to be part of Wales anti male political party a Plaid Cymru Advisor)
  • Hypocrite Harry Fletcher a Plaid Cymru Advisor claims he backs DV against women then retweets to back Prince Andrew over Roberts Giuffre claims of rape (A typical freemason stance)
  • Gayrdian use Harry Fletcher's quotes as spokesperson on domestic violence against women yet he is accused as being a stalker by fellow 'Protection Against Stalking charity' member Ms Richards saying Fletcher was 'obsessed' with her in 2015
  • IPSO press standards are anything but
  • British media's extreme gender bias
  • When ONLY EXTREME feminist dogma blights politics heterosexual men are always the losers (One read at this shows just how the political mafia view ALL women as victims and all men as perpetrators)
  • Plaid Cymru MP Elfyn Llwyd (A lawyer pushing for extreme DV laws against men)(VIDEO)