Vicious hate campaigns against heterosexual men
Todays headlines exposed the lengths multi-national companies have been going to smear men and block them from any form of employment. If you are a conscientious employee concerned for safety and welfare you are a threat to the thugs running the construction companies getting billion dollar contracts from government.

They are not interested in losing men to accidents as, in their eyes, they are dispensable. Instead they would rather rattle on with major works to the detriment of all men working on site. However that smearing does not confine itself to the workplace where men are being discriminated against en masse but to a much wider area of society and none more so than men being dragged through family courts.

There are dossiers being compiled against divorcing men by lawyers acting for the legal mafia who are using the most vile smear campaigns as an excuse to rifle a man's life and his estate and family, and a much more vile and sinister system where hearsay evidence is presented as fact to justify a global raid on men's wealth. Despite men being part of the legal and political structures that manufacture these twisted legalese they know that whatever they are doing to hammer men it wont affect them as their masonic buddies sitting on the divorce benches will ensure it will be their ex-wives who will suffer the same fate and face the same vile smearing that heterosexual men endure every single day of the week in secretive court hearings.

The feminist lobby, that includes man hating lesbians and homosexuals, are funded by these same vile bastards to ensure a constant stream of HATE is manufactured to discredit heterosexual males who are always viewed in the worst possible light and the media back these bastards up providing a steady stream of man hating propaganda to justify the biggest heist in history through the divorce industrial complex.

Only mass exposure and men uniting against these forces will stop the HATE continuing unabated. The workers who won their case against blacklisting prove that in time and with consistent pressure the system eventually broke down and helped by of one or more whistleblowers. That we have no doubt will happen as the internet is providing that uncensored platform to exposing those areas the media fail time and again to publish due to the pressure the legal mafia impose on the mass media to block those exposures.

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