• Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000 (Stolen by her despotic forefathers and using freemason judges today to steal mens land and properties in family courts right across the globe)
  • Daily Rat and Chann 5 push the old royals massive £5 billion jewellery collection in the faces of the long suffering peasants (Yet NEVER get put on their 'richest bastards on earth' list)
  • Murdoch rag THE SCUM even admits the royals would be FUCK ALL without all their bullshit and propaganda
  • Harmsworth's filthy royalist / tory rag tries to imply the royal parasites work NOT swanning around the globe in private jets at everyone elses expense wining and dining in opulent and luxurious mansions
  • Brainwashed kids primed to shout 'You're the best Queen ever' (Schools and their head teachers have a disgusting habit of bussing children from schools to see the royal parasite, pre-purchased flags forced into their hands and told to wave it when she appears. The same ploy was used with the Hitler youth)(VIDEO)
  • Regular feature of Britain's royalist gutter rags feigning danger to the royal parasites (and the need for HER to have a massive machine gun presence outside her palaces while her judges steal property from the peasants without any form of protection now they have stripped the ability of the peasants to defend themselves)
  • Royal parasites £14bn property portfolio has had more than 100 evictions over management of housing (Ex-crown estate home has rent raised by 7% in a year)
  • Harmsworth's gutter rag mixes celebrity pictures with talentless royal non-entities to make them appear more glamorous
  • Royal parasites throughout their life feign working to justify their massive benefit scams into the billions with the full backing of her sordid rags (The old biddy claims she can plant a tree herself)
  • BBC 'fawns' in coverage of royals
  • The Operation Paget inquiry report into the allegation of conspiracy to murder Princess Diana
  • Royal parasites pathological obsession with haughty titles (There is something seriously disturbing about their inbred lunacy promoted by their dodgy rags)
  • Israeli embassy and freemason godfather the Dukey Kent are neighbours
  • Harry's freemason next door neighbours in Kensington Palace
  • Jewish charities attend Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party at Buckingham Palace
  • The Truth About The So Called British “Royal Family”: They are ALL Jews!
  • EXPOSED: All the Queen’s Agents and Corporations that Control the World
  • The royal parasites fighting over power grab (The whole rotten archaic system they operate for their own self enrichment is only fit for the nearest scrap heap)
  • Royal Family Secrets Exposed 2016 (VIDEO)
  • Royal parasite's death will trigger massive wave of fake news royalist bullshit(VIDEO)
  • British royals even use psychiatric gulags for their own family(VIDEO)
  • The grotesque horrors of Britain's royal mafia and its global tentacles of masonic power and control
  • The Power behind the Throne (VIDEO)
  • Noel Edmonds claims the royal parasite and Margaret Thatcher conspired to cover up Jimmy Savile’s child abuse
  • Royal parasites behind global spying at GCHQ and MI5(VIDEO)
  • British royal parasites and their none to cosy relationship with GCHQ
  • VIP homopaedo ring 'abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle'
  • Royal parasite's legal mafia thugs try to keep his political interfering secret
  • World's most expensive homes revealed: Buckingham Palace is top of the property ladder at more than £1billion - beating mansions in India, Los Angeles, New York and France
  • The Most Powerful Woman in the World
  • Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  • The name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha came to the British Royal Parasites in 1840
  • Media finally admit Queen is BY FAR the richest person in the world (so why don't the RICH LISTS state that?)
  • Royal mafia and their meaningless titles to make themselves LOOK important when they are NOT
  • How the richest despot on the planet avoids scrutiny of her vast riches, SHE hides them behind a facade of the STATE and CROWN
  • The dodges that push the richest despot on the planet down the trillionaire list
  • Prince William Taking Two Huge Steps To Become The "Masonic Christ"!
  • Is The British Royal Family Secretly Jewish?
  • A Jewish King And Queen Of England? It's Possible
  • Why is the British royal family named Windsor so damn important?
  • The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism
  • The Occult Reason For The Royal Wedding
  • The Royal family and the freemasons
  • Epstein Victim Exposes Prince Andrew, Maxwell, Wexner... Whitney Webb & Maria Farmer VIDEO
    Intelligence Insider Reveals All About Epstein And Prince Andrew: Ari Ben-Menashe VIDEO
    Harmsworth's lunatic gutter rags that paint the royal parasites NOT as despots

    Harmsworth the owner of the fascist gutter rag the Daily Mail once again seen kissing the royals arses

    Freemason godfather the Dukey Kent the royals head honcho

    A WORLD of difference in how they describe one dictator while the other, the biggest despot on the planet, is praised for their use of mansions and palaces and opulent power dressing. See her loyal lord lieutenant the freemason godfather the Dukey Kent as to how they control 5,000,000+ freemasons across the globe hand picked by them for key positions of power that are fucking destroying non cult heterosexual mens lives especially through secret divorce courts.

    Kim Jong-un

    Dictators love their personal trains. Hitler had ‘Amerika’, an armoured beast equipped with anti-aircraft guns, which he used as a mobile headquarters for much of World War II. Mussolini and Stalin both insisted on luxurious bespoke carriages when travelling long distances.

    Fitting, then, that one of the world’s last old-fashioned despots should also travel in his own unique version of this tyrant’s status symbol

    With its 20 or more carriages, the train boasts a lounge lined with coral-pink leather sofas, a modern, all-white conference room, an office equipped with satellite TV and a galley capable of rustling up the finest cuisine. Fresh lobster, vintage wines and attractive female ‘conductors’ combine to make the perfect dictatorial outing.


    Resplendent in a vibrant magenta coat and silk headscarf, looked to be in excellent spirits as she alighted the train.

    The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have arrived in Norfolk to kick off their traditional Christmas break, which they will spend on the Royal estate at Sandringham.

    The train is a far cry from the luxury the Queen is used to on the royal train which comes complete with sleeping car, bathroom and a thickly-carpeted saloon and has as many as nine private carriages.

    Due to the huge running costs, the train is now only used on very special occasions.

    Colourful: The Queen finished her festive look with a vibrant silk headscarf, black Launer handbag, patents shoes and black gloves - while Philip looked smart in a grey suit

    Sandringham has been owned by the royal family since 1862 when it was purchased by Queen Victoria at the request of her son Edward, then Prince of Wales.

  • How psychopath Harmsworth's gutter rag smears one despot from North Korea
  • How psychopath Harmsworth's gutter rag glorifies the other despot from Britain
  • Young former royals tell gutter rags to fuck off

  • Murdoch rag THE SCUM even admits the royals would be FUCK ALL without all their bullshit and propaganda
  • Young royals have told the UK's tabloid press in a letter to editors of all the Sun(MURDOCH), Mirror (Nick Prettejohn), Mail(HARMSWORTH) and Express(Nick Prettejohn) titles and websites they are ending all co-operation with them (For way to long Britain's vile fascist GUTTER rags have propped up the royal parasites but on occasions they have been used to attack any infiltrators like Diana or Meghan [on the orders of their top godfather freemason the Dukey Kent] who get to popular now they are turning on those they have relied on for so long to prop up an ugly despicable dynasty)
  • In 2014 tory scumbag and far right arsehole Ex-Osborne Adviser Nick Prettejohn was Likely BBC Trust Chair Candidate (Now controls Reach PLC that owns the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The Sunday People, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star, Daily Star Sunday as well as the Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail and the magazine OK!)
  • The real reason behind the BBC’s kicking of Nick Prettejohn ( Prettejohn’s candidacy was torpedoed by a Mail on Sunday article headed ‘Osborne adviser… linked to far-right group’ over a picture of him, as a Balliol undergraduate in 1980, attending an event of the Oxford University Monday Club (then a Tory Party offshoot) at which attendees made Nazi salutes and shouted ‘Sieg Heil’)
  • In 2013 Nicholas Prettejohn was appointed New BBC Trust Member by a tory Culture Secretary (BBC represent the FAR RIGHT wing and have NEVER been as many gutter rags paint left wing. When you have a former advisor to one of the most vile tory bastards like Osborne you do NOT have anything close to a non bias stance and the BBC, as we have been exposing for decades, shamefully is being allowed to pump out far right wing bullshit in its propaganda while continuing to smear heterosexual men at every opportunity)
  • Just who's paying for the royal parasites promotion at Piccadilly circus?

    There is no stupider a people than those that bow to their enslavers
    Royal Parasite Wearing Green Dress During Speech Provides Perfect Photoshop Bait


  • Harmsworth's gutter rag promotes the royal parasite praising NHS staff despite tha fact SHE will have no use for any of them as she will always have the top private care and wont be going near any of the peasants ordinary hospitals (When an inherited wealth billionaire controls a GUTTER rag you get this appalling BILGE)
  • Royals get embroiled in the opening of an emergency coronavirus hospital at the end of Freemasons Road London

    Masonic pyramid with capstone missing

    Excel centre usually used by Britain's arms manufacturers to sell weapons to despots.

  • 'It is a message of hope for those who need it most': Prince Charles opens NHS Nightingale Hospital via videolink as he pays tribute to armed forces who turned ExCel conference centre into 4,000-bed critical care facility in nine days
  • Outrage as Abu Dhabi 'charges NHS millions in rent' for coronavirus hospital the Excel Centre (We knew there was always something fishy about this deal)
  • Royal parasite tests positive for coronavirus VIDEO

    If there was ONLY one ventilator left on earth you can guarantee who would be first in the queue.

  • All the RECENT celebrities who have kissed the infected royal parasites arse
  • Now the royal sprogs get promoted in their gutter rags during pandemic

    The BRAINWASHING never stops for ANYTHING and with NO SHAME
    Three gutter rags promote royal parasite and her Eton groomed lackey over pandemic
    French cover up Diana's death for 75 years

  • French judicial mafia are using an obscure rule to block access to a file on Princess Diana’s death until 2082 (“It stinks of a cover up and conspiracy at the highest level, and is typical of French bureaucracy.”)
  • Prince Andrew sex accuser to 'expose truth in tell all Netflix show' about Epstein

    NO cop in the UK or USA is prepared to take the bastard into custody for questioning thanks to their masonic oaths and leaves them above the law and getting away with murder. See their head honcho the Dukey Kent and the control they have over a global cop force operating a freemason style 'get out of jail system' for their lodge buddies

  • Are Royals Like Prince Andrew Above The Law? - Ex London Cop Jon Wedger VIDEO

    When you can CONTROL the law you can make yourself ABOVE the law
    Princess Di's Affairs And Contract Hits - Ex London Cop Jon Wedger (Alex Salmond cover up) VIDEO

  • Former SNP first minister Alex Salmond ‘hunted woman before alleged attempted rape’ (Meanwhile their new feminist lawyer head honcho Sturgeon enacted extreme anti-male legislation supposedly to protect women. You just couldn't make this utter bullshit up)
  • UK filthy rags still push royalist propaganda even while people are dying

    Harmsworth, Barclay Bros and Desmond's ugly old rag still pushing royalist bullshit even while people are dying from the coronavirus. They have no fucking shame pushing royalist propaganda on their front pages no matter what the emergency is.

  • Royal parasite Andy won't voluntarily cooperate in Epstein inquiry, prosecutor says (How UK laws operate with a parasite accused of underage rape continues to live an opulent lifestyle and free of prosecution on the back of the men paying them taxes while those same men are being smeared and framed as criminals in non jury freemason run divorce courts for arguing with their wives and losing EVERYTHING in the process)
  • Gutter rags promote royals on the back of pandemic

    You can see the royalist propaganda NEVER gets superceded by ANYTHING even a global pandemic. Her press lackeys continue the barrage of non stop royalist bullshit that props up a fascist dictatorship masquerading as some sort of democracy. See divorcing men for the ease with which her legal lackeys are stealing properties and children en masse.

    Meghan knows exactly what is going on when Britain's gutter rags ensure the Queen ALWAYS gets positive promotion while the lesser royals that challenge her supremacy get negative publicity. See Princess Diana's last months for clear proof of how these scum operate. This is a rare occasion when they are turning off their venom to stop the rot.

  • Royals cant wait to move into Buckingham palace when old lizzie pops her clogs (No shortage of mansions and opulent palaces for the royal parasites while the peasants line the streets thanks to Herr Majesty's governments evil austerity boot and long overdue a French style revolution)
  • Camillagate Recordings : Prince Charles And Camilla Telephone Call VIDEO

    This is the hypocritical royalist witch who rants and preaches about domestic abuse and mistreating women while she was doing this behind Princess Diana's back and Di's sinister and untimely death as she exposed what was going on. Meanwhile Prince Andrew accused of raping underage girls along with his child procuring buddy Epstein is still living an opulent lifestyle with no cop force ANYWHERE prepared to question or charge him for those crimes.

  • Royal spat exposes them right at the heart of the domestic abuse scams (Herr Majesty's Courts making a killing from men who are killing themselves in droves while the young royals rant on endlessly about mental health. Persecution of men a daily occurrence when dragged through their EVIL masonic run divorce courts)
  • Royal rift exposes the enormity of the security bill for the parasites

  • Canada refuses to pay for the royals security
  • Royal parasites security costs won't be paid by Canada as soon as they quit
  • British Establishment a bigger threat than the Turkish Mafia Casino gangs claims Ex-Cop Jon Wedger VIDEO
    Gutter rag royalist bullshit and their only concern for royals welfare during pandemic

  • Gutter rag claims "Prince Charles and Camilla show stamina of a King and Queen with 51 events in 9 days" (Is that how many banquets they gorged on at everybody elses expense? claiming they work?)
  • Royals up shit creek over alibi and grandiose names

  • Former royal protection officer says 'rude' Prince may have stayed at Buckingham Palace and NOT his Sunninghill home as he claimed on night he is accused of sex with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts
  • Cracks appearing in the royals facade of a squeaky clean image
  • Prince Andrew told ‘things will get worse’ if he doesn’t speak to FBI over Epstein (His Royal Highness the underage rapist avoiding jail time because they have made themselves immune from prosecution and a major part of their oppressive tyranny. Meanwhile men are being jailed for arguing with their wives by their hand picked judges and ruthlessly persecuted by her hand picked cops. See the freemason godfather the Dukey Kent for how that operates)
  • 'I saw Prince Andrew groping Virginia Roberts': Witness claims he saw the Duke kissing and holding hands with Epstein sex slave on the disgraced tycoon's infamous 'paedo island'
  • Royals lackey Piers Morgan brought in to attack lesser royals and back Queen bee
  • Another royal lackey brought in to attack the lesser royals
  • Royals still squabbling over who is entitled to call themselves GRANDIOSE names (It's all fucking bollocks)
  • Old royal parasite wants to keep all their fancy grandiose titles to herself
  • Royal parasites argue over who owns their grandiose names (You really have got to be some monumental dickhead to demand everyone calls you 'A Royal Highness')
  • USA school bus with poster urging the public to 'get Prince Andrew to call the FBI' if they see the Duke of York is sent to Buckingham Palace by Jeffrey Epstein victims' lawyer

  • BBC Prince Andrew interview - the best (WORST) bits VIDEO

    Exposes how the royals have access to vast arsenals(shooting weekends) while they have stripped the peasants of any means to defend themselves from their utter tyranny. Property theft went through the roof after the Dunblane massacre was used to disarm the population and then the mass house theft followed.
    More royal paedo buddies

  • Prince Andrew stayed with billionaire accused of raping 10 women - some as young as 14
  • Prince Andrew's on Bahamas visit to SECOND tycoon facing child sex claims - Duke and family stayed with Peter Nygard who is accused of raping teenagers and plying them with wine and drugs
  • Prince Andrew Prince Charles Princess Diana And Camilla VIDEO

  • Councils won't have to fly flag for Prince Andrew's birthday after Liverpool says no
  • Liverpool refuses to fly the union flag for Prince Andrew
  • Hypocrite royals fake tears over their domestic abuse tactics

    Harmsworth's VILE royalist scumbag rag gives them front page headlines

    CROCODILE TEARS but NONE for Princess Diana

    Camilla began speaking out against domestic abuse after hearing survivors' stories at a SafeLives event in 2016

    This is the fucking hypocritical bullshit that comes from the royal parasites claims of helping protect all these wee downtrodden women against all us bad men. No mention of the torment she put Princess Diana through while shagging Charlie behind her back and the enormity of dealing with a brutal bunch of parasites who use black arts to get rid of anyone who gets in their way. Diana didn't survive long after being kicked out and exposing the real truth about how they operate.

    The royals, their freemason godfather henchman the creepy Dukey Kent and their judicial henchmen deeply embroiled in using DV claims to frame and smear divorcing men before stealing their assets, homes and children and their future inheritance.

    All of it is a massive facade that sees £billions being stolen by the crown for and on behalf of the lackeys that act on their behalf and why they are the richest despots on the planet propped up by stitching men up with their obscene laws that allow their own Randy Andy to remain living an opulent lifestyle despite allegations of underage rape while divorcing men lose EVERYTHING for arguing with their wives.

    Andy and his paedo procurer Jeffery Epstein

  • Read the full 2020 BBC bullshit here "Domestic abuse 'affects everybody', HYPOCRITE royal parasite Camilla claims"
  • Royals with the help of Harsmworth's vile rag push the gender biased DV scams (Only ever one side of the story)
  • Murdoch rag ONLY interested in murder rate for females (NO mention of males killed despite it being more than double the female count. See comments)
  • The majority of murder victims in the year ending March 2018 were male (69%, 499 victims) and 31% were female (227 victims)
  • The royal hand picked to push domestic violence scams globally
  • How the royalist judeo masonic 'Rule of Law' operates
  • Derek Mackay: How the SNP 'Rule of Law' operates in Scotland
  • Windsors and Losers VIDEO

    While they remain ALL powerful thanks to their ruthless masonic godfather the Dukey Kent doing their bidding we are ALL losers
    Two of the most despicable royalist rags on the planet promote two of the most despicable cretins on the planet

    Sick bucket required for the utter propaganda and royalist bullshit

    Meanwhile the impoverished peasants are smeared by these fucking evil rags as scroungers while they prop up a ruthless fascist royalist regime and the royal mafia quitters are raking it in selling their souls to the banking mafia.

  • MEGXIT MILLIONS Prince Harry ‘in talks with US banking giant’ as he and Meghan tipped to earn £1BILLION in corporate deals (The now defunct royals selling their soul to the bankers with NO SHAME)
  • Tawdry EX royals Harry and his feminist moll are now for sale but it comes at a high cost to the monarchy
  • Harmsworth's insensitive gutter rag shoves the royals potential new mansions in the faces of the struggling austerity ridden peasants
  • Met's freemason mafia disguised as law enforcement start using live facial recognition technology in London (The royals and their masonic godfather the Dukey Kent have their lackeys gathering dirt on anyone they want to target for asset stripping. Ask any divorcing man, many hounded into early graves, on the back of the use of privacy data theft)
  • Prince Andrew called his 'victim' Virginia Roberts 'a very sick girl'

    Duke made insensitive remark just days after she told of her
    abuse at hands of Royal's paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein

  • Prince Andrew's Royal Cop Story Censored By The BBC - Paul Page VIDEO
    Andy and Epstein ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell have pact to save each others arses from jail

    Left: Laura Goldman

    Freemasons running British cops and the met are being dictated to by the masonic godfather the Dukey Kent to avoid arresting, interviewing and charging Randy Andy ensuring the royals are ABOVE THE LAW.

    PRINCE Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell have a 'mutual protection pact', according to a pal of Jeffrey Epstein's madam who still speaks to her in hiding.

    The Brit socialite, accused of procuring underage girls for billionaire paedophile Epstein, is said to have confided in her friend that she has an agreement with the Queen's favourite son that they won't spill the dirt on each other. The news comes a day after Prince Andrew was publicly shamed by US law chief Geoffrey Berman over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal for providing 'zero co-operation' with attempts to interview him. This is despite the Duke of York, 59, insisting in a statement last year that he was 'willing to help' in the investigation into his former pal who killed himself last year while awaiting trial for alleged sex trafficking.

    But Laura Goldman, a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell and her sister Isabel, told Sun Online: 'Prince Andrew will never testify. The Duke of York and Ghislaine have a mutual protection pact. She told me herself after his doomed BBC Newsnight interview last year. 'When he said that he would agree to be interviewed by the FBI at the time, Ghislaine said afterwards that the palace didn't want Andrew to testify as it would cheapen the British monarchy. 'She said that it would take away the royal family's sense of mystery if Andrew faces a court hearing like any ordinary person would.

    'Ghislaine says that Andrew doesn't know anything about the case against Epstein anyway. She feels it would just be a stunt to satisfy the media if he was asked to testify. 'But this all comes back to the fact that both Prince Andrew and Ghislaine would protect each other, no matter what they face. 'It looks to me like Ghislaine might be becoming even more of a target in this case now than she ever was before. Otherwise why would they want to talk to Andrew now anyway? It must be because they want to quiz him on Ghislaine as she's his closest link to all this.'

    The family friend says that Ghislaine is exercising and reading to keep herself busy while she remains hidden from the public spotlight, where she's said to be 'doing OK and maintaining her 'wisecracking' sense of humour. Ghislaine has always denied being a pimp for Epstein.

    Laura added: 'Ghislaine is doing OK. She spends her time exercising and reading. She's handling everything as well as could be expected. 'Of course she isn't enjoying high society partying like she once did, but she's in much better spirits than you might think. And she still has her sense of humour so that keeps her going. 'I remember her joking, 'don't you know I'm going to a ball tonight?' So she can still laugh and make wise cracks like she always did.'

    Laura has continued to maintain contact with Ghislaine and her sister Isabel, despite no confirmed public sightings of Ghislaine since last August. The daughter of the disgraced late media mogul Robert Maxwell had allegedly been seen for the last time outside a Los Angeles burger restaurant last summer but the authenticity of photographs taken of her there have been disputed ever since. However, Ghislaine's sister Isabel remains 'upset' with the Maxwell family's continued fall from grace thanks to Ghislaine's connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

    Laura continued: 'Isabel says that she's glad that the FBI are at least investigating the case now as the truth will come out and her sister's name will eventually be cleared. She calls Epstein 'evil Epstein'. She literally says, 'the truth will out'. 'However, she remains upset that the family name is still being dragged through the mud. Normally they would all be celebrating with the stars during the Hollywood awards season. But as things stand they're still having to remain in hiding until Ghislaine can resurface with her reputation restored once again.'

    Yesterday US attorney Geoffrey Berman held a dramatic press conference outside Epstein's former Manhattan mansion where he revealed that the FBI have contacted Prince Andrew's attorneys and requested an interview but 'to date, Prince Andrew has provided zero co-operation.' The briefing sparked fury from representatives of Epstein's sex abuse victims, including Virginia Roberts Giuffre, 36, who claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew three times as a teenager after being trafficked to him by Epstein. The royal has vehemently denied her claims.

    Sigrid McCawley, who represents Virginia Roberts Giuffre, said: "Prince Andrew should take most seriously the deeply held belief in this country that no one is above the law. "Prince Andrew's continued refusal to cooperate with the authorities after freely acknowledging that he would be prepared to answer enquiries raises even more questions about the role he played in the international sex trafficking ring Jeffrey Epstein and others operated." Jack Scarola, another lawyer representing the mum-of three, told The Sun last night: “It is obvious that Prince Andrew is persisting in a pattern of non-cooperation which has now been going on for years.

    “I would certainly believe that he should recognise his moral obligation to participate in the search for the truth. “With all that the victims of Jeffrey Epstein have been through – over so many years – I would say that they expected nothing different." Prince Andrew and Prince Charles' representatives have been approached by Sun Online but have declined to comment. Ghislaine Maxwell's legal representatives have been approached but have also declined to comment.

    Just two days ago, Prince Andrew's former protection officer Paul Page told how Ghislaine Maxwell visited Prince Andrew up to four times a day at Buckingham Palace and enjoyed picnics with him in the grounds. Mr Page said that he was first made aware of Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew's friendship in 2001.

  • Prince Andrew Is Untouchable In Epstein Case - Ex Royal Cop Paul Page VIDEO
    Prince Charming refuses FBI compliance

  • Prince Andrew giving 'zero' cooperation to Epstein inquiry, say US prosecutors
  • Corpses Jimmy Savile And Prince Charles - Ex Royal Cop Paul Page VIDEO
    Even UK's far right wing royalist rags finally see writing on the wall
    Prince Andrew And Royal Privilege - Sonia Poulton VIDEO
    While Harmsworth's vile rag still promotes the royals sprogs


    They will do anything to sell their murky brand
    Royal parasite in Jerusalem preaching to the world about Auschwitz while ignoring Israel's murderous warmongering in Gaza and Palestine VIDEO


    Ruling Elite flit from Davos to Israel. When you have to rely on a long past historical issue to justify your position and to try and silence those who expose zionist Israel's hypocrisy no matter how many world leaders dance to their corrupt tune. They are all there only through corruption and blackmail. See Mossad's top paedo procurer of the elite Jeffrey Epstein for ongoing proof and how jewish thugs like Weinstein operate.

  • Hypocritical royals selling out in China

  • Royals no shame on cashing in

  • Princess Diana's niece Lady Kitty Spencer becomes the latest royal to cash in on her aristocratic links - as it's revealed she's going head-to-head with the Queen's grandson Peter Phillips by promoting rival brands of milk in China
  • Ghislaine Maxwell's Family History And Mossad Part 6 VIDEO
    Sanctimonious royals and their pathological obsession with haughty titles


    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will lose their HRH titles under the conditions of the 'Megxit' agreement just as Princess Diana did 24 years ago when she divorced Prince Charles. The couple will now be known as Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

    It mirrors the title given to his mother when she was stripped of her HRH, becoming Diana, Princess of Wales in 1996 - one year before she died. She had originally been known as Lady Diana Spencer, often affectionately called Lady Di, when she began courting Prince Charles until the pair married in 1981 and she gained the royal title.

  • Prince Harry gets new title just like his mother: Will be styled as Harry, Duke of Sussex in echo of Diana, Princess of Wales
  • Queen says she is 'particularly proud of how Meghan has so quickly become one of the family' (Yeah right!!!!!!!!)
  • Taxpayers will pay £7.6million-a-year security costs as Harry, Meghan and Archie start new life - but how will Canada or Britain split the bill? (Now the REAL cost of propping up parasites is finally getting exposed)
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Sideline Prince Andrew Epstein News(VIDEO)
  • Is the Harry / Meghan bullshit just a BIG distraction from Randy Andy up shit creek?
  • Prince Andrew's £300,000-a-year armed guard exposes the massive cost of protecting paedo leaning royal parasites despite having their own VAST wealth
  • Living as a royal was 'soul crushing' and Meghan didn't want Archie growing up in that 'toxic environment' (Diana faced the same 'TOXIC' environment so what is wrong with these parasites? A life of opulent luxury isn't all that it is cut out to be then?)
  • Why the Royal parasites rarely go to court(They don't need to they OWN and RUN the courts for their own self enrichment scams. Queen handpicks the masonic gangsters that masquerade as the judicial mafia)
  • Sick bucket gutter rag royalist bullshit
  • Is the Harry / Meghan bullshit just a BIG distraction from Randy Andy up shit creek?

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Sideline Prince Andrew Epstein News(VIDEO)
  • Prince Andrew v Virgina Roberts - Sonia Poulton (VIDEO)
  • 'You watched me be abused': Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts takes aim at Naomi Campbell and Ghislaine Maxwell as she tweets 'you saw me at your parties, you saw me in Epstein's homes'
  • Sick bucket gutter rag royalist bullshit

  • Why the Royal parasites rarely go to court (They don't need to they OWN and RUN the courts for their own self enrichment scams. Queen handpicks the masonic gangsters that masquerade as the judicial mafia)
  • North Korea v United Kingdom VIDEO

    Kim Jong-un veneration and deference

    Royal's veneration and deference
    Gutter rags relentless browbeating of the sheeple with royalist propaganda

    Who truly gives a fuck about these inbreed parasites other than royalist morons?

  • Flight bill for royal protection officers soared by more than £1m after Meghan Markle wed Prince Harry and will go higher when couple relocate to Canada(NO AUSTERITY FOR ROYAL MAFIA as budget on air travel for bodyguards protecting the Royal Family rose from £3.47million in 2016-17, to £4.62million in 2018-19)
  • Gutter rags pathological obsession with royal parasites 1(VIDEO)
  • Gutter rags pathological obsession with royal parasites 2(VIDEO)
  • Gutter rags pathological obsession with royal parasites 3(VIDEO)
  • Gutter rags pathological obsession with royal parasites 4(VIDEO)
  • Gutter rags pathological obsession with royal parasites 5(VIDEO)
  • America's media need to give it a rest over UK royalist bullshit (When so many peasants are struggling on the streets the UK and USA media bombard the sheeple with endless bullshit about the royals infighting a great distraction from the real issues)(VIDEO)
  • Piers Morgan the mouthpiece for the royal parasites (Screams his far right wing bullshit during election then defends a bunch of sponging parasites. Any left leaning presenters need not apply for a job in British TV)(VIDEO)
  • America reports on Royal family feud (The vile regime falling on its arse) VIDEO
    Royal's psychodrama or just an excuse for more royalist bullshit?

  • Royal's Harry and Meghan spat distracts from Randy Andy revelations
  • Randy Andy quote "Listen to me you fat lardy arse c*nt" VIDEO

    Royal Protection Police Officer Paul Page reveals Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell and Buckingham Palace
    Time for Brits to get rid of this bunch of sponging parasites

  • Pals claim Harry and Meghan were 'driven out' of the royal mafia
  • Why England is in a fucking mess with royalist petitions like this
  • Royal parasitic godmother losing grip on the firm

    Are the rats jumping the sinking ship before more revelations get out?

    Or just more royalist bullshit to give their gutter rags something to rant about or a convenient diversion from exposures of Epstein and Randy Andy?

  • Harry's moll fucks off back to Canada to get away from the toxic royals and their tacky gutter rags
  • Report of Harry and Moll 'defying Queen' over statement release exposes how the entire royal mafia’s security costs the taxpayer more than £100m a year
  • Monarchy war exposing their cash cows that are HUGE(VIDEO)
  • Rats jump sinking ship

  • 'Queen's fury': what the papers say about Harry and Meghan's bombshell
  • Harmsworth rag wheels out Queens lackeys to attack dissenters but NOT Randy Andy
  • The UK titled who dish out their tacky nonsensical titles want to remove those titles when their sprogs act like they are entitled to those titles
  • Time to get a REAL job
    Usual gutter rags overdose populous on broken royal Christmas

  • Royal parasites Christmas ain't the same now Randy Andy, Nazi Harry and his moll have been driven out (There are millions of men literally destroyed by the evil family courts she controls via masonic judges globally many who are no longer in touch with their children how much longer before her gutter rags expose those crimes?)
  • Harry and moll celebrate sprogs first Christmas in luxury Vancouver Island hideaway along with Doria Ragland as the rest of the Royals spend time together in Sandringham with their royal godmother
  • Gutter rags try to put a spin on the broken royals VIDEO
    Prince Andrew's Epstein Scandal Ruins Royal Christmas VIDEO

    Karma has a funny way of working and these EVIL bastards head the onslaught against heterosexual men in Britain and across the globe where they embed their freemasons via their loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kunt into every area of the law especially family courts and where men have suffered decades of brutal persecution usually worse at Christmas when men are blocked from seeing their kids and many end up taking their lives, broken and penniless.

    The brutal royal regime is now being exposed like never before but Andy's behaviour is the tip of an enormous iceberg rotting below the surface and waiting to be exposed by the gutter rags who have promoted them for way to long now being forced to publish what has been circulating across the internet and on our own website for decades. PURE EVIL is the motto of the royal bastards who have been milking men dry in their crown court hellholes. THEY WILL GET THEIR FUCKING DAY that we have no doubt.

  • A look back at the disastrous year for Prince Andrew in 2019(VIDEO)
  • Jeffrey Epstein drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl after hiring her as a 'babysitter' then used her as 'fresh meat' at 'intimate' gatherings, new $100million lawsuit brought by two women claims
  • Kate Middleton Royal Bloodlines And Paedophilia VIDEO
    Secrets of the Royal Family Netflix's 'The Crown' Won't Show: Nazi Leanings, Secrecy and Hidden Wealth VIDEO
    Princes Andrew Charles Jimmy Savile And Epstein VIDEO
    Royal parasites sprogs ask why homeless people have no home to go to VIDEO

    But forget to mention their hand picked ruthless family court judges are evicting men en masse from their properties in a massive crown theft that props up their wicked regime.

  • Royal Gamekeeper Accused of Beating Man He Called a ‘F*cking Peasant’
  • Welby backs royal parasites
    Power dressing just can't disguise a TURD

    Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were pictured
    at Princess Beatrice's 18th birthday bash at Windsor Castle


  • 'PIMP' TELL-ALL Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell plans to defend Prince Andrew in tell-all TV interview
  • Second Jeffrey Epstein victim tells lawyers she had sex with Prince Andrew too

  • Prince Andrew Trump Maxwell At Pimps And Hoes Party VIDEO
    Witness Of Prince Andrew At Tramp Nightclub Ready To Testify VIDEO
    The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire VIDEO
    The Psychology of Prince Andrew VIDEO
    Who's the NATO godfather?

  • Prince Andrew scandal: Virginia Giuffre says 'only one of us is telling the truth' in BBC Panorama VIDEO
    Lady Victoria Hervey Defends Prince Andrew Following Controversy VIDEO
    Epstein charade exposes royal parasites implicated in tax havens

  • Royal parasites massive conflict of interest as emails reveal that while on official trade missions meant to promote UK business, Randy Andy was quietly plugging a private Luxembourg-based bank for the super-rich and co-owned a business with the Rowlands in a secretive Caribbean tax haven used to lure wealthy Royal contacts to invest in a tax-free offshore fund
  • 'Web of financial secrecy': UK wins title of biggest tax haven for rich (VIDEO)
  • Bill to block royal parasites syphoning off billions from the peasants
  • Much more on our past exposures of the royals and their freemason couriers taking wealth out of the UK to their controlled tax havens (and what happens when they die and where that wealth eventually ends up)
  • Virginia Roberts Giuffre opens up about Prince Andrew in new interview with BBC VIDEO
    Epstein debacle exposes how the royals line their pockets via charities

    For the best part of a decade, he had devoted his life to jetting around the globe, at tax-payers’ expense, glad-handing dignitaries from the wealthy realms of business, politics , paedophiles and child traffickers like jewish thug Jeffrey Epstein.


    What DID the Prince pocket at the Palace? His reputation is in tatters - yet Andrew's Dragons' Den-style charity Pitch@Palace staggers on. We reveal how it's set up to allow the Duke to profit from it... in defiance of Buckingham Palace protocol.

    When he was sacked as Britain’s roving trade ambassador in 2011, Prince Andrew faced a sticky conundrum. Following the publication of pictures of him strolling through New York with convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew’s position had become untenable and the loss of his official role threatened to dent more than his ego. He was supposed to be representing the interests of UK plc. But, behind the scenes, the contacts Prince Andrew had made on such trips were often personally profitable — particularly from certain corners of the planet.

    Two months before stepping down, for example, he’d emailed Kenges Rakishev, a business acquaintance from Kazakhstan, on behalf of a Greek water company called EYDAP and the Swiss finance house Aras Capital. The companies, which Andrew described as ‘we’ in messages later leaked to the Mail, were bidding for a £385 million contract to build sewerage networks in two of the corrupt country’s largest cities — one of which had Rakishev’s father-in-law as mayor. If the deal went ahead following his introduction, Andrew stood to pocket a commission of £3.85 million.

    Such lucrative opportunities were, perhaps, a natural perk of the job for a Royal who had controversially spent extended periods of his trade ambassadorship in parts of Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East where democracy and human rights are alien concepts and where there’s a culture of paying ‘fixers’ to grease the wheels of commerce. By depriving Andrew of his official role, it would, on paper, derail this gravy train. Without publicly funded trade trips, it was harder and more expensive to add to his official income (estimated at £250,000 a year) by leveraging links to the Rakishevs and Gaddafis of this world.

    But a solution soon appeared. After letting the dust settle from the Epstein mess, Andrew and his advisers devised a new venture that would, in theory, allow the Prince to restart hobnobbing with cash-rich plutocrats It was called Pitch@Palace and revolved around a simple premise: using both his contacts book and royal pizzazz, Andrew would arrange Dragons’ Den-style events at which entrepreneurs would attempt to woo successful business people.

    Entrants for each event (12 would typically take part) would attend reality TV-style ‘boot camps’ to be mentored by a panel of advisers. Then they would ‘pitch’ their ideas in a three-minute speech to an audience of experts at a networking bash. Winners chosen by attendees might typically walk away with a £40,000 package, including office space, investment and tech support. Hopefully, success would follow.

    It was launched at St James’s Palace in 2014, at an event at which Andrew shared the first ever royal ‘selfie’ from the stage. It quickly morphed into a well-known brand, trademarked by the Prince and boasting a host of blue-chip sponsors. Soon its 15 full-time employees were organising regular events in at least 17 countries, some of which had questionable records regarding corruption and human rights, including Bahrain, Mexico, Malaysia, China, Qatar and communist Vietnam.

    As A result of Pitch@ Palace’s international success, the Prince was once more able to begin living up to his ‘Air Miles Andy’ nickname, taking at least 30 foreign trips thanks to the organisation. Pitch footed most bills, though taxpayers still coughed up £250,000 for the security that accompanied him. Doubtless, Andrew made many helpful and deep-pocketed contacts in the process.

    On the PR front, the venture was enthusiastically promoted by Andrew’s aides. This year, Pitch@Palace announced that it had helped 1,042 entrepreneurs from 64 countries, having created 6,323 jobs and generated more than £1.3 billion in ‘economic activity’. Those figures are somewhat misleading: they appear to have been arrived at by combining the entire turnover and workforce of every firm ever to have taken part in any Pitch@Palace event (many of which would have prospered without Pitch’s help).

    Yet to Prince Andrew, who once described himself as a ‘serial entrepreneur’ whose staff ‘get really fed up with all the good ideas that I come up with’, they were nonetheless a source of immense pride. Until very recently, he regarded running the venture, from an ever-expanding suite of rooms at Buckingham Palace, as not just his main occupation but his vocation.

    ‘Pitch@Palace started life as a small furry animal that sat neatly on my hand,’ was how he put it. ‘It was a nice cuddly little toy. Today, it is a man-eating lion that sits in the corner of my office.’ That was then. Now, that lion has been thoroughly de-clawed.

    Not only has the Pitch organisation been unceremoniously dropped by many corporate sponsors that keep it solvent — from Barclays and Standard Chartered to KPMG and the tech giant Inmarsat — it’s being booted out of Buckingham Palace, meaning it may be forced to drop the word ‘Palace’ from its name. There’s even talk that Andrew may have to resign his role leading the organisation. According to at least one source with knowledge of its affairs, his involvement is no longer ‘tenable’ because credible business figures are likely to be scared off.

    These issues are compounded by the close attention the public are paying to the day-to-day running of Pitch@Palace along with Andrew’s wider array of ventures. It turns out that, as with so many areas of the Prince’s life and commercial activities, the brighter the spotlight, the murkier it looks.

    For example, with regard to the sponsors officially described as ‘partners’ by Pitch@Palace, it has emerged that insurance giant AON had never been involved with Pitch. It demanded its name be removed from the organisation’s website. Soon, names of every alleged ‘partner’, mostly little-known Asian tech firms, disappeared too. Days later, questions were asked about another ‘partner’ whose cash Pitch had taken. This was the Chinese company iFLYTEK whose chairman Liu Qingfeng is on Pitch’s China committee.

    The firm makes sinister-sounding ‘voice recognition’ equipment, said to have been used to persecute China’s minority Muslim community, and has been barred from buying U.S.-made technology products. Human rights campaigners called its involvement with Andrew’s organisation ‘outrageous’. Then there was Pitch@Palace’s alleged commercial exploitation of start-up companies it supposedly exists to help.

    Though it has consistently been portrayed by the Palace as a purely philanthropic venture, the small print on the application form for participating entrepreneurs obliges them to give a 2 per cent equity stake in their businesses to Pitch@Palace should they successfully raise cash from investors in the three years after taking part. The clause was described as ‘scandalous’ by Rich Wilson, a hedge fund boss. ‘There is no reason to pay to pitch to investors, it’s simply predatory on the part of the organisers. Anyone operating in this way should be named and shamed,’ he said.

    Buckingham Palace says: ‘The clause was never exercised and has since been deleted.’ Yet it didn’t explain why such a clause had been written in the first place. If Pitch@Palace was a purely charitable venture, profiting from its activities in this manner might be vaguely defensible, since money raised could be ploughed back into helping other small businesses to take off. However, its corporate structure is far more complex — and controversial.

    According to Companies House, there are two separate entities controlled by Prince Andrew which run Pitch events. One, Pitch@Palace CIC, was incorporated in 2015 and has two directors: Andrew’s aide Amanda Thirsk and Hanadi Jabado, a director of Cambridge University’s Judge Business School. A third director, German business consultant David Stern, resigned this month.

    As a CIC, or ‘community interest company’, this firm was set up to operate as the commercial arm of The Prince Andrew Charitable Trust, which runs the Prince’s non-profit ventures. According to its Charities Commission filings, the trust expects the CIC to ‘generate substantial profits in future years’. For now, the Trust generates £1,377,621 in ‘trading income’ annually, but spends £1,306,188 on ‘income generation’.

    Only £40,000, or around 3 per cent of its income, goes to ‘charitable activities’. Meanwhile, two of its staff earn between £90,000 and £100,000. As for the second corporate entity behind Pitch, this company, Pitch@Palace Global Ltd, was founded as a fully-fledged commercial business, whose eight directors include colourful billionaire Johan Eliasch, who has hosted Andrew on his yacht. (A ninth director, marketing impresario Mark Eaves, resigned this month.) The company’s ‘ultimate controlling party’ is the Prince.

    Though its annual turnover is unclear, the firm has £300,000 in the bank and is entitled to pay dividends to shareholders. In theory, this means that Pitch@Palace Global was specifically designed so profits could end up in the Prince’s pocket.

    This fact, at odds with the way Pitch has previously been portrayed, is interesting considering its registered office is Buckingham Palace, which, according to royal protocol, must never be used to run such commercial ventures. ‘There has always been a whiff about Pitch@Palace,’ is how one royal source puts it. ‘Andrew was visiting dodgy parts of the world but there have long been rumours he was also trying to make money from its activities.’

    Should the organisation collapse, some experts believe that Andrew might find a significant hole in his day-to-day finances. Compared with the trouble emanating from his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, soon to be the subject of a BBC TV Panorama documentary, that may sound like a side issue. But for a Royal who loves the company of very wealthy men, financial strife would perhaps represent a final indignity.

  • Inside Pizza Express Woking Prince Andrew's Alibi VIDEO
    UK cops who ignored claims of sex trafficking to Royal parasite

  • The senior Met cops who decided against launching full Scotland Yard probe into Virginia Roberts' claims she was trafficked for sex by Jeffrey Epstein (The names of the two cops have been revealed in a Freedom of Information request to the Metropolitan Police)
  • An FOI request to the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) RE:JEFFREY EPSTEIN
  • Former palace insider reveals how the Royals are dealing with Prince Andrew VIDEO
    Prince Andrew could end up as a 'prince in exile' VIDEO
    Royal school abuse investigation
    Epstein's Lapdancer Reveals All About Prince Andrew VIDEO
    In 2014 secrecy laws were passed to hide paedo ring connection to Royal Family

    Editor’s note: With the elite pedophile ring now being exposed in the UK, all roads are leading to the British Royal Family. This law was passed to keep this connection hidden, but as we now know Prince Charles‘ best friend was Jimmy Savile who is the biggest pedophile and necrophiliac in all of human history.

    The Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a controversial legal reform designed to draw a veil of secrecy over the affairs of the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William. Letters, emails and documents relating to the monarch, her heir and the second in line to the throne will no longer be disclosed even if they are in the public interest.

    Sweeping changes to the Freedom of Information Act will reverse advances which had briefly shone a light on the royal finances – including an attempt by the Queen to use a state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace – and which had threatened to force the disclosure of the Prince of Wales’s prolific correspondence with ministers. Lobbying and correspondence from junior staff working for the Royal Household and Prince Charles will now be held back from disclosure. Buckingham Palace confirmed that it had consulted with the Coalition Government over the change in the law. The Government buried the plan for “added protection” for the Royal Family in the small print of plans called “opening up public bodies to public scrutiny”.

    Maurice Frankel, head of the Campaign for Freedom of Information, said that since the change referred to communications written on behalf of the Queen and Prince Charles it might be possible for “park keepers working in the royal parks” to be spared public scrutiny of their letters written to local authorities. The decision to push through the changes also raises questions about the sincerity of the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to government transparency. In opposition, senior Liberal Democrats frequently lined up to champion the Freedom of Information Act after it came into force in 2005.

    Ian Davidson, a former member of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), told The Independent: “I’m astonished that the Government should find time to seek to cover up royal finances. When I was on the PAC what we wanted was more disclosure not less. “Every time we examined royal finances we found extravagance and indulgence as well as abuse of expenses by junior royals.

    “Everywhere we looked, there were savings to be made for the Government. This sends the wrong message about public disclosure and accountability.” Paul Flynn, another member of the committee, described the special protection for the Royals as “indefensible”. He said: “I don’t think it serves the interests of the public or the Royal Family very well.” Mr Frankel said he believed that Prince Charles was the driving force behind the new law.

    “The heir to the throne has written letters to government departments in an attempt to influence policy,” he said. “He clearly does not want these to get into the public domain.”

    Later this month, lawyers for the Cabinet Office, backed by Prince Charles, will go to court to continue to resist Freedom of Information requests of ministers to publish letters written to them by the Prince of Wales. A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said that the change to the law was necessary because the Freedom of Information Act had failed to protect the constitutional position of the monarch and the heir to the throne. He explained that the sovereign has the right and duty to be consulted, to encourage and warn the government, and by extension, the heir to the throne had the constitutional right and duty to prepare himself for the role of King.

    “This constitutional position relies on confidentiality, so that all such correspondence remains confidential,” he said. But he said that change would also mean that correspondence not covered by the absolute exemption would be made public 10 years earlier than under the current disclosure rules. The Palace’s position was backed by Professor Vernon Bogdanor, research professor at King’s College London.

    He told The Independent: “The essence of constitutional monarchy is that the Queen and other members of the Royal Family remain politically neutral. The Queen meets the Prime Minister once a week, when both are in London, to discuss government policy. “The heir to the throne has the right, and perhaps the duty, to question ministers on policy so as to prepare himself for the throne. Such discussions are only possible if they remain confidential. Otherwise the neutrality of the Queen and of the Prince of Wales could be undermined.

    “When the Queen meets the Prime Minister, no one else is present – not even the Queen’s Private Secretary. For this reason, it is right that the Royal Family should be exempt from FOI.” The Government claimed that the thrust of the changes announced yesterday would make it “easier for people to use FOI to find and use information about the public bodies they rely on and their taxes pay for”.

    The Ministry of Justice intends to increase the number of organisations to which FOI requests can be made, bringing in bodies such as the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Financial Services Ombudsman, and the higher education admissions body UCAS, and also all companies wholly owned by any number of public authorities.

    In the public interest? The stories they didn’t want us to know

    *In 2004 the Queen asked ministers for a poverty handout to help heat her palaces but was rebuffed because they feared it would be a public relations disaster. Royal aides were told that the £60m worth of energy-saving grants were aimed at families on low incomes and if the money was given to Buckingham Palace instead of housing associations or hospitals it could lead to “adverse publicity” for the Queen and the government.

    *A “financial memorandum” formalising the relationship between the sovereign and ministers set out tough terms on how the Queen can spend the £38.2m handed over by Parliament each year to pay for her staff and occupied palaces.

    *The Queen requested more public money to pay for the upkeep of her crumbling palaces while allowing minor royals and courtiers to live in rent-free accommodation.

    *As early as 2004 Sir Alan Reid, the Keeper of the Privy Purse, had unsuccessfully put the case to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport for a substantial increase in the £15m-a-year grant to maintain royal buildings.

    *The Palace planned to go ahead with refurbishing and renting the apartment of Diana, Princess of Wales at Kensington Palace after it had lain empty since her death in 1997.

    *A letter exchange revealed a tussle over who has control of £2.5m gained from the sale of Kensington Palace land. Ministers said it belonged to the state, while Buckingham Palace said it belonged to the Queen.

  • Will Ghislaine Maxwell Be Suicided Before Snitching On Prince Andrew? VIDEO
    An FOI request to the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) RE:JEFFREY EPSTEIN

    Under a Freedom of Information request please provide the following

    1. The name or number of the most senior Met police officer who is aware or has been made aware of the allegations made in the following video.

    What really happened on Jeffrey Epstein's private planes HERE

    2. Has any individual contacted the Met police to report the allegations being made in that video and the many other videos and newspapers articles right across the globe?

    3. What steps if any the Met police have made to investigate those allegations?

    4. What steps have been taken to interview the suspects about these most serious allegations in particular those who live in the London area?

    5. What steps have been taken to interview the alleged victim with some of the incidents occurring in the London area?

    6. Has the met child safeguarding unit been informed to ensure the protection of any other children that may have been caught up in these allegations?

    You have 20 working days to reply to this request

    Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) website

  • 'Andrew should give an interview under OATH': Lawyer for 'sex slave' Virginia Roberts blasts prince for talking to BBC - and not the police - about his links to US paedophile Jeffrey Epstein
  • The Victims’ Commissioner is demanding that the Metropolitan Police explain its decision not to pursue a full investigation into claims a teenager was trafficked to the UK to have sex with Prince Andrew (ONE very good reason to get rid of freemasons inside the police protecting rogue royals)
  • Met Police face questions over why they didn't investigate claims girl, 17, was trafficked to London to have sex with Prince Andrew
  • The senior Met police officers who decided against launching full Scotland Yard probe into Virginia Roberts' claims she was trafficked for sex by Jeffrey Epstein (The names of the two officers have been revealed in a Freedom of Information request to the Metropolitan Police)
  • The royals empire crumbling

  • Prince Andrew and the royal crisis: how the Firm lost its grip (Their evil empire imploding as public support finally wanes even for hardened royalists. The royal family are absolutely ruthless when it comes to protecting the institution. SAYS IT ALL)
  • Prince Andrew's fall from grace brings uncertain times for the monarchy
  • Prince Andrew's private office to be kicked out of Buckingham Palace (They didn't like him using it as a backdrop for his tawdry BBC interview)
  • Randy Andy on Spitting Image (Nearly 30 years ago) VIDEO
    Epstein's Housekeeper Reveals All About Prince Andrew VIDEO
    Andrew scandal deepens, Meghan ‘sets record straight’ VIDEO
    Randy Andy escapades only the tip of a brutal murderous royalist regime

  • Royals kick Randy Andy out of Buckingham Palace? (or the deluded facade of distancing themselves from the pompous arrogant tosser)
  • Royal parasite doesn't give a FUCK

  • THE GRIN REAPER Prince Andrew forced to fire most loyal aide by the Queen as Her Majesty lays down the law following car crash interview
  • One down but a few more royal parasites to go

    Gutter rags turning on their masters

  • In 2012 a money laundering probe puts spotlight on the £15 million sale of the Duke of York’s home
  • Epstein victims' lawyer: Prince Andrew should give texts and emails to police and answer questions VIDEO

    It's NOT my hand honest
    Prince Andrew: The Epstein scandal has become a 'major disruption VIDEO
    UK's vile royalist rags turn on their controllers

  • Eton groomed royalist tory fuckwit Boris Johnson claims 'the monarchy was beyond reproach' (Corbyn only slightly better that the monarchy ‘needs a bit of improvement’)
  • Britain's dirty filthy royalist rags desert the sinking ship

    Randy Andy's escapades are only the tip of an enormous deviant murderous iceberg. We are some of their millions of victims of an evil tyranny and many of our activist friends have paid a heavy price including losing their lives fighting their incalculable corruption.

  • The Queen's NEW annus horribilis: Andrew's disgrace, Philip's crash and Harry and Meghan's jetsetting... A.N. WILSON explains that for first time in generations, Her Majesty lacks a wise adviser - and the price may be ruinous (Their EVIL empire has to fall and rich coming from Harmsworth's Daily Fail who has been kissing their perverted arses for decades)
  • How Randy Andy got his bad reputation (over and above his pompous arrogant 'his royal highness' bullshit when they are the lowest form of life)
  • Prince Andrew’s excuses ‘don’t wash with ordinary people’ VIDEO
    Randy Andy and his masonic minder. Should these creepy Dukes be allowed near children???? VIDEO

    The royals loyal lord lieutenant the freemason godfather Dukey Kent and the black arts that operate in secret to remove any irritant to the royals. But after Epstein's suicide (erm murder) should they be allowed near children?
    Even the usual royalist gutter rags think he's as guilty as hell
    Prince Andrew's Cringeworthy BBC Epstein Interview Part 1 VIDEO
    Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein FULL INTERVIEW - BBC Newsnight VIDEO

  • ANDY HANDY Prince Andrew ‘went to Jeffrey Epstein’s naked pool parties and was massaged by adolescent girls’, ex employee of paedo’ financier claims
  • I was Prince Andrew's sex slave
  • Andy with topless teenager (but it wasn't me my lord)
  • Andy with topless teenager (but it wasn't me my lord)
    The happy prince
    Latest Prince Andrew and his ties with paedo Jeffrey Epstein VIDEO
    Royal Spin Machine For Prince Andrew's Epstein Scandal VIDEO
    Randy Andy 'it was not something that was becoming of a member of the royal family'? VIDEO

    OH REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How many men accused of rape of an under age girl could get away with this utter bullshit?

    and still no police interview as freemasons serve their masters
    and lawyer run Women's Aid silent

    Prince Andrew: I have no recollection of meeting Virginia Roberts (VIDEO)

  • The Duke of York has said he "let the side down" by staying at the home of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (One of Epstein's accusers, Virginia Roberts - now Virginia Giuffre - said she was forced to have sex with the prince three times between 1999 - when she was 17 - and 2002, in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island owned by Epstein)
  • Randy Andy breaks silence on Epstein scandal in interview with Emily Maitlis on BBC Newsnight on Saturday VIDEO

    No heterosexual man, where women allege underage rape, would get the ear of the feminazi run BBC.
    Some critics said today that instead of talking to the BBC, Andrew should be helping the police with their inquiries into Epstein's crimes

  • Randy Andy will speak publicly about relationship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein for first time in 'no holds barred, no questions vetted' interview with BBC's Emily Maitlis
  • Prince Andrew speaks to BBC (NOT THE COPS) about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein
  • Epstein's Sex Slave Slams Prince Andrew VIDEO
    How the royalist judeo masonic 'Rule of Law' operates

    Associated with a known and convicted child trafficker he is accused of raping under age girls multiple times with accused paedo friend dying a mysterious death while awaiting trial in prison.

    Punishment: No police force globally has taken any interest in charging the accused. Instead he remains free to travel the world flying in private jets, wining and dining at taxpayers expense.

    Divorcing men framed by the royals handpicked judges for arguing with their wives over money now classed as a crime with the 'coercive behaviour' tag in fact any disagreement between a husband and wife can be categorized as criminal.

    Punishment: Men will lose everything, their homes, their children and bank accounts and those vulnerable children are now open to be abused by the royals paedo friends after separation from the protection of their biological fathers.

  • Divorce as Revolution by Stephen Baskerville (2003)
  • Connecting divorce, domestic abuse allegations and elite paedophilia
  • Freemasons behind the biggest child abuse network on the planet
  • When the UK's vile gutter rags speak with ONE royalist tongue

    Crocodile tears or more like how are they going to get out of this utter mess this time?

    Randy Andy sullied the day with his presence

    Randy Andy with paedo pal Epstein

    Remembrance day another excuse for royalist propaganda who don't give a fuck about the young lives lost in war. Feigning sympathy for the war dead is just another arm of their propaganda machine suggesting they have empathy.

  • REMEMBRANCE DAY FACADE (Exposing the bullshit and especially the recent revelations about the supposed suicide of Jeffrey Epstein implicating Prince Andrew in his sordid paedo factory. See Princess Diana's mysterious passing for proof of how they get rid of anyone who crosses paths with their tyranny) (VIDEO)
  • All the royals political pawns out in force for Remembrance Day
  • Historian David Starkey, 74, says Remembrance Sunday has become a 'crazy religious ritual' that imposes 'poppy fascism' on Britons
  • Clear evidence that Remembrance Day is just another arm of a royalist promotion tool (Notice the royals first, then the serving soldiers, then the veterans and lastly their political goons)
  • Claims Royals 'pressured' U.S. network to drop Epstein story VIDEO

    As activists we know exactly how the royals and their hired masonic thugs pressure anyone who dares question their vile regime. Ask any man facing divorce and her hired judicial mafia pressure those men so much they commit suicide en masse. There are UK political psychiatric gulags full of victims who dared challenge their massive abuse of power.
    Epstein: ABC leak puts heat back on Prince Andrew VIDEO
    The Foul Truth About The British Royal Family VIDEO

    Yet glorified by the fawning tabloid mafia like millionaires Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail), Rupert Murdoch (Times and Sun), The Barclay Brothers (Telegraph about to be sold) and Richard Desmond(Express now sold). These few creepy bastards control most of the British print media and responsible for the vast bulk of the royalist bullshit emblazoned across every newspaper shop and line streets with their discarded gutter rags.
    Gutter rags hid Epstein story while journo's were threatened by the royal parasites VIDEO

    Crossing paths with the royals will trigger persecution from their hired freemason thugs and orders from their loyal lord Lieutenant and the number one global terrorist godfather the Dukey Kent and their thug lawyer mafia lackeys.
    Royal Parasite Visits Royal Masonic School in 1955 VIDEO

    How many masonic handshakes does she accept?

  • The Royal Masonic School for Girls (Where the next generation of the royals lackeys are groomed)
  • The Royal Masonic School for Girls website (A female version of Eton)
  • New Doc Slams Prince Andrew For Epstein Orgy VIDEO
    Prince Andrew And Epstein VIDEO

  • Jessica Collins, Self-Professed Epstein Victim, Claims She Was Forced Into Sex with JOE BIDEN and JOHN MCCAIN (VIDEO)
  • Trump And Jeffrey Epstein At Mar-A-Lago CREEPS Party In 1992 (VIDEO)
  • The Royal Family And Epstein VIDEO


    While Andy gets away with sexually abusing minors heterosexual men are being criminalized for arguing with their wives by the courts and the law enforcement they control.

  • Prince Andrew joined in an orgy with Jeffrey Epstein and nine girls at billionaire paedophile's private island, accuser claims in court papers
  • Dispatches explores Prince Andrew's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein (VIDEO)
  • 'THE PRINCE HAD FUN' Epstein ‘slave’ felt she was being ‘graded’ after sex with Prince Andrew, documentary claims
  • ‘I THOUGHT I’D DIE’ Jeffrey Epstein ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts was admitted to hospital with internal bleeding after his sex parties
  • Blair's Prince of Darkness Peter Mandelson phoned Jeffrey Epstein while paedo tycoon was in jail for sex offences, bombshell documentary claims
  • Young royals split as cracks appear in the firm

  • Young royals get no sympathy with all the financial support and privilege they receive (Try living on the streets homeless and penniless then maybe they have the excuse to whinge about life)
  • Meghan was warned the British gutter rags would “ruin her life” (just like they did with Diana but NEVER the Queen or they'd be finished)