As more and more heterosexuals are being jailed homosexuals are being pardoned
While austerity hammers the poorest and most vulnerable in Britain and exposed in Ken Loach's film discussed HERE the British political mafia are busy ensuring the homosexuals who previously had been jailed for offences now deemed acceptable are being pardoned. This being done by the same ilk as Greville Janner a jewish law lord and lawyer who committed homopaedo abuse against young vulnerable boys for decades and was behind the legal moves that have allowed homosexuality to take priority over heterosexual males and for the most devious of reasons.

Janner was also behind the monstrous rise of domestic violence cases against men were hearsay evidence and closed secretive courts have been jailing men en masse while the legal mafia steal their livelihoods but most especially their children to be later used in their satanic perverted dens. The reality is that few UK citizens truly understand or in fact believe that all of this law making has allowed the satanic gangsters operating inside masonic lodges for and on behalf of the jewish zionist self appointed elite to advance an agenda that dramatically weakens men not part of their creepy network while providing ever more stolen wealth into the masonic trough of utter greed.

The psychological and financial torture men are enduring while this monster goes on unabated means the very men, previously throughout history, who fought off these twisted deviants are losing any power they have through the silent destruction of their lives. Young men must waken up to this vicious fascist agenda that sees little publicity in the controlled media that has aided the likes of Greville Janner, MP Cyril Smith and the BBC's Jimmy Savile (who abused boys not just girls) to carry out their abuse unhindered and who are ALL part of the protection network these bastards have hidden behind.

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