Response to IPSO(Press complaints) on smearing fathers in UK gutter rags

TO IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation)

Having read through the links you sent us it is crystal clear with regards the large volume of evidence to back up our complaint that IPSO are unable to properly address that complaint due to a major conflict of interest that sees members of Britain's law society's deeply embedded in a supposed INDEPENDENT organisation that dictates what and what does not get published in Britain's' GUTTER rags. Are IPSO even aware of what the word INDEPENDENT actually means?

Now we have gone through the process and found out just how serious a problem there is with that so called 'independence' we will take this further by alternative means as well as to ensure those with an interest in this matter are fully informed of the total lack of independence on critical issues IPSO are charged with .

By the tone of the responses we have received it is also clear we are touching on a subject that IPSO does not want to address and a major reason Britain's gutter rags are getting away with murder and being allowed to smear fathers that then gives the ammunition for judges and lawyers to remove the biological protection of fathers from their children .

As was made crystal clear in our previous correspondence and the exposures on Dunblane this has led to children being taken into care and abused. We wish to make this crystal clear the enormity of what is now being addressed globally on this very serious matter and has been allowed to fester due to the hold the global law society has on what is being published and goes right to the heart of what IPSO is in fact complicit in this appalling situation.

Until we address this by alternative avenues NO amount of communications with your organisation AS IT STANDS will do anything to rectify the serious injustices that have been flowing for way to long thanks to these conflicts of interest. It is only the fact the internet can bypass the censor being placed over Britain's press by media lawyers acting on behalf of the law society this has gone on for so long. THAT WE INTEND TO EXPOSE AND RECTIFY clearly something IPSO at is stands cannot do.