Proof the Israeli mafia are manipulating the world's political systems

Israeli mafia attack Corbyn who bows to their demands

Israeli mafia behind Trump's lawyers Michael Cohen and previously Roy Cohn

Israeli mafia behind Alexander Nix's Cambridge Analytica and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

This week has seen the zionist controlled gutter press go after Palestine leaning Corbyn at the behest of the zionist mafia and who now seems to have bowed to their demands apologising for the supposed anti-semitism within Labour's ranks. Clearly he has woken up to the fact that the only way he will get into power is by appeasing Britain's Israeli lobby just like Tony Blair did before he got elected and to sway the zionist controlled media in his favour.

Meanwhile the UK's Israeli mafia have been caught interfering in not only Trumps' election but the Brexit vote. Eton groomed Alexander Nix in bed with Mark Zuckerberg's zionist controlled Facebook who used stolen personal data to allow Cambridge Analytica to manipulate results of elections not only in Britain and America but around the world.

Meanwhile allegations coming out of America about Trump show that his jewish lawyer Michael Cohen paid off some of the women claiming affairs while married with thugs hired to threaten them from talking. His former jewish lawyer Roy Cohn, a well known gangster, manipulated everyone who got in the way of Trump going for the Presidency.

Everywhere you turn in the political and legal front a zionist lackey is twisting and turning the screws to get what they really want, the total domination of the world with anyone in power blackmailed to follow the Israeli gangsters agenda.


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