Just who the FUCK is Mark Savage?
While reading a recent news report by the BBC on the Brit awards we noticed how clearly they were pushing the feminist agenda with the claims "Here's to more women winning (Brit)awards, and more women taking over the world". On closer inspection we noticed the BBC reporter in question was a male called Mark Savage. Expecting this article to be written by one of the BBC's hard line feminazi we were surprised a male reporter would quote such a weird statement. However on closer inspection when Mark Savage is NOT promoting 'females taking over the world' he is busily using the BBC website to promote ALL THINGS GAY.

Below is a long list of articles Mark Savage's name is against and the homosexual agenda he is pushing is very clear in how no matter what music subject he writes about the gay bit always gets a mention and the trials and tribulations of them making it through that adversity. Violin music can be heard in the distance as Savage rants endlessly about all things GAY.

If anyone requires any more further proof about who is behind the homosexual / feminist agenda at the BBC(Buggering Boys Club) just a few reads through Savages articles will show conclusive proof heterosexuals do not matter in the BBC only the feminazi / homo agendas are their main concern and a MAJOR concern for the millions of heterosexual men being screwed for the BBC licence scams that help promote this utter bile and filth.

  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "Here's to more women winning (Brit)awards, and more women taking over the world" (When he's NOT promoting feminist rants he's writing about the homo agenda)
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "But the singer says he was advised to keep quiet about being gay when the group got their record deal"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes ""I was a closeted gay man who was making my partners hide""
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "BBC Sound of 2019: 'Queer icon' King Princess is the runner-up"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes 'The landscape has changed for queer artists'
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "Gaga backs gay rights in Trump's America"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "Aznavour wrote it to address "the specific problems my gay friends faced,"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "If you search for Muna online, you will quickly find them described as a "queer band""
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "London Gay Symphony Orchestra"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes "Katy Perry 'prayed the gay away'"
  • BBC's Mark Savage promotes ""He never apologised for being gay," says the actor"
  • BBC Buggering Boys Club spend vast sums extorted from heterosexuals to promote a homosexual agenda
  • BBC Mark Savage uses his discopop productions bragging about his BBC connections